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Clash - Clash (The) 17/12/2005

Im in love with the Rock and Roll.Whoah.

Clash - Clash (The) When you mention great punk albums, people will probably hit you with garbage like Rancid's ...And Out Come The Wolves,NOFX's Punk in Drublic and such, stipulate, "No like 70s stuff" and you will get Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols and the Ramones Debut."Alright then,a Clash album" and you will nine times out of ten get London Calling and Combat Rock.While both of those good albums, they both fall in the shadow of the band's debut LP. When Joe Strummer,Paul Simonon,Mick Jones and Terry Chimes first started, they drew inspiration from the Sex Pistols, little did they know that they would produce an album that towers over the pistols record both lyrically and musically. The album wasn't made without it's share of troubles.Mick was still teaching Paul how to play Bass, so some of the basslines in the record were actually rumoured to be Mick, although producer Simon Humphries rubbishes this notion, and also Terry Chimes left the band before they signed to CBS.He did, however agree to play on the record, altough his credit was slightly ruined by the band tacking the name 'Tory Crimes' on him in the sleeve. The album comprises of 14 songs,some sung by Strummer, some by Jones.The fact that the two have very different and distinctive voices adds to the variety of the songs. Album opener Janie Jones is a Mick Jones classic,a simple tale of a working class Londoner, starts out just a drumbeat,one guitar kicks in,Strummer's singing begins,other ...

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge (DVD) 17/12/2005

Freddy should take revenge on the makers of this

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge (DVD) Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot. When the original Nightmare on Elm Street proved to be such a huge success the world over, New Line Cinema naturally decided to get to work on a sequel. While I can't say if the jobs were offered to them, neither Wes Craven, the director of the original, or Heather Langenkamp, the star return. The movie was sub-titled 'Freddy's Revenge', which is something I always found fairly amusing, seeing as Freddy isn't actually taking revenge on anyone in this flick. The movie follows Jesse (Mark Patton - Anna to the Infinite Power), he and his family have just moved into Elm Street, the house once inhabited by the Thompson family. Jesse hasn't even finished setting his room up when trouble starts for him. He has been suffering Nightmares about a mysterious scarred man with knives for fingers who is constantly down in his boiler room, he quickly makes an enemy in the form of the school coach (Marshall Bell - Total Recall), and his relationship with his father (Clu Gulager - Uninvited) isnt going too well either. On the plus side, after some initial hostilities, he befriends school bad-boy come sport star Ron Grady (Robert Rusler - Weird Science) and school dream girl Lisa (Kim Myers - Hellraiser Bloodline). But his dreams are getting worse and worse. Every night he wakes up sweating, despite the air conditioning being high, and awakes from a nightmare where the scarred man tries to get him to kill ...

The Running Man (DVD) 16/12/2005

What a hot-head

The Running Man (DVD) Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot. The Running Man has always been one of my favourite Arnie movies; it is based on (but how much it follows I don't know) a Stephen King Novel. The plot is set in a future America where the country has no free speech and music and most entertainment has been censored so that it is un-threatening to the Government. To keep the people entertained, there is a worldwide smash TV show called 'The Running Man'. This is a game show in which a criminal is placed in an abandoned wasteland and has to survive the attacks of 'Stalkers' who hunt them down, it is presented by Damon Killian (Richard Dawson - a real life Game Show Host), a real nice guy to the public, but really a nasty piece of work. A man by the name of Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger - Predator) has been wrongly imprisoned for gunning down helpless civilians who were rioting for food. The government has made out that Richards shot the people down in cold blood, when the truth is; he refused to fire at all against orders. With some help from fellow inmates Laughlin (Yaphet Koto - Alien) and Weiss (Marvin J.McIntyre - Short Circuit) he mounts a jailbreak. As his friends go to join the resistance, led by Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac!) Ben leaves to meet his brother. However, when he arrives at his Brother's apartment, it turns out he has been taken away for a minor crime, and his apartment is now owned by Miss Amber ...

The Wedding Singer (DVD) 15/12/2005

You can't talk to Billy Idol like that!

The Wedding Singer (DVD) Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot. To be honest, I'm not all that big an Adam Sandler fan. I don't dislike him or his movies, I just don't seem to have seen very many. So I went into The Wedding Singer not knowing what to expect, I came out fairly satisfied. The movie is set in a small town in America in 1985, where Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler - Happy Gilmore) is a well-respected Wedding Singer. He is well liked and set to get married to his sweetheart Linda (Angela Featherstone - the S-Mart girl in the US Army of Darkness ending!). At the last wedding before he his, he meets a new waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore - Charlie's Angels), the two hit it off right away, and Julia makes him promise to sing at her wedding. However, at his wedding, he is stood up by Linda, who later tells him she isn't in love with him anymore. Going into depression, Robbie stays in bed for the next few days, before going back to work and ruining the first wedding he sings at. Then we get to meet Julia's fiancée Glenn Gulia (Mathew Glave - Rock Star), a seller of bonds in the city. Robbie finds out that Glenn is cheating on her, but doesn't tell her because he doesn't want to spoil her happiness, but Julia is slowly falling out of love with Glenn and in with Robbie, however, when she comes to tell him this, she finds Linda, claiming to be his fiancée. Heartbroken, she tells Glenn to book a flight to Las Vegas so they can get married. However, ...

Get Born - Jet 14/12/2005

Jet: Get Back and write some more decent songs

Get Born - Jet Straight off the bat, I'll be completely honest with everyone: I don't know why I have this album. I recall at least 2 of my friends saying they like the band, but at least 2 of my friends actually class U2 as relevant, I rarely listen to my friends about music. Maybe it was the fact that I thought Are You Gonna Be My Girl sounded pretty good while drunk, maybe it was the fact the guitarist was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt in the video, who knows, but anyway, own this album I do, however I can honestly say the amount of times I had listened to it at any length before I decided to pick it up for reviewing here could be counted on one hand. For those who don't know, or simply didn't care enough to find out, Jet are a group that actually bear much resemblance to AC/DC, on paper anyway. Both hail from Australia, yet at least one member actually claims to have family roots here in Scotland, both have members that wear leather jackets, and both play lyrically light blues inspired-rock and roll. Comprising of guitarist/vocalist Cameron Muncey,vocalist/guitarist Nic Cester, his brother Chris on the drums and Mark Wilson on the bass, the group made waves in the UK with the aforementioned hit single after it was used in a Vodafone advert, and arrived just in time to coincide with the entire garage rock revival, despite the fact that they bear little resemblance to bands like The Libertines or The Strokes, they were young, wore leather jackets and played guitars, so into that ...

Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox) 14/12/2005

Combat just evolved into gaming greatness

Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox) While I am fully aware that the last thing the world needs is another Halo review, especially one that isn't anything dramatically different from the other ones out there in content, I feel like writing about what has become one of my favourite games in a relatively short amount of time when compared to the others that make up that list. In case you don't know, Halo is a First-Person-Shooter, or FPS, in the vein of games like Doom and Quake, this means that you see the game through the eyes of the character you are playing as, with only the weapon you have equipped visible. Where Halo stood out from other such titles was that it allowed players to commandeer a variety of vehicles , including a Tank and a Jeep as well as Alien transport, and cruise about levels in them. When in control of these, the view changes so you can see the whole of the vehicle on the screen. The game's story is set far into the future, where Earth has colonised several planets, and these colony forces are at war with a race of Aliens known as the Covenant. As the covenant are attacking an important part of the Colony's fleet, the Pillar of Autumn, the Master Chief, the king hard as nails space marine, is awoken from cryogenic sleep to help take a greatly important computer 'construct' off the ship and away from Covenant forces, the only problem is that the pillar just had to take a blind leap through space, and lands on a strange ring shaped world surrounding a planet. As the master chief ...

No More Heroes (Digitally Remastered/Parental Advisory) [PA] - Stranglers (The) 13/12/2005

Got anything to say?no?well shut up

No More Heroes (Digitally Remastered/Parental Advisory) [PA] - Stranglers (The) The sophomore slump affects many a band, as they dwell over how to follow up their debut record. In 1977, The Stranglers found a way around this, by making an album out of the songs left over from the sessions of their excellent debut Rattus Norvegicus, and recording some new material to pad it out. It should be noted that this sequel, No More Heroes would be released only a matter of months after Rattus Norvegicus, not giving fans a chance to really grasp breath to criticise. Not much had changed with the band between the release of this record and the one prior, mainly due to the lack of time for a change. The debut had done respectably in the charts, so EMI wanted them to have a second record on the shelves ASAP before what they saw as the passing fad of punk had gone. This album divides a lot of the group's fans, with some feeling it's the group's best album, and others taking a slightly more subdued stance towards it. I've never actually read a serious critical ripping of it, but that doesn't necessarily mean much, I've heard a good few albums that recieve nothing but praise, yet fail to do anything for my ears. Strangely, despite the fact it is one of the better known albums by the band, I found it quite tough to track down, but when I did it was actually the cheapest Stranglers album I own, and I own all ten of the band, that is the proper Stranglers, studio albums. The Stranglers were a four piece based in London at this point, consisting of ...

Spider-Man (Xbox) 11/12/2005

Great fun.While it lasts

Spider-Man (Xbox) Spiderman is based on the 2002 movie starring Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe. It is also a bit of a spin-off of the Spider Man game based on the hugely popular Marvel Comics that was released on the PlayStation and the Dreamcast about a year previously. The game does not really follow the movie's story much at all, and tries to focus more on Spiderman's adventures that took place off-camera. This means that not only will you have to take on the movie version of the Green Goblin, but also revamped versions of other comic villains such as the Scorpion, The Vulture, The Shocker, and in Xbox only levels, Kraven the Hunter. The game is an adventure game, in which you view Spidey from a third-person point of view. There are levels in which you will be swinging amongst the tops of Skyscrapers, and ones where you will have to scrap it out in buildings. Graphically the game is pretty good, with the character models being created very well and both the city settings and the insides of buildings being created very well in terms of looks. Spidey and the Goblin look exactly like they do in the movie, and the building's windows all have great reflections, not to mention the fact you can see all the traffic below. The animation on the character models is also impressive. Spidey flips and jumps about flawlessly. I wouldn't go as far as to say this was one of the best looking Xbox games, but it sure gives it a try. The sound in the game is pretty good as well. ...

London Calling - Clash (The) 10/12/2005

Put London's call on hold

London Calling - Clash (The) London Calling has been called a number of things over the years. The best Clash album, the best punk album, the best album of the 80s, the best album of the 70s (it was released in the UK the last week of 1979, the USA in the first week of 1980) are the ones that stick out most. Personally I wouldn't say it was any of the above. Up until recently, I would have automatically lashed out five stars for it. Up until I copied it to Minidisc. You see, my sister's minidisk player only marks a new track automatically when there is a pause of 2 seconds, meaning you usually have to sit through a whole album manually marking tracks. This means actually sitting listening to it. A similar experience changed my views of the Clash's fifth and penultimate effort, Combat Rock. 1.London Calling - the album starts of brilliantly, the title track is reminiscent of the bands earlier, harder work, and the lyrics tell a tale of post apocalypse London. Definitely one of the best tracks on the record. 2.Brand New Cadillac - This cover of the old classic keeps up the pace of the opener, and is another fave of mine. I can't help but love the way Strummer sings "Jesus Christ! Where did you get that Cadillac!" 3.Jimmy Jazz - the pace is brought to slower than slow with this track. It's a nice, easygoing track, not one of the best songs on the record, but still works well none the less. 4.Hateful - the pace picks up again with this song, about life as a junkie, from a ...

Godzilla (DVD) 09/12/2005

Godzilla Vs. Ferris Bueller

Godzilla (DVD) Plot Details: This opinion reveals everything about the movie's plot. Do you remember the day you realised that sometimes the world can be a really, really crappy place full of really, really stupid people? I do, and in this review, I'm going to talk about it. Sometimes it's tough being a fan of Godzilla movies, they are the butt of literally hundreds of jokes, some of which are deserved, but while the first movie was the only real classic, throughout the 20+ entries into the series there are some very entertaining movies that never really got the chance they deserved at worldwide popularity due to the stigma that surrounds Japanese monster movies. While Toho, the company behind Godzilla, near enough always played a part in the downfall of their own movies, often managing to do something to slightly ruin what was heading for being a good movie, the biggest problem came from convincing critics that the films could be taken seriously. Now I realise that a lot of people will probably laugh at that statement, the fact that such people can take the Lord of the Rings movies (and those absolutely hilarious Treebeards) serious looks like double standards to me. In many ways, the entire genre of the 'Kaiju Eiga', thats Monster Movie from Japan, can be compared to what the genre of comic book movies was once like. Thanks to Bryan Singer's X-Men and it's sequel, comic book movies are now a serious force at the box office, and there have been some real quality ones. Back in ...

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (Live Recording) - Green Day 08/12/2005

1,039 hours? ha, this is lucky to get 2 minutes

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (Live Recording) - Green Day I remember at the eve of me going to high school, my sister gave me a little speach. As I was entering my first year there, she was entering her final one, she gave me a rundown of basically an entire high-school life in a nutshell, the part that always stuck with me was about third and fourth year. "you will become an a**e, it's unavoidable, it happens to us all. If there is one period in your life that you will look back upon and regret acting like you did the most, it will be one of those two years. When you get older, don't judge yourself too harshly on what you did in those days, you were an a**e" some of that is quoted exactly, some un-accented and some shortened to give you the general gist of things. So what is the purpose of this rant? the answer is simple, in third and fourth year, I liked Green Day. Released in 1991, 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours isn't an album as such, it's an album with two EP's attached. The band's full length debut was 39 Smooth, and also lobbed on are the 1000 Hours and Slappy EPs, not that you would notice if you hadn't been told. I recall getting this album for Christmas one year, after hunting it down stressfully myself for my mum to buy off me to keep for Dec 25, which was at the time only a week or so away. It cost around £15, which is the second highest sum I ever payed for a Green Day album, with only live album Foot in Mouth costing more. At the time, Green Day consisted of guitarist/singer Billie Joe Armstrong, bass ...

Fantastic Four 07/12/2005

Insert "quality-joke"-Four comment here

Fantastic Four Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot. I have to admit that I didn't go into Fantastic Four with very high expectations. Out of it's 5 main stars, I could only really consider myself to be a fan, in some light, of at best 2 of them, I had never been all that avid a fan of the comics, and the fact that the iconic villain Dr. Doom was having his origin screwed around with really wasn't sitting well in my head, but the promise of Jessica Alba in a skintight outfit on a boring day inspired me to venture into the cinema, praying that it would at least be better than Daredevil. For those who are unaware of the origins of Marvel Comics longest running superhero team, they were a 4 man group of astronauts lead by Scientist Reed Richards, his girlfriend Sue Storm, her younger brother Johnny and pilot Ben Grimm. They group was exposed to some form of mysterious cosmic energy that caused mutations in their genetic structure, granting them super-powers, which they vow to use to fight for justice. Reed's body is transformed into a rubber-like substance that allows him to stretch all parts of his body to great lengths, Sue can turn invisible, as well as being able to generate mysterious force-fields, Johnny can turn his body into flame and fly and Ben has his skin turned into unbreakable orange stone. Dubbed 'the fantastic four', the group's main adversary is Dr.Victor Von Doom, a man of royal blood from an Easter European country who has to ...

Golden Axe (Mega Drive) 06/12/2005

Tough Slashing Classic

Golden Axe (Mega Drive) Golden Axe was one of the games released on Mega Games 2, a three in one cartridge that was packaged with the Sega Megadrive(Genesis) , along with Streets of Rage and Revenge of Shinobi, at the peak of the console's popularity.Naturally it was extremely popular.I got my Megadrive early, and never had it.So I had to put up with listening to all my friends rant about it, and sneaking the occasional go on multiplayer.That was,of course until Sega's 16 bit wonder died, and I picked the Mega Games 2 cart up for less than the price of a sandwich. Golden Axe is a Side Scrolling Fighter along similar lines to Streets of Rage and it's sequels, only while they were 'Beat' em ups, Golden Axe was a 'Slash' em up.Each character,both good and evil, was outfitted with some variety of medieval weaponry. The story is fairly simple, the evil Death Adder has taken the Royal Family Hostage,and stolen the Golden Axe.Three warriors,all with personal issues with the Adder,Ax-Battler(and yes, that is the spelling in the instruction book), the barbarian who looks like Dolph Lundgren on the front cover,he controls earth Magic.His mother was killed by Death Adder.Despite the name, he never,at any point in any of the games he appears in,wields an Axe.The beatiful Amazon Tyris Flair,who witnessed her whole family slaughtered by the tyrant,she has mastered fire magic, and Gilius Thunderhead, the axe wielding Dwarf who controls Lightning magic, who's brother met his end at Death Adder's hands ...

Veni Vidi Vicious - Hives (The) 06/12/2005

Rubbish,Rotten, Repulsive

Veni Vidi Vicious - Hives (The) Once upon a time, I was very into the whole Punk Scene, by that I refer to what is currently known as the punk scene, ala all those bands on Epitaph records and such, NOFX, know the type. Im not now, but I can still look back on some CDs purchased during this time, and semi-relate to what I was enjoying in them. One such CD I cannot is this. Because Im Mr.Finger On the Pulse (not really), I was actually alerted to Sweden's The Hives a good year or so before they became famous, and also grew to dislike them before they became famous. Don't like the Hives? My bandwagon you are jumping on. Ok, so Im sure others hated them first, but I deserve honourable mention, because I liked them for a bit before seeing the light. My first encounter with the Hives came on a VHS tape I found retailling for about 2 quid, named Punxploitation. It was basically a video compilation of the promo's for various band's on Epitaph records. I bought it basically because there was a Dwarves video, for the song Over You on it, and Pennywise were on there too. This tape lead me to buying two albums, one was this, the other I'll reveal if I ever get around to reviewing it. Anyway, the introduction came just after 'Over You' finished. The next video, featured an odd looking bunch of fellows with a squeling singer all wearing matching suits and playing gold guitars while trying to look cool or menacing or something along those lines.The song was catchy as all hell, and while I hated ...

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive) 05/12/2005

Hedgehogs in my garden arent this fast or Blue

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive) I'm sure that by now we all know the story of Sonic the Hedgehog. Created to help boost the popularity of the newly released Sega Genesis/Megadrive, The Hedgehog went beyond being just a great game, and has ended up as Sega's mascot to this day, his only real rival for the role was Alex Kidd, and the fact there hasn't been an Alex Kidd game since Sonic hit should tell you something. In 1991, all platform games were pretty slow affairs. Sure there were some excellent ones, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, but there was no speed involved, Sega put a change to that with the release of Sonic. The story for the game is very simple. An evil Scientist named Dr.Ivo Robotnik has captured all of the animals in Sonic's world and imprisoned them in his Badnik Robots. Sonic isn't happy about this one bit, so sets out to free the animals and put an end to Robotnik's nefarious plans. The game on paper sounds like your average platform title. The idea is to get from one end of the stage to the other, and on occasion taking on a Boss character. To do this you will have to defeat or outrun enemies and make leaps over deadly holes in the ground. Sonic did have slightly more to it than that though. First of all, there are the rings. Like Mario's coins, collecting 100 rings gives Sonic an extra life, but that isn't where their involvement ends, oh no, if you are hit while carrying rings, you lose your rings, but stay alive. If you are hit with no rings then you lose a life. ...
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