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Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves 24/12/2017

Here comes the punch

Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves well, as a martial artist i tend to change a lot of fighting gear due to the fact that they just get too damaged. i had to switch 3 MMA gloves in 3 years. but i have these gloves for about 6 or 7 years now and they are good as new. been sparring with many different opponents in many different weight classes and ages and they always served me well. they are very durable with barely any signs on them that they have ever been used (other then the smell obviously) they fit right on my hands. good both for Muay Thai training and western boxing because they don't limit your thumb movement so if you'r going classic boxing these are great and if you go Muay thai they also work great in the clinch.

Assassin's Creed II (PS3) 24/12/2017

Assassins Creed II Review

Assassin's Creed II (PS3) well this is one of the best games ever made from my point of view. spent dozens of hours playing it over and over to unlock every feature and aspect of this game. it has good graphics for when it was made great starting tutorial for new comers and very immersive open world. you start as out hero Ezio in Italy. son of an assassin. through the game you learn new secrets about the eternal struggle between the Templers and assassins. pretty difficult fighting if you get a lot of enemies around you there is no chance to survive which makes it a lot more challenging and more fun. through the game you encounter many unique enemies and allies. there are many ways you can complete every mission with various weapons and a lot of different missions that will keep that adrenaline pumping

Acer Aspire A315-51-3588 24/12/2017

Aspire 3 review

Acer Aspire A315-51-3588 having my grand mother buying me this laptop has a gift was nice. the problem this computer is not the fastest one out there. its not very optimized trying to run basic programs or multiple ones slows it by a lot. even though the processor is a decent one it for some reason does not give a good performance. eventually what everybody looks in a computer is it being fast. well if you plan on playing games or working on big projects this computer is not for you. this computer is all about those old school parents who want to read the news or watch some shows online. for the younger audience i would suggest buying a more capable laptop because this one just does not cut it.

LG G6 64GB 24/12/2017

Lg g6 phone review

LG G6 64GB as a skeptical person, i am impressed. upgraded my lg g3 to an lg g6 and im happy to say that its worth the money. you get what you pay for. for a reasonable price you get one of the top smartphones in the market with new features i didnt even think i would even use or need and are now part of my everyday life. great phone alot of new features worth the cash. with new camera, a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition i no longer need to remember passwords i just pick up the phone place my finger in the back of it and its unlocked with a very good fingerprint scanner.and also has a 2 sim option with up to 128gb of internal storage and external storage available you will never run out of memory to store your stuff. to sum up i would recommend buying the lg g6 you get what you pay for
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