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Compaq Presario 7477 (189518-034) 25/04/2003

Advice on buying from Compaq's UK Auction Site

Compaq Presario 7477 (189518-034) I had an old home built computer. 166 Pentium, I Meg Hard Disk 32Mb memory with just a CD-Rom running Windows 95 in an AT case. My son had an Elonex with a 366 Pentium 11, 6Meg Hard Disk 64Mb memory with a CD-Rom running Windows 98. It all started with the unsucessful attempt to add a CD-RW and DVD player to his machine. I had been considering upgrading my machine for over a year, but it would require a complete new start. I was also nervous about building a machine with Windows xp due to problems of incompatible or non-existent drivers. By a very roundabout route weighing up various options, including cost, which seemed to rule out a new machine I started to look at Auction Sites. Again being nervous of dealing with unknown Companies or Individuals ( although I had recently bought a Laser Printer from one of the sites ) I kept coming across Compaq and discovered they had their own Auction Site at which also carries some Hewlett Packard Equipment. I sucessfully bid for two Identical Computers and Monitors for myself and my son at a total cost for both machines of £885 ( which will reduce when I sell the old machines). The computers are Presario 6240EA and the monitors 17" S7500. Windows xp and all the drivers sorted by the manufacturer. The goods are either End of Range, Discontinued or Refurbished which is what I bid on. Refurbished means it has been delivered to a customer who for some reason returns it. The company then checks and carries ...
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