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reveals yourself in 100 questions... 07/10/2007


reveals yourself in 100 questions... I guess its come to the time when I decide to reveal myself in 100 questions. I am a rather normal and simple person so if you make it through the review without falling asleep, I congratulate you. The original challenge was set by "nadou" and to quote her initial review… "This is my first review in ciao uk (I have made 81 reviews in ciao France). I'm a French girl and I decided to begin the adventure of made review in English. Hope you enjoy this one which are very successful in ciao France. Its name is : Reveals yourself in 100 questions…Please, do not hesitate to correct me, I want to perfect my English. Thanks per advance." 1 - First Names: Carrie-ann 2 - Pseudo(s)? Um…well judging by previous reviews I'm guessing this means nickname and if it doesn't I'm about to make a fool of myself. Anyway: Carrie, Flo and Carrot. Please don't ask about carrot, its just something my mate called me years ago for some utterly strange reason. 3 - Girl or boy? I'm a girl, girly, women, lady, female…… I think you get the picture ^^ 4 - Towns? (Birthplace and living town) Gosh! This may be a big paragraph. Due to my dad being in the army I move around a lot. Hopefully where I live now will be my final home till I leave for Uni in about 3 years. I was born in Germany, but not very exciting - English neighbours, English hospital and English doctors. Moved to Ipswich where I picked up a brother (still begging mum to take him back), then to Hampshire, then back ...

Thorntons special toffee original 30/08/2007

T is for Thorntons Toffee

Thorntons special toffee original ♦Thorntons♦ Thorntons is a British chocolate company founded by Joseph William Thornton in 1911. Thorntons today has a £180m turnover with almost 400 shops and cafes and evens offers its own mail order service. Since being established Thornton's has become the UK's largest chocolate manufacturer. ♦Me and Thorntons♦ I had spent about 20 minutes queued up in a shop to buy a gorgeous pair of shoes only to be told that they were a different price to which I had asked of the assistant (he told me they were £15 when they were really £20.) I was gutted as I had spent so long queuing up only to leave empty handed as I didn't have enough money on me at the time. Feeling annoyed and rather angry I left the shop (which shall remain anonymous) and turning the corner I came face to face with a lovely laid out, mouth watering Thornton's shop. I hadn't lived here long and hadn't really paid much attention to this part of the shopping centre but I was glad I had found it as I needed cheering up. I looked up and down the neatly laid out shelves supporting Fudge, Toffee and Chocolate, trying not to drool! A large box of chocolates caught my eye but I didn't need cheering up that bad so I settled on a pack of Original Toffees…. ♦Location of stores♦ To find the nearest store to you visit this part of the website; There are tonnes of stores in London and other big cities such as ...

Moral Dilemmas 29/08/2007

Morally Moral

Moral Dilemmas I hope I have some morals and these questions should find out just how moral I am! Let me know what you would do different or the same. Feel free to copy the questions and put in your own answers. ★ Q----"You've just cooked dinner for your four friends, when disaster strikes and you drop the chicken on the kitchen floor. Before you can stop him, the dog dashes in and licks it, but you get it away before he can do anything else. You have nothing else to cook. Do you own up, or do you serve the chicken up for tea? You're vegetarian anyway." A--- Truthfully I would have probably served it if it had just fallen on the floor which is clean, but I would have given it a wipe. This changes if the dog licks it. I would wipe where the dog licked it and cut the piece, which he licked, off the chicken and serve it anyway as I had spent long cooking it and my guests would be hungry. I would explain to them I removed the licked piece. However, if like the question says I am vegetarian I would have therefore cooked a vegie option and would gladly share or cook more for my guests who didn't wish to eat the chicken. ★ Q---"You're in the supermarket car park, when in a momentary lapse of concentration, your shopping trolley scrapes somebody's new Mercedes down the side. Nobody appears to be looking. Do you own up?" A- The person has obviously worked hard to get a Mercedes and my lack of consentration shouldn't have to mean they pay out more to fix it. I would ...

Dove Cream Wash Liquid Soap 23/08/2007

Cleanse and Purify with Dove

Dove Cream Wash Liquid Soap Before I start my review on Dove Cream Wash Soap, I'd like to paint you a little picture. I was leaving my house dressed rather well, if I do say so myself, white handbag in one hand... and a bottle of Dove Soap in the other. No, I'm not mad and I don't usually go around with soap but I figured since I was going to my grandparents for the day I could take the soap and write the review. I suppose, looking back on it now I could have put the soap in a carrier bag and saved myself from all those weird looks and whispers as I swung my arm holding the soap, but it's done now. At least no-one can laugh; after all I'm the one with well known brand, DOVE, in my hand! ****** DOVE & HISTORY Dove provides beauty and cleansing products for a wide variety of women (and men). Dove provides these products to "real" women, who know it doesn't matter how you look and that the stereotyping of girls these days is all wrong, size and shape don't matter what matters is how you feel. Dove started in 1957, with its first product being a bar of soap clinically proven to be better for dry and sensitive skin than any other soap - over halve the women at that time had dry skin. Dove went on to bring out their "inner beauty" range and it is now their commitment to show that inner beauty matters. They show this in all their adverts, which is played on over 25 of the major channels and has been talked about in over 800 articles, from papers, magazines etc. One advert I have seen on the ...

Rats 20/08/2007

The Rat Experience

Rats About Rats. Rat can grow to be about 10cm (4in) long and the tail will be nearly the same length again. They have four toes on teach of their front feet and five on the back feet. They use their front paws to hold food. Their teeth grow all time so it is good if they can have something hard to chew on. Rats have short manageable fur which they tend to keep clean themselves. The don't make much noise, however noise can be made from running about or playing. Buying Rats. Rats are best to be brought from Pet Shops or Breeders, however, they can also be brought from rescue centres. Pet Shops: You may get deals on cages, toys and food etc when buying a rat, however, the staff may not know alot about the rats history. Also, pet store rats may not have been handled well or even at all. Breeders: Know about the rats history and they handle the rats much more. Downsides are that you may not be able to buy the equipment from the breeder. Rats can get a bit lonely, even if you give them lots of attention so if you deicde to buy two make sure you get two sisters or two brothers. Don't get two of each if you don't want lots of little baby rats. Rescue Centres: You are giving a pet, which may never get one, a home. The rat may have been brought to the centre due to many reasons such as the owner couldnt take care of them anymore. You will feel good about giving the rat a second chance at a home, however, due to being moved around the rat may be a bit scared and may not ...

Low Fat and Diet Recipes 17/08/2007

Cook Yourself Healthy Meals

Low Fat and Diet Recipes On a diet? Watching what you eat? Or just being healthy, these are some recipes not to be missed. I have tried all of these by myself or cooking with my Mum or Nan. So, copy some of these down to make a great meal for any occasion. Or even add your own twists. *SOUP* These make great starters or even quick snacks or lunches. *Fresh Tomato Soup. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 large peeled and finely chopped onion 2 cloves of crushed garlic 450g skinned and chopped ripe tomatoes 300ml vegetable stock Salt Freshly ground black pepper Heat the oil in a saucepan and gently fry the onion and garlic. And to this the vegetable stock, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes then serve. Serves 4. *Minestrone. 1 peeled and sliced onion 1 clove of crushed garlic 1 peeled and diced turnip 1 peeled and diced carrot 1 trimmed and diced leek 1 sliced celery stick 225g skinned and chopped tomatoes 50g broken pasta 1.2 litres stock Salt Freshly ground black pepper 100g sliced runner beans ¼ small shredded cabbage Grated parmesan cheese Put the garlic, onion, turnip, carrot, leek, tomatoes, celery and pasta into a large pan. Stir in the stock and as you do add salt and pepper. Bring to boil, then lower the heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until ingredients are tender. Add cabbage and beans and cook for another 5 - 10 minutes. Serve hot with a topping of the grated parmesan cheese. Serves 5 - 6 *Mushroom and ham ...

Channel 4 - Friends 11/08/2007

Could It BE Any Better?!

Channel 4 - Friends Friends is a US sitcom which took place in New York from 1994 - 2004. The show was based on Six friends and their life’s. The show was on for Ten years and never lost its touch. It is a Channel 4 show and shown on C4 and E4. ***CHARACTER HISTORY*** Monica Geller (Courteney Cox Arquette) was a neat freak. When she was young she was fat but a comment made by her brother Ross’ best friend Chandler made her diet to proof him wrong. Monica’s best friend since school was Rachel, who turned up again and moved in with Monica. Most episodes were based in or around Monica’s Grans old apartment which she first shared with Rachel, then Joey and Chandler lived there for a day after winning a bet. When Monica and Chandler began dating they kept it secret and once everyone found out Chandler moved in with Monica and Rachel moved in with Phoebe. Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) had it all, her parents were rich and she was about to get married but once she realised she didn’t love her fiancé Barry she ran away at the wedding and began living with Monica. With the help of the Friends she got a job as a waitress and got her own independence. Rachel has a constant on/off relationship with Ross, Monica’s older brother, Ross had fancied Rachel since school. They would go out and then break up all the time. Rachel started dating Italian Paulo whilst not realising Ross loved her and by the time she realised Ross had feelings for her, Ross has a girlfriend. During sorting out Monica and ...

Rice Dream with Added Calcium 01/08/2007

Super Calcium

Rice Dream with Added Calcium I have never been a fan of milk, in fact I can't stand the stuff. I gag at the smell and feel sick watching people drink it, so no surprise that I lack Calcium. My brother on the other hand would drink gladly drink a pint of the stuff. When my mum brought Rice Dream with added Calcium I didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to it because to me its just milk. My brother tried it and said it was great, though had a sweet pleasant taste compared to the cows milk he usually drank. At the feeling of it tasting different to milk I thought I’d be brave and give it ago. Closing my eyes I picked up a small glass of the Rice Dream and poured it slowly into my mouth….. *TASTE* It tastes sweeter than your usual milk, even though it contains no added sugar. You get the same taste from it touching your lips to it sliding down your throat - one thing I found when trying cows milk before was that I got a horrible aftertaste, which is one of the reasons I wont go near the stuff. As well as Add Calcium there is Original, Vanilla and Hazelnut/Almond, although I have not tried either of these. I don’t think I will be drinking this again as I personally didn’t like it, even though the rest of the family do, but I would choose this product over any other milk I have tried. *WHY DRINK IT?* This milk is perfect if you are lactose intolerant or a vegetarian/vegan. It is Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Egg free *LOOK OF PRODUCT + CONTAINER* The container is Red, White and blue. There ...

Belgrave Hotel, Torquay 29/07/2007

Belgrave Hotel

Belgrave Hotel, Torquay Welcome to my Review of The Belgrave Hotel, Torquay. My review is going to tell you everything you need to know about the Hotel. What its like to stay there, The surroundings etc. Where? --------- The Belgrave is situated in the centre of Torquays seafront. The superb location boasts 22 miles of coastline, 18 beaches and lots of tourist attractions, which isnt surprising as the bay is Britains top resort. The Hotel is a few metres from the beach (this can be seen in the picture below) and is in perfect distance of the train station, the town centre and the Riviera Centre. How to get there? --------------- --------- Car. I usually travel by car. The hotel has its own car park so you know your car is well looked after. To get to the hotel by car you follow these directions: From London take the M4 motorway to Bristol, then the M5 to Exeter. From the Midlands and the North take the M5 from Birmingham to Exeter. From Exeter take the A380 to Newton Abbot and Torquay. Once in Torquay follow the signs to the Sea Front. Turn left and the Hotel is ¼ Mile on Left. Train. You can also travel to the hotel by train as the train station is in easy walking distane from the hotel, though, with suitcases you'd probably rather have a taxi anyway. Local and national rail links: Newton Abbot, located just to the north of Torquay, is on many major national services such as the Paddington-Penzance and frequent connections to Torquay are available from there. ...

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion 27/07/2007

Pale To Tanned in 60 Seconds

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion ***Okay, I may be exagerating in the title, but you do get a brown/tanned glow over night.*** Are you, like me, as pale as a ghost? As white as a sheet? As... okay I think you get the picture. I have never had a lovely tan to show off, i'm always the girl supporting the red-sun burn dispite covering myself head to toe in Factor 50. Even on my two-week stay in Alcudia I barely got a tan, I could only see a slight change in colour on my stomach where my bare skin had been out in the sun. Its getting to this time of year (but with the weather you wouldnt think it), where you want to go out wearing skirts and short tops, BUT you dont want to because your skin looks whiter than a piece of paper. However, now Dove has the answer. I spent all my pale years wondering what it would be like to have fake tan, but after seeing some of my friends disasters i decided against it, however, I saw from an Advert on TV Dove Summer Body Glow. Which was said to "Gradually Build Up A Light Tan". I though it was perfect as I didnt want to go dark too quickly. Price ---- Small bottles (250ml) are around £4 and Larger ones from about £6. The prices vary with different offers. I got my first bottle for about £4.99 in Boots, but my mum stole it so I got my second in a a supermarket for Buy Two for £3.99 - BARGAIN! Description of bottle ---- Pale Brown/Golden in colour. Slender shaped bottle with a flip down lid at the top. Has the Dove trademark sign (a dove) on the front so you can ...

Jokes 27/07/2007

Your Having A Giggle!

Jokes Here are some funny - and some not so funny jokes to lighten the mood. ----- One day, at a bus stop there was a girl who was wearing a skintight mini-skirt. When the bus arrived and it was her turn to get on, she realisd that her skirt was so tight she couldn't get her foot high enough to reach to step. Thinking it would give her enough slack to raise her leg, she reached back and unzipped her skirt a little. She still could not reach the step. Embarrassed, she reached back once again to unzip it a little more. Still, she couldn't reach the step. So, with her skirt zipper halfway down, she reached back and unzipped her skirt all the way. Thinking that she could get on the step now, she lifted up her leg only to realise that she still couldn't reach the step. So, seeing how embarrassed the girl was, the man standing behind her put his hands around her waist and lifted her up on to the first step of the bus. The girl turned around furiously and said, "How dare you touch my body that way, I don't even know you!" Shocked, the man says, "Well, miss, after you reached around and unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured that we were friends." ----- In a restaurant, a man asks a waiter to take a bottle of wine over to an attractive woman who's dining alone. The woman looks at the wine cooly for a second, then sends a note to the man, which says: "For me to accept this bottle of wine, your must have £1 million in the bank, a Merceded in your garage ...

BBC1 - Eastenders 26/07/2007

The True Eastend Life?

BBC1 - Eastenders Welcome to my review of one of Britain’s top soaps, Eastenders. (Edited 26/07/2007) Eastenders has been around since 1985. It was originally screened as two half-hour shows a week, but now it is on for four half-hour shows a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Sometimes, being on for an hour during big storylines. There are loads of characters which has come and gone and some being forever remembered. Here is an updated Cast list of some of Britain’s most loveable or hated families. The Beales. Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), has been in the show since the beginning. He is an Entrepreneur who'd sell his own granny if it meant he'd have more money. Ian is currently engaged to Jane Collins (Laurie Brett). They should already be married but the wedding ended with Jane leaving and them having a mud fight - not exactly a regular wedding tradition. Ian has three children, Bobby, Lucy and Peter. And a half-brother who is the son of his sworn enemy. Until Ian met Jane, his love life was a disaster. Three failed Marriages and a string of unsuccessful relationships. Lets just hope things can only get better. But, this is a soap so not really any chance of that, is there? Well, infact Ian and Jane did finally make it down the Aisle - but it was a close one. The Brannings. Some old and new characters. Dot Branning, formally Dot Cotton (June Brown), is one of the first ever cast. She is a very religious woman who see's the best in everyone. You will usually ...

Do animals have rights? 25/07/2007

Do They?

Do animals have rights? In my review of whether or not Animals should have Rights, I will be comparing the views of Christians and Muslims, by looking at the Bible and Qur’an. The points I make in this review are things I have noted on in my RE lessons at school. I will discuss the rights Animals may or may not have and the reason why people argue of whether they should have these rights. Some people may choose to be vegetarian, this is where they don't eat meat. People choose to become vegetarian for different reasons such as; They think eating living creatures is wrong, they think its wrong to kill animals, Animals have feelings like humans or their religion forbids it. Vegetarians and vegans think animals should have the right to live. Christianity and Islamic teachings tell us how to treat animals. Christians believe that God is superior over all, then humans, the animals so that means humans are a higher species then animals and if there were experiments which were going to help humans they would be okay with it, so long as the animal didn’t suffer for no reason. Christians also believe that animals should be treated with kindness so if the experiment was cruel to the animal they would be against it and also, if the experiment was for non-medical reasons, such as make-up. Both Muslims and Christians believe that animals shouldn't be killed for pleasure, so they may be against experiments if the risk of the animal dying was high and if the experiment was not going to benefit ...

Top 10 Children's TV Shows 16/07/2007

14 years of my Life, summed up in 10 Shows

Top 10 Children's TV Shows This is a review of my Top Ten kid’s programmes on television from the day I was born to the present date. This review is written by the kids for the kids! I've never really been into the whole Cartoon Network scene, my favourite kid’s channels are Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel and, if you count it as a kids channel, ABC1. In no particular order, these are the shows which get me out of bed in the morning. 1. 8 Simple Rules. This is one of my favourite ever programmes. It is about the Hennessey family. Cate, the mother, started as a hard working nurse in the programme but in more recent episodes she has a job as the school nurse at her three teenage children's school. Paul is, or should I say was, the father. He was one of my favourite characters until actor John Ritter's tragic sudden death which was written into the show very well. The episode of his death was very well written and highly emotional. I don't really cry at events in TV, but because of the great storyline and the actors superb handling of the death my eyes became full of tears. Bridget is your average pretty dumb blonde. She gets all the guys and invites to all the parties to her sister Kerry's displeasure. She knows she has good looks and uses them to get through everyday life. Kerry, on the other hand, is the moody "my life is unfair" middle child who every forgets about. She hates how Bridget gets by on her looks and thinks that just because she has Red hair doesn’t make her any ...

HP Deskjet 610c 15/07/2007


HP Deskjet 610c I didn't really have much use for a printer so when we brought the computer we sold the printer which came with it. When I started getting more homework at school thats when we decided to purchase one. Printers can be very expencive and they range it price, which is rather strange because really they all do the same thing. We purchased the Hp Deskjet 610C because it seemed easy to understand and upload and the price was very good. All you need to do to upload the printer is to put in the CD and install it easily with easy to follow instructions. The quality of printing text is very high, although, the quality of the picture colour may not be 100% the pictures still print visibly and clearly. The printer has a two-cartridge system. One black and one colour cartridge can easily be changed by lifting up the front lid/cover. Printer Description. The printer is grey, with its name printed in the top left and two buttons on the right. The printed takes up quite a bit of space, due to the paper tray coming out the front. Disadvantages. 1. To Print photo's is difficult due to the colour quality, so you may need to purchase another photo ink Cartridge. 2. Price of cartridges are around £20. 3. Large Size I would recomend this printer if you needed an ordinary printer just to print letters and homework etc. ...
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