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since 31/05/2007


reveals yourself in 100 questions... 07/10/2007


Thorntons special toffee original 30/08/2007

T is for Thorntons Toffee

Moral Dilemmas 29/08/2007

Morally Moral

Dove Cream Wash Liquid Soap 23/08/2007

Cleanse and Purify with Dove

Rats 20/08/2007

The Rat Experience

Low Fat and Diet Recipes 17/08/2007

Cook Yourself Healthy Meals

Channel 4 - Friends 11/08/2007

Could It BE Any Better?!

Channel 4 - Friends Friends is a US sitcom which took place in New York from 1994 - 2004. The show was based on Six friends and their life’s. The show was on for Ten years and never lost its touch. It is a Channel 4 show and shown on C4 and E4. ***CHARACTER HISTORY*** Monica Geller (Courteney Cox Arquette) was a neat freak. When she was young she was fat but a comment made by her brother Ross’ best friend Chandler made her diet to proof him wrong. Monica’s best friend since school was Rachel, who turned up again and moved in with Monica. Most episodes were based in or around Monica’s Grans old apartment which she first shared with Rachel, then Joey and Chandler lived there for a day after winning a bet. When Monica and Chandler began dating they kept it secret and once everyone found out Chandler moved in with Monica and Rachel moved in with Phoebe. Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) had it all, her parents were rich and she was about to get married but once she realised she didn’t love her fiancé Barry she ran away at the wedding and began living with Monica. With the help of the Friends she got a job as a waitress and got her own independence. Rachel has a constant on/off relationship with Ross, Monica’s older brother, Ross had fancied Rachel since school. They would go out and then break up all the time. Rachel started dating Italian Paulo whilst not realising Ross loved her and by the time she realised Ross had feelings for her, Ross has a girlfriend. During sorting out Monica and ...

Rice Dream with Added Calcium 01/08/2007

Super Calcium

Belgrave Hotel, Torquay 29/07/2007

Belgrave Hotel

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion 27/07/2007

Pale To Tanned in 60 Seconds

Jokes 27/07/2007

Your Having A Giggle!

BBC1 - Eastenders 26/07/2007

The True Eastend Life?

Do animals have rights? 25/07/2007

Do They?

Top 10 Children's TV Shows 16/07/2007

14 years of my Life, summed up in 10 Shows

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