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Tenpin bowling and Football and a good film. I enjoy DIY and building computers. My guitar heroes are Joe satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen....and YES I am a Metallica fan. 8 July 2007 - Metallica at Wembley Stadium -- GREAT

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LG 27MU67 22/10/2015

LG 27MU67 27" 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor

LG 27MU67 LG 27MU67 27" 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor I wanted a monitor that had HDMI2.0, HDCP2.2, Display port and had 4K resolution. A big ask . IPS was my preferred panel as TN is not for me. IGZO panel monitors are rare and too expensive. I also did not want to did not to pay a fortune for the monitor. I have had the monitor for a few days so I am making a lot of notes and tryinhg to test all functions. The display has no faults, no dead pixels. Tested with 4K HDMI @30Hz and Display port 4K @60Hz. Excellent results Connected to my WIndows10 PC and works fine, scaling is superb in Windows10. Some old apps may not scale correctly. Tried scaling at 150% and 125%, both work fine but some apps do not scale that well. If you want pixel perfect go for 100% but the icons will be very small. I have two tuner cards in my PC, a dual freeview tuner and a single freesat tuner. I connected to the test channel on Astra which has a 4K channel and the picture is superb. Unfortunately my AMD video card is not so good at HEVC decryption, so CPUs have to handle that and it kinda stall every now and then. The speakers on this monitor are OK...not more than that. I do not use these speakers as everything goes via my SONY STR-DN860 (reviewed here). There is a colour calibration report (see picture 3) for this monitor. Also included on the report is the serial number of the unit. The brightness and contrast was setup pretty high and have since then adjusted to lower levels. Watched the Lucy 4K trailer ...

Medlar (Tree) 20/10/2015


Medlar (Tree) The Medlar is commonly found in Europe mainly around the medittaranean areas. I am from MALTA originally and we had medlar trees in our garden. They used to bear fruit late spring. Some years ago a friend of mine who had a tree in North London gave me a bucket full of medlars. The were very sweet and juicy. I planted the seeds and the sedlings appeared after a couple of weeks. Some 15 years later I have two medlar trees in my garden in New Malden, Surrey. These trees never had any fruit but this year one of the trees has produced about fifty fruits. The fruit is ripe when it starts turning from yellow to yellow/brown. We have since then harvested the fruit and it was quite sweet. These trees are so easy to grow, all you have to do is bury the seed (you get one seed the size of a large pea per fruit), after two or three weeks the seedling will appear and just watch it grow. Best place the Medlar tree in the sunniest location that you have, these trees can grow quite tall about 4 metres. The medlar tree has a very shiny looking leave. If you want to see a medlar and you are in London go to Golden Square, off Beak street (off Regent Street) and you will find 2 medlar trees near an entrace there, unfortunately these 2 medlar trees are underneath 2 large trees in two big pots so they do not get much sunshine. August 2014 and this tree produced a massive amount of fruit. Very sweet

Sony STR-DN860 04/10/2015


Sony STR-DN860 I have been looking for an upgrade to my stereo receiver "STR-DB795" and finally I took the plunge and bought the following stereo receiver "STR-DN860" The unit has a very solid feel. It is a lot lighter than my previous unit although the size is similar. As you can image the unit is full of connectivity options. My main requirement was support for 4K video, including HDMI2 and HDCP2.2 which this unit provides. This unit also has Bluetooth, WiFi (5G) and LAN so it can be accessed from other rooms via mobiles and tablets etc. May I suggest that the first thing you would do to be able to configure the unit is to configure it on your network. This will need the unit to be connected to an HDMI capable screen. I configured mine with a static IP address and that made the unit a lot easier to configure. I also configured WiFi and that was easy as well. In my case the router had MAC filters so I needed to find the MAC address and register it on my router for WiFi access. I connect this amp to my PC using an HDMI cable. I will be purchasing a 4K monitor when I find one to suit my requirements. This will need to support HDMI2 and HDCP2.2, not many available at present. As I had a few people suggest that I should include my full review here I will attempt to do so. This may take a while as I have about 4 sub pages with links. Menu: The menu has 11 sub menus to assist with all the config you need to do. Also you will find a return to default option. You can always return to ...

The Endless River - Pink Floyd 15/11/2014

The Endless River

The Endless River - Pink Floyd The Endless River - Pink Floyd I listened to this on Spotify and will need time for another listen. At first listening I got the impression that a lot of the tracks seem to be extentions to other album tracks in particular "Wish you were here" and "The Division Bell" As usual David Gilmour's guitar play is immaculate and has added more subtle fretwork. Definetly would recommend on what I have heard so far, if you liked "Wish you were here" you would like this one too. If you are looking for something original you have to bear in mind that these tracks may be renants from all their previous albums. Does all these left overs merit the an album by themselves ? If you are a PK fan you would say yes but for the other folks it leaves a sense of lacking. Tracks: Side one No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. "Things Left Unsaid" David Gilmour, Richard Wright 4:27 2. "It's What We Do" Gilmour, Wright 6:18 3. "Ebb and Flow" Gilmour, Wright 1:56 Total length: 12:41 Side two No. Title Writer(s) Length 4. "Sum" Gilmour, Nick Mason, Wright 4:49 5. "Skins" Gilmour, Mason, Wright 2:38 6. "Unsung" Wright 1:08 7. "Anisina" Gilmour 3:17 Total length: 11:52 Side three No. Title Writer(s) Length 8. "The Lost Art of Conversation" Wright 1:43 9. "On Noodle Street" Gilmour, Wright 1:43 10. "Night Light" Gilmour, Wright 1:43 11. "Allons-y (1)" Gilmour 1:58 12. "Autumn '68" Wright 1:36 13. "Allons-y (2)" Gilmour 1:33 14. "Talkin' ...

Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set 06/05/2013

If only this was put together better!

Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set These speakers were purchased from Amazon: The sound on these speakers is reasonable enough. One major defect makes these speakers a must to avoid. When the 1st set arrived it was OK for a few days then one of the speakers started crackling....we returned the unit and asked for a replacement which I must say arrived in the next 2 days...great service. Unfortunately the second set had both speakers emitting crackling and distortion from the off. I have nothing against these speakers; they play well enough but if the construction was reliably put together they would not have these problems. In the end we also returned the second set and opted for a "Logitech Z523 Speakers - Black" and those speakers so far have done the job very well. Please visit my other reviews -

Dexter Season 4 (DVD) 08/05/2012

Dexter - A slice of Life

Dexter Season 4 (DVD) Well what can I say. I have all 72 episodes of Dexter Morgan's activities.What a great series. It has so many great one liners. The actors all fit the part to a tee.Dexter is a blood spatter analyst. Miami Metro Police Department is where he works........ but watch out if you have done something evil and got away with it as Dexter Morgan has a double life as a serial killer.Must mention the music to dexter by Rolfe Kent (the main Theme) is so laid back , it is wicked!!!! Michael C. Hall stars as the main character. I won't mention any of the stories just in case it spoils your watching.My favourite characters are Debra Morgan and Vince Masuka.Debra Morgan is Dexter's sister (it is a long story) but not blood related. Debra works as a homicide detective at the same place as Dexter. She has a habit of churning out great one liners .....the way she describes a baby is extremely funny.I don't think I'm allowed to put that here so you can use this link to find out what she saidcheck out season 3 episode 3​rs/debra-morgan/page-3.html Masuka (Vincent Masuka) as he is called in the series works alongside Dexter in the lab and in crime scenes.I cannot describe Masuka, you just have to catch an episode.I am a fan of many crime thrillers. I Like Jack Frost especially the funny banter with MULLET but Dexter is much better than this. Do yourself a favour and watch one the series, you will be hooked forever.

Dell DisplayPort-to-HDMI Adapter Cable - display adapter 08/05/2012


Dell DisplayPort-to-HDMI Adapter Cable - display adapter The Displayport is a video and audio interface connector used in Laptops, Desktops, monitors and other technical video equipment. The Displayport delivers high performance digital connectivity. The display port is designed to replace older standards like DVI and VGA. The Displayport is capable of driving resolutions up to 2560×1600. Displayport is a small external connector, similar in appearance to a USB "thumb drive," but slightly bigger. It is twice as fast as DVI, and it can use cables up to 50 feet (15 m). There is also a mini version of the display port. Most of the latest laptops and monitors have a display port. My monitor (HP ZR24W) includes a display port which I use connected to my desktop PC via an ATI HD5770 GPU. This always displays a very stable picture at 1920 by 1200 screen resolution. You cannot connect the Displayport the wrong way round as it only goes in one way. There are adapters to connect Displayport to a VGA screen, also to a TV using an HDMI cable. You can grab all the technical details on my web site listed below. Many of the new laptops and desktops have started to do away with HDMI and changed over to the Displayport ( either as a mini connector or the full blown version ). The Apple MacBook Pro comes equipped with the mini displayport. ...

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 08/05/2012

My cyclone 3

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 Great piece of kit:The Cyclone3 is very small in size, approx 8cm by 6.5cm:As you can see from the specs it can cope with almost any type of video you can throw at it.I have 2 video tuners in my desktop PC and am forever recording (using .ts and .mpeg video format).Playing this elsewhere via HDMI is so easy. Just connect via a cable and select the input via your TV.The sound is either via the HDMI cable or COAX (just one cable to your amp or TV). The menu system for the storage is fairly standard and gave no issues.Setup is where you define Audio and Video settings as well as a few other thingsas AutoPlay: for this to work create a folder whichis named autoplay or AUTOPLAY in the root folder. I bought this in March 2012 and have been using since then without any issues. You can have a look at all the pictures and specs via link below: If you have any questions I can help with @fxv300 By the way there are a couple of funny entries in the manual .....but you can work out their meanings I hope. "Please do not teardown personally, but send it backto the pointed service agent, or there will be dangerof electronic shock. Under normal working status, power adapter willkeep warming, but body temperature of 60 degreeor under is normal." ...

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX - motherboard - ATX - Socket AM3+ - AMD 990FX 07/05/2012

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX - motherboard - ATX - Socket AM3+ - AMD 990FX An update after 6 months:6 months on and so far the system has been running without any issues. No overheating what so ever. I have been testing out Windows 8 and that is going well so far.At present I have no need to upgrade to the FX (bulldozer) range of CPUs from AMD. For what I use at present all runs without delays. Will reconsider if the Windows8 code shows benefits.Hi, I have bought this mobo (mobo is short for motherboard) just before Xmas so it has had a month or so of usage so far. I have installed Windows7 64 with 16G of Ram. I was initially intending to get an AMD FX series processor (Bulldozer) but after reading many reviews I decided upon the AMD1100T (This is a 6 Core CPU running at 3.3Ghz but can be overclocked upto 4GHz). Overclocked is term used when the CPU is made to run at a faster speed.I have added the Corsair HD60 Liquid Cooler as my PC is in a desk with moderate ventilation. A liquid cooler is an alternative to air cooler (ie a fan).My case did not have fitting holes for a a liquid cooler. I ended up modifying the case to make it fit. This was not that difficult if you have a few DIY tools. Pictures and review of the H60 Corsair liquid cooler via link below.​/home/corsair-h60I have tested with PRIME95 and at no point has the mobo gone over 40C. (Prime95 is program that executes maths code to find a prime number). This can put all the cores of the CPU at 100%.I have created a web site which has various ... 08/02/2007

5 pound voucher from Amazon, make 100 pounds free I have recently joined The reason I did this was I received a £5 from a friend who refered me as a Amazon Friend. When you actually buy something over £7.50 from Amazon your friend gets a £5 voucher back as well. So all in all it looks like a good bet. This will only work if you are new to The other thing you can do is refer friends yourself. Every time a referral is accepted and used you will get a £5 voucher to spend. You can have 20 referrals per year. This means you can get upto a £100 from amazon per year but you have to refer friends. I have found Amazon to be very competitive in their products. For example "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris is available for £1.99. Mine arrived the next day and is a good read.. If you want to join Amazon I can refer you as a friend and you will get a £5 voucher. Email me This was ages ago and is no longer the case ..... apologies for that. ...

Manikata, Malta 04/07/2006

Manikata - MALTA

Manikata, Malta Manikata - A small country village in Malta Manikata is a small typical Maltese village. The main industry of Manikata is farming. Manikata is located on a farming valley which is rich in produce. Much of the produce is harvested and sold off at framing markets. On the outskirts of Manikata there were two military camps in the 1960's. One was home to Royal Malta Artillery and the other was a British Army camp which hosted many different regiments including the Royal Marines . These army camps are no longer active. One of them has been turned into a holiday style village "Hal-Ferh" Just about a 10 minute walk is Golden Bay, one of Malta's best known beaches. AT present there is a new Hotel complex being built replacing the GOLDEN SANDS hotel which was built in the 1970's. This hotel has now been demolished and a brand new Hotel has been built. This was the setting for the queen and President Bush recent visit. Manikata has a unique styled church (st Joseph's church) which attracts many visitors. Manikata is a quite village at night, there is no nightclubs or wine-bars. In fact there are only a few shops at present. Manikata is not a tourist village. There are are places nearby to stay in if you need to. (hal ferh village and the new hotel at Golden Bay) There is a bus every hour or so from/to Valletta which can be a bit daunting but what the hell it only costs a few cents and you see the scenary. You can see a few pictures of Manikata via my web ...

Storm v power, Bowling Ball 28/04/2006

Storm v power, Bowling Ball

Storm v power, Bowling Ball Technical Specifications Coverstock: Aggressive Solid Reactive Weight Block: Inverted RAD3 Finish: 1000-grit Smooth Logos: Gyration: 2.52 Differential: 0.055 Durometer: 74-76 Track Flare: 6" plus Length: 5 Backend: 9 The X-Factor V-Power is a limited release overseas version of the X-FActor Triple Xtreme, with a Strong, Solid Reactive, coverstock. This is a very good ball for medium to heavy oiled lanes. You can adjust this ball to suit your style. I have left mine sanded to 1000 (factory finish) or you can go for the polished finish which will make the ball go longer on oily lanes. If your lanes are very dry forget this ball as it will start gripping the lane early on and you will miss your target by a fair distance. I have been using this ball at Tolworth for a few sessions now and had a fairly good outcome. The ball seems to be quite consistent and does give a good hit on the pins. Would recommend this to most people.

Whirlpool ADG7550 25/04/2006

Where are the assembly instructions?

Whirlpool ADG7550 Whirlpool ADG7550 The unit comes with a AAA ENERGY RATING. So It cannot be that bad. It has 5 programmes. 5 Programmes and 4 Wash temperatures Pre Rinse, Quickwash 40ºC, Normal 65ºC, Normal 50ºC, Intensive 70ºC The Controls are in top edge of door and are very easy to use. The unit has a Condensor drying system and seems to work very well. The cleaning side uses a shower and two spray arms. This cleans very well and our first 2 weeks of using this unit we were very happy with the results. Apparently the unit uses 16 Litres low water usage but I'm not going to argue with this. 12 Place settings…well depending on what plates you use I guess. We used to have an Electrolux before this unit and this one fails miserably with the plates …the lower is very poor design, it cannot take any deep plates at all, they have to go in the upper tray which is limited to the plate width even after you lower the upper tray totally. We have wide plates and they do not fit anywhere. These plates fitted nicelely in the old Electrolux 320. Dimensions (mm): H 820 x W 597 x D 555 The good news is that to connect this to the waterworks is a piece of cake, one pipe to the water, one to the outlet and the connect your plug, dead easy. The fun starts when you try and figure out how to assemble your integrated door. There are no instructions whatsoever, just a diagram….. I have fitted our kitchen and most things in our house but this takes the top prize as the most obnoxious thing ...

LiteOn LVW-5026 20/04/2006

The Liteon 5026 80Gb drive

LiteOn LVW-5026 I have just bought this unit from the microdirect web site. Order Total including VAT and postage = £160.32. There is a sponsored link at CIAO for that and this is the best price I could find. You will find my blog on this at web. The Liteon 5026 (80G drive) is the baby brother of the Liteon 5045 (that one has a 160G drive - so the price is different), the difference is the drive size. I will be getting a 250G drive soon and will replace the internal drive and post my the way do NOT do this as the warranty in invalidated. This unit can be firmware upgraded. Use a search engine to find how to do the Multi-region. Have read many reviews on this product before I bought, sadly none here so I will do my best once I start using it properly. English. The remote is much better than the one I had with the Sumvision, and the majority of items are menu driven. This unit has many features, one I was looking in particular was Time Shift. With the LVW-5026, you can watch the recording program from the very beginning while it is still being recorded, regardless of how far along that recording is in progress. Simply press a key and you no longer need to wait until the recording is completed. Recording will not be interrupted and viewing can be performed any time you desire! However you cannot record to HDD and play a DVD at the same time... There are 2 SCART units at the back SCART IN and SCART OUT. Also digital audio via fibre and ...

MSI RS482M4-ILD - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket 939 - Radeon Xpress 200 18/11/2005

MSI RS482M4-ILD from MSI

MSI RS482M4-ILD - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket 939 - Radeon Xpress 200 I purchased the RS482M4-ILD motherboard on 10th November 2005. The board arrived complete with a variety of cables. The board was well packaged and looks quite robust. For a review with all pictures search for MSI RS482M4-ILD review .This board is based on the RADEON 200 chipset. It includes on board Video. What you get in the box:Amongst the cables there is a SATA power cable and a SATA motherboard to disk cable. You also get 1 IDE and 1 Floppy cables. There is a Serial port via ribbon cable, TV S-Video and SPDIF connectors and 8channel sound via another cable. MSI provide software that includes a utility for checking all the updates available for your motherboard. This works well and it will inform you if your software is current or not. You can select all the updates that you want. Fitting the motherboard to your ATX case. The manual will show you pictures and procedures for fitting the CPU socket. In my case the CPU socket came pre-assembled and I did not have to do anything to it. By the way my AMD64 came with a heat sink and fan(all in one box from AMD). I was wondering about the thermal paste that is required for the CPU & heatsink(there are multiple warnings everywhere about this) and I could not find this inside the box..... once again there was no need to worry as the supplied AMD heatsink had a pad of thermal compound already applied to it ready to adhere to CPU ( I did ring suppliers and verify). Installing CPU and Heatsink was fairly routine, ...
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