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I'm 22, live in Sussex. I love my gadgets, food and TV. I am a full time supervisor in a major high street store. I work in a number of departments such as Home, Clothing and Food.

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Tesco Ready To Eat Chunky Barbecue Chicken 21/06/2014

Every Bit of Chicken Helps

Tesco Ready To Eat Chunky Barbecue Chicken I was doing a top up shop in my local Tesco when I saw the pack of ready to eat barbeque chicken. I picked it up thinking it was ideal for a quick meal as I didn't have the energy to cook properly. I was pleasantly surprised: This pack costs £2, contains 180g of succulent marinaded chicken breast. This seemed a little expensive to me, but considering I was shopping with vouchers, I gave it a go. The nutritional values are for a typical 100g portion: Energy - 540kj Fat - 1.8g Saturates - 0.5g Sugars - 3.4g Salt - 0.9g (It is probably worth noting that this product does contain allergen advice for those with allergies to gluten due to the ingredients wheat and barley.) The chicken is thinly sliced, I would guess at 0.3cm thick, but your still left with a nice sized piece of chicken roughly 10 cm x 3 cm. The only trouble I had was because the chicken is chilled and still moist, the slices stuck together. That is the only fault I can comment on this product If I'm honest. I divided my pack into two portions as I'm not a huge eater. The first I simply had mixed in with a salad. It gave the salad a unique taste and variation of texture. The soft chicken really made it enjoyable to be eating healthily. The second portion, was not so healthy. With what I had left of the chicken, I had placed it in a wrap with grated cheese, nice and simple. It made a brilliant little snack. The flavour not over powering and without leaving your mouth dry as some ready to eat chicken does. ...

Utility Room 5 Bar Radiator Indoor Clothes Airer 21/06/2014

Saviour for drying clothes indoors

Utility Room 5 Bar Radiator Indoor Clothes Airer I live in a small studio flat so drying space wasn't always easy to find. That was until I found this on Amazon for £8. It was a bit more than I was willing to risk, but purchased it anyway as my gift card was due to expire. The delivery of the item only took 3 days, so I was pretty pleased with that! I wasn't sure what to expect when it arrived. It had no box just shrink wrapped in plastic with a single piece of paper showing the crude assembly instructions. The initial assembly was easy once I had worked out the cave drawings they called instructions: Simply click the arms onto the airer. Something I had managed to get wrong initially as I clipped them one upright and the other pointing downwards, but we wont worry about that anymore. An additional bonus to the arms only clicking on is that when the airer is not in use, it packs away practically flat. The airer itself weighs next to nothing and is 51cm wide and 33cm deep. within this frame, it holds 5 additional bars. Technically leaving you with 6 bars if you include the front of the framework too. It didn't look like it was very strong at all. But it fits perfectly on my small radiators and holds a remarkable weight in comparison to its size. I have managed to hang a pair of jeans, two shirts and rammed on whatever underwear I could fit on it, and it showed no signs of stress or signs that it wasn't going to hold the weight. It has saved me so much time and space having everything in one place rather than finding ...

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive 21/06/2014

Chewy Biscuits, McVities branch out

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive I purchased these biscuits for an energy filled supplement during a charity event away from civilisation. I paid £1.75 for the pack at a convenience store, which was (I thought) a bit too expensive, but I was running out of time to shop about. The pack itself is 300g, with each biscuit weighing 16.8g averaging at 18 biscuits per pack. The nutritional values per biscuit are as follows: Energy - 337 Fat - 3.7g Carbohydrate - 10.9 Fibre - 0.4g Protein - 0.9g Salt - 0.1g The packaging is brightly coloured with a golden yellow background and the unforgettable McVities blue and red Digestive branding taking the foreground. The biscuits themselves have the digestive feel to them but felt a lot heavier due to the caramel. The caramel digestives have the same size as the standard biscuits (approx 6cm across, 0.5 cm depth), with a thin chocolate coating on one side which hides a layer of thick caramel. They sounded lovely, but that soon changed for me. The first couple of biscuits were pleasant, very sweet and crumbled as I bit into them. However within a couple, they began to get sickly and difficult to eat. I fancied a light snack that would provide a little energy boost, but these biscuits started to get rather sickly very quick. I found that they take a lot of chewing and are difficult to swallow on a hot day, and left my mouth dry. Not what I wanted being stuck on a countryside road with limited supplies for hours on end. However, they did provide me with the energy I was ...

Tesco Value Custard Creams 25/09/2013

creamy centre biscuits for a third of the price

Tesco Value Custard Creams Everyone is feeling the pressure of the recession but we all need to have some luxuries in life. Tesco have got the right idea, providing good tasting biscuits at a reasonable cost. These biscuits cost 35 pence and the pack of 400 grams of custard creams contains approximately 30 biscuits. The packaging itself is basic as expected at this price, but this is not reflected on the produce itself. Each biscuit has 3 layers, two biscuit layers and a creamy custard centre. The custard centre is approximately 1mm thick in comparison to each of the biscuit layers measuring approximately 2.5mm. Each biscuit weighing 12.6g. The biscuits break easily and often break in the pack, but that's half the fun of a pack of biscuits if you ask me. The taste is surprisingly good for such a cheap product. Admittedly they do leave your mouth dry after a while, but they pack some flavour. You can taste the custard within the cream as well as satisfying your sweet tooth. The following nutritional value were found on the Tesco website Typical Values 100g contains Each biscuit (12.6g) contains Energy. 2070kJ (495kcal) 265kJ (65kcal) Protein 5.6g. 0.7g Carbohydrate 69.7g 8.8g Sugars. 28.5g 3.6g Fat 20.9g 2.6g Saturates 10.7g 1.4g Mono Unsaturates 6.9g. 0.9g Polyunsaturates 2.0g 0.3g Fibre 1.7g 0.2g Sodium* 0.2g trace *Salt Equivalent 0.5g. trace ...

Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pudding 24/09/2013

proper pudding in a pot

Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pudding I purchased one of these puddings from Tesco online as it was on offer for £1 so I thought it was worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised. I was initially sceptical trying Fray Bentos due to all the negative feedback I had heard, by but after trying it for myself I had very few complaints. The pudding comes in a microwave suitable plastic pot with a ring pull fitted to the lid. It's nice and easy to cook, simply rip off the lid, turn upside down on as plate and microwave for a minute and a half. Then remove the pot by lifting off the pudding and tuck in! The first impressions were not particularly appetizing as it looked similar to tinned dog food, but as soon as it is cooked it transforms to a lovely suet pastry pudding. However, you can literally see a small puddle of liquid surrounding the pudding which looks mainly fat. But even so this did not put me off. I simply added mash and veg and a quick easy meal after work was ready for the table. The taste was surprisingly impressive, you can taste the meat content and the gravy was just right. Not to thick but thick enough not to seep through the pastry. The sizes of the meat are approximately 1cm cubes but they are tightly packed within the pudding. I would say that this pudding and the rest of the Fray Bentos variety are ideal for single occupants and full time workers who have little time to prepare a big meal. It is definitely something I will continue to purchase. The following nutritional values have been taken ...

Marks and Spencer Digital Kitchen Scales 18/09/2013

Digital scales for brilliant baking.

Marks and Spencer Digital Kitchen Scales Recently I've purchased a white set of digital kitchen scales from Marks and Spencer for a figure of £15. Shopping at Mark's I expected a bigger price, but I will say it's worth every penny. The scales are available in black, white and red. 19.5cm long, 14cm wide and standing only 1cm tall, they're easy to store. They are available in store and to order online from the website for home or store delivery whichever is necessary. Each of them are supplied with a 9v battery so easy to use from the moment you have it in your possession. It is equipped with two operating buttons located on the front of the scales. These are on/off and zero for the first, and the second button is mode. An issue I experienced to begin with is pushing the buttons to hard tended to make the scales tip. However the buttons are really sensitive and little pressure is required. Also it took me some time to work out how to turn the scales off as it is not shown in the manual. The on/off button must be held down for about 3 seconds and it will turn off. However the scales also have a built in power saving function which turns the scales off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Measuring in both metric and imperial, the scales are versatile. In addition the increments that are displayed are 1 gram, not 10 grams like others. These scales are however restricted to weighing up to 5kg, but if you need more than that, that's a huge cake your making. It is also able to measure volumes of water and milk by switching ...

Braun Oral B Professional Care 500 Toothbrush 16/09/2013

oscillating power

Braun Oral B Professional Care 500 Toothbrush I purchased this toothbrush in superdrug last year for a cost of £25 and its fantastic. It's my first electric toothbrush and I was shocked at the power it held. Fully charged it took me by surprise at how clean my mouth felt. Okay it's only a toothbrush, but here is what I found: The brush,when bought new, comes with a charger and two replaceable heads. Everything is there ready to go however it does need charging up before use which takes a couple of hours to fully charge. The brush itself is lightweight, way to handle and doesn't want to vibrate out of your hands which is what I was expecting. It's easy to keep clean and is not slippery when wet. The charger itself fits any shaver socket 230v and only takes about ten minutes charge after every use to maintain a full battery. This is indicated from the light on the brush flashing when charging and a solid light when fully charged. The heads of the brush are robust and effective. With 3D movements, ie rising and falling whilst rotating giving an intense clean feeling. Your mouth is left feeling dentist clean and within weeks you can visibly see your teeth whitening as well. However funding replacements aren't as easy as first thought. I purchased some off the internet for a fiver which was described as compatible. During its first use I noticed as change in sound. What I noticed next was that the mechanism inside the head was broken, it had given in with the vibrations. I changed the head and the same thing happened. ...

Top 5 Home Energy Saving Tips 16/09/2013

Penny saving advice

Top 5 Home Energy Saving Tips This is ironic that this topic has come to ciao this week due to the amount of phone calls to the utility companies I've had to make. Now everyone knows how important it is to save here and there, but I've learnt a few tricks myself. I live in a studio flat in the centre of Brighton. Nothing is cheap. But here's what I have been doing to save what I can. 1) The easiest way to save electricity is to ensure that nothing is left on. Sounds obvious I know, but there is more to it than most believe. Beyond the obvious tv on standby etc other appliances are consuming energy which raises your bills higher.. such as the microwave, even just the clock running on the microwave, it still has a huge amount of power running through the appliance, switching this off Will save additional pennies a day, with it out over a year, that's a great saving. 2) Energy saving light bulbs are often expensive to purchase, but they do help. Beyond the "by the time it turns on I would have finished what I need the light for anyways", they do save a tremendous amount of electricity. they last longer than standard bulbs Ihave found, this making the additional cost, plus the energy saving, as wit with while investment. home electricity suppliers even send a couple out upon request from their customers from their website. If you really want to go that one step further. LED lights run off of low voltage systems which minimises electricity usage and still supplying the lighting required. I save ...

Members advice on your drink being spiked 15/09/2013

No + Rohypnol = Yes... BIG NO NO

Members advice on your drink being spiked Living in Brighton, there is such a huge selection of bars, pubs and clubs to drink in. However with all this late night entertainment comes temptation to animals to spike drinks. The act of spiking drinks involves a person to intentionally contaminate another person's drink with the drink being consumed including the substance involuntarily. Having your drink spiked is more common than most people believe. I have had my drink spiked three times and witnessed many more. The effects I had was hallucinating, sickness, temporary blindness, memory loss and unconsciousness. To this day I do not know what it was as I never seemed medical help. The first time this happened I was in a night club having a dance with my partner at the time with my drink in sight. With the thirty seconds my eye line was broken, my drink was spiked. I remember it tasting a touch off, but continued. Within minutes I had incredible urges to throw up, I felt faint and lost my balance. For over an hour I continually vomited between consciousness. I was very lucky to have had my partner with me who took me home and stayed awake all night for me. Another occasion is one I witnessed. My friend had ordered a drink with someone he had met in the bar, turned his back for two seconds before drinking his "freshly poured" pint. After hal an hour, he switched from happy go lucky to incredibly violent which then escalated to continuous vomiting. We knew this was strange and called paramedics. He was treated for ...

Sure for Men Sure Men Dry Adventure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 15/09/2013

SURE... I'll stand clear of this one

Sure for Men Sure Men Dry Adventure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant I purchased this last week from Tesco in my online shop. It was on a promotion, two for two quid. Willing to give it a go, I took the chance believing in the world known brand Sure. Initial thoughts were good. The canister was impressive looking and congress with s safety locking spray top. Orange and black in colour, the canister seems very manly and hard working. However on my first application, as instructed, I sprayed my under arms and continued getting dressed for work. Between the distance of my bathroom and lounge. All of 5 foot, I felt a strange tickling sensation down my sides. Upon investigation I realised that the deeper l deodorant had clumped in large white blobs which began to fall off into the carpet and more importantly my black work trousers. I've never experienced this on such a level and I was shocked. My skin had become itchy and irritated. Worst of all I looked like a panda with minutes to leave for work. I tried to wash the marks off my trousers however to no avail. If anything the stains spread with contact with water. I am completely disappointed with this product and it has deterred me from purchasing sure deodorant in the future. I can see why Tesco has them on offer, they need to diminish their stock levels...

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck 15/09/2013

living off the fat of the land

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck I was first introduced to this book in secondary school as I was studying GCSE at the time. I purchased it from the school for £2 and I'm sure that's not a huge difference from today's availability online. There are many editions now, but be sure to purchase the original John Steinbeck copy. The two main characters are George and Lennie. The two go from ranch to ranch in search of work during the 1930s. Lennie suffers from mental disabilities and has an obsession with soft articles and strokes them. George is the masculine of the two and practically acts as lennies carer. Other characters in the book are Crooks (physically disabled black American), Curly (the aggressor, former boxer) and Curly`s wife (stunning young woman). The book begins following George And Lennie going from one ranch after Lennie had caused an accident thus getting the pair sacked. Eventually they find another ranch to work on and gain people's trust. Lennie causes many little issues but is distracted when he is given a puppy. Not knowing his own strength, he accidentally kills it whilst stroking it. With his over powering obsession of soft items, he has an altercation with Curly s wife which results in disaster. This leads to George and Lennie running from the ranch away from the man hunt who are looking for the two workers. I dare say much more as it is definitely a book to read yourself. I read this book several times over a spoke about it to a few people. This is when I learnt that the story line ...

Marks & Spencer - Discounts & Voucher Codes 05/09/2013

Top notch products and discount prices

Marks & Spencer - Discounts & Voucher Codes I am well aware of the vouchers and discounts offered by marks and Spencer in the United kingdom. M and S are a week known high street store which is now international. One method that has made the company such a success of the range of discounts they provide. The most obvious discount is the employee discount. A whopping 20% off all marks and Spencer goods. This is provided to all employees upon induction to the company, and is maintained during the course of employment. Any person who has worked for Mark's and Spencer for over, I believe, 10 years is provided with a permanent card which entitles the holder with £2,500 worth of discount credit. The second most popular discount voucher is what every M&S card holder would receive, these are called spend and save vouchers. A small booklet every quarter containing a selection of vouchers ranging from £10 to spend to 20% off men's shirts for example. This booklet often also contains a 2X points voucher. M&S points are acquired via use of the credit card. Each point is worth a penny, meaning every one hundred points provides you with a pound to spend. These are used by vouchers issued in the same way as before, in a small booklet every quarter. A small catch is that no change can be given for the s pend and save vouchers, and in instances of refunds, the vouchers are given back in store credit which is printed in recent form. The third more memorable discount offer is what is called the friends & family event. These have ...

Member Advice on Domestic Violence 03/09/2013

Not an easy topic for anyone to discuss

Member Advice on Domestic Violence As some of you that ciaoers may have read in the advice on coming out topic, I am a gay man. I've moved back to Brighton after splitting up with my boyfriend in November 2012. Here is the story of how the love of my life nearly ended it. I had met this person, for discussion purposes we shall call him Sam, on Facebook in April 2011. I met him only fo ur days after first contact on the internet and it was love at first sight. Sam being 18 and myself 19. Things got off amazingly and everything progressed quickly and looked promising. Within a month I was introduced to his family and spent the weekends in Tunbridge Wells with him in his mum's house. All seemed great. In December my lease expired and I was struggling to afford it. It was then his mum offered me to move in with them and Sam and myself got a flat together when we were ready. This is where the trouble began to show signs. Sam became argumentative and protective. Refused to let me smoke, drink or talk to other people on Facebook. I didn't argue as this was his home after all. In January we got our first flat and our relationship began to repair itself. I was still smoking and it was agreed that I could as long as it was outside and not in front of him. This to me was progress. Until one day Sam had gone to work, I stepped outside to have a cigarette when he drove past to collect something. The car screeched to a stop, his voice raised beyond normal abilities, I remember his veins coming out of his neck. I had ...

Member Advice on Coming Out of the Closet 02/09/2013

Stepping out of Narnia and being yourself

Member Advice on Coming Out of the Closet Advice on such a sensitive subject isn't ready to give and should be taken with a pinch of salt. I was aged 9 when I was introduced to the gay and lesbian side of life. My parents had divorced and my mum started having one particular woman staying more and more frequently. Being so young I didn't understand the relationship between the two until I was sat down by my mum and she told me who she was. This was the first time my mum had told me she was lesbian and if I'm honest I can't remember much as it was twelve years ago. Growing up in an openly gay environment now seemed normal to me. By the age of 11 I had hit puberty and began developing feelings for the same sex myself. I had my first gay kiss in school behind the sports shed. I remember it feeling stronger than when I kissed girls but never considered myself to be gay. I remember feelings growing stronger for this boy and this is when I told my best friend. We had been in a local park and he listened to everything. He seemed to be really comforting on a one to one basis, until the next day at school. Everyone seemed to know, and although I experienced a little name calling previously, it all erupted in chaos. Kids being kids in primary school, I had my bag stolen, pushed over, called names, things thrown at me, even my best friend distanced himself from me. After two or three days of it I began telling my friends I was joking and that I had a girlfriend. Between that moment and joining secondary school, I lived ...

Prestige GS25 02/09/2013

Prestige microwave, nothing to complain about

Prestige GS25 This was a given to me by a family member second hand after I accidentally set alight to my last one. I've been using it for over a month now and I have no complaints. It's larger than most domestic microwaves with its capacity of 25L. The unit itself is silver with a blackened protective window and black backing to the operators panel. I this panel has seven buttons and one two way dial. I didn't get the instruction manual with it so I can't comment on the quality of the guide, but I can say I didn't need it after playing around with it. It's self explanatory, but from a glance does look complicated as the diagrams are not clearly indicated to the appropriate buttons. What you have to do, to access the pre set menu is hit auto menu, then use the rotary dial to select the option. The microwave has a special combination of grill and microwave oven which is brilliant for cooking large pieces of food. However I wouldn't use it excessively as I can imagine it costs a lot to run in comparison to cooking it in the proper grill. Reading other reviews on multiple sites, very few have had bad experiences with this unit, just like myself. Other than my lack of understanding of how the diagrams related to the operation of the microwave, everything else is working fine. It's easy to clean, and no signs of wear and tear as yet. Food that build boils and spits is no worry as food doesn't stick to the insides very well which makes it easier to clean also. I will update the review ...
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