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since 12/07/2006


Compeed Cold Sore Patch 28/10/2007


Strawberry Huller 04/09/2007

The world's most useless gadget...or so I thought!

Moral Dilemmas 29/08/2007

Shame on me...

Tesco Greek Feta Cheese 26/07/2007

Tesco Greek Feta Cheese - Yuuummmmyyyy!

Dirt Devil DD109 21/07/2007

Dirt Devil Pet Patrol...what a (fallen?) angel!

Great Little Trading Co. Juice Box Holder 19/06/2007

GLTC. Juice Box Holders - So simple!

Everything that starts with V ... 11/11/2006


Rymax Family Toilet Seat 04/11/2006

One seat or two..?

Fifteen-Firsts 24/10/2006


Pudz Sticky Toffee Pudding 20/10/2006

STICKY TOFFEE PUD - Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!

Pudz Sticky Toffee Pudding After a rather stressful day of mothering, I found myself on an emergency milk sourcing trip to our local Tesco Express store. While standing in the queue clasping a four pint carton to my bosom, I looked longingly over at the dessert freezer and spied something new! I was feeling in the need for some comfort and this looked like it could fill the void!! So I stepped out of the queue and considered whether to buy one or two but in an attempt to be a little virtuous, as we are both supposed to be watching what we eat (NB: I find this a very strange phrase…surely if you watched what you ate, rather than actually ate it, you would loose weight like there was no tomorrow?!), I decided to buy one and split it with 'him-in-doors'. Obviously, you can't have sticky toffee pudding without vanilla ice cream, so I bought a (small) tub to go with it! So why did it catch my eye? Well, it was new so it stood out from the usual small selection on offer of apple crumble, toffee meringue and ice lollies. It comes in a square box (about four inches) and the image on the front is divided in to four smaller squares - one with the logo, one with 'sticky toffee pudding 210ge', one with a inviting pile of lumps of toffee and the last with an image of the pudding with a bite taken out of it. It is in a brown, white and orange colour scheme and generally looks modern and sleek. It also caught my eye as I am a total sticky toffee pudding addict! It comes frozen and is prepared using a microwave. ...

Samsonite pop-up travel cot deluxe 12/10/2006

Samsonite Pop Up Travel Cot

Fowey, Cornwall 05/09/2006

Fabulous Fowey

Innocent Smoothie 24/08/2006

Innocent Smoothie sending me straight to...HEAVEN!

Everything that starts with T ... 23/08/2006

Tag - you're it!

Superdrug Clean & Dry 08/08/2006

New and improved - I think not!

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