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Mother Ease Reusable Nappies 28/04/2005

Mother ease, Easy for Mum ?

Mother Ease Reusable Nappies I bought these nappies for my little boy before he was born, from the Little Earthlets website. I started with 10 (the normal nappies cost £7.99 each or you can buy a stay dry nappy for £9.25, with a waterproof layer). When Dylan was born he only weighed 5lb and was way too small to wear (they was from 8lb, but I thought it was more like12lb, because they were still baggy around the legs.) so I used disposables at first, by the time Dylan was old enough to use them I was beginning to think can I be bothered with the mess ?, should I stick with disposables ?. I am so glad that I didn't !, these nappies are fab, they are costly to start with and to use full time I need 20, but I think these are fantasic, I done alot of research before buying prefolded washable nappies, because although, yes I do care about the environment and hate the idea of all those disposable nappies building up in landfill sites, I also am quite lazy (being a working Mum, I wasn't sure if I could hack it, what with the washing etc ) all I can say is that if your contimlating using washable nappies, go for it. They are so easy ! Plus unlike most other pre fold washable nappy these are one size, so once you have bought them, that's it, they will last until out of nappies. When I use them I use the flushable liners ( the luxury liners are better at £2.99 per roll as there softer and fit in the nappy better) so this just gets flushed or if your really good with the wet ones, put in the composter, then the ...

The Lowry Hotel, Manchester 11/02/2005

5 Star Lowry Luxury

The Lowry Hotel, Manchester The Lowry Hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Manchester, and Wow. The whole place is just fantastic, I went on a paid for work do and have saved up to go back twice since. The rooms start from about £180 per night for room only, and breakfast is on top, they do deals however if you ring them or go on the website. The rooms themselves are spacious and minimal furnishings, very smart, with enormous beds, and gorgous views, The whole experience is pure luxury (unless you do this kind of thing regularly, which unfortunitley for me, I don't !) As it's the only 5 star hotel, all the footballers playing at the Trafford, and any groups playing in Manchester stay here, I saw the moody Pink at the bar, and him from cold feet, shame Justin, and Kylie both stayed here when they toured. The bar serves fantastic Champagne cocktails, as a Jazz singer plays on the piano, the restaraunt is superb, and I even saw Gordon Ramsea, shooing waiters around the place. The Marco Pierre White restarant costs about £30 - £40 for a main course, but I think is what you would expect to pay in such a smart place and £10 - £15 for Starters and desserts. The staff are amazingly polite to everyone, and I couldn't fault the place at all, your a stone throw away from Manchester shops (if you have any money left to spend,) although the Trafford Centre is about 10 mins away in a taxi. If you go to the Lowry, the must do's are 1. Get breakfast brought up to your room, where the waiter will set up the table, and ...

Boots Bath Thermometer 11/02/2005

Just use your elbow ????

Boots Bath Thermometer I was bought one of these for my new baby, although it is quite cute and I still use this as one of the bath toy for my 6 month old baby. I thought it was abit of a pointless product, It was quite hard to understand, and it wasn't really clear if the water is too hot or too cold, and as it stated on the packet, you should still check the water with your elbow just in case !. Personally I would use the money on something more essential and just use your elbow in the first place. It is easy to clean and does look nice, but I thought this was a waste of money as a bath thermometer Amended Review Right here goes, apologies if this info wasn't enough, it was my first attempt at leaving a review. The product is plastic about 4 inches long, the shape of a whale, with a themometer strip in the centre, it is pretty safe and there are no bits to come off, ( I use it as a toy for Dylan) the cost was about £3.50. I found the thermomerer quite inaccurate, but it was hard to read a result from it (you had to check with your elbow to be sure.) It was purchased from Boots (see product title). Hope that this information is sufficient, there's not really much else I can say about it ! Cheers ...

Stacking rings 11/02/2005

Can't put them down !

Stacking rings Wow, my baby was bought 2 sets of these for Christmas, and he has never stopped playing with them. I think these are brilliant toys, baby is having to think and use his hands, the toy is simple so he's not distracted by noises and lights, and he seems to find something different about them everytime he plays with them. I have a plastic set (which is great in the bath !), and the lamaze fabric set, which are my favorites (and Dylans !) I even put 2 in this cot for in the morning to play with, he never get's tired of them. The Lamaze ones are 4 soft rings, in different textures, with a different noise, on a soft pole. They are also gently scented like sweets. They cost about £11. I think that the rings are so great because they will last for so long, obviously a little baby won't be able to stack them and will just play and roll about with these, but I think as he get's older he's still going to enjoy this toy. The plasic set is still good however Dylan's only 6 months old and likes to clunk himself on the head !, therefore the fabric ones are best for us. These toys have a multitude of uses, from baths to outings, to playing with on the baby walker. I think that every baby should have a set ! ...

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support 11/02/2005

Bath Support ?

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support I bought one of these when I was pregnant, and personally I think it was a bit of a waste of money. My baby didn't really like lying in it and prefererred being held by Mum or Dad, I don't think that it makes bathtime as enjoyable for baby as he's/she's not being held, and my baby didn't seem to feel safe. Although the theory is a good idea, as it give you an extra support, I didn't think this product was an essential piece of baby kit for me, however I did use this when I bathed my baby on my own, it's much harder with only one set of hands ! The material seemed quite comfortable and is easy to wash after use. ...
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