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The Money Pit (DVD) 23/12/2007

Its a fixer upper!

The Money Pit (DVD) This is one of these films that i had randomly seen one night on television. Right from the start i was hooked. A young couple in love desperately looking for their affordable first home together. They come across a stunning mansion like house and snap it up at an extremely cheap price. Unfortunately once they move in everything begins to go wrong. Anything you could possibly think of, i can assure you it happens. From the wiring causing fires, baths collapsing through the floorboards and the grand staircase falling down. This is certainly one comedy, that i can assure you, will definately keep you entertained. As soon as i saw it, i had to hunt it down, run out and purchase it on dvd. Its definately one to have in your dvd collection.

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) 15/11/2007

Fantastic fun for all the family!

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) I found myself the owner of this game after randomly deciding to purchase a PS2 recently. It came as part of the console pack and i have to say i love it! Its fantastic to play, espec when you have had a few drinks. I have played it after drinking with my parents and i have also played against my boyfriend - and i have to say i am still the undefeated champion. To be honest no matter how much knowledge you have on any of the subjects i guarantee that this will ensure that you have an absolutely fantastic fun filled night (We were kept playing for hours on end) It will really brighten up any possible boring festive gatherings! Go on, you will be glad you decided to buy it!
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