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5 05/02/2005

3....2.....1....sold: to the highest bidder For many years Know I have been buying and selling all kinds of things on eBay; and not once has it gone wrong. From mp3 players to jaguar e-types you can find every thing on this site. You can also find stuff ranging from under a pound to £20000......the possibilities are endless. Now compared to other online auction sites this comes out miles above the rest with excellent customer support and they make site navigation so easy a chimpanzee could do it. To sell and bid on the site you need to have registered as a user, this consists of short Questionnaire where some of your personnel details may be required. As soon as you have registered you can start selling or bidding straight away in any category of products. There are two types of product: a bid product or a buy in now product. The bid products involve competing with rival buyers to attain the highest bid and potentially the products. The buy it now products have a set price and are usually being sold in Quantity; the products are most likely to be excess stock at cheaper than shop prices. Buying Once you’ve found an item you’d like to bid for – then you can see a number of facts about the item. You can see the start price, the current price, the number of bids the item has received, the seller, the seller’s feedback rating, the item description and the postage information. Its is Always best in my opinion to read the sellers feedback info to try and get a rough idea of the person you are buying something ...

Ferrari Enzo 20/01/2005

Road licensed-------what?!!!!!

Ferrari Enzo 0-60 : 3.3 seconds Engine : v12 6.0 L speed : 217.5 mph Kerb weight : 3009 lbs Total displacement : 5998 cc And this is a road licensed car!!!!! No wonder youre only aloud to drive one in the u.s after a 2.5 month training course. Ths latest creation of the fararri family was design with only speed in mind. it has been closely blueprinted to one of the fararris award winning f1 performance cars. with a tested top speed of of 218 mph they have no choice to put a heafty price tag on it and spend thousands of pounds on top notch aerofiols and dynamics. Unlike the f40 and f50 the enzo has a fully automate electric spoilerthat only deploys when most valuable toreaching top performance . As you look at the enzo from the front you can see a few simalarities to the f1 car. the nose cone and front wings are visible as the traingle shape running up the bonnet and the boards under the radiator grills. now thew enzo has has shown its self to be the king of both the road and track with a performanc e record of: Road and Track Performance Statistics 0-60 mph: 3.3 seconds Quarter-mile run: 11.1 sec. @ 133.0 mph. Braking 60-0 mph: 109 ft Lateral accel (200-ft skidpad): 1.01g Car and Driver Performance Statistics 0-60 mph: 3.3 seconds 1/4 mile: 11.2 sec @ 136 mph carbon fibre plays a big part in the interior decoration. it makes up the majority of the dash board and door panels. it is also visible in the hvac ducting and the steering column. The seats ...

The Seeing Stone - Kevin Crossley-Holland 16/01/2005

The Round table-Have you got what it takes

The Seeing Stone - Kevin Crossley-Holland Kevin Crossely-Holland has cleverly combined the classic tales of King Arthur with a modern story of a teenage boy living in medieval west England. Trying to explain this book is rather difficult, but basically; Merlin gives Arther1 (the teenage boy) a magic seeing stone which allows him to follow the life of Arthur2 (the king of England) Who becomes king and rules of the whole of England. The stone also allows him to follow the guests and challenges of the Knights of the Round Table; the Knights include Sir Kay, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain and others. Kevin Crossely-Holland has ingeniously laid out the book in the form of a dairy. This gives us the chance to delve deeper into the thoughts and feelings of Arthur1, this allows us to create a better, more vivid picture of Arthur1. In the book there are exactly 100 chapters about three-four pages long making it very easy to read in small chunks in lunch hours or breaks. One of my favourite characters is Sir William, a 63 year old knight who has more sword than sense. He is always complaining of aches and sores but still manages to sign up for the third and fourth crusade to Jerusalem. In the book only Arthur is described in a lot detail. This allows us to imagine and partially create our own characters; how they speak, How they walk, Their habits and their attitude towards others. As I have already said the book is written in the form of a diary explaining only Arthur’s thoughts and his reflections on the world around ...

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (PC) 15/01/2005

May the force be with you

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (PC) This age of empires like strategy game takes you through the swamps of Naboo to the outer regions of Tatoines deserts, and all without leaving the comfort of your computer chair. After you have loaded the game you can start straight away with a series of training levels hosted by Jedi master Gwi Gon Jin. The first few mission feature chewbacca and his father Attichituk. In these missions you will be taught the basics of food and mineral collection, farming, building and then how to create the all-important troops that you will most definitely need to defeat and conquer your many enemies. And when you have mastered these tasks you can start on learning the tricks of Jedi knight production and Holocron collection. When the training is complete you can start on some of the main missions. Each scenario contains six-nine missions slowly getting harder; these missions could involve creating 200 troops or building a monument, defeating a rival team or just collecting 1000 of each of the five commodities. At the end of each scenario there is a bonus level usually an actual battle from one of the 5 star wars films created so far. One of the best parts of the game is the random campaign menu where you can design your own game containing the rules you like and the victory conditions you prefer. You can choose the planet you play on, how many troops you are aloud to have, the number of opponents you have to defeat and if your are aloud to ally other teams. Some of this may sound ...

Hotel Giant (PC) 14/01/2005

hotel giant the good and bad

Hotel Giant (PC) This game involves strategy, intelligence, common sense and design a must have for all those who love life on the edge. Every time you play the scenarios are different and if you find to the same you can always custom build you own game that involves what you want nothing else. The game puts you into the role of a hotel owner; you make the decisions from the exterior building to how many channel there are on the room TV. When you start the game you can try the training games where you are told the basics of building, furnishing and managing you own hotel business. At first the game layout is very bewildering but this stuff has got to be learnt if you want to earn millions as a young hotel tycoon. There are many different preset scenarios ranging from trying to turn a run down motel into a five star hotel. And even starting up your own chain of roadside travel inns. But when you get bored of the missions you can try a random game. This menu allows you to decide game difficulty, time limit, initial cash, and number of cities to choose from and even what you have to do the complete the scenario. When playing the game on “easy” you start with $10,000,000 ; with this you have o build a hotel, furnish it and occasionally close and renovate the hotel to update and modify them. But as soon as you get customers you with get a flow of cash and will be able to buy more stuff including more hotels. When setting up a random game you can choose how many cities you can build hotels in ...
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