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The Strange Laws of Old England - Nigel Cawthorne 24/12/2016

Facts are often stranger than Fiction

The Strange Laws of Old England - Nigel Cawthorne Strange Facts in Law Books Well first of all this is not a law textbook, and after years of being back studying law, I have to say - thank goodness ! I have an interest in reading old law cases as it is intriguing to see how criminals have changed or not over the centuries along with how the courts and society view transgressions of the wrong doers. This book takes us along another step and highlights how our lawmakers have created instruments to rule us, which have some very interesting impacts upon all of us, along with shocking consequences for actions that we might now view as the new normal. Spoiler Alert -- o -- 0 -- O -- 0 -- o -- There is a lot in this book and I am not going to ruin the whole book, but I am going to share a few fun facts with you. Nigel Cawthorne brings us through a number of interesting stories about how our law makers thought they were making life better and safer, and you will see how in some parts of the country you could be executed for copying flags or heraldic shields. Off course I hear you say things were different 500 years ago.. Dip into this book and you will discover that this law was in force with this sanction until a lot more recently than that. -- o -- 0 -- O -- 0 -- o -- Buying I bought it on Amazon marketplace, new at £2.31 plus posting. My copy is the soft back. At full price it is £9.99 from Amazon The book can be picked up much cheaper used on amazon, at the amazing £.0.01 plus £2.80 shipping. Or it can be ...

Apple MacBook Air 24/12/2016

11 inch Firecracker - The MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air Introduction There area huge number of reviews on this product on Ciao and on a number of other review websites. In November by wife and I both bought one of these. Our purchases were of the 11 inch version with 256gb of storage. We bought these in the Apple store in Belfast and found the service absolutely fantastic. We also were able to both avail of university discount which brought the price down by 11%. We both have had Apple computers for some time, having purchased the white cased MacBook. Our move to MacBook was from the backdrop of both being mad gadget nerds who enjoyed the exercise of fiddling with our system to get the extra out of it that we needed. I suppose in the past I sort of found the idea of an operating system that you switched on and it just worked as cheating. The move to Apple Mac is one of the simplest you can make, the equipment has that Italian style of product, despite its Californian heritage. Our Purchases We had chatted some time about the upgrade to a MacBook Air and had delayed for many months. Our big issue was that we both had MacBook's (white plastic cased) and these were working just great. These were 5 and 6 years of age, and if they were PC based note books they just would not have lasted working that long. We both still have out MacBooks and use these now as media products. The visit to the Apple Store is always good and normally always expensive. The MacBook Air is expensive there is no question. However our previous ...

To Kill A Mockingbird: 50th Anniversary edition - Harper Lee 01/06/2014

The ultimate law story of the 20th Century

To Kill A Mockingbird: 50th Anniversary edition - Harper Lee Introduction In the opening pages of the book Harper Lee quotes Charles Lamb where to states that; Lawyers, I suppose, were children once Atticus Finch speaking to the court clearly articulates, "This is a case that should never have come to trial" This was a trial of the century despite being one of fiction penned at the hand o Harper Lee. This quite thrilling oration can be heard in full at the following YouTube location:- This is a book which I first read in my teens, every so long ago, and more recently a few years ago when in the middle of a law degree which I took on. This book is being reviewed on the back of its 50th Anniversary. "No one ever forgets this book" (Independent) There has been very sadly a very sad development in the history of this book which has left Harper Lee having to sue in court to recover the rights to her book. The nature of this is beyond the scope of this type of article, The following BBC article gives some back ground to this. I promised myself that when I grew up and I was a man, I would try to do things just as good and noble as what Atticus had done for Tom Robinson Scott Turow Where to Purchase My more recent purchases have been made from who I tend to purchase most of my media from these days. The link to this book can be found ...

Perspectives on Labour Law - Anne Davies 01/06/2014

A balanced view on Labour Law - or maybe not so Balanced

Perspectives on Labour Law - Anne Davies Introduction I am currently reading for an LLM in Clinical Legal Education at the University of Ulster. The programme is a very practical course which tries to meet unmet need for those with legal issues around Social Security Law and Employment Law. The programme has two specific academic legal thematics. You can find out more on this programme if your interested from the following Facebook website and course website: * * * * I read through this text book as part of my module for Employment Law. The book was only listed as being for deeper reading. Chapter Breakdown I have included a list of the chapters; Part I: 1. A brief history of labour law 2. Economics perspectives on labour law 3. Human rights perspectives on labour law 4. Modes of regulation Part II: 5. Who is protected by employment law? 6. Working time 7. Discrimination 8. Wages 9. Dismissal 10. Collective representation 11. Trade Union membership 12. Industrial action What next? Book Style Ann Davies is renowned Fellow and Tutor in Law at Brasenose College, Oxford, and Reader in Public Law at the University of Oxford, where she teaches Labour Law and Public Law. author and acidic commentator in the field of employment law. The text examines employment law by contextualising it from a number of political, economic and human ...

Reach For The Sky (DVD) 25/05/2014

A hero of the of the Skies

Reach For The Sky (DVD) INTRODUCTION As a little boy I grew up watching all those fabulous classics that were on BBC2 on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. In those days there were no DVD's and even VHS had not arrived. Neither did we have Sky,Movies, Film on 4 or any of the vast myriad of movie providers that exist today. You had to eagerly await the next presentation. Reach for the Skies, the story of the UK's best know World War 2 hero and fighter ace. It is quite appropriate that the part is played by Kenneth Moore, the understated actor who played so many great roles in the 1950's. This film to me ranks alongside "Sink the Bismarck" as one of those films that inspire considerable pride in this young and old people who made the sacrifice during World War 2, and Served. The DVD is black and white and It opens with the famous Rank gong being bashed. I bought for £5.95 on Amzom. WHO WAS DOUGLAS BADER Bader was immortalised by this film, demonstrating that character can overcome disability to become an ace and war hero. He became such a nuisance to the Nazi's after his capture that they could not cope with him and had to transfer him to the infamous colditz Castle. He could only be prevented from escaping by taking his legs from him. After the war he went on to become an executive with a major oil company. Bader had a core believe the centre of which was; * If you had the height, you controlled the battle. * If you came out of the sun, the enemy could not see you. * If you held your fire ...

King of Shaves Kinexium Silicon Technology Shaving Oil 19/05/2014

New Shaving Oil

King of Shaves Kinexium Silicon Technology Shaving Oil Oil Shaving Until recently I used only Crew Oil or Fusion shaving gel only. I previously had bought my Crew Oil online through Amazon or eBay. When I ran out unexpectantly I started using Fusion Gel again, but found that it did not just give me a close enough shave. I also found that it left my skin feeling a bit dry after the shave compared to using shaving oil. Around 4 years ago my wife organised me to go to a proper old fashioned harder to get a cutthroat blade shave as I would describe it. I had to admit I now understand why women go to all those beauty therapy activities now. I spent about 45 mins being utterly pampered and got the closest shaves I had ever had. The experience was fabulous, and I now go around 2 to 3 times a year as a wee treat for myself. A big part of it is the way the barber looks after you is the manner in which he prepares the skin, the products used and the aftershave care of the skin. As a result I discovered there is a lot more to a good shave than a quick slap on of some shaving foam or gel and then a quick razoring. Recently when in our local Boots store I went for a walk around as my wife organised the bits and pieces that she wanted. Those myriad of essentials! Scanning throughout the shaving section i was disappointed not to find any of the Crew Shaving Oil, not that I really had expected to come across it. I did however come across 'King of Shaves Kinexium Silicon Technology Shaving Oil' by happen chance, at £4.39 it was more than ...

Motorola Moto G 16 GB 05/05/2014

Excellent Present

Motorola Moto G 16 GB Introduction There are seven reviews already on this little rascal, so I am planning to approach this in a slightly different way than the other reviews, though with a degree of continuity. The phone was a present for my 11 year old son, and was organised for him by his mum christmas just past. As a result I did not have a planning aspect to the purchase and so am not able to reflect on all of these types of pre purchase considerations. I presently have an old iPhone 4 which I have now had for over 3 years, I think. This is the baby brother of the Moto X, though I have no personal knowledge of but understand it is nearly three times the price bringing it in at iPhone price range. As some of you will know Motorola is now owned by the mighty Google empire. Maybe the G is a subliminal message to get us all thinking Google !! * The phone itself is on a GifGaf monthly contract which provides him with an absolutely excellent range of service, and with a very reasonable charge for it. You can find more information on GifGaf from their website which is: * He gets 250 mins talk time, unlimited texts and amazingly unlimited internet for only £12 per month. However I am digressing from the task at hand which is to review the actual phone. A Stylish phone The phone just oozes with lots of style and panache. You can customise your phone by purchasing new backs for it and these ...

STARBUCKS Verismo 600 Piano Black 27/04/2014

Espresso at home from Starbucks

STARBUCKS Verismo 600 Piano Black Verismo = Last week my wife and I were in Starbucks in the Quays Shopping centre in Newry. We both enjoy our Starbucks and so we popped into Stabucks for a latte. Whilst queing we noticed that the latest Starbucks Verismo 600 was on sale, reduced from £149 down to £99. A Sadly we are the ultimate impulse buyers and so the die was cast. Tiny Rant I am going to digress for a short moment and have a minor rant. We have a Tassimo already, having bought the Bosch version a number of years ago. We were encouraged to purchase this based on the fact that we could get Starbucks for Tassimo. Having enjoyed using our Starbucks in our Tassimo for several years we were disgusted when Starbucks backed out of that arrangement. Starbucks pods for the Tassimo were quiet reasonably priced at around £3 for 12. At present I have sadly one Tassimo Starbucks pod left, which I have squirreled away for a special cup! Over the last couple of years I have been deprived of my Starbucks and have had to use other brands. Now my rant is over I will return to the Verismo story. Verismo con't = I spoke to a member of Starbucks Newry staff about it, who was both engaging and very helpful. It was useful that she also had one and was able to give us a very personal view on the item. A big seller was the fact that it was at 33% off down to £99 as when we had priced it before we considered it was too expensive. The system also is "K Fee" and so can use all of the pods that it uses, you can access the ...

Epson WF-3520DWF 21/04/2014

Epson WF-3520DWF Printer

Epson WF-3520DWF This is the latest printer in our household, and the second Epson we have bought. Previously I tended to buy Hewlett-Packard printers, but my wife encouraged me to purchase Epson the last time and we found it to be a great little workhorse. We also have a Samsung ML2020 Laser printer. The big buying point for us was firstly that it was a WIFI printer, this was key for use. Some would say it's laziness, but to be honest it is the convenience of sitting in the lounge and working away at a document and being able to print without dragging the computer to the printer and hooking up the USB cable. I should say we do a lot of printing. I have went back to University to do an LLM and my with transferring from the law is retraining as a teacher. So between journals, teaching resources, essays and just general interesting print material we go through a lot of paper and ink. Another buying point for us wa that it has Apple AirPrint. As I said we wanted something which was WIFI and needed a low cost and reliable printer which worked with the minimum of difficulty. We had also planned to use a continuous ink flow system to reduce costs. The continuous ink flow is still an option, but not one we plan to go for just yet, as we have found the cost of ink cartridges to be very reasonable and have not had to purchase one just yet, but its still an option. We had looked at the following YouTube which shows how easy it is; We had ...
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