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Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6 Running Shoes Women 16/05/2012

I feel like I'm running on clouds.

Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6 Running Shoes Women I hate the thought of gyms. Working out in front of other people and using machines others have sweated all over is not my thing. I used to go swimming once a week but that was about it. However in January, I took up the couch to 5k program, just to see if I could do it. Well 5 months later and I was participating in my first 10k race, wearing the Nike Vomero+ 6 running shoes. I knew for a while I needed some new running shoes. My old ones used to be worn as general workout shoes, and before I really started to enjoy running I was quite happy plodding along in my old Adidas runners. However, once I started to hit the 5k point, I noticed slight shin pain and an aching right knee. I did some research online, and luckily my partner's father is a chiropodist and gave me some advice on what running shoes would be good for my feet. For other people, I suggest going to a specialist running shop and getting a gait analysis to ensure you are wearing the right type of shoe. After looking in a running shop, and feeling faint at the £100+ price tags, I settled on my Nike Vomero shoes from Sports Direct (also known as Mike Ashley's discount sportswear warehouse....). Now I'll admit I was first drawn to these because of the colour. I have the women's black and purple colour and because I love all things purple, they did catch my eye! I actually have some black and purple Nike running Capris and a purple Nike running top so it must have been fate. They were priced at £65 instead of £94.99 ...

Sheraton Skyline Hotel - London Heathrow Airport 07/02/2012

Oasis of Calm opposite a Heathrow runway

Sheraton Skyline Hotel - London Heathrow Airport When it comes to airport hotels, I’m not fussy at all. It’s somewhere I’m spending the night, before I go off on holiday and the excitement of said holiday generally unconcern’s me regarding our choice of hotel! I was looking for something cheap, but still relatively nice, on the Holiday Extra’s website. I noticed they had a range of ‘mystery hotels’ and after a slight bit of investigation work, I realised one of these hotels was the Sheraton Skyline (after all, there aren’t too many Heathrow Hotels with a pool) and so I booked it for a considerably cheap price compared to the price offered further up the page, where the name of the hotel was certain. I booked a standard double non-smoking room; I didn’t need parking though if you do, I highly recommend booking a hotel + parking package as paying for the parking at this hotel will be expensive. We took the Hoppa Bus from Terminal 5 to this hotel, which I can safely say was the last time I’ll ever use this service after fearing for my life with a crazed driver (who swore loudly when he missed someone’s hotel out completely, and upon arrival at our hotel slammed on the brakes on the main road as he over shot the entrance, nearly sending us out through the wind screen!) and so I was extremely happy to arrive in the safety of the lobby, which was warm and cosy and decorated for Christmas. The check in process didn’t go too smoothly as they had a trouble registering our key card, a member of staff offered to take us to our room ...

The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo 26/01/2012

Murder in the Salvation Army

The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo The Redeemer is the 4th book starring Harry Hole, the alcoholic/recovering alcholic (depending on his mood) Inspector. As usual Jo Nesbo has an imaginative plot that is well thought out, and full of twists and turns. We start at Salvation Army Summer Camp where a 14 year old girl is raped. We don't find out by whom, but the repercussions of this event take us into the present day. The story then skips to a young Croatian boy caught up in war, and known as the Redeemer. The start of the book took me a while to get used to, the story intentionally flips from one character to another without a clear break in between but once you realise what is happening, this style helps build up suspense. In the present it’s a freezing cold December in Oslo in the run up to Christmas. A Salvation Army Officer at a concert is shot in the middle of a square in front of many people. The police have few clues to follow, and are completely unsure as to whether this is a lone gunman or an organised gang. The story follows the contract killer, who is quite confident his work is done and is on his way to the airport to leave the country. However the snow causes a flight delay, leaving the killer stranded. He checks into a hotel and catches the news, but it’s not the news he wants to see... Harry Hole is lead on a mission facing a contract killer, a rapist, a psychotic and mistaken identities. During this he is fighting his alcoholism, coming to grips with a new boss, and thinking of his recent ...

Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square Nyc, New York 27/12/2011

Guest Suites on Times Square

Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square Nyc, New York Situated right in the heart of Times Square, the Hilton Doubletree Guest Suites would probably never have been my first choice of hotel for Manhattan. I went to New York in December 2011, not the most particularly cheapest time for hotels here unless you're rather flexible with dates. Personally, I was happy with any hotel in Manhattan in a decent area, located near a subway station, clean and reasonably priced. I was originally all set to book in at the Holiday Inn on 5th Ave. however I noticed the Doubletree on Expedia for only a small amount extra. For this small amount I would not be getting just the usual hotel room, I would in fact be booking into a mini guest suite with separate living room, bedroom and bathroom. Being located in the hustle and bustle of Times Square did put me off slightly, but the price was appealing and the idea of a mini style suite seemed like a good idea. The Hilton Doubletree is located in a tall building directly opposite the TKTS booth (those famous red stairs in Times Square) and all of the hotel's rooms are small suites. You can pay extra for a Times Square view room, however as I personally don't spend much time in my hotel room in New York, never mind looking out of the window, I wasn't bothered about upgrading. I also knew from reading reviews on TripAdvisor that you pay extra for a Times Square view room, and they are actually smaller suites as they are situated in the corner of the building. The hotel is right on top of the 49 St ...

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven 15/06/2011

It's not my idea of Bubble Heaven!

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven Boots recently had an offer on the Champney's Spa range where if you spent a certain amount on the range, you received a free gift set with mini products in. I've never used this range before, but I had heard good things, and I decided this offer was the perfect time for me to try this range and use my advantage card points as a treat to myself! After much consideration I settled on the 'Oriental Opulence' range as I often like oriental themed products. I couldn't choice one particular product so I actually got the gift set containing mini products from the Oriental Opulence range and in this set was the Bubble Heaven bubble bath. Bubble Heaven promises an indulgent bath full of Eastern luxury. It contains silk proteins, warming ginseng, ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli to help soften the skin and give you the lovely tranquil feeling you need in a relaxing bath. Champney's know how to make their products look luxurious, packaged in a dark red and gold themed bottle with 'Spa Indulgence' in bold it certainly gives off that excellent quality feeling and making you feel as if you really are buying into a premium product. The instructions are as you expect, pour under warm water and swirl gently, however this is where I first had troubles. The mini version of bubble heaven comes in a small hard plastic bottle and I could not empty it out of the bottle as the liquid itself is rather thick, and so does not simply pour out of the bottle with ease. I can't fault this too much ...

Clinique Almost Powder SPF 15 12/06/2011

Lightweight, natural, perfect.

Clinique Almost Powder SPF 15 I'm a huge fan of Clinique products, ever since I discovered their 'Anti-Blemish range which works wonders on my skin, and I have branched out into their make-up and other skin products ever since. Quite some time ago now I loved using a product by Clinique called Clarifying Powder. I used it on top of liquid foundation, or on its own if I was in a rush, and it was great for top-ups during the day. Clinique discontinued this item, and I tried the Stay-Matte powder but I wasn't happy with the coverage. I stumbled across the 'Almost Powder Makeup' which I've been using for over a year now, so I feel it's time to write a review! Clinique is a cosmetics company, and you will often see their cosmetics counters in many department stores. Their skin care range is well known for being simple, but especially catered for all skin types. I have heard some people mentioning bad things about Clinique, and I've heard those rumours that the products contain nasty chemicals which are bad for your skin. The thing is, I've tried many different skin care products for my skin type over the years, I have oily, blemish prone skin with large pores and many products I have used have completely dried my face out, or just simply not had any affect at all. The Clinique anti-blemish skin care range is the only range I have used which actually makes a positive difference to my skin by reducing blemish breakouts, helping to keep my skin clear and my pores minimized. Clinique do quite a range of powder ...

No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator 08/06/2011

Quite the average exfoliator!

No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator Boots are well known for the promotion that runs quite regularly offering customer's a £5 voucher to use against the No7 range, and it was during this offer I decided to purchase my new exfoliator from the No7 range as it made the price rather cheap. I'd never tried the Radiance Revealed Exfoliator before, but it sounded quite promising when I read the packaging in the shop, and so armed with my voucher I decided to give it a go. I have oily, blemish prone skin and I find exfoliating regularly really helps as my pores often get clogged up, and the horrible tacky feeling I can often experience from my oily skin is really helped when using a decent exfoliator. I love an exfoliator which is quite grainy, and gives my skin a good scrub. I'm not fussed about fancy fragrances when it comes to my skincare, I'm more focused on the product itself and whether it works or not. Peering through the packaging of this exfoliator I was pleased to see quite a few grains, compared to a Clinique face scrub I had used in the past which didn't have many and was quite disappointing. No7 claim this exfoliator will make skin appear more radiant and that it contains natural fruit acids to make the skin bright and beautiful. It promises to sweep away skin impurities (as any exfoliator should!) which will leave behind brighter skin, and give a deep cleanse which will refine pores leaving skin soft, smooth and energised. It advises to use this once or twice a week by massaging a small amount into ...

Clinique Super Balm Moisturizing Gloss 23/05/2011

It's a lip balm gloss that'll keep you soft!

Clinique Super Balm Moisturizing Gloss I use Clinique as my main skin care brand, but I have a rule of only buying products when there is a free gift offer on somewhere, which is quite often to be honest. I ended up with several free gifts on my holiday to New York last year when I stocked up on several items at the Clinique counter in Bloomingdales, so I have have a good stash of Clinique freebies now. One of the items I seem to have in a few shades now is the Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss. I always end up with the miniature 7ml size, the normal full size product is 15ml but I find these 7ml tubes last me ages as I'm not a big lip gloss person. It's not that I don't like lip glosses or lip balms, I just always forget to re-apply them! My lips are quite often dry, and I do have a couple of lip balms and lip butters which I often carry around in my handbag for use at work. I don't really associate lip glosses with being very moisturising, but this Clinique Superbalm really is different compared to your average lip gloss. Clinique call it a lip balm with a colourful twist, and at the moment there are 4 different shades available from Clinique. I am currently using shade 10 Grapefruit, a lovely pinky colour, but I also have the Apricot shade. So Clinique promise that this lip gloss will instantly relieve any dryness whilst protecting your lips with anti-oxidants. I can safely say that Clinique's claims of eliminating dryness in an instant are 100% true. This lip gloss instantly makes my lips feel ...

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic 22/05/2011

There's a fiery whirlpool in my bath!

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic When a Lush shop finally opened up in my town, I decided I had to have a wander in to purchase a couple of things. I much prefer the Bubble Bar's by Lush however I spotted the Dragon's Egg ballistic which I have never tried before, and decided on this occasion to give the ballistic a whirl. I was attracted to it by not only it's inventive name, but also it's quite a large ballistic and I could see some things poking out of it, so I was intrigued. The Bath Ballistics are a one-bath-only treat, and so I tend to only use one on the odd occasion as for the price they can be expensive for just one bath. Dragon's Egg costs £2.99 and Lush describe it as a whirlpool of vibrant fiery colour! I popped it into my bath, and I was surprised to notice that it didn't start fizzing away immediately as most other ballistics do, instead it seemed to simply 'foam' in the bath and give off a white foam on the top of the water. I climbed in and settled back, and quickly realised this ballistic is a slow burner, it will be taking a while to fizzle out completely! I was not wrong, and the ballistic seems to go through a few stages. The first one being a gentle white foam coming off the ballistic, the foam itself feels soft, however I was dismayed that I couldn't smell much scent wise. The ballistic then seemed to reach the centre and the ballistic began to rotate slowly and as well as the white foam, a stream of bright orange foam also began to appear. The effect this had on the surface of the ...

Soap & Glory Flake Away 08/05/2011

Scrubbing me softly!

Soap & Glory Flake Away I've used a Soap & Glory body scrub before, the Soap & Glory Spa Sugar Scrub was an instant hit with me. I hadn't used it's plainer counter-part, Flake Away, as after using Sugar Scrub I viewed it as the 'boring, cheaper little sister' and I didn't think it could live up to the high standards of Sugar Scrub. I was one of many people who received THAT Soap & Glory gift set at Christmas, the one which was cheaper-than-half-price at Boots that everyone goes crazy for each year. This is where I got my first ever tub of Flake Away, however I only just got around to digging it out recently. With the summer months coming fast, I was embarrassed by my white legs which are so pale they're practically blue and I'm a firm believer in sun lotions with high factors as I burn easily and the sun damages skin so much, so I never get much of a tan. I was opting for a gradual mousse tan (I'm completely useless with the stronger normal fake tan lotions!) and exfoliating before using these sorts of products is vital. I quickly remembered my tub of Flake Away which I knew would be perfect for the job! Flake Away contains Shea Butter, Sugar and Peach Seed Powder, an unusual mix I must admit to never seeing before, especially the peach seed powder! There is also sea salt, grapeseed and almond oils making a good mix of scrubbing ingredients with skin softening oils and butter. S&G have their usual quirky packaging, and state this product will make your legs less scaly and more radiant. I don't ...

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls! 23/04/2011

I'm a Clean, Girl with the Same, Scent..

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls! I'm not too fussy when it comes to body wash and shower gels, as long as it smells decent and leaves me feeling clean I'm happy. I'm not even too bothered about them being moisturising as I most often use some form of body moisturiser after showering anyway. The first thing I thought of when I did see this body wash however, was that this product was going to last me a long time. You see it comes in a 500ml bottle and with a pink pump at the top so it's easily dispensed in the shower, and I'm writing this review as I come to almost the end of the bottle after using the product for many months now. It certainly lasted me a long time, but what do I think about the product? I should point out that this body wash should not be confused with the 'Clean On Me' shower gel that Soap & Glory. Packaged very similarly and carrying out the same purpose it can be easy to do so. Clean, Girls is scent with the 'Mist You Madly' scent by Soap & Glory which has notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla and Musk. The scent of this shower gel and whether I like it or not depends on my mood, it's certainly not a weak scent and it is very noticeable in the shower and will linger on the skin for a good while afterwards. I sometimes find myself enjoying the smell of this body wash, but after using it for many months it is quite understandable that I am quite tired of the scent and I am ready to move on to something else! With such a large bottle, you may find yourself alternating ...

Ugg Short Boots Women 19/04/2011

My feet have never felt so snug.

Ugg Short Boots Women I never used to like Ugg's. I especially hated the horrible beige colour of them, and I always associated them with teenage girls who I would see walking around our city centre, dragging their feet in cheaper imitation versions covered in dirt from wearing them in the rain. It wasn't until last winter when I was handed a pair of cheap imitation ones from a friend who bought new ones, did I actually grow to like them. You see, having cold feet in winter has also been a huge hate of mine, especially my toes. I'm not sure if I have bad circulation in my toes or something because as long as I can remember I've always suffered from them, and I remember being younger and crying in school because my toes were so cold and painful! This completely changed wearing these boots though, I went out into the snow wearing a cheap imitation version of Ugg boots and my feet were so warm, and the snow didn't affect them as badly as I thought. They also provided good grip when walking in the snow, and I'm usually the type hanging onto walls as I walk along the street in the snow looking rather unglamorous. I was still put off by the price tag. For the type of Ugg boots I would want, they cost a whopping £150, so I was going to buy a cheaper version except I never got around to it. A few weeks ago however I was going to New York, and over there you can get Ugg boots for considerably cheaper. In fact the very same Ugg Boots that cost £150 over here, cost around £95 over there depending on the ...

Tripp Navy Express Sunshine Flower Suitcase 17/04/2011

Sturdy, good quality and... pretty!

Tripp Navy Express Sunshine Flower Suitcase Before my recent trip to New York I knew I needed a bigger suitcase as the one I have was quite smaller, and I knew I would be doing quite a bit shopping in New York! I've had a smaller suitcase by Tripp for years and I've long been impressed by the quality of it. It's a good sturdy suitcase that feels like it's made with good quality materials and barely looks worn despite it being on quite a few trips including being dragged around the London Underground on a few trips. It was already set in my mind that my new suitcase would preferably be a Tripp one and so after browsing around on Debenhams who stock Tripp luggage, I came across this Navy Express Sunshine flower suitcase. Initially I was impressed with the size of it, it was a nice large and spacious suitcase, and I knew I would be able to fit a fair amount of shopping in there. At first I was slightly concerned about the weight of it whilst empty, it does weigh 4.3kg which is fairly light weight but when I was lifting it up it felt quite heavy to me. Despite this once I had packed all of my belongings for the journey out I was pleased to see it came well under our luggage allowance, and on my return journey with it full to the brim it was still a good amount under the allowance. The suitcase has a height of 67cm, a width of 41cm and a depth of 26cm, and it has a 58 litre capacity, which was plentiful for a 5 day trip to New York. One thing which attracted me to this particular suitcase is the floral design. I ...

Baylis & Harding Mandarin & Grapefruit Handwash 13/04/2011

Bargain handwash

Baylis & Harding Mandarin & Grapefruit Handwash I was quite surprised to notice this in the Top 5 Popular products on DooYoo this week, for this hand wash has been sitting in my kitchen for 6 months now. When I purchased my flat, I took out a mortgage with Halifax. A couple of weeks after moving in we received a huge hamper full of goodies from Halifax saying thank you, it was a lovely surprise especially as it was full of good quality goodies such as fair trade cookies, posh tea bags and coffee, chocolates and lots of other things, and a Baylis & Harding set was amongst these. The set includes the sweet mandarin and grapefruit hand wash, as well as the matching hand lotion. It comes on a nice Baylis & Harding stand and it's been sat on the window sill above my sink since I took it out of the hamper, as it looks very nice sitting there! I had heard of Baylis & Harding before, though I must admit I've never used any of their products before until now. If I am honest and had chosen my own scent, then this sweet mandarin and grapefruit would have been near the bottom of my list as I don't like grapefruit at all. I must admit though it does look rather nice, for a hand wash. The packaging is expensive looking, if not simple in design, and the metal cap around the black pump at the top engraved with the Baylis & Harding lettering sets it off nicely. The hand wash itself is a light golden orange colour, very fitting with the mandarin image. I personally don't use the hand wash all that much, and I find myself using the hand ...

No 7 No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler 11/04/2011

Temporarily hiding your wrinkles and frown lines

No 7 No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler Whilst I may only be in my 20's, I did have a need to buy No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler. I'm very short sighted, but when I was younger I was determined to not wear my glasses because I hated them. This caused me to squint at everything and unfortunately caused me to develop a frown line between my eye brows. I now wear contact lens, however this frown line is here to stay and it's an annoyance to me as whilst the rest of my skin is wrinkle free (as it should be in my 20's!) this frown line always stands out. I had been meaning to try a wrinkle filler for quite some time however it wasn't until I got one of those famous £5 off No7 vouchers from Boots that I decided to purchase their Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler. The product promises a vanishing trick, claiming to magic away those lines and wrinkles in an instant. It is a light and velvety-soft formula that promises to leave the skin looking younger, smoother and more radiant. For my purpose, I wasn't bothered by the promise to make my skin look younger, instead I simply wanted it to smooth away my rather deep frown line and make my skin look smooth and well, perfect! The wrinkle filler has a 'unique optimised blend of soft-touch spheres and reflecting pigments that form a light diffusing cushion on the skin.' A lot of fancy words there, but again it's full of good sounding promises and I was eager to give it a try. The wrinkle filler comes in a 30ml cream coloured tube, it's simple and but looks elegant, and ...
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