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Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age 22/03/2017

A spectacular,

Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age [i]Rated R[/i] is the second album from rock band Queens of the Stone Age, released in 2000. Prior to this album, the band hadn't received a great deal of mainstream success with their eponymous debut. Essentially, this album would greatly help the band achieve heavy popularity due to their three hit singles: "Lost Art of Keeping a Secret", "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer", and "Monsters in the Parasol." [i]Rated R[/i] stands as an incredible album from start to finish. Most, if not all the lyrical themes on this album relate to the use of drugs, alcohol, and other shady experiences. "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" is a perfect way to open up this album; with a catchy repeated lyric of "Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol", it makes for a simple yet effective foot-tapper. In a way, this song sets the scene for what is to come. "Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" is another highlight. Musically, the song is quite simple in its execution, but it is undeniably catchy with its fluid guitar riff and intermittent chimes heard in the background. "Leg of Lamb" has more of an art-rock gist to it, with a ringing guitar riff over top of a main riff. "Better Living Through Chemistry" is definitely one of the greatest songs displayed here, though; starting off with a meditative, icy guitar riff, the song graciously flows at its own pace. The interlude is simply amazing, though, and quite possibly one of the best bridges/interludes the band has ever produced. "Quick and To ...
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