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since 12/02/2004


Hearts In Atlantis - Stephen King 18/02/2004

Kill the pig! Cut her throat!

It - Stephen King 16/02/2004

We all float down here....

Needful Things - Stephen King 14/02/2004


Another Side of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan 14/02/2004

ANOTHER SIDE of a true musical Janus

Love and Theft - Bob Dylan 13/02/2004

LOVE AND THEFT and everything in between

Greatest Hits Vol.2 - Bob Dylan 13/02/2004

One Jester Reviewing Another

The Stand - Stephen King 13/02/2004

STAND Stands As Testament to King's Brilliance

Skeleton Crew - Stephen King 12/02/2004

A SKELETON I'm happy to have in my closet

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