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Sorcerer's Apprentice , The (DVD) 16/08/2010

Good for kids

Prince Of Persia - The Sands Of Time (DVD) 22/05/2010

Time is ticking away, or is it?

Furry Vengeance (DVD) 17/05/2010

The animals are taking over

Avatar(DVD) 21/04/2010

Over Hyped and Over Priced

Bella Italia Manchester Arndale, Manchester 19/01/2010

Couldn't ask for more

Planet 51 (DVD) 21/12/2009

What on Earth! Oh we're not on Earth

Planet 51 (DVD) Deciding against the panto this year, we decided to go to the cinema, but unfortunately there are no big blockbuster films suitable for kids on at the moment, so we decided on Planet 51. Synopsis Lem has just landed a new job, he’s just found out that the girl next door (who he’s had a thing about for years) likes him, and he’s doing great at college. Life couldn’t be better, well except for the hippy Glar, who is also interested in Neera. It’s a lovely afternoon, the food is cooking on the barbie and everyone is having fun, for all intents and purposes it’s a great day on 1950’s Earth. However this isn’t Earth, it’s Planet 51, Lem and his family and friends are little green men (and women). Lem’s life is about to get complicated though, as Captain Charles T. Baker (Chuck) an Earth astronaut lands in his backyard, a proceeds to destroy (through no fault of his own) every part of Lem’s life. Down at Area 9 (forget you’ve heard that), Rover comes back to life as Chuck’s ship comes into range. Rover is an AI probe (who has a thing for rocks) who’s programming tells him to seek out Chuck. With the help of his best friend Skiff, and neighbour Eckle, can Lem get Chuck and Rover back to their ship, before General Grawl and Professor Kribble find them and dissect them. Voice Cast • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker • Jessica Biel as Neera • Justin Long as Lem and Rover (vocal effects) • Seann William Scott as Skiff • Gary Oldman as General ...

Tinker Bell (DVD) 07/12/2009

Talking Tink

Deck The Halls (DVD) 01/12/2009

You'll want to deck the producer after watching this

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button , The(DVD) 28/11/2009

Button it!

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button , The(DVD) The film begins in a hospital with Caroline and her mother, her mother is dying with only a few hours to live. She suddenly tells Caroline the tale of Mr Gateux (or Mr Cake) and his train station clock, the clock runs backward, and this prompts Caroline's mother to ask Caroline to read from a diary she has in her suitcase. The diary has been written by a man Caroline doesn't know, and is the story of his life, it was written by Benjamin Button. Benjamin was born on the night that World War I ended; whilst everyone else is celebrating Benjamin's father is rushing home to his wife. He gets home to find the priest has already been called and the doctor informs him that she will die shortly. He rushes to his wife's side, and with her last few breathes she asks him to make sure 'there will always be a place for him', her husband agrees, but within seconds of seeing the boy his promise is forgotten. The sight of his son horrifies him so much that he rushes to the river to drown him, but is interrupted by a night watchman. Instead he runs until he comes across an old people’s home, and leaves the child on the step and places a few dollars inside the blanket. Queenie is in charge of the home and soon discovers the baby on the steps, she's initially repulsed by the sight of the baby, but it only takes a few seconds for her to redeem her composure. She asks the doctor go take a look at the baby, he informs her that he's suffering from diseases normally associated with the elderly, ...

Cross Country - James Patterson 23/11/2009

I prefer netball to Cross Country

Miracle On 34th Street (DVD) 23/11/2009

Santa's a thug

Miracle On 34th Street (DVD) After seeing goodness knows how many comments on Facebook about Christmas trees going up already, I thought it was time to try and get into the Christmas spirit, so we rented Miracle on 34th Street, a Christmas film that I’d never actually got round to watching before, but had heard lots of good things about. Synopsis Cole’s department store is in trouble, it has just warded off one attempted buy out, but the claws are out from their opposition, and they’re determined to do whatever they can to own that shop. At the same time as the news of the failed buy out hits the papers, Dorey Walker is organising Cole’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Unfortunately for Doris, her Santa is a drunk and as far from the image of Santa as you could get. But as luck would have it, an old man who goes by the name of Kriss Kringle just happens to be passing, and bare and uncanny resemblance to Santa, Doris randomly approaches him in the middle of the park as he’s leaving the parade area, and offers him the job, which he accepts. Kriss makes a good impression at the store, and on Dorey’s daughter Sarah, although Doris has told Sarah the truth about Santa, so she’s reluctant to believe he’s the real deal. In order to test him out, she tells him that for Christmas she wants a proper family, mum, dad and baby brother, and if he doesn’t deliver then it’s proof that he’s not real. If that wasn’t enough for Kriss to deal, Cole’s rivals are cheesed off with the success Coles are achieving, ...

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief 20/11/2009

Pro relief? No relief

Yes Man (DVD) 15/11/2009

Say no to this Yes Man

Asda Cumberland Sausages 13/11/2009

They're anything but Cumberland

Night At The Museum 2 - Escape From The Smithsonian (DVD) 12/11/2009

They should have stopped at #1

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