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Emerge Energy Drink 14/09/2009

Emerge Yourself !

Emerge Energy Drink ! Emerge Yourself ! Introduction --------------- - Emerge is a cheap alternative to Red Bull energy drinks and tastes almost exactly the same. I always have a few in my fridge and would always choose it over Red Bull simply due to the difference in price. Emerge is sold mainly in Asda but I have also heard it being for sale in Tesco. I am going to write a brief but accurate review here on Emerge and let you decide if you will buy it in the future. The Taste ------------- Let's get right into it, the taste. Let's be honest you wouldn't buy this if it tasted horrible and thankfully, it doesn't. Considering it is so cheap when I first went to try it I really thought it would be disgusting. I also thought it would be extremely gassy (which is to an extent true) but if I am being honest, there is not too much of a change in taste of this compared to a Red Bull. It's quite a hard taste to describe and to know for sure what it's like you really do have to try it for yourself. It is a sweet taste and also has a pungent sweet smelling scent. Funnily enough it tastes just as it smells. It is very fizzy and gassy, much gassier than Red Bull, but as far as I can tell that happens to be the only real difference between the two brands. Put it this way, if you like energy drinks like 'Red Bull', 'Red Rooster', 'Blue Charge' etc... Then chances are you will like Emerge (Your wallet will definitely prefer Emerge) So overall, Emerge is a sweet, fizzy and slightly fruit flavoured energy ...

Relapse (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem 17/07/2009

I Think I'm Having A Relapse

Relapse (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem Introduction --------------- Well, Here I go again, back after a long break from my review writings. The reason for me not having done any reviews lately is due to many things happening in my life which explains why I have been away so long :( These things included; finishing my exams and school, going to my school prom, having many driving lessons, passing my driving test (with only 1 driving fault I might add :D) going to various parties and night's out to celebrate both finishing of school, exams and the passing of my driving test. There are more things but I'm sure me telling you that will only bore you. Anyway, I'm back to write another review. And this review is on Eminem's newest album titled "Relapse". This album deals with Marshall Mathers (that's Eminem's real name to those of you who didn't know) addiction with prescription drugs. This album as usual deals with Eminem's very personal thoughts and feelings and is brought out through use of his powerful, catchy and quite frankly brilliant lyrics. I must say upon first hearing of this album I wasn't very pleased by it, it just didn't sound like the Slim Shady I use to listen to. But after a few listens my views upon it changed and for the last month it is all I have been listening to. And that is the truth, I have heard it over now so many times that I know the lyrics to near enough every song, and this is the reason why I chose to review it. Now, onto the review of the album itself. Relapse, Track by Track ...

I Am Legend (DVD) 05/06/2009

Excellent In every aspect

I Am Legend (DVD) Introduction --------------- - I went into the cinema to see this film with my mates within its first week of opening. I am a huge fan of Will Smith so i was very excited to see this film. Its an excellent film that gives you a great image into what life would really be like if you were the last human alive on earth. Brief Plot ------------- Living with his dog samantha, Dr Robert Neville ( Will Smith) is trying to find a cure for the virus KV which has infected everyone in New York and throughtout the world and has turned them into blood thirsty vampires or instantly killed them. Now i know it sounds stupid the vampires bit but do not let that put you off as this film is excellent and is most defintley one of will smiths best. Will Smith's acting --------------- ----------- He plays the part so well and keeps you gripped throughout the whole film. His acting is supreme especially at the points with him and his dog Samantha. He also adds a sense of humor into the film which is a good thing cause without it it would be very depressing. No one could have played this part better other than will smith himself. My Personal Opinion --------------- -------------- I purchased the DVD as soon as it came out and managed to get the special edition dvd with the holographic box which is nice :) I think this is a great film with sublime acting and a very strong message. I know those who have read the book never enjoyed this film so much, but if you are like me and haven't read the ...

Coors 25/03/2009

Ice Cold Rocky Mountain Refreshment

Coors When The Mountains Turn Blue It's As Cold As the Rockies Introduction --------------- - Coor, that's a light tasting beer ! As some of you already may be aware I recently just turned 18 (as of Saturday the 14th March to be exact) granting me the pleasure of legally being able to purchase and consume alcohol (on top of other things) So to mark this responsibility I have decided to begin reviewing certain alcoholic beverages that I have tried, one of these being "Coors Light" The beer with the cold activated bottle/can which we know is cold when the mountains turn blue. The Taste ------------- Arguably the most important factor when it comes to buying any type of alcohol (next to cost I guess) is the taste. I mean surely you would not buy a beer if it tasted disgusting resulting in you wanting to throw up and get a new set of taste buds. Now yes I know I may not have tried many beers in the past (believe that if you want) but I can certainly say that out of the ones I have tried, Coors Light is among the best, and this is for various reasons; refreshing, crisp, unique, smooth and of course light would be the best, if not the only, ways to describe the taste of this beer. It’s not too strong, yet it also isn’t so weak that it tastes like water; Coors manages to find a happy medium between strength and delicacy within the taste. I am looking really forward to drinking Coors when the summer days are in full swing with warm weather, the sun beating down on your neck and ...

Kleenex Balsam Tissues with Calendula 22/03/2009

Look Forward To Sneezing, Achoo

Kleenex Balsam Tissues with Calendula Kleenex Balsam Tissues - Look forward to sneezing, I know I did Introduction --------------- - Since last week I have been cursed with a horrible cold (is there such a thing as a good one) which started last Saturday on my 18th Birthday, mild flu symptoms were present as well, you know the classics; migraine, fever, sweating, light headed, dizziness now and then etc.. Anyway on top of this I was coughing a lot and sneezing (Achoo) and I needed tissues constantly, thankfully my Mum came in from shopping at Asda with a box of Kleenex tissues for me, I was finally looking forward to a good sneeze. The Tissues Themselves --------------- --------------- ----- Kleenex Balsam tissues are well known for softness, and that's a great thing (I was getting sick of blowing my nose into toilet paper/kitchen wipes) On top of this softness comes a great durability factor, the tissues are strong and don't tend to rupture like others when you blow your nose into them. These tissues come with three separate sheets (3 Ply) of tissue joined together to make one, so really its tripled in terms of softness, quality and strength. I am aware there are 60 x 3 Ply tissues in this box. Now these tissues in particular come with Balsam, this is in the words of Kleenex themselves "A protective balm containing Calendula" I googled Calendula to see exactly what it is and it turns out that: "Calendula is an annual plant with angular branched stems and prominent pale green spatulate or oblanceolate ... 17/02/2009

DooYoo want to join ? I think yoodoo, dooyoo ? I must admit, i am rather impressed by dooyoo. I came to nearing the end of summer last year if I remember correctley and have been a member since, writing and rating reviews whenever I get a break to do so. Dooyoo is great for many reasons: Community - Very friendly people and vast range of opinions. Reviews - Great list of reviews, you can literally write a review on anything. Layout - very simple, easy to work through, and very easy to search through. Pay - The pay rates are great, for every review you write that is eqaul to 150 words or more = 50p, plus you get more miles (dooyoo's pay system) when people read your review. You also get if you invite people to join and they accept and write there own review. Also for every crown you get on DooYoo you get an additional bonus amount of points equal to 1500 miles (as well as a great sense of achievment) I could go on for a while about the advantages here but think you get the jist of it. I am now nearing my next £50.00 from DooYoo (I am currentley at 88,000 miles) you get various options with what you can do with your miles that you accumulate you get three options: Charitable donation a minimum of 5,000 dooyooMiles is required. Amazon vouchers a minimum of 10,000 dooyooMiles is required Cash a minimum of 50,000 dooyooMiles is required So dooyoo for me is fantastic, I can honestly say I find this site fun and addicting. I also think that the reviews on this site are very helpful when it comes to making ...

Collateral (DVD) 15/02/2009

It started like any other night - 'Collateral'

Collateral (DVD) Collateral Introduction --------------- - Collateral is directed by well known director Michael Mann who has directed many other excellent films such as: Ali, The Insider, Heat and Last of the Mohicans. I became to know of him as a director through my Dad as he has many of his films. When I heard of collateral I was eager to see it as it had great reviews and I am a fan of thrillers which this film is. Starring in collateral is Tom Cruise who plays Vincent, Jamie Foxx who plays Max and Jada Pinkett Smith who plays Annie. Plot ------ A contract killer uses a cab to carry out a series of contract hits in a single night. The cab driver is Max, who quickly learns that his passenger Vincent, is a contract killer. Max's situation then turns into a series of escape attempts and decisions. Faced with no other options, Max is forced to drive him around the city. Eventually, Max realizes that the marks are witnesses for the prosecution in a court case against a crime boss. Max must find a way to save himself and the last victim while a police detective is on Vincent's trail. However, the police believe that Max is the contract killer. Why I Chose To Review This --------------- --------------- --------- Collateral is an excellent thriller with many surprises throughout the film. I find Collateral a very interesting film and highly enjoyable at the same time and for this very reason I have decided to review it closely paying particular attention to the development of one character ...

Sony MSEX2G Memory Stick PRO-HG DUO 2048 MB 13/02/2009

Memory stick pro FANTASTIC

Sony MSEX2G Memory Stick PRO-HG DUO 2048 MB Introduction --------------- - This memory stick is fantastic, large, cheap and popular. For use with PSP, certain Sony digital cameras, certain sony ericsson phones (such as W810i) It is impressive in size at a 2GB storage which is more than enough for your save games, pictures, videos and songs for your psp, phone,cameras etc.. Aesthetics and Price --------------- ------------- Its also quite a good looking stick which comes in a range of colours, the official being blue. I had a black one before which was very easy to put into memory card slot on both PSP and Phone. Plus I have seen this card for as cheap as £4.00 !! on Ebay, thats a fantastic price for all this storage capacity. Sizes -------- These cards are much cheaper than other cards on the market due to the fact that they are simple and so popular as they fit a wide range of devices. They all come in different sizes ranging from 512MB up to 16GB. However 2 GB is usually more than enough for most people or even a 4GB card if you like having lots on your phone,psp,camera etc.. Overall View --------------- -- Overall a fantastic card, cheap price, and very compatible with many devices. Many different sizes as well as colours available. 5/5 My Summary: A well made card suitable for many, very cheap price given its size capabilities.

Wrigley's Orbit Complete Spearmint Sugarfree Gum 13/02/2009

Chew your teeth and gums to oral success

Wrigley's Orbit Complete Spearmint Sugarfree Gum Introduction --------------- - I am a chewing gum addict, literally. I always seem to be chewing gum (which may be the reason I have perfect teeth and no fillings ?) I love most kinds of chewing gum that are mint, spearmint, peppermint etc..Extra use to be my favourite but i have noticed lately there taste goes away far too quickly unlike Orbit Complete. Orbit Comlete --------------- ---- Orbit Complete is a fantastic chewing gum, it is fresh, tasty and helps clean your teeth thanks to Xylitol. Its a great thing to chew after eating or whenever during the day. Also it comes in different flavours, the three most popular being Spearmint, Peppermint and Strongmint although you also get strawberry and lemon and lime (which are both surprisingly rather fine and different) How To Purchase --------------- ---------- They can be bought in seperate packs containing 14 tabs or in packs of 3 (which is what i usulally buy them in) for a single pack in ASDA you are roughly 39p and for a 3 pack its £1.47 Overall ---------- If your a fan of chewing gum like me i recommend you to give Orbit Complete a try. Its great as its cheap and fine. Also helps protect against the build up of plaque which is great if your concious about your oral health. My Summary: A great chewing gum thats well worth a chew !! (sorry for the bad joke, gave me a chuckle)

Oreo Cookies 13/02/2009

O-Ree-O just delicious

Oreo Cookies Introduction --------------- - These biscuits seem to be everywhere now, not so long ago no one seemed to have heard of them and now, well lets just say my mates are always buying them as well as me and as for my gran, well she just loves them. Taste -------- These biscuits have a great taste that is very unique. A creamy chocolate flavour that melts in your mouth with great satisfaction that you have eagerley been waiting for. They really get your tatse buds going and are just delicious. What It Goes Well With ? --------------- --------------- ---- They are especialy fine with a cold glass of milk, or a cup of tea. I love dunking my oreos in my Tea untill they go soggy then i gobble them up, mmmmm. Just be careful if your dunking them not to leave it in soaking too long or else it will crumble off and sink to the bottom of your cup, leaving you with a chocolately mess at the bottom (this has happened so many times with me now that i am practically an expert on dunking them ) Packaging --------------- Oreos come in many different packs, u get mini oreos in tubs, normal sized oreos in a pack of 15 or multipack ones that have packs together. These are great if you are a true lover of oreo biscuits :) Where To Buy --------------- ----- They are rather cheap in price at Asda being around 89p for a standard pack however i have seen them for much dearer in other places such as Tesco and Morrisons. Overall ---------- If you love chocolate biscuits then you simply must try ...

Greatest Hits - Will Smith 13/02/2009

Will Smith, Is He A Good Rap Artist ?

Greatest Hits - Will Smith Introduction --------------- - Will Smith is excellent as an actor - fact ! But is Will Smith excellent as a rapper ? Many agree and disagree on the fact whether he is but i must say that he is great as a musician, his raps are clean as most of you know (no swearing) which is a nice change as most rappers these days have to swear in almost every song (which is getting rather boring and repetitive.) His songs in this album 'Greatest Hits' is his best from his career from year 1987 to the year that this was released being late 2002 (25th november 2002 to be exact) Greatest Hits --------------- --- A full rundown of the songs on this album are: 1. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble 2. Parents Just Don't Understand 3. A Nightmare on my Street 4. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 5. Summertime 6. Just Cruisin' 7. 1,000 Kisses feat. Jada 8. Men In Black 9. Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 10. Miami 11. Freakin' It 12. Will 2K This album for me truly is his greatest hits, I love the laid back beats that have a certain edge to them, I love the way he fills his songs with so much energy and vibe that it makes you want to jump along with it, and i also love a lot of his lyrics. The best songs on this album in my opinion are: Summertime - Excellent song, great laid back beat 1,000 kisses - Great lyrics, nice smooth playing song Men In Black - Funky song, great rhythm Gettin Jiggy Wit It - funny and full of energy Miami - laid back, chilled beat Will 2k - full of energy and fast paced Just The Two Of ... 09/02/2009

Could it be the most successful website ever ? Introduction --------------- - Wow,, what a success it is. In fact its starting to turn out to be something thats so successful it becomes unique in its own right. Almost everyone i know has heard of ebay and most of them are frequently using it to buy, sell, watch or bid on. Its pure genius as it enables you to sell stuff you have just lying around never being used online. As they say "one mans junk is another mans treasure" and this couldnt be more true on ebay. What Is Ebay --------------- --- Ebay is basically the most popular online auction site ever to have existed. Its members are immense in size, the categories avaliable to sell or buy on are vast in variety and the ease of use of the whole site make it a pure joy to use. On average i have found that there is 60,000,000 items listed on ebay at any one moment and 5000000 new items are listed daily. This gives you an idea of how big and popular ebay really is. There is always a bargain to be found on ebay whatever your looking for. Plus if your wanting to earn a little cash (or a lot depending on what you have to sell) then ebay is for you. My Personal Experience With Ebay --------------- --------------- --------------- --- I have been a member with ebay since the 21st of November 2005 and have made around 1800 pounds in total i think (its a rough estimate) i have 256 positive feedbacks from members showing they appreciate me through business we have done and i have bought and sold man, many ...

Def Jam: Fight for NY (Xbox) 09/02/2009

Fight For Control Of Hip-Hops Underworld !

Def Jam: Fight for NY (Xbox) Intro & Personal Thoughts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Def Jam Fight For NY is the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta. I never really got the chance to play Vendetta as I never got round to buying it, however when I heard of a sequel I got rather interested. The reason for my interest was because it was not your boring old beat em up game that contained rules and regulations, it was a full on, powerful gritty game in which anything goes, and by anything, I mean anything. Fight For New York was the fighting game I always wanted and for good reason. It was and still is fantastic due to the elements contained within this game = Fantastic Gameplay, Excellent Soundtrack, Gorgeous Visuals ... I could and will go on : Gameplay ~~~~~~ Im not going to lie here, Fight For New York is home to excellent gameplay that is very well played out from start to finish. You basically create your character through clever use of the opening story and join up with D-Mob and his crew to take over various locations throughout the city of New York. Locations vary from bars, clubs, venues etc.. You build up your character with the money you win from fights after successfully taking over a location. The money you win can be used to buy clothes, jewelery, different haircuts, tatoos. You can even go to the gym and build up your fighting stats there. The gameplay is well structured and the story is great. It can become repetitive though as all your doing is fighting to take over but when the fighting is as ...

Coca-Cola 09/02/2009

Coca Cola, Unique and Refreshing

Coca-Cola Advantages Of Coca Cola: The taste, the refreshing taste Disadvantages Of Coca Cola: Bad for your teeth, can be ridicuously dear in certain places, Can get addictive Introduction --------------- - Picture the scene, a warm sunny day, the sun beating down on your face, a gentle breeze blowing ever so slow, one thing is missing, a large, tall glass full of ice and coca cola. It really is the best thing to drink when its a warm day, or even a rainy day, coming to think of it coca cola tastes good whenever and whatever your doing. Wannabe's --------------- - Many companies have tried to match the unique taste of coca cola but none have ever managed to accomplish it. Pepsi use to be a favourite of mine but im now defintley a coke guy (yes the drink !!) It can be argued that some Imitations of Coca Cola could be Pepsi and Dr Pepper, but if you ask me these drinks are unique in their own ways. Taste -------- Coca cola tastes fine with many types of food, one of my favourites is coca cola and salt and vinegar crisps, it goes so well together, however the only true way to have coke is with a nice tall glass full of fresh ice, a slice of lemon or lime (both if you really want) and the coke poured nice and slow. Mmm - it really is a unique tatse that nothing else can compare to. How Can It Be Bought --------------- --------------- - Coca Cola can be bought in various outlets in various different ways; for example: Case of coca cola cans 1,1.5,2 or even 3 ...

Scrubs 08/02/2009


Scrubs Introduction --------------- - Ok, Firstly let me say it's been a long time since my last review, or at least so it feels, so to all those who know me I'm back writing my reviews (After a long break over the Christmas and New Year) Now onto my review of the brilliant, laugh out loud comedy "Scrubs" (you can probably already tell that I like it due to my choice of words, but still please read on) Scrubs Outline --------------- --- To those that have never heard of Scrubs I will give a brief outline of it here; Scrubs is a hospital comedy/drama thought of by Bill Lawrence. It is based on the lives of those who work at Sacred Heart hospital. It mainly follows the outlook of the characters J.D (John Dorian played by Zach Braff) and his best friends Turk (Donald Faison), Elliot (Sarah Chalke), Carla (Judy Reyes), Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley), Janitor (Neil Flynn), Dr Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins) and many other wonderfully hilarious characters. The show deals with every emotion you could think of, the obvious one being comedy. It can bring out every emotion in you in the space of 25 minutes which is just brilliant. The reason the show works so well is due to the brilliant characters and the excellent writers behind the show. They never seem to be running out of ideas to make you laugh, cry (either with laughter or upset) and then laugh some more. It truly is a very well put together show. The show is now into its eight season over in America although it has shown up ...
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