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Aston University 27/03/2001

An old Loony bin WITH Merger UPDATE

Aston University UPDATE about merger!!- Direct from me who happens to be at aston at the moment! 22 March 2001 - Press release Aston and Birmingham Universities: Discussions about Possible Integration of the two Institutions Following two years of discussion between Aston and Birmingham Universities, initially about collaboration and then about the possibility of the full integration of the two institutions, the Aston Council, at a meeting on 21 March 2001, decided not to proceed further with a possible merger. The decision was taken after extensive consideration at three successive Council meetings and following a full consultation exercise involving all Aston's staff and students. The Aston Council was convinced that current timing and circumstances are not opportune for fully realising the two present Vice-Chancellors' shared vision for a new integrated institution, or that integration with Birmingham University on any other terms would be in the best interests of Aston's staff and students. Turning to the future and building on the basis of the close working relationships that have developed over the years and during the course of the recent discussions, Aston is determined to continue to collaborate with Birmingham across a broad range of teaching, research and other activities, to the benefit of the two Universities, the City and the Region. Through its independent position Aston - dedicated to widening participation while ...

Boots Antibacterial Hand Wash 25/02/2001

Not really Anti-bacterial.

Boots Antibacterial Hand Wash Antibacterial washes of any kind are of no real value; in fact they are more of a danger! I worked in a hospital for a short period. Disinfect ion is of major importance and so is highly controlled (i'm sure you can imagine). You easy learn that not doing it properly causes an increase in danger to your patient. I’m not going to go mathsi because I know everybody hates it. Image this: 100 bacteria on the hand. 50 are nasty evil things that want to cause stomach upsets etc. The other is friendly bacteria interested only in living synergistically with the body. These evil ones are hard-core bacteria they’ve spent much of their life with people trying to kill them antibiotics and the rest (you’ll have heard in the news of antibiotic resistance etc). They are a bit hardened now! So one day a person uses an antibacterial hand wash just a bit. Bacteria ‘screams’ as they die. After the slaughter the survivors remain say 20 out of our 100 bacteria. They find themselves with a clean playing field ‘no bacteria in sight’ nobody to fight for food with they can multiply as fast as they are able. Problem is who are the most likely to have survived an incorrect disinfect ion, you got it the bad guys! So 15 of our 20 surivors are BAD guys. So now if we look at the hand when it reaches a population of 100 bacteria we find 75 BAD and 25 Good. Not what we really wanted. Its this effect that means many people treat disinfection or any ...

Canesten Cream 09/02/2001

Pharmacist on Candida albicans infection

Canesten Cream One of the most common genital infections. A yeast called Candida albicans is responsible. Classical symptoms are the itch and a creamy discharge from the vagina. At this point and after reading a previous article I think its important straight away to say this If your A man First time case Pregnant Bleeding or with pain Bellow 16 Above 60 years of age Blisters in the vagina Increased frequency of attacks >2 in last 6 months History of sexually transmitted diseases Speak to your Healthcare professional about an appropriate cause of action. Pharmacist, GP, nurse or other. Do not treat yourself without there knowledge ie. Through a friends medication on friends advice or ciao’s review advice! You can’t buy anything without speaking to somebody about your condition in this country. Pharmacists have several products on sale, please don’t feel embarrassed when they ask you any of the above they are looking out for you. All treatments are either prescription only or only available from Pharmacies forget going down the supermarket (unless its got a pharmacy! LOL) Clotrimazole Canestans active ingredient is the most common way of treatment. It is available in many forms, vaginal application, pessary, cream. Choice is important speak to a trained member of staff , if not to the boss (the pharmacist). Pessaries should be inserted without the foil covering and with the use of the applicator. If your pregnant (and see above) don’t use an ...

Met Parabellum 2000 helMet 09/02/2001

Your as safe as Schwarzenegger in any movie.

Met Parabellum 2000 helMet The best ‘tin hat’ as my dad would put it you could have once bought. The parrabellums a good looker its very strong I’ve had too good hits to the head while wearing it and am still here to talk about it. You’ve got two distinct possibilities to the look. I use it with the visor for mountain biking it’s a solid look and even though now getting on a bit for current cutting edge looks people still know you paid good money for it and that respect is due. Without the visor and its perfect for the road racer – faster than a speeding bullet with vents to match. To go for bad points all helmets heat your head up, getting a good one like this does help keep it to a minimum. But remember if you get a cheap brand you can’t get spares and believe me within 2 months you’ll want some of those sponge things that go inside to stop “head scratch!!” sweet just eats them alive and without them you’ll be in some proper pain if you continue to wear it properly (don’t what ever you do loosen the straps, it just hurts even more when you come off cos your head rattles inside the helmet!). This is my helmet and if you read my reviews regular you can probably tell I’m working my way through my stuff head to toe slowly. I do have a Giro helmet but I’m not sure if I like it's fit – I got it for mountain biking but still end up wearing this old thing all the time. Short and sweat review I think ...

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream 08/02/2001

Big Growth on your lip.

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream Cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus. Once you’ve caught it its yours for life. It lives in nerves and breaks out most commonly at times of bodily or physiological stress including menstruation (period) or colds and flu. These items can’t be stopped in reality but other things that trigger are ultra violet rays of the sun which you can at least partial block using good sun blocks etc. Aciclovir is the active ingredient of the brand Zovirax its active in the “tingle” stage of the cold sore. Anti-virals are known to be extremely slow to work, there also not very good, by this I mean you need frequent applications (not large amounts) just frequent, zovirax is four times a day this is the most important thing I point out to my patients but still if I ask most use it wrongly: - I put twice as much on when I got home from work because I forgot to take it with me. Wrong - I use it every morning to keep them away. Wrong and very expensive (you can’t even attempt yet to damage the dormant virus. If you’ve missed the ‘tingle’ stage and are in the blister stage “please don’t use Zovirax” its very expensive and of no use know. The virus has ‘been out to play’ its gone again and you wont be able to damage it now. Zovirax will be a very expensive drying agent (which it does well). A this time it is more appropriate to use something like the cytex or Boots do an alcohol drying liquid which is ...

Strepsils Zinc Defence Lozenges 05/02/2001

Pharmacist comments..

Strepsils Zinc Defence Lozenges Most throat infections are actually caused by viral infections up to 80% so in most cases you'll not find antibacterial lozenges of any use. Only 20% of you out there will actually gain any benefit from the advertised ingredient. So what’s the point in taking them? Well apart from the fact that they contain allot of lubricants (glycerol etc.) which act to ease that ruff throat feeling. These specific lozenge’s contain zinc which increases the ability of cells to respond immunogenically. If you like, it wakes the cell up to some danger! Viral infections (80% of throat infections) are self-limiting (will resolve on there own with no help) in most cases, drinking plenty of water and just been careful with your self will get you by in most cases. People at risk such as the elderly, very young, pregnant, or immuno-compromised (aids, cancer) should seek attention straight away in most cases they will have been advised on an appropriate cause of action. Expect to be hit by the infection for 1 or 2 days and probably not feel great until the end of the week. Zinc is a good supplement to keep these types of infections away but personally I think it is more of a preventative measure and therefore is of no real clinical value in the lozenger (I'm sure you could argue this the other way). Viral infections once caught are very hard to fight, but you protect yourself against them. Bacterial infections are actually more serious you may see more of a presence in the back of ...

Kryptonite Kryptlock 04/02/2001


Kryptonite Kryptlock This is by far the best bike lock that is on the market. Any would-be thieve would just walk away knowing that this is, and looks indestructible !! Its fat chunky with lots of features... The 39-inch chain is made of four-sided trapezoidal chain links that are triple heat-treated boron manganese steel (I copied this from manual impresive ay!). They are made in this way to prevent breakage by tools such as bolt clipers. The chain is covered in a weatherproof nylon cloth, which makes it much easier to deal with, and it wont scratch your bike all up. The only bad fall is weight! Weighting in at a whopping 6.1lb (manual again) this things a beast, and its not the best if your looking to save weight on bike rides. Mad for it read my other bike reviews!! - cos if I see you on a hill you better know this sites best reviewer.... Eatcha

Beverly Hills Cop 3 (DVD) 04/02/2001

Things can only get.... WORSE

Beverly Hills Cop 3 (DVD) Find an absolute perfect script ..... ..Beverly hills cop.... Pull it to pieces but so you still know the main characters…. Play it at cinemas across the nation so people get up and walk out. The story of a real disaster this film was just living off the back of the previous films. So am I really giving it a far chance? Well I think I am it just shocks me so much I have to go pull out the old classic and watch it again until the tape wears out. I was bought this for Christmas so I can’t throw it away or sell it on to somebody who doesn’t know better, its just funny how rubbish this film is. As you can see I’ve avoided the plot there’s just no point in going into it. Eddie has his usual funny lines but the plot is not a crime/action thing anymore its turned into a comedy (with no plot). Its not even that funny because they try and create funny scenes. On the positive side they do some explosive stuff and Eddie uses that magic smile of his to maximum funny effect. Get it on video only for somebody who bought you a duff present!

ESCM - BT 04/02/2001

Wasting time...

ESCM - BT If you want to waste your time this is the album to do it with ! Now how many of you thought that was insulting, well its not so read on.... Music to waste time to, on those days you arrive home and you've got to waste 15 minutes while your wife cooks your tea. When the girl friends on the phone to her girly mates and you need a fix of something other than "oooh he’s so funny and have you seen his mate...". .Whip this out slow methodical tunes you can turn it on and off when you like you can listen to it for ever it never seams to end. Its background noise but the good stuff. The stuff you want in the background at the trendy pub you always frequent not some fool who decides prodigy is what he likes to talk over. Buy it for that pre-party feeling, while you run about trying to save your burnt chicken and heat up that frozen desert.

Michelin Wildgripper 03/02/2001

Good back end push..

Michelin Wildgripper Rip the floor apart with these babies, the back tyre is just dreamy very strong push with very little weight on it. Perfect for those up hill pushes when traction can be lowered by you hanging over the front end. Its designed with a bar in the middle of the tyre and triangular edges. The bar is great for forward speed and the diagonal sections perfect for stabalizing you into corners. Again this is a piece of kit I’ve been running for three years on one of my bikes (check out my other reviews for the rest of my cycle kit). If I’ve managed to run them for three years in the dales there long lasting worth whatever the guy (or gal) asks you to pay for them. My previous set went bald on the back end (I must loose some weight again), no, seriously I hadent had a rip or rim off session once, a couple of punchers but that’s to be expected. The front tyre I have had fun with, part I think caused by my set up – I like bar ends (don’t get me started) so I often ride far forward as you would in road race sprint it leads to a funny effect wear the front tyre can cause an over steer effect and I catapult my self into the distance when the wheel locks to 90o. That aside and myself been a freak I can't see anybody else having this problem. One important thing I’ve found is get the smaller tyre and fill the tube to bursting this gives for a harsher ride (more feed of those bumps to the seat!) but more resilience against everything else including I ... 03/02/2001

PIRATES... PIRATES... most users of the napster program are pirates, musicians release one CD and suddenly all over the world people are downloading it without any intentions of giving the credit (as money) that artists need to continue producing the music they must obviously love. Its a shame, the users who do actually use it with (if you like) the proper intent of previewing music CD’s or discovering new artists will have this privilege withdrawn from them by the music industry. Its true the music industry will not put up with this kind of blatant reduction in its income for much longer. Either they will close napster down, I hear people shouting they can’t do that! Well maybe they won’t be able to we’ll see what the courts say. But what they can do is release a new format of music just like that! overnight which replaces CDs and is un-copiable. Sony have already got a file format for there new Sony NWE-3 (see my review) which is not copyable and only allows upto 3 copies to be removed to players! I have had napster installed and yes it was useful, I did probably buy some strange artists I had never heard of after somebody recommended them to me and I did get songs from the artists that promote themselves through the site. I just think its too tempting to just keep files that I shouldn’t have had! I don’t know – maybe if the companies are ok with it the new system of paying a flat fee for the music you want in a month will be ...

Sony NW E3 64 MB 03/02/2001

Its not that Bad Well ok it might be

Sony NW E3 64 MB I had an accident with my RIO player and now I'm glad to say I've got a.. Brand spanking new sony - NWE3 Everybodies having a dig at the software so I'll discuss that first ! - My computers 98 so I'm lucky in a way but I had no problems its not a manufacturers installation ! (the box does say thats what you'll need) bunged in the CD 'wis' Installed no problem, I've got the Rioport software installed as well and alot of other sound software no conflicts yet( SB live full, PCDJ pro, external controlled synth, midi keyboard, CD burner (which normally conflicts with text files LOL)). So on I went, On-line registration - But I don't have the internet ?@~:{} no matter I took the web address round to my mates and wala registered no problem again, sony doing well. This is only really to get information on new music and web sites, you don't need it to use the player still fully functioning with everything in bundle, I tryed it ! Now the bad, -inserted CD Ibiza annual (this summers) - second disc causes a code 4 error ! (no reference in any manual or any on-line stuff (which I must say is all rubish(really rubish)) So - bunged it through a few thousand more times !! no luck as yet ! - If anyone got any ideas tell me in comments - its a new CD (not nackard) I've tryed both CD drives the burner and 40x neither worked both were "optimized" by the software fully. Any how I chucked it into Rioport software - result copied fully first time into MP3's - played it back unlucky ...

Specialized Inner Tube 03/02/2001

Fool if you dare..

Specialized Inner Tube Not my favourite item for throwing money away at. Expensive compared with your non-brand counterparts and they go as often (statistically valid!!). Seems funny that I had more damage caused by these very thin tubes squeezing in between the tyre and rim and ripping themselves then I ever had with a nice fat walled inner tube ! My opinion buy a nice few cheap inner-tubes and every time you get your second puncher etc just stick a new one in ! – its better than having 200 repair kit plasters on a nice expensive tube.. Lots of love Eatcha ADDITION 3/2/01 My critics have demanded more so I will attempt to please, what exactly I can say about an inner-tube that I have not already said I’m not sure. LOL Its black if its a reasonable price. If you go super expensive which you wouldn’t on a mountain bike you can get the latex variety which come in many colour variations, as I say these are very expensive super light maybe more resistant to punchers but you’d only see them on racers. As you can tell I’m moving slightly away from the product now but stick with me it might be worth a listen. Most important things to remember when sticking a good tube in. Use large amount of talc your mum, sister will have some nice smelly stuff if you use this make sure its not expensive. Hey you can have a fragrant bike (that will make a change)!! Talc stops movement of the tube inside, if you do get anything nasty inside the tire wall it will stop it ...

Robin Nolans Keighley West Yorkshire, United Kingdom 30/01/2001

Always on form

Robin Nolans Keighley West Yorkshire, United Kingdom This better not increase trade or Danny might actually have to get off his arse. Robin Nolans if you live local to keighley you’ll have heard of aire valley and all terrail cycles, but then theres nolans. What makes it special then well well well.. Most cycle shops are run (be honest) by young lads whole rightfully run good up to date bike shops they stock all the best kit, branded and there own. But ‘after sale support’ even from a specialist bike shop (ie. Not Halfords) can still be poor. Who wants to loose there new bike for weeks while they try to figure out what’s making that noise and what they need to fix it and how much it costs. You’ll meet Robin I’m sure if you wander in, he’s probably the one in the long blue lab coat thing. Trust everything he says he’s ridden for years if he says its your shoes squeaking and not the bike he’s right (that’s a true story, me and my first Raleigh bike). Small store with a lot of hand selected things he don’t sell branded junk only the good branded product! If its unbranded its probably better than his branded stuff because hes had it on his bike and it’s a sorted component! Test your bike out were ever- go to Robins say hi! Andrew Ingham sent me, and you get this answer normally “Yes it’ll be a bit.” But anything you buy comes with this unadvertised friendship to all fellow cyclists – if it : comes loose, squeaks, don’t look ...

CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack - 100 oz. 30/01/2001

Dont leave a shop without one

CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack - 100 oz. Responds to some advice (sorry people if I get carried away, with features) 30/1/01 Thanks for the comments I hope this explains more about what the product is I should actually find a picture for everybody to see. The aerobak brief description - Its like those little havasacks women wear, about that size - its still a bladder based drinking device (i.e. its got a plastic bag that you can fill with water to drink whenever) cyclists use it to drink without the need for bottles these often get covered in muck from the road but I've seen walkers and climbers using them anyone basically anyone who needs to drink hands free can use one. This version of the typical bladder is more for road cyclists, "aero"dynamic smallish nice contrasting colours and good road visibility stripes. The other names , mule, rogue etc etc are just variations more suitable for a specific purpose the rouge large more load space. Both the bladder and the sack itself are larger so you can carry more chocolate! LOL I now there are versions for snowboarders with special anti-Freeze mouth parts. --------------- --------------- --------------- - You’ll find most shops don’t stock this, but keep on looking! Bad points and the good, here we go as quick and easy as possible. Small water volume compared to my MULE – (see my other review) fits In snug ICE BACK pack. If you don’t know what this is its like insulation that keeps your water warm or cold depending on how you put ...
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