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LA Looks Body Wrap 24/08/2009

A Fantastic Body Wrap - Must Have!

LA Looks Body Wrap I have tried LA Looks, but not found it to be as good a Guam (lacote) body wraps. I have been using this product for years now - I have lost a lot of weight (4st) and have been using it during my weight loss on my thighs and tummy (I used the tummy formula as well just for the stomach area - it shrinks and tones up the skin welll) and have to say it did its job. I have hardly any saggy skin, my legs are smooth, my bum is very nice and firm, i got rid of cellulite. It works miracles combined with excercising and diet, but it has to be used continously to sustain the effect - now I use it twice a week with the after-treatment finishing cream. One tip though - fat and junk food will make your cellulite much worse so if you want to invest in your body I suggest make amendments in the diet too. But this products is AMAZING.

Citizen Eco-Drive 01/04/2009

Delighted With The Citizen Eco-Drive Calibre Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive i've recently ordered the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch for my father online and found both the product and the company i ordered from to be top class. The delivery was next day, and it was free too (which makes a nice change) and the old man really liked his present too, so all in all, a good experience. I have to recommend the company i purchased from, as i found them very helpful when i called them to find out more information about delivery, and returns policy, so thank you Mores Jewellers The watch it's self i've been told is very comfortable and feels natural when wearing, it's heavy enough due to the quality, but light enough to not get in the way. The gold remains to be as shiny today as it was when i brought the item (over 3 months ago) and the face isn't scratched, even though the watch is worn every day and not just for special occasions. ...

Hammond Land Rover Ltd, Suffolk 12/02/2009

Very Helpful Sales Service

Hammond Land Rover Ltd, Suffolk I've recently gone into Hammonds to find out about what 4x4 i should buy, as I have a large farm land and need to be able to quickly travel across both cross country, but also on the highway. It was nice to have a sales person that didn't try to sell me the most expensive vehicle in their showroom, they actually took the time to listen, and offer options. I spoke to a gentleman called Michael, who was interested in what i wanted to use the 4x4 for, and why i needed to have a certain spec vehicle, and showed me around the building pointing out the ones available that met my needs. A Very helpful young man! I still haven't purchased a vehicle yet, but when i do, i will be going back, as if they are taking time to listen before i buy anything, i think this is a dealer i would use and recommend. ...
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