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Im a 26yr old male from Essex. I'm a massive fan of sports, socialising and travelling and looking to share my experiences and views. I'm new to review blogging and hope you find my reviews useful.

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Above & Beyond Anjunabeats, Vol. 10 - Above & Beyond 24/03/2013

Perfect 10 for Volume 10

Mountain Dew Energy 24/03/2013

Dew of the Mountain!!

Mountain Dew Energy Having discovered Mountain Dew while in the USA i was excited to see it return to the UK market last year. First things first, its not your typical energy drink. Labelled Mountain Dew Energy i believe due to the sugar content its certainly a nice refreshing tasting drink. Its certainly not a sickly or a sweet as other so called energy drinks such as Red Bull, Relentless and Monster. I picked up a bottle for 99p from Asda a week or 2 back and i'm sure this product is now widely availbale in most supermarkets, off licences and drinks stores for similar if not slightly more. The bottle is eye-catchingly bright green, almost like a glow in the dark green with the label clearly broadcasting the name Mountain Dew Energy. Bottles come in various sizes such as 500ml, 1l, 2l etc and cans and multi-packs. The taste is hard to describe or liken to any other drink i''ve had. If i had to then maybe a lime-ade style drink. Its a nice blend of lemon,lime and citrus flavours. Its definately a refreshing taste on a hot day and unbeatable in a glass with ice when chilled. I've even tried it in mixers with vodka which is pretty nice as well. The bad parts of this drink is definately the sugar content. Its right up there with the most unhealthy of drinks and not best for those looking to diet or watch their weight. There's certainly more healthy drinks out there. In my opinion this should be drunk like any other main stream fizzy carbonated drink such as Coca-Cola etc rather than a specific ...

Outback Omega 200 GAS 02/04/2012

Flame Grilled BBQ Season

Outback Omega 200 GAS During the recent sunny spell i thought i'd treat myself to a BBQ and purchased the Outback 2 burner Omega 200 gas powered BBQ from the local Homebase store. I paid £129.99 for the BBQ which i've now found out can be purchased online for slightly cheaper at around £120 from places such as Amazon, Ebay etc. Assembly: This BBQ came in a flat pack which contained clear and simply instructions. It took me roughly 30 mins from start to finish working up a decent hunger while i motored along. I'd be fairly confident that anyone who is capable of following instructions would be able to assemble this with all the nuts, bolts screws and fittings included. The pack didnt include screw driver or tools so beware before you buy that a tool kit will be necessary.Design: The BBQ is supported by 4 legs of which 2 are on wheels which make the BBQ really easy to manouvre and move around. In any event it is a pretty light unit. The max grill is reasonably large containing 2 gas-powered burners and with a grill over the top. While the BBQ isnt the biggest by far it has ample room for burgers, steak and sausages to feed the family. he grill itself is kind of similar to a barrell which opens in half. the top acting as a lid for the BBQ keeping the heat in. The BBQ also has 2 side rest tables ideal for sauces, tools etc or a nice cold can of beer while the food cooks. The heat of the burners can be adjusted by turnable knobs trning the flames on the burners up and down.The Good: This BBQ is realy ...

Callaway Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball V Line 29/03/2012

Putting odyssey!!

Maximuscle Thermobol 27/03/2012

Slim down for summer!

Maximuscle Thermobol I purchased a pack of 30 maxi muscle thermobol capsules to aid my weight loss regime after recommendation. I purchased them from holland and barretts for £12.99 but these capsules are also available from supermarkets such as tesco, online shops and from gym and supplement stores on the high street. You can also get a pack of 90 for around £30 I think.The packaging: the packaging is mainly white, grey and green with the product name on the front. Nothing to eye catching or elaborate. The pack also includes instructions for use and ingredients of the capsules.How to use: you need to take 3 a day on an empty stomach and consume with water. I found the capsules easy to take and tried taking them 30 mins before eating in morning lunch and evening. Effect: each capsule contains a lot of caffeine, green tea extract along with numerous other ingredients. I found the tablets did give me a pick me up and helped prolong the energetic feeling of working out. I guess in that aspect they do help with weight loss but these capsules are certainly not miracle workers. You still need to exercise and maintain a healthy balanced diet.Good: they gave a prolonged energy burst to maximise workouts and at £12.99 are excessively expensive.Bad: they contain a lot of caffeine and I found it hard to sleep while on these. Maybe stick to taking 2 a day or early In the day is the trick. Also 3 a day only mean they last for 10 days.Overall, Id say these are a decent aid for people who work out and are ...

Logitech Z 313 26/03/2012

Logitech the logical choice

Logitech Z 313 I recently purchased a set of Logitech Z313 speakers from the local PC World store which cost me £39.99 at the time. My understanding is these speakers can now be purchased a little cheaper at around £30 from a variety of retailers such as Comet, Amazon and other electrical stores or music shops.The Packaging: They come in a reasonable sized box which i personally find quite eye-catching. White and Dark Green cube box with an image of the speakers themselves and the name of the product clearly displayed. The box also contains technical spec of the product which is always helpful for the more technical gifted people out there.Set Up: The set up was very easy. Simply plug and play software means you simply plug in the power cables and the speakers into the back of your machine and away you go. There wasn't any software installations etc making them ideal for people who arent confident on a computer.Speakers: The speakers consist of 2 speakers and a sub-woofer unit. Black in colour with a shiny silver rim around the speakers i'd say there quite easy on the eye and sensibly sized unlike some excessively large speaks i see when shopping around. The sub-woofer is also black in colour and cube like shaped. The volume is controlled by a attached contol with all the usual features expected such as on/off and volume controls. This is easy to use and takes no expertise at all to master.Sounds Quality: I'd say the speakers offer great sound quality for the price and are surprisingly loud ...

Callaway X-22 Irons 23/03/2012

Golf just got better!

One Body Ab Trimmer with Mat 23/03/2012

F-ABtastic Ab Toner

One Body Ab Trimmer with Mat I purchased my one body ab toner from Tesco about a year ago now for £25. I purchased this off the shelf so no waiting around for delivery etc and put it straight to use. I'm going to cut to the chase.... this works!!Its nice and simple to use. You simply put your head on the head padded part of the device, hand on the side and swivle through in a sit up motion. I'd say its better than sit ups because the posture and motion is created for you so no risk of injury from incorrectly doing sit up etc. It's certainly more comfortable with the added mat they provide and this also prevents the ab toner from slipping if your doing it on carpet or other slippery surface.I'm of the opinion that anyone can use this, young, old, fit or the not so fit. I think its a great way to tone or lose a little weight in the comfort of your own home and it certainly works. A short 5 minute workout leaves my abs aching for days. No pain no gain is the saying that comes to mind.Now for the bad bits. Its awkward to store being an irregular shape you can just tuck it under the bed or in the wardrobe. Also being limited to one motion it does get a little monotonous after a while. Also at £25 it is't that cheap. While the product does without fail work i'd rather of saved the £25 pounds and done ordinary sit ups. Overall then, id say its a good piece of equipment for those with storage space and money to burn! It does work and is a useful ab toner which id recommend but i cant help but think id be 25 ...

No.1 Summer Dance Hits Album, The - Various Artists 19/03/2012

Dance the Summer Away!

No.1 Summer Dance Hits Album, The - Various Artists I bought this No.1 Summer Dance Hits album about 2 years ago now for the small price of £5.99 from HMV. This compilation CD consists of 4 CD's containing 15 tracks each. Thats 60 songs for £5.99 which i would say is excellent value.The Cover / Inlay:The cover has a summery feeling image on the front clearly containing the CD's name and includes a few of the more well known tracks to give you a gead up of what is to come. On the back of the album is the track listing to all 4 CD's. I can help but feel that the back cover is somewhat cramped but then again there isnt any other way you could fit 60 artist and song names any better.Each CD is colour coded and contains the same image as the front cover.The CD's:The CD's contain a mixture of Euphoric trance / dance tunes and summer anthems. On CD 1 you have the likes of Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel, Bob Sinclair - Love Generation and my favourite ATB - 9PM (till i come). A mixture of club classics and some tunes that were new at the time of release.CD2 contines down the same route with the same blend of old a new as does CD's 3 and 4. SOme of my favourites include the club classic Sash -Encore un Fois, Original - I LOve u Baby and X'Press 2 - Lazy. The Good:This album is definitely value for money. With 60 great tracks spread over 4 albums you will not be short of songs for a BBQ or summer party. There is definitaley a summer feeling to the albums and euphoric happy feel promoting sound. The albums mix both newer songs with some ...

Until One (Parental Advisory/Mixed by Swedish House Mafia) [PA] - Swedish House Mafia 16/03/2012

Rock the House with the House Mafia!

Until One (Parental Advisory/Mixed by Swedish House Mafia) [PA] - Swedish House Mafia I purchased this CD about a year ago now after seeing them perform live in concert so i new what to expect but wow... this is good!! Hats off to the Sewdish trio Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. They don't fail to dissappoint!!I bought it online from HMV and have seen it both on Itunes, amazon along with many other music stores and online shops. Delivery was quick and i was playing this a bit too loud quickly.Onto the CD, first things first the cover is quite minimal. Name on the front and tracklisting on the back. All 24 tracks which is amazing nowdays. The CD starts with their main single Miami 2 Ibiza starring british rapper Tinie Tempah. This sets the tone for a truly amazing album blended some new tunes and older house classics together such as 'you got the love' by The Source and Robin S' timless classic 'Show me Love'. There is some fantastic remixes of songs by artists such as Coldplay, Empire of the Sun and there own take of One me Time originally performed by Daft Punk. A favourite of mine on this album is their twist on Supermode's tell me why.The CD also incorporates some tunes by world famous DJ's Sander Van Doorn, Benny Benassi and David Guetta! Star power on this album is almost unmatchable! The tunes are endless on this CD and i'd say its great value for money. I paid around £10 for this but i'm sure you can find it much cheaper now days. I've played this CD literally hundred of time and its tunes still give you that buzz. The bad bits if i'm ...

One Love - David Guetta 11/03/2012

Is this CD my One love?

One Love - David Guetta I'd been a David Guetta fan for a while and seen him a fair few times playing gigs, concerts festivals etc so i thought i'd buy this album. I purchased my album on Amazon for £6.99 which i thought was a decent price for a album consisting of 16 tracks. Delivery was pretty quick with the album arriving 3 days later. This album was produced and released in 2009 and consists of a number of tracks which have now been released and been rocking dancefloors sinceCover/Inlay: The cover has a picture of Mr David Guetta the french Dj/Prodycer himself on the front and a graphiv and track listing on the back. The inllay is fairly basic with a few further images on the Dj and a tracklisting with details of production and collaborating artists.CD: The CD as previously mentioned consists of 16 tracks, starting with 'When LOve takes Over' and finishing with 'Sexy Bitch'. The CD is produced with collaborations with some of musics biggest names including Kelly Rowland,, Black Eyed Peas and Akon. This CD contains a number of singles now released including 'When LOve Takes Over', 'Sexy Chick', 'How Soon is Now' and probably the biggest single of them all on this album 'I Gotta Feeling' which is a remix of Black Eyed Peas single. I can honestly say if you've spent any time at all in a bar, club or pub in the past few years you almost definately would've heard a song of this album played. The Good: This album is definatelty worth a listen consisting of a numer of feel good pop-dance ...

Until One (Parental Advisory/Mixed by Swedish House Mafia) [PA] - Swedish House Mafia 10/03/2012

The Mafia do Music

Bangarang (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Skrillex 28/02/2012

Marmite Music.. Love it or hate it!!

Bangarang (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Skrillex First things first i'm not a huge fan of Dub'Step but after a few friends recommended Skrillex and seing this artists name appearing on a number of Festival flyers i thought i'd purchase his latest album. Costing £5.99 on itunes i thought or hoped this would represent value for money. The album consists of 8 tracks so i guess this is why its cheaper than many newly released albums. As with many latest releases this album can also be purchased from the likes of HMV, Amazon etc.The album starts of with a song called Right In which sets the tone immediately for whats to follow. This album is not for the faint hearted containing what can only be called some real heavy dub step songs. While there is some slight variety the overiding consistency is definately fairly heavy bass beats. Other songs inlcuded Bangarang, both name of this album and single on the album. While this starts of sounding like any hip hop song dont be fooled. THis album has collaborations with the Doors, Elllie Goulding and and an orchestral bonus track which offers slight variation to the rest of the album. Now for the bad parts. This album is generally aimed for Dub Step fans. Its find that type of music is a bit like marmite. You either love or hate it. Even if you do like it i'd like to think its fairly limited as to where you can play it. Early mornings is a no-no. It works well in a club or a festival with powerful speakers and bass etc but loses its effect pretty much anywhere else.I've included a link ...

Anjunadeep, Vol. 3 (Mixed by James Grant/Mixed by Jaytech) - James Grant 26/02/2012

3rd Portion of Deep Beats

Anjunadeep, Vol. 3 (Mixed by James Grant/Mixed by Jaytech) - James Grant I purchased my copy of this AnjunaDeep03 on the internet from HMV for £8.99 a few months back now and would think that this album would now be widely available from many decent music stores, itunes etc. For those of you who have either been following the Anjuna labels for some time or a big fan of progressive trance house music, it will come as no surprise that this is a good album. Jaytech and James Grant have once again been entrusted to mix this 3rd album in the anjuna deep series. In terms of the flow and consistency of the album, I think this is the best yet, in my opinion the quality of the mixing has improved even further and the order of songs makes even more sense creating a seamless album. The standard was already sky high. I'd say both of the disks are best listened to from start to end, rather than picking out individual songs. The songs seem to flow seamlessly into one another.The only criticism which is, in comparison to volumes 1 and 2 of AnjunaDeep, I don't think there are as many stand-out tracks. After just a few listens, there don't seem to be the obvious tracks that shout "Tune!" as on the previous two releases. None of the songs are bad, infact there all decent songs and as always with Anjuna albums, you can tell plenty of thought which tracks to include and in what order. I'd say that Jaytech and James Grant have done a masterful job in the mixing of this edition.Overall, I'd say the third Deep installment is even 'deeper' than the previous two - lots of ...
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