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26 03/10/2005

Where the right job looks for you? A few months ago I was between two jobs and so I decided to try the Reed website as it looked easy enough to use and seemed to have lots of jobs advertised (I went on their website today and they have 214 832 jobs.... not bad is it!) And indeed it was extremely easy and quick to register. First you need to put your email address, create a password and attach your CV. Then you're asked for your personal details and experience and qualifications. After registering you can start browsing the jobs. There is a quick search options were you select the job sector, town, salary, and the type of work you're looking for. You can save your search so you won't have to input everything each time you go on the website. You can also choose to receive an email alert if any new jobs matching your criteria are put on the website. Once you've input the search criteria, you get a list with all the jobs suitable and if you click on the job a description comes up. If you like what you see, applying for the job is really straightforward too, you just need to click on apply (your CV will be already attached for you) and write a covering letter. Once that's done you just have to wait for the phone to ring! I would definitely recommend this website as most of the jobs advertised seem to be genuine and one of the recruiter at Reed was really quick to get back to me with a suitable job. They found me a nice admin job for a month and were really efficient in making payment and answering any ...

Animal Crossing (GameCube) 06/11/2004

What a great life!

Animal Crossing (GameCube) The game starts as you arrive by train in a new town. First you need give the town and your character a name, decide when is birthday is going to be (so your neighbours can give you presents on that day). Then you can to settle in and choose your new home. There are four houses to choose from, which basically means that there can be up to four players in the same village. Your new home is own by Nooks, the shopkeeper, who is willing to let you stay as long as you work for him for a while, this is basically your tutorials: Nooks send you on errands so you can get used to the game and meet your neighbours. After that you can do whatever you want to: send letter to your friends (yes there is a post-office) or chat with them, go fishing, plant flowers, collect fossils which you can give to the museum.... There is not really a aim in that game, apart maybe from making money (or Bells, as it is called in the game) so you can make your house bigger and buy new staff for yourself or to send as a gift to the other people living in the village. I think the real aim of this game is to enjoy yourself! And enjoy myself I do, there is always something new going on: as the game is in real time the season are changing, sometimes there is a festival in town, fishing contest and lots more. I have been playing for almost a year now and I there are still new things happening. Obviously you won't play with this game for hours every day (I tend to play a few hours each week) but you will ...

ZooCube (GameCube) 20/10/2004

Let's go to the Zoo

ZooCube (GameCube) I am not much a game player but I have always enjoyed playing with Zoo Cube. I think it's a highly addictive game and I always come back for more. ***** But what is Zoo Cube? ***** Well it's Nintendo first 3D puzzle game and it is played on GameCube. The idea is that evil Dr Ooze has been turning animals into weird shape and so the Zoo Cube was invented. This machine can turn the animals back to their normal shape. To turn the animal back to the way they were you have to collect two of the same shape on the Zoo Cube. It has six sides and each side can collect five animal shapes. Each time to manage to "reassemble" an animal it fly away making a noise. As I say I really enjoy playing with this game but after a while I find that the noise that the animals make gets really annoying, especially when the game becomes really hectic. The controls for the game are really easy to pick up, believe me if I could do it anyone can. There are differents levels: four ocean and three seas. There are also four different modes: Classic, Blind, Knock Out and Knock Out Blind. The game gets harder and harder, I had my game for about six months now and still haven't been able to finish all the levels! Off course it could be that I am not a very good player! The thing that I find really annoying with this game is the multiplayer mode. The screen is split in two and unless you have a huge TV (which I haven't) I can guarantee that you won't be able to see much if anything. It's a ...

Saw (DVD) 18/10/2004

Who would want to see SAW???

Saw (DVD) SAW is James Wan and Leigh Whannell first movie so I suppose I can't be too hard on them.... you never know with a good script and some good actors they might even make a watchable movie. ***** The plot****** Two complete strangers, Dr Gordon (Cary Elwes) and Adam (Leigh Whannell), wake up in a filthy bathroom chained together. They have no idea what they are doing there and soon start encountering bodies (off course they don't know who they are either). It seems that the house is a series of puzzles set by a mad man, and they will have to try and escape alive. Well that's the story. The acting was so bad that I gave up on the movie after 15 minutes and was almost wishing that they would alll die very quickly so I could go home. No such luck off course!!!! To be fair I am no fan of horror movie or gory movie (and believe me this one IS gory) so that could explain why I hated it so much. Why did I go to see this movie then? Well purely because my friend asked me to go with him and said that he would take me to a nice restaurant after the movie. Not being a girl to turn down such an offer I said yes and to be honnest the food was lovely, shame about the movie!!! *****The Cast***** Leigh Whannell: Adam Cary Elwes: Dr Gordon Danny Glover: Tapp Ken Leung: Sing Director: James Wan Screenplay: Leigh Whannell

The English Patient (DVD) 29/09/2004

A beautiful love story

The English Patient (DVD) The English Patient is an adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's novel of the same name. Set during WW2, it tells the story of Count Almasy (Ralph Fienns) who is found badly burned in the Sahara desert. He is moved to Tuscany and Hana (Juliette Binoche), a Canadian nurse, ends up taking care of him in an old italian monastery. Through flashbacks, we learn what happened to Almasy. He was in Cairo when he met Katharine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas), she is one of his colleague’s wife, and they fell in love. As usual, I won't tell you the whole story as I don't want to spoil the movie for you. The movie is set in both Tuscany and the Sahara desert. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful: this film is visually stunning (see the dreamy sand dunes in the opening credit). Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fiennes and Krisin Scott Thomas were absolutely superb. The English Patient won nine Academy Awards and when you will have seen the movie you'll know why. The movie is available on DVD, I had a look around on the internet and you can find it for less than £10.00. Definitely one movie to buy or rent on DVD.... +++ Cast: Ralph Fiennes: Count Almasy Juliette Binoche: Hana Kristin Scott Thomas: Katharine Clifton Willem Dafoe: Caravaggio Naveen Andrews: Kip Director: Anthony Minghella Duration: 2h35 The movie is rated 15

Hero (DVD) 26/09/2004

Everybody needs a hero

Hero (DVD) Based on actual events in ancient Chinese history, Hero tells the story of a warrior without a name (Jet-Li) who claims to have killed three assassins: Broken Sword, Flying Snow and Long Sky in order to protect the King of Qin (Daoming Chen), who will become the future Chinese emperor and who will build the Great Wall. Through flashbacks, Nameless tell his tale to the King. I won' tell you the rest of the story but they are plenty of twist to keep you guessing right until the end. The battles that he describes are absolutely amazing to watch, I am not a fan of martial art movie, but watching this was more like watching people dancing. I guess it was like a ballet. The scenery is breathtaking too and I believe that this movie is also a great ad for China and that many people (like me) will want to go there. My friend was complaining that the movie was in Chinese and that you had to read the subtitles. He claimed that because of that he couldn't follow properly the movie. I will never understand people who complain about that I think it gave the movie some authenticity and I had no problem following the story, but anyway I thought I should mention it... But don't let the fact that it's in Chinese put you off, Hero is a must see movie..... Five stars for me. +++ Cast: Jet-Li: Nameless Daoming Chen: King of Qin Tony Leung Chiu: Broken Sword Donnie Yen: Long Sky Maggie Cheung: Flying Snow Ziyi Zhang: Moon Director: Yimou Zhang Screenplay: Feng Li, Bin Wang, ...

Fujifilm XD-Picture Card 128 MB 24/09/2004

Small card, lots of storage

Fujifilm XD-Picture Card 128 MB I went on holiday a couple of week ago and so I decided to buy a new picture card for my camera as I had a 32MB picture card and I didn't think it would be enough. I bought it on the internet and it cost me £26.00 which I think is a very good price considering how many pictures you get. With my old picture card I could only have 33 pictures (low resolution) and 10 pictures (high resolution) but with my new card I get 275 (low resolution) and 86 (high resolution). I have set my camera on low resolution as I think the pictures look really good so I am well pleased that I can get 275 pictures. Before I couldn't make video as there wasn't enough space but now I can film for about 3m30s (I can't say much about the video making as I haven't use it at all). The card is just as easy to install and to use as the 32 MB one. When I came back from holiday I had about 150 pictures ready to transfer on my computer and it took now time at all to do it. I would definitely recommend this card and if like me you take mostly pictures when you go on holiday then I think the 128MB picture card is perfect. Thank you for reading.

Parc Asterix, Paris 02/09/2004

Meet Asterix and Obelix

Parc Asterix, Paris I went to Paris for the week end and on Sunday we weren't sure whether to go to Versailles or the Parc Asterix, in the end we chose what we thought would be a day of fun. But first let me tell you: **** How to get there: You can go by car; it's about 30 km north of Paris (Autoroute A1). We don't have a car so we took the RER first (RER B) which takes you to Roissy Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1 and then a bus to the Parc Asterix. From central Paris (gare de Lyon) it took us about 30 mn to go to the airport and then about 20mn to the Parc. In theory, there should be a bus every 30mn, we had to wait for one hour before a bus came and when we complained to the driver he told us that we probably didn't see the other bus! **** How much is it? We paid for out tickets at the station as they do a deal: train+ticket will cost you 38 euros for an adult and 25.6 for a child. If you buy the tickets at the Parc you will pay for one day: 32 euros (adult) 23 euros (children between 3 and 11) free for children under 3 This ticket gives you access to all attractions and show for one day. **** When is it open? During summer (from the 14th of July to the 29th of August), the parc is open from 9.30am to 7.00pm otherwise it is open from 10.00am to 6.00pm. **** The rides: There are lots of attractions but when we went the queues were horrendous, for some of them we had to wait for 90mn, which is madness considering that that you stay on the ride for less than one ...

Fujifilm FinePix S5000 01/09/2004

Finepix S5000

Fujifilm FinePix S5000 I bought my first digital camera a couple of weeks ago and I don't think I could have bought a better camera in that price range. You get everything you need to start taking pictures straight away. You'll find in the box: - The camera (obviously) 3.1 millions pixels, 10x optical zoom lens - 16MB xD-Picture Card - 4 AA type Alkaline Batteries - Shoulder strap -Mini-B type USB Cable - Video Cable - Lens cap - Adapter ring - CD-ROM As I said it's everyting you need to take pictures straight away but I would advise you to buy a bigger memory card (with thoeone you get you can take a maximum of 33 pictures and you can't use the movie mode), a case for your camera to protect it and a battery charger as it will be cheaper in the long run. The camera is REALLY easy to use. You can use it on: - the auto mode - SP mode (where you can select the best scene position setting: portrait, landscape, sport or night) - P mode (you can specify any of the settings other than the shutter speed and aperture) - A mode (automatic mode that allow you to set the aperture) - S mode (to set the shutter speed) - and movie mode (which I haven't been able to try yet as I haven't bought a bigger memory card). The quality of the picture is amazing even on the auto mode. You get a CD-ROM (FinePix Viewer software) as well to download your pictures on your computer, I had no problem whatsoever to install it and I find it very quick to transfer the pictures on my computer. I ...

Tanguy (DVD) 23/08/2004

Will he ever leave?

Tanguy (DVD) I watched Tanguy on DVD yesterday and I just loved it. It is definitely one of my favourite French movies. I am a huge fan of Etienne Chatillez and I just love all the films he made: La vie est un long fleuve tranquille, Tatie Danielle, Le bonheur est dans le pre (sorry I have put the French titles but I am not quite sure of the English titles). +++ The plot: Tanguy (Eric Berger) is 28 and still lives with his parents. If he is really happy with this arrangement, his mother (Sabine Azema) and his father (Andre Dussolier) are far from happy and they have only one thing in their mind to have him move out of their flat. They start making his life a misery but as his parents start a get-out-of-here campaign, they meet a stonewall: Tanguy is a major specialist of traditional Chinese thought, and he faces everything with the self-control that a Chinese sage would envy. When Edith and Paul realise he doesn't want to move out they rent him a small studio but Tanguy start having panic attack and has to go to hospital. It gets so bad that he moves back in with his parents. His father gets really fed up with him and throws him out. Tanguy decides to take his parents to court. He wins and moves back in. What will they have to do to get rid of him? Well I am not going to tell you more so if you want to know you will have to watch the movie. +++ My opinion: I was really surprised to learn that Etienne Chatilliez got the idea for this movie when he read and article in a French ...

Anything Else (DVD) 22/08/2004

A good Woody Allen movie

Anything Else (DVD) +++ The plot: The movie is set in New York, where we meet Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs) and his girlfriend Amanda (Christina Ricci). Jerry is a young comedy writer (a young Woody Allen if you want) who has a big problem: he can't say no to anybody. Amanda has no problem saying no to him when it comes to have sex and it leaves Jerry very frustrated. He confides in his older friend Dobel (Woody Allen) who is also a comedy writer. Dobel becomes Jerry's mentor and advise him t break free from Amanda and from his useless agent (Danny De Vito). +++ My opinion: I thought the movie was really funny at times; Woody Allen gave Dobel some great lines. And the cast is great: Ricci, Allen and De Vito are especially good, but unfortunately Jason Biggs didn't quite do it for me. He was okay at times, but most of the times I couldn't help but think that he was reciting his lines instead of acting. +++ The cast: Jason Biggs: Jerry Falk Christina Ricci: Amanda Woody Allen: Dobel Danny De Vito: Harvey Stockard Channing: Paula KaDee Strickland: Brooke Director: Woody Allen Running time: 1:48

Fujifilm XD-Picture Card 16 MB 13/08/2004

Small card, small amount of strorage

Fujifilm XD-Picture Card 16 MB I got the Fujifilm xD Picture card free when I bought my digital camera, a Fuji S5000. You can also buy the memory card on its own, I had a look around and it should cost you about £10 (probably even less if you shop around). Mind you if you are thinking on buying a memory card I wouldn't advise you to buy this one, Unfortunately you only get 33 pictures on low resolution (on high resolution you get 10 pictures). Apart from that I can't fault this card, it is extremely easy to install in the camera and once it is inside your digital camera you don't have to do anything except enjoying taking pictures! Once you have taken them it is quick and easy to transfer them on the computer (it normaly takes me less than a minute to transfer the 33 pictures). A word of warning, if you take your card out of the camera make sure you know where you put it as it is so small it is very easy to loose. If you have a Fuji camera (or an Olympus camera as I believe they do the same kind of picture card) I would definitely advise you to buy one of these cards but I would go for one with a bigger storage space, I think 128MB is perfect. I will soon look into it and buy one for myself. ...

Ebly Wheat 12/08/2004

A nice change from pasta or rice

Ebly Wheat Ebly is "durum wheat that has been delicately pre-cooked to produce a tender wheat for everyone to enjoy", well that's what is says on the box! And it's true I definitely enjoyed my meal. But first thing first..... ++++ The packaging: It comes in a bright yellow box (500g). It has an easy opening on top so I didn't end up with wheat everywhere in my kitchen and just as well because it's small (a little bit bigger than a grain of rice) and it would have made quite a mess. ++++ Cooking: Ebly is REALLY easy to cook, put it in boiling water for 10mn (I like pre-cooked food) and drain. Add salt and pepper and butter Apparently you can also cook Ebly pilaf style: saute Ebly in a little butter or oil for a few minutes; add 1.5 times its volume in water and simmer uncovered for 15 mn until water is fully absorbed. I decided to follow on of the recipe at the back of the box, so I made the Ebly salad. I was really impressed, I thought it was delicious and definitely a nice change from the usual pasta or rice. But you can also cook it with a sauce or eat it with meat or vegetables (basically you it Ebly just as you would eat rice or pasta). I will definitely give that a try! ++++Nutritional content per 100g: Proteins: 12.1g Carbohydrate: 71.9g (of which sugars): 1.6g Fat: 1.7g Dietary fibre: 5.4g Niacin 8.4mg (46% RDA*) Phosphorus: 245mg (30% RDA*) Sodium: 0.018g *Recommended Daily Allowance If you would like more information, you can contact the ...

I, Robot (DVD) 10/08/2004

Robots, robots and more robots

I, Robot (DVD) The movie is set in the year 2035 where there are robots everywhere. The robots are here to help us human and to ensure that they help us and don't start taking over the world 3 laws are downloaded on their hardware: First Law: A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Second Law: A robot must obey orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Detective Spooner is called to investigate the apparent suicide of Dr. Lanning. It soon becomes clear that he has actually been murdered and Spooner suspects a robot (Sonny). The problem of course is that if Sonny killed Dr. Lanning that means that he has broken the three laws of robotics and that seems impossible. No one wants to believe Spooner as he always hated robots and everybody thinks he has lost it. Until.... I don't want to tell you more as I don't want to spoil it for you! +++ So did I like the movie? Well yes, it is very entertaining. Will Smith is great, he plays very well the loner, misunderstood and who saw disaster coming. Still a shame that the shower scene is so short.... The special effects are amazing; the robots looked very real to me. I would definitely recommend this movie; it's a great popcorn movie! +++ The cast: Will Smith: Detective Spooner Bridget ...

The Stepford Wives (DVD) 02/08/2004

The Stepford Wives (2004)

The Stepford Wives (DVD) First I would like to say that this review is about the Stepford Wives made in 2004 and not the 1975 movie; as I haven't seen the one from the seventies I am not able to comment about it or make a comparison between the two movies. +++ The story: The movie start as Joanna Kresby gets fired from her high profile job and consequently has a nervous breakdown. Her husband decides that they should move away from the city and start a new life in Stepford Connecticut. Joanna quickly gets suspicious about her neighbours as the wives all seem a little too perfect. She starts investigating with her new found friends: Bobbie and Roger to try and find out the truth about the Stepford wives. Unfortunately for Joanna her two little helpers are soon turn into "perfect" partners and she is convince that the "town does something to people". Well she is half right, something is being done to people but it's the husbands that are doing it to their wives. I won't tell you the end of the movie but there is a nice twist that I didn't see coming at all. +++ My opinion: This movie isn't bad, some parts are really funny and the actors are great. I have never been a huge fan of Nicole Kidman but she is quite good playing Joanna but my two favourites were Bette Midler (especially when she is turned into the perfect wife) and Glenn Close. It's a shame that at time it is a bit long and you tend to loose interest in the story. +++ The Cast: Nicole Kidman: Joanna Kresby Mathew ...
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