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Walkers Fish & Chip Flavour Crisps 18/03/2009

Why is there a raw fish in my mouth?

Walkers Fish & Chip Flavour Crisps I have had two bad experinces of these new walkers crisps yet still I pressed on determined to find a flavour I could enjoy, and so fish and chips was my next one...after all what could be bad about these! Well from the packaging nothing was bad, they are a mainly white packet but with a strip of orange going along the top and bottom of the packet, I feel this made it look like the perfect packet to have this flavour of crisps in. Again like the other packets there is a sqaure in the middle which contains a picture of the flavour. The smell was slightly dissapointing as it reminded me of when you smell chips the day after you've eaten them and they have gone all hard. However they smelt of chips was was surely a good sign? Again it seemed walkers had taken something I loved and runined it! I picked up one of the crisps which was a nice golden brown colour and when biting into it found it had a very good crunch which is just what you want from a crisp. Unfortunaley though as I began chewing the crisp I began wondering who had swapped the crisp and instead has put a raw fish into my mouth! It was horrible as there was no taste of chips at all, instead it was as though I had been fishing and ate there and then what I had caught! My advice is again to stay away from these unless of course you are fond of eating raw fish in that case....ENJOY!

Walkers Onion Bhaji Crisps 18/03/2009


Walkers Onion Bhaji Crisps After trying the chilli and chocolate flavour crisps from walkers and almost being sick I decided to take a risk and try another of the new flavours. This time I went for Onion Bahji as to me this seemed like the safe option due to the fact I normally love these! The packet is a very pale blue colour which I have to say makes the packet look quite nice, it has a band of darker blue at both the top and bottom of the packet. In the middle is a sqaure and inside this is a picture of an onion bahji. I actually have to admit I really lilke this packet! On opening the packet I can see all the crisps seem to be quite large which is good and also have a very nice golden brown colour to them. The smell of them is what I can only compare to cheese and onion although the onion is a particuley strong smell. This already had put me off trying these crisps however I now had to venture on! I began eating these crisps and found that the crisps tasted as strong as they had from the smell. But it wasn't a nice taste, the onion taste was horrible and as I was eating them I could smell it going up my nostrils it really took all my efort not to gag. Not only this but these crisps even seemed to have lost some of their crunch, and so the result was that it tasted as though I was eating stale onion....yum! This crisps are ones I advised you to stay away from, no matter how much you love onion bahji's these taste nothing like them. Hopefully out of the 6 new flavours I'll find ...

Stila Sun 18/03/2009

Im the colour OF the sun!

Stila Sun I bought this product if I am honest because of the way the packaging looked. It was in a compact case which is always great as it fits easily into my make up bag as it is quite thin. It also has a very golden bronze colour to it and so because of this, it really makes you believe that this product will help give you that sun kissed glow your after. The case is simple to open and you'll find inside the bronzing powder which has a very nice golden shimmer to it and a mirrow so that you can see yourself when applying. One thing about this mirror is that as it sits directly on top of the powder I found when using it, it would sometimes be dusty and smeared which isnt great. Applying the powder is simple and easy I have always used a big brush as it makes it smoother to apply and a lot more even. The powder blends quite niceley however I have to admit I wasnt a fan of the colour it created. While in the compact it does look very golden as son as it touched my skin it gave me an orangey colour, which wasnt what I wanted as it looked very unatural. I have used this a few times but only when my other bronzer runs out and I have no choice. The only plus side of it is that it stays on for a long time and only ever really have to touch up once a day, which for a bronzer I find good. However you might not want it to last that long if its turned you orange. Which brings me to another good point that it comes off extremeley easy and with no hassle! Overall Ive bought it so ...

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush 18/03/2009

Rosy complextion

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush After using the maybelline mousse foundation and loving it I decided I would give the blusher mousse a try. It comes in a glass pot (or at least it loos and feels like glass) and you can see the colour of the blusher inside as well as how much is left which I like. The lid is plastic and screws on this is very easy to get on and off. This matches the colour of the blusher although it only varies very slightly so be careful as you can end up picking up the wrong colour, which I have done! On opening the product I found that it has a very slight hint of rose, which is nice as most blushers smell very powdery. It also has a nice swirl to it inside and I always find I dont want to use it as it looks so pretty in its pot. I use my finger with this product and just apply a very small amount of the blusher mousse onto my finger as a little goes a long way. It has a very light and airy feel to it which is nice as you dont want to be putting something onto your face which feels heavy and feels as though it is clogging up your pours. This blusher though blends in like a dream as you apply it as it runs in easily and your skin seems to absorb the colour. It gives a very natural look of flushed cheeks which is just what I like as I dont want huge red cheeks, this product gets the look perfect. It stays on for quite a while as well yet at the end of the day just a normal face wipr will remove the blusher. Definaltey a must buy as it just doesnt feel as though your ...

YouTube 03/03/2009

Fun videos

YouTube I find that whenever I am bored I head over to youtube as I am always sure to find something on here to watch. is a video sharing website which allows people to upload their videos onto the site for free to share with others to watch for free! Anything you could ever want to find is on this website from music video's, programmes you've missed, stand up shows from comedians and even some funny clips which people have posted, some of these have become celebrities in their own rights for example chris tucker who did his britney video which was even shown in meet the spartons, these sort of clips have even appeared on shows such as Richard and Judy everyone must know the 'Charlie bit me!'! If not check it out! Not only though can you find the amusing videos people have posted but there are even people who use youtube to actualy promote their work whether it be singers (some of have seen and are brilliant!) and those who want to be film makers it offers people another way to get noticed! Youtube is a great way to kill time of boredom and it really provides a great service if you've not used it yet then get on there today!

Cadbury Freddo 03/03/2009

So happy and smiley...until i ate him!

Cadbury Freddo Ok I know it is rather a childish chocolate bar to buy if you can call it that but seeing it in the shop reminded me of my childhood days when I would have one of these due to teh fact they were so cheap and so couldn't resist indulging in that memory. The Freddo Frog comes in a bright turquoise wrapper it has written at the top relativley small Cadbury's, and then dominating the front of the packaging is Freddo the Frog, which as you may have guessed is a cartoon frog who looks quite happy to be pictured on the front. Well once the wrapper was teared open and discaded I found the chocolate was small...quite a bit smaller then what I can remember only 6cm or so tall however it still looks appetising. It is a solid piece of chocolate with a picture of Freddo Frog engraved onto the actual chocolate again very smiley although I am about to eat him! The chocolate is like all other cadbury's chocolate and so if you enjoy that then you will enjoy this. It is a very creamy chocolate which will melt in your mouth and has a nice sweet taste to it, although sadly this chocolate bar is much to small, but I supposed that I did only pay 15p and it was worth every penny of that I spent. This is a good chocolate bar to get a child as a trear due to the fact it is quite a bit smaller then any other chocolate bars out there! ...

Ikea 03/03/2009

Ikea the place for furniture!

Ikea Me and my boyfriend have just put the deposit down on our first place and so with the date of moving in fast approaching we though it would be a good idea to start buying some of the essential furniture we would need. However we both didnt want to spend loads and so Ikea sprang to mind. Its a huge shop or it could be seen more of a warehouse, which has different deapartments as you walk through. For instance you'll start of in the living room section, this has all differnt living room styles set out so you can get ideas as to how you want yours. As you go through and see things you want whether it be a sofa or the more simple ornament you may have seen then it will have the price and where it can be collected from simply make a note of this and you can buy it at the end. I love going through Ikea as it has so many ideas as to what you can buy and everything is really well priced here. As we bought a shelving unit/room divider for £29 the exact samne thing in the argos catologue was...£75!! After you have looked through all the deapartments you come out in a warehouse and this is where all the item you have seen can be collected from, simply pick them up and take them to the till and then get them home! Theres even a nice little cafe there for you to get some food and a drink after all the hard work you have been doing shopping!

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara 26/02/2009

Really is a collasol effect

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara This is another mascara which I have tried and is another which has transformed the way my eyelashes look! I bought this item from Boots which at £6.99 I thought was good value especially when you look at the prices of other mascaras which are around these days. The actual mascara looks very funky in bright yellow with the wording in a contrasting purple, this makes it very eye-catching on the shelf as against the other black mascaras it definatly stands out and is why I actually ended up picking it up which Im glad I did! The mascara wand has a huge brush on the end much bigger then other mascaras I have used this seems to spread out your eyelashes more when applying and so makes your eyes appear a lot bigger! It also boasts that this mascara uses a formula containing collagen which is supposed to give your eyelashes more volume and to me I feel this really does work, as it really makes my eyes stand out after I have applied it. It's not waterproof but as it doesnt say this on the bottle I wouldnt expect it to be, however it takes quite a lot to smudge it as I often rub my eyes but have had no cases of panda eyes since using this. Even though it doesnt smudge it is easy enough to remove with a make up wip or even a bit of soap and water! Another great mascara!

Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot 26/02/2009

Great phone

Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot I bought this phone for my brother and decided that I would have a go without and let you all know whether it was worth the purchase. The main reason I bought it was because it was ultra thin with a large screen and so to me I felt it looked very modern and quite gadgety! The buttons on this are quite small and was originally was worried my brother would find it hard to text but after talking to him he has said once he got used to where all the buttons were its now a doddle. The camera on this is 5 mega pixels which is actually the same as the digital camera I have. Its really easy to take the photos and they are of a brilliant quality although one drawback is the flash, it took me a while to figure out how to use it and have found out that it will only work in the dark, this can be a problem especially if you want to take a photo on a cloudy day and you might need it! The battery life on the phone I have found is quite long and only have to charge my phone every 2-3 days. The phone doesnt have much memory which is another drawback as my brother likes to download music onto his phone however this can be easily fixed as I have found that you can buy a memory card for this phone. The phone has a radio which will only work when the headphones are inserted as they act as an aeiral. I hae listend to this and have fond is is simple to tune it into the stations and it is just as clear as if I was listning to the radio in my car which reall surprised me. ...

Thomson 26/02/2009

The travel agents to use again and again!

Thomson Last summer me and my friend decided at the last minute to book a holiday, however we didnt have too much money to pay for it but ever the optimists we decided to try a few travel agents and see what we could find. However most of the ones we went into were very unhelpful as we had little to spend. Thomsons though were a different story. As soon as we walked in someone came over and asked us to sit down and they began going through the criteria of what we wanted from our holiday. Even when we told them are minimalist budget they didnt seem phased and spent well over two hours going through their system trying to find a holiday. Although there wasnt many they found three for us and were then helpful in getting out the brochures to show us what each hotel looked like. Even when we had decided on one and were paying for it she asked us to wait 5 minutes as she was going to see if she couldget us a discount, we were toally stunned by this and were even more grateful when she came back and told us she had managed to get £50 knocked off the price! Bargain! This meant for a holiday to Zante which was in June only cost us £180 each! The travel agent even gave us information on the place we were staying and told us about the exchange rate which they had in their shop and how they checked each day to compare it to all other agents to make sure there's was the cheapest. This is the travel agents I will now be using from now on as they were helpful in giving us ...

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream 26/02/2009

Everone should have this in their bathroom!

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream Sudocreme is just one of those thigns that should be in everyones bathroom cupboards as it can be helped to soothe so many skin ailments. It comes in a plastic grey tub of various sizes I always tend to buy the big one as its great value for money and lasts ages! It has a white label on the front with the red banner and sudocreme written in white underneath this it gives examples of what it can treat. It looks like quite a medical tub and so at first I was a bit wary of using it however, I am now glad I did! The cream itself is white and is quite thick. I tend to find rubbing some onto the sore part of you skin cools and soothes the area, I dont tend to rub it into the skin fully, instead I put a light layer across and let it asorb naturally into my skin. It is a very smooth cream and so it is easy to apply. Its also has a very clean smell to it which is nice. It can be used to treat many things from nappy rash, eczema but what I tend to use it for most is when I burn myself as it quickly cools the area and after I have used this I very rarely get blistors. Definately worth buying and you can get it fom most chemists and supermarkets!

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Pads 26/02/2009

Spots and flaky skin...what a great product!

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Pads After spotting these on the sheleves in boots I decided to give them a go mainly becuase it claimed that I could have clearer skin in 3 days, which to me seemed great. The tub is circular with a metallic blue lid, the tub itself is white although there is a label on this which is metallic and shines different colours in differnt lights from pink to purple to green although predominantly it is blue. I have to say this makes the product look very funky and from it you can instantly tell it is aimed at teenagers. When you open up the lid you get a smell which is very clean and reminds me of the smell you get from baby wipes, so overall this is pleasent as I was expecting it to be quite a strong smell of antiseptic which would have put me off using the product. Inside the tub are the pads which you have 65 of this seems quite a good amount although I think it still works out pricey when your paying around £5 for them! You are supposed to use the pads morning and night to get the benefits of them and so I began using them as directed. On first using these I noticed that the pads felt quite rough on my skin and the antiseptic which is on these pads left a stinging sensation on my face as I used them. After the first day I found my skin began to feel tight after using them and my face was becoming quite dry especially my cheeks. These I found to be quite harsh and I dont even have sensitive skin so those who do stay well away from them! As for the 3 day ...

Rimmel Volume Extend Mascara 26/02/2009

Spider leg eyelashes!

Rimmel Volume Extend Mascara bought this mascara as I wanted to try out his new mascara and see if its claims that it adds volume and length to your eyelashes were true. The mascara looked quite funky as it was a nice deep berry red colour for half and white o the other end, this made it stand out on the shelves and therefore was the reason I picked it up and began even more interigued when I found there were two mascara brushes on either end. On opening I found that one was white and the other was black. I got this home and instantly wanted to try it out. Firstly you need to apply the white over your eyelashes, and so I did so. It went on nice and easily and I have to say already I could see that my eyelashes looked a lot longer! Impressed I pulled out the other half and began applying the black and this is where it all went wrong! As I applied the black I noticed the white was coming off and onto my brush but not only that the black seemed to be clogging up my lashes and they were sticking together meaning they looked long but clumpy and so had the dreaded spider legs. I hace tried this mascara a number of times and each time have failed miserably to get the eyelashes it claimes to give you! Not only this but this mascara is really hard to remove. I used make up wipes which easily removes my waterproff mascara but this was hard to move because of how clumpy and thick it sticks to my eyelashes! Therefore this is one mascara I wont be buying again!

ITV: This Morning 20/02/2009

So funny and ver informative

ITV: This Morning This morning is made by Granada and has been on our screens since 1998 when Richard and Judy presented it. It is another of my favourite programmes to watch when I have a day off work. It is on at 10.30 until 12.00 on ITV Monday to Friday unfortunatly there is no repeats off this programme if you miss it which is a bit dissapointing as I am normally at work when it is on. Monday to Thursday for me is when This Morning is at its peak this is because it is presented by Fern Britton and Philip Schofield. This two people together make me laugh out loud as there mad personalities bounce off each other. Often you'll find that while presented the show they'll collapse into a fit of giggles and although you might not always understand what their laughing at you'll soon find yourself laughing along because their happiness is just so contagious! Not a bad way to start a weekday morning. On a Friday and also through the week on school holidays it is presented by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. I'm not as keen on this partnership as I dont think they work as well together (which is surprising considering they are in a relationship). But for me some of the 'funny' jokes they try to make look quite staged and often they'll talk about their personal life which again I dont think there is any need. This morning consists of many different things which makes the show interesting as every day they'll be talking about something different. They often have a musican on who they'll ...

Loose Women 20/02/2009

Really funny

Loose Women Loose women is a debate show which is on ITV at 1.30pm Monday to Fridays. It has a panel of four women they are women who are famous for differnt professions singers, actresses, presenters from other shows etc. They always have one women who is the lead presenter and will introduce everyone who is on the show and link to breaks throughout the week this alternates between Jackie Brambles and Andera McClean although for the first few series it was Kay Adams (I miss her!). The other 3 panelist's are also alternate between the week some of the main women who present are Carol Mcgiffin, Coleen Nolan, Jane McDonald, Sherrie Hewston (Slightly annoying when she is on!) as well as others. The four women talk about current issues usually relating to headlines which have been in the news that day. This is often entertaining as all the women are very strong and independent and often they dont agree and so it ends up as quite a heated debate all wanting to get their opinion across this is great as you hear all opnions on the subject and so broadens your on mind. They discuss so many issues moral, sexism, and even celebrity gossip...although more often then not the conversation will turn to sex which also gets quite funny. On the programme they also have celebrities on for an interview and even get them involved in thier debates to get their view's. This is definately a show for women as everything is seen in a womens point of view and more often then not they discuss issues which ...
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