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Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Single) 19/03/2017

Good music & good message form Just The Way You Are

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Single) Just The Way Aou Are is a song with the pop genre sung by Bruno Mars. The song was released in 2010 and is also the lead single from the album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. This song directly ruled the billboard hot 100. This song is very pleasant to listen to. With the accompaniment of music that can be said to be relaxed, the song is certainly convenient to entertain ourselves. Video clips are displayed also interesting and creative. Just use two actors alone, was able to make songs and her music is not bored. Regarding the meaning of the song Just The Way You Are, this song tells of viewpoints from man to woman he likes. There is a trite phrase in the lyrics of this song. Like " Oh, her eyes, her eyes Make the stars look like they're not shinin ' ", the eyes of the women he likes to shine, beating even the light of the stars. That sounds very trite, but it's not unusual for someone who has fallen in love. Will certainly make people who we like better than others. The lyrics are full of praise of the man to the woman he likes. But she does not realize it. The women do not feel confident. He was worried about what other people. So this song terdaat message to be grateful for whatever we have included our appearance. Keep being yourself. No need to lie to ourselve.

Withings Go 19/03/2017

Simple Healt with Withings Go

Withings Go Withings Go a very functional tool as smartwatch but its use, Withings Go used for sport. This tool is a kind of personal assistant we are for the benefit of the sport. Withings Go designed with simple. So we will not be disturbed by this tool when exercising. Although the design is very minimalist, Withings Go able to provide fitness information properly in accordance with our needs. Information that can be delivered among others to monitor sleep patterns, counting the number of footsteps, mileage, up to calories burned while exercising. This tool also can be used while swimming even at a depth of 50 meters. Withings Go can be used in various ways according to our convenience. This tool can be put on a belt, made necklaces, and can also be used as a bracelet. Screens used in these tools is the E-Ink Screen. The screen is a screen energy efficient, thus saving battery usage. Withings Go also powered with a battery with long durability, ie 8 months by using only one piece of button cells, so that the tool is very light. Withings Go we can also connect with a smartphone. Withings go past been available since 2016. This tool can we get from the official website of Withigns Go. The price of Withings Go is about $50.

Samsung Gear 360 11/03/2017

Eyes Of The World

Samsung Gear 360 One of the new global trend today is 360 video. This video can show everything that is around. One of the devices that can do that is Samsung gear 360. Samsung gear 360 can help us to make a video that is able to look in all directions. Here is my opinion about Samsung Gear 360 Design Design of Samsung Sear 360 is very unique and interesting. Round with a white color similar to the eyeball. Its size is smaller than a tennis ball so it is very fitting to the size of the palm of the hand. With a light weight, samsung can be easy to carry anywhere. Camera There are two cameras owned by Samsung Gear 360. The camera-to-back and have the ability to see through an angle of 180 degrees. Both of these cameras have a resolution of 15 megapixels and comes with a fisheye lens types. With the quality of the camera, we can create videos with very good quality. Other features Samsung Gear 360 is a waterproof device. So, if we want to take underwater footage, Samsung gear 360 will still be used. In addition, there is a standard tripod that has been provided by the Samsung. But with a very small size, this could be our tripod with others who can better help us in the process of shooting. This device also we can implement using drones. For the price of Samsung Gear 360 can be fairly expensive, ie USD 360. But at that price, I think it can be treated with a variety of features that have been given. I guess it's just my opinion about Samsung Gear 360. Thanks
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