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Lipton Ice Tea 19/12/2007

Lipton Ice Tea - Goodness to the last drop

Lipton Ice Tea Everybody knows that tea is one of the most refreshing drinks ever invented. As a child we all wondered at our parents drinking something hot when we had just come back into the house on a really hot day, and then we discovered for ourselves how a cup of tea can refresh you in a way that no glass of pop can. Ice tea used to be something a little exotic, and conjured up images of elegant ladies sipping it from tall glasses on the balcony at Raffles. Not so nowadays, as Lipton have brought the drink to the masses and added a modern twist. Liptin ice tea has to be the most thirst quenching drink ever, especially when served ice cold. It's available in cartons, cans and bottles and in four flavours. For me, lemon is the favourite, not too sweet but with a delicious strong tea flavour. The new Green Tea flavour looks delightful and tastes great as well, totally different and more oriental in style. Mango and peach are very fruity indeed and can be enjoyed with a meal or even instead of a dessert. Whilst you enjoy these drinks you can rest assured that you're doing your body good as an added bonus, as Lipton Ice Tea has more than a third less sugar than regular pop, has no artificial colours or preservatives and is a terrfiic source of antioxidants, which helps the body to slow the chemical process of oxidation, which causes cholesterol deposits and narrowing of the arteries and can lead to various heart-related problems. So, not just great tasting and totally refreshing, ...

Jaguar X-Type 2.5 20/11/2007

Jaguar X Type Long Term Test

Jaguar X-Type 2.5 I really believed that the X type was nothing more than a Mondeo in a very pretty body and badged as a Jaguar. Having bought a business that already owned an X type, my plan was to sell the car immediately and buy a Mercedes. That was six months ago! I've been so impressed with the small Jag, that I'm going to keep it. It's not without flaws, as you'll soon see, but it is a terrific package, and above all, it has that indefinable "Jaguar Presence". The model we have is known here as the Executive, which is equivalent to UK SE spec. It lacks for nothing in terms of equipment with electric seats, very powerful climate control, cruise, CD changer, rear parking sensors, HID headlamps and auto lights and wipers. The leather is proper thick Connolly stuff and the dashboard is swathed in highly polished Canadian Maple. Wood and leather may no longer be trendy, but it somehow seems right in a Jaguar. Build quality seems good, and at 30,000 miles there are no squeaks and rattles. Overall, I would say performance is disappointing. Take off from rest is particularly slow, due to losses in the torque converter and four wheel drive system, but mid range pull is excellent, making overtaking really easy. At high RPM the engine is noisy but always smooth, and at low revs it just waffles along. The ride can be amongst the very best in the world. On smooth roads, it's incredible, and up to a point it remains amazing, but when the car encounters really rough surfaces it quickly goes to ...

Apollo AV-1 19/11/2007

Apollo Ride On Scooter

Apollo AV-1 I rode the Apollo AV1 this weekend when I hired one from a local dive school here in Lanzarote. I use the word "rode" deliberately because it was fitted with the optional "saddle." What a fantastic experience! You actually sit down on the scooter, so that it is between your legs. There is then a pull lever with six positions on it to control the speed. Leaving it on speed one is basically and idle with the prop just turning, but maximum is awesome, flying through the water at around 3 knots. You literally "fly", controlling turns, ascents and descents by adjusting your fins like an aircraft - it's even possible to loop the loop! Battery life is excellent at 80 minutes on a full charge, and the maximum depth rating is 50 meters. The unit is heavy to haul around on land, but is just right in the water, being slightly negatively bouyany, so you can leave it on the sea bed and go to explore something like a cave safely. Some words of caution here though - if you use one, don't wear any additional kit as the slipstream (aquastream?) really pulls on any loose hoses, knives or compasses, and you really have to watch your computer carefully, as you can ascend or descend very fast indeed. I printed out my dive profile afterwards, and we went from 5 meters to 38 meters in less than five minutes, simply by following the contours at maximum speed. One major safety issue is that the device doesn't have any kind of cut out, so if you do become detatched from it at any speed, the ...

MG ZS 19/11/2007


MG ZS We've had our ZS 120+ for just over a year and 20,000 KM from new. The car is a delight to drive, when you want to go for it! Performance is average unless you really rev the engine hard, but the handling is as good as anything I have ever driven. It really does corner incredibly, with just a hint of oversteer in extremis when lifting off, way too late and way to fast. We opted for the metallic red, with the 18 inch wheels and the big spoiler. Specification is good with airbags, aircon, full electrics and part leather, but the fit and finish is pretty poor, with some loose trim and quite a few squeaks and rattles now. This may be due to the ride, which is really too hard, but I suspect that's a pay off for the awesome handling. One tip here - we replaced all four tyres recently with Pirelli P Zero Heros and they are much quieter and even more grippy than the originals. Boot size is amazing, rear seat room average, and cubby storage is pretty good, although there are no cup holders. When you're on your own and have a windy country road to enjoy, there isn't anything to touch the ZS for the price, but when you've got a headache and just need to get home from work, then you may just wish you had a Toyota.

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 19/11/2007

Blackberry Pearl

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 I replaced my old "large" Blackberry with the peal a few months ago. I'm a total Blackberry convert and cannot imagine using any other type of device. If you're a serious busines user and email is important to you, you should have one. I also invested in a hosted exchange mailbox and my Pearl synchronises wirelessly in real time with my inbox, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks from Microsoft Outlook on my PC. It's totally seamless in it's operation, and works perfectly as a business tool. I upgraded to The Pearl for the additional features. The MP3 player is superb and a match for my IPOD in every respect, in fact the sound quaility may be a little better. The camera is really very good quality, and I can use it to take photos for my work as an estate agent when I forget the "real" camera. I love the new high definition screen and the way it adjusts for ambient light, and the new track ball system for getting around the menus is totally intuitive. I love the compact size but that does bring with it the sole drawback - the keys are simply too small for my fingers to work fast!

Hyundai H-1 19/11/2007

Hyundai H1 Long Wheelbase Mini Bus

Hyundai H-1 I bought an H1 long wheelbase 9 seater new 3 years ago. The van has been terrific and now has 90,000 KM on the clock. I really wanted a VW Multivan, but couldn't afford it. The H1 is superb value for money, and is extremely well equipped, with standard front and rear air conditioning, electric windows and aerial and central door locking. The vehicle is rugged and reasonably well built, although some of the materials are of poor quality. Performance is reasonable with the 2.5 Litre 102 BHP engine, although I belive the new direct injection engine is much better. Handling is interesting! Lots of body roll, and diabolical traction - if you ever need to go off road then go for the four wheel drice version! I love the seats, which aren't showing any wear, I love the way they swivel and fold easily, and I really enjoy the high up driving position. I don't like the lack of remote locking, and the lack of a sliding door on the nearside. Interior space is very versatile, with many seat options and still plenty of room for luggage. All in all, very satisfied and will probably buy another one.
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