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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 15/03/2010

My review of Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic After so many months since I bought this mobile I finally decided to write a review about it. This Nokia 5800, in a few words, is easily one of the best mobile phones made by Nokia. I was not surprised to find it 3rd in the list of "Best Mobile Phones". I've been a Nokia customer for years, my last Nokia mobile phone lasted as long as 8 years in full working order (see my review on the ancient Nokia 7110) and only lately it started to give some twitches. I decided it was time to change it when people started to laugh about my phone when I pulled it out... kinda sad I know. Wanting to stick to Nokia I soon found out that the 5800 was what I needed. Wi-Fi connection and GPS amid the most appealing features. WHAT I LIKED I will no w list the things I find appealing in this mobile phone and why I think it's worth buying: 1) Wi-Fi connection: if you already have broadband connection at home with router or you have a connection at school or work, this means you can connect with your mobile to internet for free. Chat with friends, update its contents, even phone for free (through skype!). Around the city a lot of people or shops also forget to put a password to their broadband connection so that even when I'm around town I can connect and check internet (don't worry for your data, your information are safe as long as the phone tells you that you are going to connect to a safe connection) 2) Free GPS: why buying an expensive TomTom when you can use your mobile phone to navigate? ... 16/11/2009

Ebay - my Love-Hate review Ebay, My Little Review This is not the first review on ebay and it won't be the last either but I wanted to share some opinions I have of this website which I sometimes use, love, hate and sometimes thank. The first time I saw ebay was in 2004, back then the website was something completely different, full of genuine sellers doing a virtual "yard sale", although it was also a bit less friendly to use, plenty of design flaws too. It was easier to find great deals but of course it had its downsides, many people in those years did not have digital cameras (nowadays it's unlikely to find a person without one) so many auctions were simply "described" but with no picture associated and it was sometimes a blind purchase. I don't remember paypal being that common at that time (until ebay bought it and brought it to fame) so also paying wasn't always easy unless you had a bank account or similar. Western Union was very popular with overseas purchases and also very expensive. Ebay has become over the years more and more user-friendly (thanks to so many improvements of their website) and easy-to-do (you can really create an auction in few moments now). As many of you already know it has also become widely hated, first with the imposition paypal over the ebay World, then with constantly updated terms&conditions which seem to get worse and worse for the sellers the more they update them. Not to mention the 10% final value fees to be added to the paypal fees and insertion fees... it's ...

PNY Attaché Premium Capless - USB flash drive - 4 GB 10/10/2009

PNY Attaché... they all break in the end

Tesco Internet Phone E212 10/10/2009

Internet phone but very good for Skype too... this is my "how to"

Acoustic Solutions LCDW 22 HD 11/09/2009

22" LCD TV - Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions LCDW 22 HD UNEXPECTEDLY GREAT TV!!! I've had this TV for a year now and I finally find some time to write a review about this product. It was gifted to me to be put in my bedroom. It's quite an ideal tv for a small or medium sized room. It's 22" widescreen so you can even place it quite near yourself without suffering too much. The TV itself has mostly good quality, overall I would suggest its purchase to anybody who needs a small-sized tv. First of all video and audio are very good, side stereo speakers can go very loud and still keep the quality of the sound decent, on the side you have a on/off button, which is (gladly) not digital. If for any reason the TV would freeze you can still reset it in the old fashioned way of pressing the off switch. When in stand-by a blue led light appears on the front. The design of the tv is simple but sharp, the colour is matte black and never looks "dirty" even when perhaps it is. This tv has several inputs, I can't remember them all but at the moment I have a dvd player, a playstation and multimedia hard disk, all of them plugged in separately. And still there are few more available (including HDMI). Freeview TV is enbedded in the tv and it's really user-friendly, far better than many digibox I've tried in the years. The remote control lacks of clear indication but it's excellent once you have learnt what you need to press. Screen and sound settings can be changed both from the remote and from buttons on the side of the tv, the on-screen menues ... 04/09/2009

Gumtree or... how I wasted plenty of hours on this website Gumtree is a website dedicated to free ads of certain areas of the globe. It is advertised as UK n°1 website for classified ads but it has branches also in other Worldwide locations (Australia, Poland, New Zeland, Asia and South Africa) plus European and North American partners, meaning other websites called differently but offering the same service. The website is divided into main areas of the UK and each main city in those areas have their own space for posting your ads. So if you live in Manchester you will post your ads in your local area. Also the search of items for sale is local, there isn't yet a function for a global search, mainly because most of transactions end with a collection in person so it's useless to search items across the UK if you live in Cardiff. Classified ads are divided into categories: Flat & Houses Services Pets Friends & Dating Cars For Sale Stuff For Sale Jobs Community Each one has sub categories, for example in Flat & Houses there are subcategories such as For Rent and For Sale, each one again divided into Offered and Wanted. So if you are looking for something you know exactly where to search. Posting ads is free. They stay up for 120 days, after that time they disappear and you need to post it again. The adverts are usually posted imediately but sometimes they take up to 1 or 2 days to show up. Everyday your advert will lose its high position going down in the list the more days pass, so the high peak of inquiries will probably be in the ...

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate Expansion Pack (PC) 01/07/2009

New life to the good old SWAT 4

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate Expansion Pack (PC) The Stetchkov Syndicate is an expansion pack for the game SWAT 4. This expansion adds extra missions, new weapons and more. If you are reading this review you probably are already familiar with the game SWAT 4. The Stetchkov Syndicate requires the original SWAT 4 game to play. When I first saw this expansion I had no idea of its exsistance. It came out in 2006 but I had never heard of it and since I liked SWAT 4 quite a lot as a time-filler shooting game I decided to try its expansion too. Actually I was pretty excited to have it because I had played the old SWAT 4 missions till boredom and I couldn't wait to see what new stuff was added and I have to say it didn't disappoint me. There are several missions which have been added to the main game with their own plot which revolves around the Stetchkov mobsters. Also new weapons and so on, but I'll write about that later. First of all the price of this totally justifies the purchase of this title if you already enjoyed SWAT 4. On ebay it can be found for very little prices. I'm sure there is also a version of Swat 4 with the expansion already included. This new expansion pack offers more difficult missions, thanks to more aggressive, unpredictable artificial intelligence AND larger scenarios. A new array of additional weapons has been added and it includes a subachine gun (modeled after the real-life FN-P90), a grenade launcher (less exciting than it sounds), a desert eagle gun (unprecise but powerful), and loads of new extras ...

Jacobite Steam Railway, United Kingdom 30/04/2009

Everything that you need to know about it

Jacobite Steam Railway, United Kingdom JACOBITE STEAM TRAIN REVISED REVIEW The Jacobite steam train is indeed one of the greatest railway journeys of the world like the company website says. Unfortunately, information about this steam-train experience are really scarce and hard to find. People don't exactly know what kind of carriage they get when booking and the official website is very very poorly done. So I'll try to describe my experience and leave useful information and tips for who has never been on the train but plans to. One last note... The pictures I uploaded are not only a "plus" to my review but they are strictly related to it since some issues or descriptions I will give will be linked directly to the photos I took. I revised this review hoping to get higher rating. BACKGROUND HISTORY & Advertising "2009 is the 26th year of the return of steam trains to Mallaig. From the start in 1984 when British Rail reintroduced steam to the line it was known as ‘The West Highlander’ which later became ‘The Lochaber’. West Coast Railways took over the running of this service in 1995 and gave it the much loved title ‘The Jacobite’. It continues to be an essential part of every West Highland holiday. It is regarded as one of the Great Railway Journeys of the World and was voted Top Railway Journey in the World 2009 by Wanderlust Magazine, due mainly to the stunning scenery through which you will be travelling. The 84 mile round trip will take you past Britain's highest mountain, deepest loch, shortest river ...

PNY Attaché Premium Capless - USB flash drive - 8 GB 09/04/2009

a nice 8GB contraption

SanDisk Cruzer Micro - USB flash drive - 1 GB 30/03/2009

Handy little flash drive

LaCie LaCinema Premier 26/03/2009

LaCie LaCinema - enjoy your divx on TV!

Technika TA 708 21/03/2009

Cheap but not cheap-looking headphones

Technika TA 708 TECHNIKA FULL SIZE HEADPHONES from TescoDirect MY REVIEW I didn’t really need another pair of headphones but when I spotted these at Tesco for £5.94 I had no other choice! I bought them on the spot and never regretted it. I am reviewing the Technika TA-708 wired “Full Size Headphones” that can still be found on TescoDirect for the same price I paid and worth 5 Clubcard points (Catalogue number: 202-1333). So what’s good about them? Well first of all the price considering what you get... these headphones are not cheap-looking, they come with a gold plated standard 3.5mm plug, they are adjustable for all sorts of pinecone heads and the sound quality is very good, they can blast your hears without loosing too much sound quality but please remember that playing music at loud levels may and will damage your ears in time. The ear pieces are covered with fake leather (faux leather or something similar) and so is the head band, they are attached by one single cable, not too long I have to admit but long enough for computer use or if you sit not far from your stereo. These can be of course used also with MP3 or CD players, watching tv or any other activity that might require a pair of good headphones, remember though the wire is not excessively long (1.8m) so if you want to watch tv you might need an extension. The box is very simple as you can see in my picture, there is no extra included (for £5.94 I would hardly expect that). Colour is black with silver parts and here are some ...

JVC CB Case Camcorder (CB-A79) 09/03/2009

Utilitarian case by JVC

Olympia Dualphone RTX 3045 18/02/2009

A Skype Phone and normal cordless all in one

LG GSA H54N Super-Multi 25/01/2009

LG dual layer DVD writer... not really great

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