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HP iPAQ Pocket PC Rz1710 30/06/2006

Must read - HP iPAQ Pocket PC Rz1710 explained

HP iPAQ Pocket PC Rz1710 This award-winning PDA or Palm top computer has a solid combination of productivity and small form factor. Hosting a SDIO slot, it is capable supporting SD/MMC standard type memory cards meaning you can use the memory card to hold up to 2GB of data, more then enough for hundreds of documents. You will always be on top of scheldule with the handy and well designed 'to-do' list and ensuring that the device is not just for work purposes, the device quite cleverly stores and plays music, videos and photos. For the more chatty amongst us, the HP iPAQ also comes with MSN Messanger. At 70 x 13.4 x 114 mm and weighing only 120 grams, its thin and light enough to slip into the inside of a suit pocket quite comfortably. It features IrDA so if you have PC or Laptop which features IR, which a lot of laptops do, then transferring files suddenly becomes a lot easier. Unfortunatly, being so small, it lacks intergrated bluetooth and Wi-fi but the SDIO slot enables extended capabilities such as LAN cards, Bluetooth cards and GPS solutions, meaning this device can be compatible with all types of wireless communications. Another handy thing about the SDIO expansion slot is it can be used to attach a 1.3 megapixel camera to the PDA, making it another thing the HP iPAQ can do. Featuring Windows Mobile 2003 SE, the menus and functions aren't that different from a standard PC, meaning getting use to the HP iPAQ is no problem at all. However, if you do manage to come across a problem, the ...

Nymphetamine (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Cradle of Filth 29/06/2006

Another stunner.

Nymphetamine (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth has been going since 1991 they orginally formed in Suffolk, England. Having already had many very sucessful albums under their belt, they are back with a new sound. Cradle Of Filth has done it again with a fantastically named, 'Nymphetamine' (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women). Having already reached millions of fans with their previous albums 'Lovecraft and witchhearts' and 'Damnanation and a day', Nymphetamine will no doubt grab thousands more fans. Almost every song on this album is unbeatable and i only hope Cradle can match or even better, top this album with their new release coming later this year entitle, Thornorgraphy. Each track has its very own uniqueness, and is noticeably different from their last track and yet, still sounding like Cradle Of Filth. There are two covers on this album called 'Mr. Crowely' and 'Devil Women'. Cradle has taken these tracks and added the Cradle touch to them, enhancing the sound. I can't describe what i feel about each track, because i would be saying the same thing for everyone. I can generally say that the album is packed full of barricading double bass drum beats, haunting keyboards, original and speedy guitar riffs and yet more penetrating singing by Dani. The lyrics are based on the old gothica ages which is clearly visable when reading the lyrics. Taken from 'Absinthe with Faust' :- 'He was a preditor, creditor cold Our blood was young on the ...

Toshiba Qosmio G20-156 28/06/2006

Qosmio G20

Toshiba Qosmio G20-156 ~~~Introuction~~~ Having been searching for a top of the range entertainment laptop which will last a very long time, i have found it at last. This is a revolutionary laptop, bringing 4 in 1 entertainment to the laptop world. It combines audio, TV, DVD and PC into one exceptional looking unit. Its huge 120gb hard drives are great when it comes to storing music and video or recording live television. It has an Ultra clear, crisp bright screen which provides the best quality viewing experiance and makes playing games feel even better. ~~~Specifications~~~ [ + ] Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology including Intel® Pentium® M processor 740, Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection and Intel® 915PM chipset * clock speed : 1.73 GHz * front side bus : 533 MHz * 2nd level cache : 2 MB [ + ] Windows® XP Media Center Edition [ + ] 120 (60 + 60) GB Hard Disk Drive [ + ] 1,024 (512 + 512) MB DDR2 RAM [ + ] 17" Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT display [ + ] DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive [ + ] NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 128 MB [ + ] Wireless LAN (802.11b/g dual-mode integrated network support) [ + ] Bluetooth [ + ] Hybrid digital (DVB-T) and analog TV tuner [ + ] 1-year international warranty ~~~Extra description~~~ The Qosmio G20 is a silver finished laptop with has 'Qosmio' engraved on the outside. The inside boasts a spectacular looking shiny black finish which will get grubby with finger marks. The standard keyboard has two speakers either side which are ...

Apple iPod MA003FB/A 60 GB 28/06/2006

Apple iPod MP3 player 60 GB

Apple iPod MA003FB/A 60 GB Apple iPod MP3 player 60 GB --------------- --------------- ---------- ~~~Introduction~~~ This is a revolutionary gadget. Before the iPod what was there in terms of MP3 players? I bet you can't name one. 'Witness the evolution of the revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then podcasts. Now iPod plays video, changing the way you experience your music and more' - iPod ~~~Specifications~~~ 60 Gb hard disc capacity White/Black Colour LCD screen 2.5 " TFT Screen 20 Battery life (Hrs) approx. Headphones supplied Belt Clip USB Cable 1 year labour warranty 1 year parts warranty LED display Capable to store audio, visual & data files Weight: 156g. Size: (H)10.4, (W)6.1, (D)1.4cm. ~~~Description~~~ The new 60GB model is over 10 percent thinner than the fourth-generation 30GB iPod. With a 60GB hard drive this iPod has ample space for storing music and video so you can listen, and watch on the move. It's able to store 15,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 150 hours of video. The videos will be displayed on a 2.5inch, 65,000 colour LCD screen. Add an optional S-video cable to your iPod to play VJ or watch slideshows on the TV. This iPod, like all others, boasts a simple navigation system which is easily accessible at the touch of a click wheel. Simply moving your thumb around the wheel will navigate you through well set out menus to access photos, music and video and make the experience feel truly amazing. To ensure your music and video will last you ...

Siemens KG57U95 27/06/2006

Siemens KG57U95

Siemens KG57U95 Specs: Total net capacity :602 litres Door opens: Either direction Height: 183cm Width: 92cm Depth: 69cm Without power food stays frozen for: 5 hours Energy rating: B Average annual energy consumption: 770kWh This is a great sized fridge freezer which makes any standard sized fridge freezers look small. You can store huge amounts in either compartments and the 'frost free' system in the freezer is great. It means no defrosting! It has an ice dispenser on the front which will also dispense water at the touch of a button. The ice depsenser can also crush the ice it you need. There are 3 drawers in the fridge which are used to store meat and cheese, and fruit and veg x2. Theres a little sliding switch on the front of the drawers which will raise or lower the temperature depending on the food you need to store. The fridge also has many shelve including some on the fridge door for storing milk, eggs, drinks and other items. The fridge is very well lit and the freezer also has a good lighting. It looks fantastic and is very practical. I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying one to be careful with the stainless steal on the front, it can scratch, like all stainless steal. This unit can be bought from shops such as John Lewis and even local fridge dealers. (if you have any :p) It costs from £2300 to £3000 depending where you buy it. We bought ours from a store near us in 'Bunny' for £2300 i believe. We have had the fridge for 2 and a half years now ...

LG Electronics T5100 27/06/2006

LG Electronics T5100

LG Electronics T5100 Ok, theres a nice feature to this phone which will let it down. The swivel action. It looks really nice but phones need to be durable. This isn't and the swivel action, lets be honest, doesn't really need to be there. This is a dualband phone meaning its capable of operating on two frequencies. It has a 1.2 megepixel camera which takes detailed pictures and records great videos. The phone has two displays. The one on the front, providing information such as the battery life, network connectivity and calls. The second (main) screen is of a 176 x 220 pixel resolution provding clear colour quality. Thanks to the Sound User Interface, dialing numbers and accessing phone software is easily done. Downloading games or accessing online information is easily done through the GPRS system intergrated into the phone. Althought this phone is now 2 years old, its still a good quality phone. Unfortunatly because of its age, its unable to cope with modern technological needs such as accessing emails and listening to music. Unfortuantly this phone isn't widly avalible from shops anymore although you can buy it quite cheaply off Ebay.

Sony KLV-V26A10E 27/06/2006

Sony tele

Sony KLV-V26A10E Sony KLV-V26A10E Screen and audio: Format: 16/9 Contrast: 1000:1 Luminosity (in cd/m²): 480 Response time (in ms): 8 Mono/Stereo Sound: Dolby Virtual Prologic II Speakers: 2 Connectivity: 2 SCART connectors 1 HDMI 1 NTSC 3.58,4.43 Video input 1 Component input (Y, Pb, Pr or Y, Cr, Cb) 1 S-Video input 1 RCA Audio Video input 1 RCA Audio output 1 Headphones socket Other functions: 4 modes : Zoom, Wide, Smart, 4/3 and 16/9 Automatic standby Picture in Picture This television is simply stunning to look at. You would be watching the television rather the picture on the screen! This is a HD tele that provides outstanding crisp and very detailed images that will leave you stunned at the quality. At around £1000, its quite moderatly prices for a 26inch screen. Sony is renowned for quality products and excellent customer service so there is no worries about anything going wrong. It can be bought from most television stores such as Stuart Westmoreland.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 27/06/2006

The PSP in all.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Well I couldn't wait until the release of the PSP and when it first came out, I was one of the first to get one. I can play games, watch movies, look at pictures, listen to music and go on the internet, on the move! The buttons are well set out, much like a control for the PS2, so PS2 owners would have no problem playing or using this device. The screen is incredible. The brightness is great and the crisp colours on the well set out menu look stunning. Transferring files such as music and video is easy enough done to a common PC user and even to a beginner is no problem with the very helpful manual. The games are good enough and the graphics are much like the first Playstation, which is all you would expect from such a small device. It is priced at £179.99 at Argos although they are doing great bundle deals where you can buy several games or memory sticks aswell for the same price. You can buy accessories for the PSP such as speakers, up to 2gb memory sticks and even a 4gb battery\hardrive, meaning you can store hundreds and tracks without any problem at all. Don't get me wrong, this is a great gadget, and as long as you can afford £30 for a game, buy one. The PSP comes with a demo disc, headphones, battery charger, USB cable; so you can tranfer files onto the device from your computer and a strap to keep it safe. It also comes with a 32mb memory card so you can save game data and download updates which are often provided. At the moment this is one of a kind on the market. ...

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown 27/06/2006

Excellent choice.

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown A hugely recommended book. Its a fast paced thriller that will have you reading until you've finished. Every chapter holds a new revalation in the plot. Its about an ancient, 'thought extinct', brootherhood who are 'reborn to continue their bitter vendetta against their sworn enemy, the Catholic Church'. Langdon and Victoria come together to try and stop the brootherhood from carrying out their plan but with every page, comes a new obsticle that seemingly stops them from doing this. Four cardinals are kidnapped and the Illuminati tell Langdon that they will be killed on the Alters of Science every hour until a bomb goes off that they have apparently hidden, in the Vatican. Will Langdon and Victoria be able find the cardinals before they are killed and will the Swiss guards be able to find the bomb it in time to stop it from exploding, and wiping out Vatican city? One of the first books i have read and its damn good! Its avalible from any good book store for a mere £6.99. Well worth buying. ...

Chrysler 300C 27/06/2006

Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C This car comes avalible with 3 engines. A 249bhp 3.5-litre V6 and a 340bhp 5.7-litre V8 petrol and a 218bhp 3.0-litre turbodiesel. The V8 can push you to 60 in around 7 seconds while the turbo diesel is also impressive. This car comes with a huge amount of interior space and the standard equipment is impressive. Alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, cruise control and heated leather seats with power adjustment are all included. The car is well priced although depreciation is a problem. While in cruise control mode the engine will automatically shut down 4 cylinders to reduce fuel consumption. Unfortunatly, being a big car means it feels like a big car to drive which may put some drivers off. Parking is also tricky as its difficult to see over the front and back of the car. ...
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