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Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie (Animated) (Dubbed) (DVD) 12/06/2009

A Real Masterpiece

Panasonic GD87 12/06/2009

Looks aren't everything, Panasonic!

Panasonic GD87 Recently, my phone was stolen but I managed to get a new one (this one) by claiming off my home insurance. It is the newer model of my stolen phone. I was expecting great things from my new phone, loads of extra features, an easier to use interface and text messaging that doesn't take you ages to write a simple text. Was I content with my new phone? Yes and no, read on. The Interface --------------- --- Well, there is a vast improvement on the graphical side of the interface compared to my old phone. Easy on the eye graphics such as 3D icons and better resolution gives a clearer screen and makes using your mobile so much more fun. But graphics aren't everything. It is quite hard to find some of the features available on your phone, such as if you want to change your ringtone for example, without looking at its location in the manual it can take you some time to locate what you are looking for. If you ask me, all phones are like that, there should be interactive help on the phone itself or even a search function to find things more quickly. Its such a hassle sometimes, especially if you have lost the manual for your phone :). I'm not saying that its hard to find everything on your phone, just some of the settings such as the LCD backlight for example. All of the main features such as the Camera are easy to find as they are on what I would call 'The Main Menu', the place you are taken when you press the menu button on the phone. Features ------------ The nine main features ...

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (DVD) 12/06/2009

Doom For The Tomb

Railroad Tycoon II (PC) 12/06/2009


Railroad Tycoon II (PC) They pay you £10 an hour to play this game!!! How amazing is that??? Well, actually............ they don't pay you a single cent. I just wanted to get your attention :) But now that I have your attention you may as well read on! This is a really enjoyable game to play. Its a game that comes with a fairly hefty manual but everyone knows people don't like to spend 15 hours reading a manual so guess what? They have included a tutorial game! Have fun while you learn how to play. That's what stopped it from going to the bottom of the burnt out CD's box in my room and I am so happy that it didn't. Idea of the Game = You basically have money to buy trains to control trade routes to make more money. Sounds boring? Well it isn't, its awesome infact. There are many different trains to choose from that have various different statistics such as how fast they can travel, how much cargo they can hold, how many stoaways the can sneak into other countries (no, not really :) and so on. Not only that but you must improve your trade routes by improving the train stations that are at either end or even in the middle of the trade routes you have built. You can construct buildings at the stations that do various different jobs such as a water tower so that your trains can take on board more water and a hotel for passengers to sleep at (increasing your profits and POWER OVER THE PEOPLE, YOU WILL SOON BECOME A DICTATOR AND EVERYONE WILL WORSHIPYOU, HAHAHAHA!!! Hmmm...) Basically stations allow ...

Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici (Mac) 28/05/2009


RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) 28/05/2009

The addiction will get you!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (PS2) 15/05/2009

WARNING: This game can seriously damage your health!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (PS2) A couple of years ago the TV quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ started. It was a huge success fetching millions of viewers every time. Now the game version of the TV quiz show is available. Many people thought it was going to be such a brilliant game because of how good the TV show is. Many people still think it’s a great game now that its been released but personally, I think it sucks. The idea of the game is exactly the same as the TV quiz show. For those of you who have never seen the TV show or rarely watched it here is a brief explanation…A person tries to win as much money as he/she can by answering 15 consecutive questions. They have three lifelines in case they can’t answer a question (which happens all the time). The lifelines are 50-50, phone a friend and ask the audience. The names speak for themselves really. 50-50 takes away two wrong answers out of the four answers to choose from leaving the write answer and the one remaining wrong answer. Phone a friend means that you can phone a friend and tell them the question. They then have 30 seconds to give you a correct answer. Then there’s ask the audience. With this the audience vote on what they think is the correct answer. There are a few different modes that you can choose from in the game including Fastest Finger, Head to Head, Team Game or the normal Single Player Mode. Fastest Finger They have cleverly designed this so that two or more people can compete. Then, a question appears on the screen ...

Quake III: Arena (Mac) 15/05/2009

You can't have blood without flesh

Quake III: Arena (Mac) Many of you will undoubtedly have played either Quake or Quake 2. Well here, my friends, is the latest in the series. Quake 3 Arena! The game is based upon the following story…You have been chosen (by whom is unknown) to fight for your life in the Arena Eternal (a massive stinky place where you blow each other’s brains out, not bad eh?). There are many enemies to defeat in many different game types. The enemies’ range from the very fat to the most peculiar creatures you have ever seen. For example, Klesk who is an Alien Chitinid is just one of the many warriors you will have to pit your skills against. There are a variety of game types where you will be blasting each other. These include: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, Single Player Mode and Capture the Flag. Free for All Basically, this is a royal rumble except just a tad more extreme. Everyman is for himself and you must try to survive and kill as many people as possible before the time runs out. These kills are called frags, the more frags you get the higher your rank. Team Deathmatch This is nearly exactly like Free for All. Here though you are in teams and you must work in a team to kill as many of the opponents as possible. But be careful, you can kill each other (only if you have changed the friendly fire option). The team to get the most frags wins. Tournament = Here, you are all by yourself. Up against many different opponents but one at a time. You have to kill your opponent more times than he ...

Lemmings Revolution (PC) 15/05/2009

Please kill them all

Lemmings Revolution (PC) Can any of you remember as far back as the Amiga? Well if you can then you may have heard of, played or even owned the classic game 'Lemmings'. Well here we have the newest version of the fantastic game. Now the thing about follow ups to games is that they tend to be not as good as the original mainly because the original was so successful that the developers just had to bring out a sequel as quickly as possible while everyone is buying the game. But what happens then is that the game is rushed and unfinished resulting in a lack of gameplay and overall excitement. The game is poor. That situation I have described has happened here but minus the 'quickly brought out' aspect. This game just hasn't been thought about and basically has ruined the feel of the original 'Lemmings' to such an extent that I have thrown the game away. Let me explain... ...The sequel to a game must keep certain aspects of the original if it is to be as successful as the original (if the original was successful then it must have been because of what THAT game contained). But the only thing the developers have kept the same is that the lemmings still go 'Oh no!' when they are about to be blown up. The developers have ruined the game with the use of 3D graphics, yes, that's what I said, 3D graphics have ruined the game. They make the game too real for my likeing and the world of Lemmings on the Amiga was totally unreal. The little 3D Lemmings walking around on the screen don't seem to be as attractive as ...

Doom 2 (PC) 15/05/2009

Doom is Gloom

Doom 2 (PC) Doom 2 is of course the follow-up to the game Doom. These old classics spawned a whole race of new games such as Quake and Unreal Tournament. I have been reading other peoples opinions on Doom 2 and most of them say that "its an absolutely awesome game!" "the best game of its type!" but it really isn't (well, not anymore at least). I used to play Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom every day when they were fairly new games, I loved them, how could games ever get better than this?! Hmmm… Well I must admit, without Doom 2 and a few other games of this type we would not be provided with some of the marvellous wonders of the gaming world that we have today (Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2, Half-Life etc). I’m sure many of you have played these reletively new games and if you have then you will notice how Doom 2 just cannot compete anymore. I'm sure that if you sat down and played Doom 2 for 30 minutes you would think "What the hell am I doing? this is totally boring!". I'm sorry guys, but Doom 2 is totally boring. Let me give you an overview of the game itself… Object of the Game The basic idea is to blast all of your enemies into oblivion and reach the exit alive. You can do this by using the weapons featured in the game. But reaching the end of the level can sometimes be very difficult. You need to find different coloured keys, these keys open certain doors that lead you to the exit. There are many powerups to pick up and other various items. Weapons = Fists – Yes, you can beat your ...

Escape From Monkey Island (Mac) 15/05/2009

They should never stop making these

Final Fantasy VII (PC) 15/05/2009

The King Of RPG's

Final Fantasy VII (PC) The magazines told of a game that was going to be absolutely brilliant. The game was reviewed in nearly every Playstation magazine and given over 85% in every one. Everyone had heard of the games predecessors and their expectations were high. The game did not disappoint people; it’s a masterpiece, a game that will be remembered for decades to come, it was called Final Fantasy VII. There has been 6 Final Fantasy games before this one and this is the first one to use the power of the revolutionary console to create totally stunning 3D effects, video sequences and graphics. But before I get into that let me explain what it’s all about and what you can do in the game… A brief idea of the game – You are the character Cloud who is an ex-member of soldier. You have joined a group who call themselves Avalanche. They are fighting to uphold right and to destroy the Shinra. The Shinra are an organisation who is sucking the planet dry of all its Mako Energy (the building blocks of life for the whole planet). Without this Mako Energy the planet will fall apart. But as Cloud and his teammates become more and more involved in the Shinra’s plans they discover that there is a lot more at stake than they could ever imagine. They discover that the true enemy, the enemy of enemies is a man called Sepiroth who is a member of soldier. He has unbelievable powers that he uses for no good. He wants to take over the world; he wants to become a God and its up to you to stop him. Characters = There ...

Sid Meier's Civilization II (PC) 14/05/2009

Will You Conquer?

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