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Nicorette Nicotine Gum Full Strength 21/01/2001

Nicorette is nasty

Nicorette Nicotine Gum Full Strength When I decided to give up smoking a couple of years ago I thought that I might need a little help. So I decided to try the Nicorette gum and duly went out to buy some from the chemist. I nearly fainted when I saw the price but was told by the pharmacist that it was their number one seller. So after buying it I just had to give it a go on the way home. I popped one into my mouth while driving home quite happy with myself. Now the first few chews were okay and I thought yes I could do this no problem. Then came the real taste seconds later. What can I say except uuuurrrrgggghhhh!!!!! It tasted as though I had just emptied the contents of an overflowing ashtray straight into my mouth. No word of a lie it was like chewing butts and all! When it got to the point that I thought I was going to vomit I pulled the car over and spat it out. I vowed from then on never ever to put another one of those gums into my mouth and ended up quitting the weed on my own. ...

Sega Game Gear 21/01/2001

Sega Game Gear is great

Sega Game Gear I bought a sega game gear 4 years ago now and I still think that it is the best portable console out although the games are not as readily available. It's very light and not at all uncomfortable to hold and the games are all in colour. I've also got an adapter that can change it into a t.v which I use in the bedroom. Although it's larger than the gameboy it still looks much more stylish even today. There is a huge variety of games for the game gear and because it's been overtaken by the gameboy you can now pick up the games very cheaply in second hand stores. I would recommend this console as a number one choice as it's great value for money and a good quality product. ...

Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation) 21/01/2001

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation) This is a really good game for kids and adults. It's very easy to play and really good value for money. My children will happily spend a couple of hours a time playing it and still don't show signs of getting fed up with it yet. The game screen is brightly coloured and set out well. The graphics aren't as great as some of the other games but this is just a minor glitch in what is essentially a fun and very playable game. I'm sure this will end up a 'classic' in the playstation hall of fame. It's quite addictive but not in an annoying kind of way. It would make a nice present for any Playstation owner, young or old. ...

Operation 21/01/2001

Outdated Operation

Operation This classic game is still very popular today and I think most kids have played it at one time or another. However, I found that it is sometimes impossible to get the game pieces out without setting the buzzer off. My 7 year old threw it in sheer frustration after patiently trying to remove a piece for nearly 20 minutes. It's reasonably priced and readily available but the pieces are really fiddly and it can be a pain to set up. I wouldn't recommend it for children under 6 as some of the pieces are extremely small and I feel that they would find it hard to play anyway. The product is also quite flimsy and not very well made. ...

Hydro Strike 21/01/2001

Hydro Strike is great

Hydro Strike Hydro strike is a must have game for all the family not just kids. The idea is to score goals by using flippers to shoot the ball into your opponents goal. If you succeed then your poor opponent gets a squirt of water straight in the face. This is an absolutely hysterical game to play and guarentees a good laugh for both the players and spectators. It would be great to play at parties. It's a very well made product and good value for money. Any child would be happy to receive this as a gift. It's also available in most stores that sell games. It's very easy to set up and even my 5 year old can do it. Brilliant game! ...

Bop It 21/01/2001

Im Bop It Barmy

Bop It I bought Bop It for my daughter as a christmas present and I could't have made a better choice. It's fantastic fun for children and adults alike. The idea is to follow the instructions - bop it, twist it or pull it. There is also a really great tune it plays while you do. It's absolutely addictive and a good laugh for all the family. It's well made and very good value for money. It's also quite compact and ideal to take on holiday. I'd say that even little ones (3 yrs up) would find this great fun and more importantly keep them amused for ages! A very hard wearing toy that will last for a long time. Can be played with 2 players as well. ...

BTCellnet 20/01/2001

BT Cellnet

BTCellnet I own a BT Cellnet U and find that the phone itself is stylish, easy to use and great value for money. There are a number of tariffs to choose from and they are all very reasonable. The cost of phoning another U phone is also great value at only 2p a minute whatever the time of day or night. Now BT have also introduced the £5 top up card it's even better.Text messaging is really good value for money at only 5p a minute. However, I have experienced a few problems as well which I would like to share. In December 1999 I bought my husband one and 2 months later in January 2000 it suddenly stopped working. After ringing the helpline constantly we finally got through 2 days later. To cut a long story short we had to send the phone back for a replacement. A week later the new one was delivered but alas it had the wrong amount of credit and also the wrong number. Again we phoned them up and they cut us off while they sorted the 'mix up' out. Eight weeks later they finally re-connected it and promised to send a compensation package(car charger, case and hands free kit). Anyway one year later, we are still waiting which is poor service I think. They have recently put a 20p a minute charge on to phone the customer service line which can work out really expensive if you use your mobie to phone them. Apart from these problems the service is okay. The reception can be a little dodgy at times but this is true whatever phone you use. On the whole a good product. ...

Slim Fast 20/01/2001

Slim Fast Does Work

Slim Fast I have used Slim Fast several times in the past and am at the time of writing on the SF diet again. I find that it's an easy diet to follow and it really does work. I wouldn't agree that it is fast but on average it states that you should lose about 1-2 lbs a week. This is a pretty accurate statement. The shakes are really tasty and easy to make. The price is also very good and not to hard on the pocket. Whenever I have come off the diet I have found that the weight hasn't gone back on which some people find surprising. The only drawback is that it can get pretty boring having shakes all the time and so it can be hard to stick to if your will power is a little shaky. I also think that the ready to drink cans are very sweet and much to strong so I tend to stick to the 'make your own' kind. On the whole a good product that works quite well. ...

Evening Primrose Oil in General 20/01/2001

the answer to my husbands misery

Evening Primrose Oil in General Evening primrose oil - what an absolute life saver. I found that as I got older I suffered even more with PMT. I got fairly bad stomach cramps and I was the bitch from hell to anyone and everyone! Then during yet another week of being laid up on the sofa with a box of tissues to dry my never ending tears, in came hubby with a present. What an angel I thought to myself while re-adjusting the hot water bottle on my bloated, aching stomach. And what did I find when I opened it? A tub of evening primrose oil capsules. Now to say that I threw them at him in while screaming that everything in the world was all his fault would be under estimating my reaction. I did however go and retrieve them from behind the door once he had left the room with 'that look' on his face. I decided that I would give them a try even though I thought they would never work. I've never been so wrong about anything in my life because the following month even my husband didn't know that my period was due. My stomach cramps were much less severe, I was alot more relaxed and I felt more in control. I really can't believe that I suffered for so long when I didn't have to. And now my husband does't have to tread on egg shells either, even though his last present ( a frying pan) went whizzing out the door at a rate of knots I can honestly say that it wasn't down to PMT!! ...

Argos (Shop) 20/01/2001

Argos are the pits

Argos (Shop) I live in a fairly small town and alot of goods that I require have to be bought there. This is the one shop that I dread the most. The customer service (in my local store) is absolutely appalling, the queues are always very long and on more than one occasion I have had to wait more than 25 minutes for my purchases. I have also phoned them and reserved goods only to find when I get there that they have sold them to someone else. No apology either. The quality of the goods are usually very good and the price is one of the lowest in my town. So, even though I dread going there I do find myself in there at least once or twice a month. I have to point out that if there was an alternative then I wouldn't choose to visit Argos again. If the staff were a little more helpful and you didn't have to wait so long then it would be a very nice shop to use. ...

Safeway (Shop) 20/01/2001

Safeway but the best way

Safeway (Shop) I am a regular customer of Safeway and have been for a number of years, but that is partly due to the fact that in my town it's either them or Somerfield. The quality of goods at Safeway is very good and they have regular deals which change each week. They got rid of the loyalty 'ABC' card in favour of these new deals each week. This is where I have a bit of a problem with them. Yes the super value deals are great but to compensate they add a penny on to something else and five pence on to others. Do they really think that we don't know that this happens? And to top it all off they are now going to introduce another loyalty card only a few months after getting rid of the other one! I find that with their own brand stuff it's a bit of trial and error. Some things are great but others I wouldn't even entertain after just one taste. The staff seem very helpful most of the time which makes a nice change and most of the stores are laid out really well. Overall it's a nice place to shop and fairly good value for money. ...

ITV - Wheel of Fortune 18/01/2001

Wheel of Boredom

ITV - Wheel of Fortune This game show used to be absolutely fantastic to watch. It had great prizes and was really fun to see. Then what happened? They put it on in the afternoon, changed the presenter a couple of times and seriously downsized the prizes. Did they really think that it would still appeal? They went from a really good show down to a cheap, badly presented one. The prizes are quite honestly pathetic. There is nothing outstanding about them anymore. The top prize went from being a pick between 2 brand new cars or 20 thousand pounds right down to a bog standard 2 thousand pounds. The end of round prizes used to be weekends in Venice, up to the date fitness equipment and stylish furniture to washing machines and sets of luggage. The contestants don't seem that excited about which prize to choose and I can't blame them. ...

BBC1: Parkinson 18/01/2001

Is Parkinson past it

BBC1: Parkinson Parkinson seems to have lost much of it's appeal and seems to be over rated. Okay so he was the king of chat shows many years ago but it seems that the passing of time has dulled his personality and style. Yes, he can still pull in the big names but the time he gives these people seems to be getting shorter and shorter. He tends to interupt them quite alot too which is quite annoying as the whole point of the show is to get their opinions and mermories etc. He isn't in touch with the world any more and this shows on screen. I think the stars that agree to appear on the show remember how good it used to be and assume it's just as good. Sadly this is not the case. It's lost that sparkle that used to make it stand out from the rest and is no longer something to look forward to. It's gone from being a great programme to something that's okay to watch if there's nothing better on the tv. ... 17/01/2001

google goes great This is the search engine to use if you want results - fast! There's no hanging around with this one, it literally takes the blink of an eye and then it reaveals thousands of pages. It seems to produce more hits than any other engine I have used and is very easy to use. You can also search within the results already found and this is an excellent facility that can help you pin point exactly what you're searching for. Once tried you will probably never use a different engine again. Defineately one for the favourites file! ...

The Beach (DVD) 16/01/2001

The Beach

The Beach (DVD) Ok so there's this beach with white sands and a lovely lagoon set in paradise. I was expecting something exciting about this movie but what I saw really was quite a mystery! There are loads of lovely beaches in the world so what made this one so special? I couldn't tell you the answer to that. The lovely blue waters are infested with sharks, to get to the beach in the first place you have to swim about 3 miles, dodge gun toting drug farmers and risk breaking your neck jumping down a waterful. And for what? It's only a beach after all!! The community that live on the island paradise remind me of the hippies back in the 60's only they are more demented and will do anything to prevent anyone from ruining their idylic life. So, after that brief outline down to the nitty gritty. The filming was superb and the acting very good by all but really the plot must have been written by someone with an extremely vivid imagination. It lacked excitement and that 'edge of your seat' tension. If you have an afternoon to spare then it's an ok film to watch but nothing special. ...
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