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Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 07/06/2001

Take off your pants and jacket now

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 Blink-182's fifth full-length studio album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, offers exactly what fans have come to expect from the so called punk-pop trio (bit of an oxymoron) and nothing more. Growth? Nah. Progression? Not exactly. Maturity? Hell, no. "I'll never talk to you again, unless your dad will s*ck me off / I'll never talk to you again, unless your mom will touch my c*ck," sings bassist-vocalist Mark Hoppus on "Happy Holidays," one of many absolutely absurd, yet undeniably addictive tracks on take off you pants and jacket. "Break a window and bust a wall / Making fun of your friend's mom / Turn the music up way too loud / Charge a pizza to the house," he sings on "Reckless Abandon." Blink-182 sticks to the winning formula of past efforts Dude Ranch and Enema of the State on the album, an extremely well-produced, hard-hitting exercise in pre-pubescent punk rock that will no doubt sell millions to throngs of misguided juveniles who relate to the band's p*ss takes on life's everyday miseries. "Anthem Part Two" kicks off the fun with a tag-team assault consisting of a huge guitar riff from Delonge and a pounding drum courtesy of Travis Barker. The tune is serious by Blink standards and even touches on misplaced youth ("We really need to see this through / We never wanted to be absurd / We'll never give up, it's no use / If we're f***ed up, you're to blame") in the chorus. "Online Song," "First Date," "Happy Holidays," "Roller Coaster," "Every Time I Look ...

Adams song - Blink 182 30/05/2001

Blink 182 matured 10 years

Adams song - Blink 182 This is one of the more unique Blink 182 songs. The reasoning behind this is that the lyrics are actually quite good. Then the some of the guitar riffs are actually quite complexed. Blink 182, i'm shocked!!This song featured as track 7 on the 1999 album that sore Blink 182, rise to fame, "Enema of the State." The song is about Mark Hoppus talking about himself and how he died and how he wants to be remembered. He then says about what little he has done in his life but people will still miss him when he is gone. The song starts with a simple piano tune. Then Travis Barker (drummer) comes in with drum beat and a small guitar solo provided by Tom Delonge (guitarist/vocalist) and then Mark Hoppus(Bassist/Vocalist) starts singing. This song has a veryu simple concept and they perform it very well, not live though!! that is their downfall as the people who bought "The Mark, Tom, & Travis show" will know. Nevertheless, they keep the song slow and simple, but their are also parts where the song goes faster which will appeal to more people. Therefore, this means it has 2 different "moods" of a song into one and made it so the listener has to know when to stop jumping. The song builds up to a good finish which is where everything is going and we have the beat getting faster and loud vocals from Mark Hoppus. I think Mark, Tom & Travis made a wise decision by including a piano because it makes it a more mature song. It also includes a bit about Nirvana. As people who ...

Conspiracy of One (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Offspring (The) 30/05/2001

I am the Original Prankster

Conspiracy of One (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Offspring (The) A SHORT REVIEW THIS TIME...... The Offspring would be hard-pressed to come up with a catchier, more ubiquitous or flat-out annoying song than "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)," the honky-baiting hit single from their fifth album, Americana. But that doesn't stop the veteran Orange County novelty-punk band from trying on their follow-up, Conspiracy of One. The first single "Original Prankster" -- with its grinding guitars, standardized MTV lyrics, and recurring Rob Schneider sound bite -- comes close, but it is merely one piece of an album crammed with frontman Dexter Holland's monotonous whining and the band's frenetic two-note delivery. This went in at no.5 in the UK. The second single "Want you Bad," a huge hit on Music television and similar to a lot of their old stuff but only went in at no.15 in the UK Charts. Their next single,( i think?) "all alon," is like a song off of Americana and should go in about no.8 Longtime fans may appreciate the Offspring's iron-willed aversion to change, as evidenced in such primeval-sounding songs as "Come Out Swinging" and "Special Delivery." Anyone else will find it difficult to imagine a more predictable album being released last year.

Dookie - Green Day 30/05/2001

The 56th best album of all time

Dookie - Green Day Punk stalwarts sign to major label! Maximum Rock `n' Roll readers in a tizzy! With the help of the Warner empire, Green Day is going to reach skate rats and disaffected teens in every hamlet in America. It's a bit of a shock to see that Green Day got on the Reprise bandwagon; after all, its earlier records came out on the staunchly independent Bay Area label Lookout! The band isn't avant-anything, but it is extremely good at what it does, which is 1978-style clean-cut punk rock. Lyrically, Green Day is the epitome of suburban-boy vision, or lack thereof. A typical lyric goes "I sit around and watch TV, but there's nothing on," while somewhere else singer Tre Cool (seemingly afflicted by a permanent case of sinusitis) snorts "Call me pathetic, call me what you will." Most songs on Dookie are guaranteed to whip the most apathetic mosh-pit into a frenzy, or make you drive a little faster if you happen to be in a car. After a while, you realize that most of the songs come from the exact same mold (they all have a drum-bass break two-thirds in), but by the time Dookie is over you couldn't care less. Completely mindless and completely fun. This is Green Days best album. I first heard of Green Day when they released 'time of your life' in the late 90's. If you were asked when Green Day hit the big time, you would have to say it was it was when 'Dookie' exploded onto the scene in 1994 alongside the offspring's 'Smash'. And when you listen to this album, you will know why it was ...

Kerrang ! 25/05/2001

Grunge Rulz

Kerrang ! Kerrang! is a magazine dedicated to Rock Music. Its £1.70 and comes out weekly. Its actually more of a rockers bible……I think??? Although, I have only bought the last 4 editions, I have already subscribed to it. Its that good!! The thing is that it can be a bit crap sometimes. Well that depends if you like the bands in it!! Kerrang! may be considered too light on information and only concentrating too much on the latest big thing or whatever was trendy in the rock world at the time. Now, this is actually a ciao! Opinion and they are exactly right but there is more to it than that. Unless its got rubbish bands like ‘Amen’ or ‘Queens of Stoneage’ dominating it which consequently, deters people when they look at the front cover. The front covers, are pretty consistant, with a good photo of what is the main feature in that edition. This week it is ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ and includes a major piece on ‘Ozzfest’ (named after the great man himself..ozzy). Ozzfest is a Kerrang! sponsered event and so the magazine will provide the best coverage. Kerrang! includes other various great extras such as ‘News’ which speaks for itself but is in depth, ‘face to face’ which is an interview section (this month is one of my favourite bands, Papa Roach), ‘lives’ which is where they review the best live gig of the past week. Along with this they review a number of other ‘significant’ ...

Animal Farm - George Orwell 19/05/2001

Upper Class Russian Pigs literally - redesigned

Animal Farm - George Orwell Don’t expect to be excited and titillated by the book Animal Farm, it is not a perverse book of a film, it is however a classic work of literature that was by George Orwell which was first published in 1945. If you are not familiar with this book it is basically a parody of the events that occurred in the Soviet Union from pre-revolution to rule by Stalin. Very cleverly Orwell described the book as a fairy story, but it parallels actual events quite closely and was very controversial when published. The reason he used farm animals to act out the book instead of saying Stalin and Lenin is because of time of which it was written (end of the 2nd world war), which would have made it controversial. The story revolves around a farm where the animals have the ability to talk and some can read and write. The pigs who appear to be the most intelligent, or perhaps the best educated, lead the animals and revolt against the farmer ( i.e. the Tsar or ruling class) and thus take control of the farm. The animals look forward to a life of freedom, but as the story develops they find themselves caught up in a new regime controlled by the ruthless elite of pigs, just as terrible as the previous regime. The character analogy is extremly well produced, and it is very easy early on to work out which pig is Lenin, which is Stalin and which one is Trotsky. I first read this book a few days ago not knowing what the book was about but i was told it had something to do with the Russian ...

Wycombe Wanderers 17/05/2001

trip to the semis and some other pointless stuff

Wycombe Wanderers It’s a funny thing, Fame. One minute you are unknown, unloved, unwanted, and the next everyone wants you. That ‘fame’ is about to hit lowly Division Two club Wycombe Wanderers with at the end of last season With their huge 2-1 win over Premiership team Leicester City in the most astonishing of circumstances, caps a marvellous few weeks for the club that only joined the Football League 8 years ago! However when it came to face the might of Liverpool in the semi final they boll****** it up. Imagine, Wycombe Wanderers two wins away from a place in Europe, ha ha ( better than c***** Brighton or Northamption!!!) Anyway, it was real ‘Roy of the Rovers’ stuff in the FA Cup yesterday - but this time it was ‘Roy of the Wanderers!’ (people may aggree with me on that. Roy Essandoh, who only joined the club a week or so before after seeing a teletext message that Wanderers were hit by injuries and were on the hunt for strikers. He contacted his agent to see if he could get a trial, turned out for Wycombe’s Reserve side in midweek against QPR and was rewarded with a place on the bench for the big FA Cup quarter final clash at Filbert Street. He had hardly had time to get to know his new teammates names, but was looking forward to maybe getting a chance to pit his skills against Premiership opposition. With 15 minutes left and the score at 1-1, Roy was sent on. Then, the little known Belfast born Ghanaian, who has been playing in ...

Nimrod - Green Day 17/05/2001

I'm a Nimrod, and i know i am..........

Nimrod - Green Day It's big news that Green Day are one of the best punk bands of the modern era. They've always been more about hooks, pop songs even, which explains Dookie's amazing amount of copies sold in 1994 and the band's deep and undeniable influence on the 90's alt-rock mainstream. (Do you think we'd have the latest wave of punk/ska without them?) But it isn't until now, with Nimrod, that these Berkeley boys really come to terms with their own pop selves. It's the best move they've ever made. Not that Nimrod, their third major- label release and sixth overall, is that much of a stretch: they're still the hyperactive trio with the razor- edge sound (Rob Cavallo again with production) complete with the most accurate Brit-vocal inflection this side of the pond. But here, the punk posturing is beginning to erode away, leaving power pop songs to shimmer and shine. Classic stuff, really: cuts like "Redundant," "Worry Rock" and even the suicide- themed "Uptight" are pure bubblegum- chewing satisfaction, owing as much to Cheap Trick as to the Sex Pistols. Sure, there are the typical Green Day gallop-y tunes and self- deprecation, but such bursts are overshadowed by other stellar moments, like guitar leads that jangle heavenly, lonesome harmonicas and giddy horn lines. Near the close of Nimrod is "Good Riddance," an acoustic/ string- laden ballad that finds Billie Joe Armstrong taking a surprisingly tender, grown-up look into the past. "I hope you had the time of your life," he sings, ...

Infest (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Papa Roach 16/05/2001

arrrrrrhhhhhhhhh its Papa Roach

Infest (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Papa Roach After seeing Papa Roach on MTV2 not knowing who they were, from first impressions i knew that they were good. I then later found that Papa Roach had made it big in America with their debut single 'Last Resort' (the song that i had seen). Then a few months after hearing it for the first time, i had bought the album and before any publicity was broadcast, i knew i had bought a great album. When they finally released "Last Resort in the UK, it went straight in at No.3. This was due to no small part of Limp Bizkit who had a few weeks earlier released Rollin', which went in straight to no.1 a few weeks later. I have now tired a great deal of Limp Bizkit's constant shouting with simple lyrics with no meaning and i have now gained more intrest in Papa Roach. OK, it has to be said they don't leave anything to the imagination with their song titles such as 'Broken Home' and 'Last Resort' but the more serious sound of Coby Dick screaming into the microphone during 'Broken Home' makes you realise that he really does mean what he is saying, and is speaking from experience while not trying to fit a swear word in every other word like 'Limp Bizkit' (e.g. Its all about the he says, she says bull-s*** etc.) 'Linkin Park' came out at the same time and don't think they made quite the same impression with their first single and I think the reason that I just slightly prefer 'Papa Roach' is that the album is more consistent. 'Blood Brothers' is another superb track which follows the ...

Minority - Green Day 13/05/2001

Green Day are the minority

Minority - Green Day "Minority" was the first single released by Green Day after a huge 3 years break. This meant that this single had to be a good single otherwise it would mean that their next singles would struggle to make the top 40 (well their territory is sort of mid 20's so it couldn't get much worse!) This is by no meens a classic Greenday song but went in at No.18 in the UK chart meaning it was the 4th highest Green Day song, i think, behind Basket Case, Time of your life and something else! It is not quite old school Green Day as it has a slightly lighter touch on the distortion pedal compared to songs such as 'Hitchin' a Ride' and 'Basket Case' but it was refreshing to see them bounce back with this energetic tune. Encouraging people to break the mold and be different Billie Joe has an excellent idea for a song. It is a good representation of the album as it is vibrant and energetic and it breathed some life into the music industry. Green Day hit a good idea here and it may not be considered a classic like 'Basket Case' but it served it's purpose on easing them back into their place in the music industry after such a long time and paved the way for a lively and really a more developed album (warning, which went in at No.4 i might add). The songs released after Minority were: Warning (no.27) Waiting (TBR 28th May) correct me if i'm wrong! if you like this then you will like the majority of Green Day songs especially Hitchin' a Ride, Basket Case and Geek ...

History Of Rock, The [PA] - Kid Rock 11/05/2001

The History of Kid Rock

History Of Rock, The [PA] - Kid Rock "people are all, like, 'What you wanna do?" There's rappin' on one song, singing, and screaming on how you hate your dad on another song, twangin' guitars on one song, and then you got the fresh boom bass on another song. It might turn people off.' I don't know; I'm just making it, and hopefully someone will like it. This was the typically cavalier Kid Rock talking shortly after the release of his doomed 1993 album, The Polyfuze Method. Having recently been dumped by Jive and already locking horns with his new label, Continuum, the rapper showed that even when he was a nobody, he didn't give a damn. Eight platinum albums and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist (ha!) later, Kid Rock gets the last laugh with The History of Rock. Loaded with 14 tracks that stretch all the way back to Kid Rock's not-so-humble beginnings as a flat-topped MC, the album provides hard evidence that the dynamite punch of 1998's Devil without a Cause album was no fluke. Such songs as the incendiary "My Oedipus Complex" and "Abortion," a blunted guitar epic, would sit easily in-between "Bawitdaba" and "Only God Knows Why." After all, Rock has been making up his own rules for over a decade, tossing together such disparate genres as hip-hop, speed metal, and country with the singular aim of self-satisfaction and coming up with a surprisingly original sound in the process. On the new track "American Bad Ass," he gives us everything he's got just to get that point across. the people involved ...

Hear My Cry - Sonique 07/05/2001


Hear My Cry - Sonique As you have gathered from the title, you know i hate dance music. Its lack of originality and hearing people listening to the same constant beat over and over again for 5 mins. If you see the people that listen to dance music.....well......there're all freaks!!!! (e.g.Chris Walters- you will only know who he is if you know me) Therefore, in conclusion, what i say to people who like dance music....kill yourself now, for the good of the nation. I have to do 120 words so i will say if you have ever been clubbing or know anyone who likes dance music....kill who it relates to. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i have just heard some lunitic in a ford escort listening to some dire dance music!!!!!!!! i must kill myself now.....i'm off to get the knife............... ............... .....good bye torid world!!!!! ahhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrr the pain........i've been put out of my misery. i'm speaking from beyond the grave!!!!! ahh!! ahh!! scary!! scary!!

Channel 4 - Trigger Happy TV 07/05/2001

Dom Joly the master

Channel 4 - Trigger Happy TV I had heard of TriggerHappy TV before but never seen it. My first impression was that it was just a man going around pi****g people off. However, when i actually watched it i was extremly impressed by the limits to the things that Dom Joly does but also the way that he does it. Some examples include dressing up in a dog suit along with someone else in another dog suit and then shooting him in the head. Moreover, he interviews well-known celebrities and makes a fool of them by supposedly commiting suicide by jumping in a pond or collapsing. PURE GENIUS!! It very rarely backfires but i do feel that eventually people will continue to recognise him and so the programme will loose intrest and its appeal - much like Da Ali G Show However, i may be proved wrong and it could go on to be bigger and better!! conclusion - genius!!!!!

McDonalds [TV Advertisement] 07/05/2001

Enter and Die or don't and live

McDonalds [TV Advertisement] well.......what can you say?????? As soon as you step throught the door you know you have made the mistake of a livetime. You look around and all you see are fat, overwieght women with fat a**** and childen who are playing with their c**** little toy, who themselves are twice the wiegh they should be with colesteral levels somewhere in the 20's. For god sake havn't these people looked at themselves and the area they are eating in. I bet you wounder how i know this....well, i have to admit, that i myself have strolled into a McDonalds and ordered a product which contains about 50% grease and probably only 1% of meat (at most) and then opend the c**** polystyrene case and regreted my decision. Looking back on my mistake, i wounder how many years of my life have been lost through this visit. I'm guessing about 5. Then there is the people who serve you with no qualifications, a number of piercings and probably only eat the food that they find underneath the chip fryer. On a number of occasions i have heard a blond joke: "what is one of the first things that a blond says at her first job?" do you want fries with that? there may be a number of variations to thatbut in all honesty, i totally agree. McDonalds is one of the things that is wrong with the world pollution war McDonalds etc. I think that in 2020 that they world's biggest killer will be that they have eaten a McDonalds product. As far as the drinks go well.....they include about 10% ...

Know Your Enemy - Manic Street Preachers 07/05/2001

Manic Street Preachers a new era

Know Your Enemy - Manic Street Preachers i have to admit....this is the first manics album i have bought. However, since then because of its pure brilliance, i have purchased "this is my truth tell me yours" and "everything must go." This album includes the masterpieces "found that soul" and "miss europa disco dancer" along with the acoustic "baby elian." May i reiterate the point????? - pure brilliance!!! if you like this album then buy the others!!!! If you like this then you will probably like the stereophonics but on a personal note.....i despise them. I prefer american punk rock bands like Green Day and Blink 182. the above is apparantly only 99 words so i am saying this pointless stuff just to suit ciao. god sake that took my up to its what???? 163
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