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Romance Collection: Sweet Valley High - Francine Pascal 28/06/2006

Elizabeth and Todd fans - This One's For You!

Romance Collection: Sweet Valley High - Francine Pascal The infamous Sweet Valley series kicked off the #101 - #103 books with this Romance Collection; consisting of #101 The Boyfriend War, #102 Almost Married and #103 Operation Love Match. This mini-series is a personal favourite of mine, being a huge Elizabeth and Todd fan! In #102 we see our favourite couple (well, mine at least!) "move in" together, and attempt to play house. However, Elizabeth had more important things on her mind, concerning some secrets about her mother's past. Throw in Jessica to stir up things, and you just know there's going to be trouble in paradise. If you are looking for a few classic Sweet Valley books, this is an excellent place to start, as you get the classic romance, drama and tension, plus all the cheesy love scenes that just make Sweet Valley what it always has been and always will be! I have re-read this book so many times, the spine is creased...and you should know that my ultimate pet-hate is creased spines!

Stepmom (Original Soundtrack) - John Williams 02/09/2000

Do you like instrumentak music?

Stepmom (Original Soundtrack) - John Williams With a lengthy fifteen songs this seems like great value for money, but when fourteen of those are instrumental fans of good, old fashioned songs will be in for a disappointment; just as I was on discovering this. However, it’s worth the money just for track fifteen, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, an old classic performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, which is the main song of the film. I would recommend it to any music lover, who enjoys listening to the music scores, and doesn’t mind the lack of lyrics. ...

Tenderness - Robert Cormier 30/08/2000

"Never has Cormier's irony been darker..."

Tenderness - Robert Cormier Indeed, Cormier takes the idea of irony to another level in this very dark and compelling novel, which (being the first one of his books I read) had me completely hooked on his work. Several girls have been murdered over a stretch of time, and the police have a suspect in mind. Only there’s no hard evidence to do away with him. This master of disguise murderer stalks his victims, then kills them in what he sees to be a tender way. Anybody who’s ever read Cormier’s work, or work by similar authors, must not miss out on this dark, gripping novel. ...

Fade - Robert Cormier 30/08/2000

Is it a gift...or a curse

Fade - Robert Cormier This young boy has a gift, passed down generation to generation by the males in the family. He has the ability to turn invisible at his own will. Robert Cormier, in my opinion, has always been an outstanding author, and as this book had stunning reports I immediately invested in it for my collection. Paul, the boy with the gift, loves his new ability at first, until he realises that it can be used for good, as well as even. Lovers of suspense novels will appreciate this book, which offers some resemblance to your classic Stephen King novel. I would recommend it to any Cormier fan wanting the complete collection of his novels. ...

Heart and Soul (New Songs from Ally McBeal Featuring Vonda Shepard/Original Soundtrack) - Vonda Shepard 28/08/2000

The sequel excels the prequel

Heart and Soul (New Songs from Ally McBeal Featuring Vonda Shepard/Original Soundtrack) - Vonda Shepard The second volume of songs from the hit show Ally McBeal includes a range of music by Vonda Shepard, the show’s singer. With duets with Stars such as Al Green and Emily Saliers, this album offers a variety of fast, funky, fresh music with some old, slow favourites thrown in for good measure. Being a fan of the TV show I purchased this album so that I could listen to the music as well as watch the show, and I recommend it to any Ally / Vonda Shepard fan who, like me, watches the show every week. ...

My Mother Was Never A Kid - Francine Pascal 23/08/2000

A three-part spin off with a difference...

My Mother Was Never A Kid - Francine Pascal In this three-part mini-series, following a young girl called Victoria through her teen life, we see a different side to Pascal’s work. Victoria doesn’t get on with her mother, and can’t imagine her ever being a kid herself, but whilst travelling home on day on the train, Victoria accidentally travels back in time, to the same year her mother was the same age as her. These two characters become friends, and Victoria reveals some pretty dark secrets about her mother which she never dreamed of! I bought this book as I usually love Francine’s work, but this was a slightly slow story, and I recommend it only to die-hard fans who want to collect all her novels! ...

Fearless - Francine Pascal 23/08/2000

A well-welcomed breath of fresh air! Gaia rocks!

Fearless - Francine Pascal Gaia Moore is one of kind; a medical miracle. She is a normal, everyday American teenager with a big difference. She is fearless. She doesn’t possess the fear gene. Living in New York city she devotes her time to taking care of all the murderers, drug dealers and other sleazy characters who roam the streets, putting her fearlessness to good use. After reading all the Sweet Valley books Francine Pascal is famous for, this is a well-welcomed breath of fresh air, with new characters and strong plots. I bought this book because my favourite author was responsible for writing it, and strongly recommend it to any Pascal fans out there who are getting sick of romance novels! ...

What Janie Found - Caroline B. Cooney 13/08/2000

Yes - There is a FOURTH novel!

What Janie Found - Caroline B. Cooney Janie fans, who were left begging for more at the end of ‘The Voice on the Radio’ will be overjoyed to see this book on the shelf of a bookstore near them - I know I was! What Janie Found follows Janie Johnson as she discovers a terrible secret about her father, one that could change her life, and the lives of those she loves, forever. I strongly recommend this book to any Cooney fan, and especially those who have followed Janie’s journey so far. A five star book, no doubt about it! ...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Album/Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack 13/08/2000

A first-rate album

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Album/Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack With 18 songs this album has a wide variety of songs, which all brings back memories of classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV moments. It opens and closes with two instrumentals, the TV theme, and a slow, dreamy song; Close your Eyes. From the heavy rock of Face to Face, to slow ballads such as Wild Horses by The Sundays, this album won’t disappoint any die-hard fan, who will have fun matching the songs to the episodes! I found this product good value for money, and got hours of use out of it! ...

The Voice on the Radio - Caroline B. Cooney 13/08/2000

The voice of reason has betrayed her

The Voice on the Radio - Caroline B. Cooney The third title Caroline B. Cooney’s Janie trilogy, The Voice on the Radio, follows Janie’s boyfriend Reeve to his college, where he makes a discovery about himself. He loves radio stations; and more important, is actually good as a DJ. Reeve draws in an invisible audience as he tells the most interesting story he knows; Janie’s struggle with her two families. But people hear the broadcasts who were never meant to, and pretty soon Reeve is the enemy... An excellent end to the trilogy, reader’s who have followed Janie will not be disappointed! ...

In the Middle of the Night - Robert Cormier 12/08/2000

The sin of the father will be visited upon the son...dark and compelling!

In the Middle of the Night - Robert Cormier After a terrible accident in a theatre, where the balcony collapsed, killing a number of innocent children, one person could never be at rest. She died that night, and is determinded to seek revenge on the of the theatre’s assistants. But then a better idea occurs - she will take revenge on the killer’s only son. A life for a life - it seems perfectly fair to her. But in order to do that, she has to get in touch with the son, who is forbidden to answer the phone... ...

Chartbreaker - Gillian Cross 12/08/2000

A can do much better!

Chartbreaker - Gillian Cross After a terrible fight with her parents, a young girl runs away from home, to a motorway cafe, where on a dare she breaks out in song - and is discovered by a group of boys, who are starting a band. They immediately sign her up, and without a moments hesitation, this young girl jumps in the back of their run down van, and speeds down the motorway to freedom. After reading other works by Gillian Cross, this book tends to lack her usual strong storyline, nevertheless is a good story for those interested in music and bands. I would probably recommend this book to a younger audience, such as around eleven to fourteen. ...

Whatever Happened to Janine - Caroline B. Cooney 12/08/2000

A well-awaited sequel

Whatever Happened to Janine - Caroline B. Cooney For Janie fans who got hooked on the first book of this trilogy, (The Face on the Milkcarton), this long-awaited sequel will not be a disappointment. Janie Johnson has now discovered who her original family is, and has to make a heart-breaking decision...stay with Miranda, the mother she grew up with, or go back to the Spring family - her birth family - and live her life as Jenny. What with Hannah, cults and her boyfriend Reeve intertwining the storylines, Janie has to make a decision...Janie Johnson or Jenny Spring. This book will not disappoint, as it’s just as strong as the first. After just the first page you are drawn into Janie’s life, and the outside world completely disappears... ...

Songs from Dawson's Creek (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack 12/08/2000

A range of music to please anyone!

Songs from Dawson's Creek (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack The soundtrack to the hit Columbia show Dawson's Creek contains 16 songs, all varying in style. From well-known artists such as B*witched and Sixpence None The Richer, to up-and-coming stars such as Jessica Simpson, this soundtrack captures some classic moments from Dawson’s Creek in a musical form, to listen to over and over again. No matter what is your preferred style, you’re sure to find something you like on this album - it’s a must for any self- respecting Dawson’s Creek fan! You're sure to find this album in any good music store near you. ...

The Face on the Milkcarton - Caroline B. Cooney 12/08/2000

You can feel Janie's confusion

The Face on the Milkcarton - Caroline B. Cooney Janie Johnson always seemed to have the ideal life - perfect family, perfect friend = no worries. Until she sees a picture of a missing girl on the back of a milkcarton, and realises the truth. She is the girl on the milkcarton - kidnapped at the age of three. But this can't be true, Janie rationalizes, she has loving parents who would never dream of kidnapping a helpless infant. But as she starts to investigate she discovers the awful truth, along with some awful secrets. Who are her real parents, how old is she...and who is Hannah? I would strongly recommend this book to anyone over thirteen - it's a thrilling, real-life ride-along as Janie sets on a journey of self-discovery ...
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