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Cadbury Picnic 11/02/2014

Lets Go For A Picnic!

Cadbury Picnic Cadbury's Picnic What Is A Picnic Well a Picnic is a chocolate bar created by Cadbury back in 1958 which is still being sold in shops to this day! The Picnic contains peanuts, raisins held together with wafer and caramel and all of that covered over by Cadbury's famous milk chocolate. What To Love About A Picnic I personally love the Picnic and it has always been my favourite chocolate bar, there is something about it that just has everything you need in a chocolate bar. As soon as you bite into the chocolate bar you get a mouthful of everything in the bar which is the crunchy peanuts, juicy raisins, crispy wafer, chewy caramel with Cadbury's creamy milk chocolate all combined together in one bite which gives off all these sweet crunchy nutty flavours in your mouth which leaves you wanting more! Ingredients Per Bar: Calories - 230kcal Sugar - 22.9g Fat - 10.9g Saturates - 5.1g Salt - 0.33g Milk chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Dried skimmed milk, Dried whey, Vegetable fat, Milk fat, Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavourings), Caramel (32%) (Glucose-fructose syrup, Glucose syrup, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Dried whey, Flavourings, Salt, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin)), Peanuts (12%), Crispy Cereal (10%) (Flour (Wheat, Rice, Maize), Sugar, Malt extract, Salt, Emulsifier (E471), Raising agents (Ammonium and Sodium bicarbonates), Vegetable fat, Glucose syrup, Milk proteins), Raisins (7%). Price Each Bar - 60p Pack of 4 - £1.79 Recommendation I ...

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey 11/02/2014

The Taste Most Proteins Are Lacking

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Excellent protein powder. I have tried MANY protein powders and this is by far the best one I have come across. It mixes so easily a few shakes in the shaker and that is it done ready to drink. The protein level to scoop size ratio is very high which means you are getting a lot of protein for your money which in the long term works out cheaper. This is the best tasting protein powder I have tried, the chocolate flavour just tastes like a delicious milk shake and leaves you wanting more where as some other protein shakes I have tried have left me heaving, well not this one! I would definitely recommend this powder to any serious weight lifter/ fitness person due to the taste and effectiveness and just to boost your protein daily intake is made so much easier with this shake. Per 30g Scoop Serving Protein - 24g BCAA'S - 5.5g Carbohydrate - 2.4g Fat - 1g ...

Con Air - Extended Cut (DVD) 11/02/2014

Con Air Filled With Love And Action

Con Air - Extended Cut (DVD) Con Air Plot Con air is about Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) who is an army ranger comes to his home town to see his wife and ends up in a fight with 3 drunken men, in the heat of the moment he used a self defence move and unknowingly killed one of the men. Cameron was then sent to prison for seven years for manslaughter. Whilst being in prison Cameron became friends with many inmates for example his pal Baby-O (Mykelti Williamson). During his time in prison his unborn daughter was born and they kept in contact via letters and she sent pictures of herself in to him. When Cameron was eligible for parole he had to share a plane with alot of dangerous inmates and he knew there would be trouble but he had a pink bunny to give to his daughter and he knew this had to be done. On this plane journey there was mayhem, fights, killings and hijackings where Cameron had to choose between getting off and going home to his wife and daughter or stay on the plane to look after his now sick friend who needed his diabetic injection as soon as possible. Will he chose to stay on the plane or get off? Characters I feel that the characters in this film played a huge part in this film being so enjoyable because I actually got the feeling that these where real criminals and that they had really been put in prison for the crimes that they said they had done which to me gave the film an edge and feel of what it would have been like for Cameron in this situation. Overall Personally I feel ...

Logitech Z506 11/02/2014

Well Worth The Money!

Logitech Z506 Logitech Z506 I have had these speakers for a little over 2 years now and they are still going great and sounding clear as to when I purchased them. In the box you get 1 sub woofer and 5 speakers all labelled with there associated place around your room. Set Up Firstly the set up, the set up was easy and straight forward and there was not any real need to even look through instruction manual to help set up these speakers. All speakers where individually wrapped up with the wire coming off with a certain colour connection on the end of the wire. Once you get the sub woofer out you can see on the back that there is all the slots for the connections with each of the colours representing there position. So once everything was out the box I stood the sub woofer on the side next to my TV and began to wire each speaker up to the sub woofer just by checking the colour on the end of the speaker wire then matching it up to the colour on the back of the sub woofer and then placing that speaker in its correct position. Lastly you need to connect your power cable from the sub woofer down to a plug and you are ready to go. Now connecting your speakers to the device be it your TV or PC you will have in the box with you a 3.5mm jack connector which goes straight from your sub woofer to your device so you can use the speakers. Once everything is set up and connected all you have to do is switch on your TV or PC and possibly change your sound settings on your device if necessary ...

Anuvahood (DVD) 11/02/2014


Anuvahood (DVD) Anuvahood Plot Anuvahood is about a guy called Kenneth 'Kay' who has always thought of himself as a gangster but grows to realise he is just a 'wannabe gangster'. In the bad times of his parents nearly losing all of their possessions to the bailiffs 'Kay' decides to stop working at Laimsbury's and to go out and start selling weed with his other wannabe friends. This is where 'Kay' gets in all kinds of trouble with the locals, will he fight his way out of trouble or will he just run away? Overall Overall I feel that Anuvahood is a decent enough film, its funny with an okay story line and I feel that anyone between the ages of 13-20 will enjoy this movie because I feel that this film was aimed at this age group due to the story line and language the characters used. If you are looking for a cheap tongue in cheek kind of quickly made film then Anuvahood is for you. I feel that it did not live up to its rival films like Kidulthood and Adulthood which in my opinion where good films but I still feel that this was a funny good enough film for its intended audience. Recommendation I would recommend this film to anyone of the age between 13-20 because I feel that this is the audience intended for this film and would be enjoyed by this age group but anyone older I feel it will not be enjoyed. Cast * Adam Deacon - Kenneth *Darwood Grace - Omar *Femi Oyeniran - Bookie *Ollie Barbieri - Enrique *Richie Campbell - Tyrone *Michael Vu - Lesoi Rating 6/10 ...

Disney Wreck-It Ralph (DVD) 11/02/2014

Good Guy Ralph

Disney Wreck-It Ralph (DVD) Wreck It Ralph Plot Wreck It Ralph is about a villain character called Ralph who doesn't want to be the bad guy any more and he is jealous of one of his fellow characters called Fix It Felix who gets all the praise, attention and 'the gold medal'. For the 30th anniversary they throw a party in the video game and Ralph does NOT get invited, he gets mad and storms in there and causes a big scene. He wants that medal so badly! Furthermore this causes Ralph to get mad because he wants the gold medal and wants to be part of the good guys in his video game and be part of the celebrations so he decides to become a hero in a different game called Hero's Duty where the prize is a gold medal. Ralph wins the medal but unknowingly brings a little bit extra home with him! When coming home Ralph accidentally crashes into a whole new world filled with sweets and chocolate and meets a very crazy young lady who causes him no end of trouble. Since Ralph being missing from his game there is big trouble when a customer goes to play the game and it is not working to how it should be, will the game get shut down?! Cast John C. Reilly - Ralph Sarah Silverman - Vanellope Jack McBrayer - Felix Jane Lynch - Calhoun Alan Tudyk - King Candy Mindy Kaling - Taffyta Muttonfudge Joe Lo Truglio - Markowski Ed O'Neill - Mr. Litwak Dennis Haysbert - General Hologram Edie McClurg - Mary Raymond S. Persi - Gene / Zombie Jess Harnell - Don Rachael Harris - Deanna Skylar Astin - Roy Adam ...

Grown Ups (DVD) 10/02/2014

Grown Ups Acting Like Kids

Grown Ups (DVD) Plot Grown ups starts with a basketball game back in 1978 with a bunch of 12 year olds, then goes on to 30 years later where these children are now adults. They are all brought together by their coaches death and all meet at his funeral then stay at a lake house together where they used to party to relive old memories. Now all grown up they all have their own problems and challenges; Cast Lenny Feder - Adam Sandler (Successful Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer) Eric Lamonsoff - Kevin James (Overweight and out of work) Marcus Higgins - David Spade (Drinks to much) Kurt McKenzie - Chris Rock (House-husband) Rob Hilliard - Rob Schneider (3 Daughters he never sees, he is always so in love) Summary When they are at the lake house Lenny realises that his kids are boring and have been taking his wealthy lifestyle for granted so he encourages them to play outdoors like him and his friends used to do when they where younger which sparks them to end up having a rematch basketball game like the one in 1978. From swinging off branches to playing arrow roulette this grown ups teach their kids how they used to play and have fun even if people ended up getting injured. Everyone starts viewing their lives differently and starts making changes for the better and having more fun outside rather than stuck in playing video games all day. Overall Overall I feel that Grown Ups is a must watch film for a comedy fan, this film had me in stitches all throughout and ...

Planes (DVD) 10/02/2014

Look It's A Plane

Planes (DVD) Plot Planes is a film about Dusty Crophopper who is a crop duster plane who wants to become a racing plane. There is only one problem, he is afraid of heights! He begins training with an old veteran plane called Skipper and surprisingly he manages to qualify for a big race across the world. He proves to the other racers that the underdog is not always going to finish in last place and he puts himself to the limits to show them that. Cast Dane Cook - Dusty Crophopper Stacy Keach - Skipper Brad Garrett - Chug Teri Hatcher - Dottie Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Rochelle Priyanka Chopra - Ishani John Cleese - Bulldog Cedric the Entertainer - Leadbottom Carlos Alazraqui - El Chupacabra Roger Craig Smith - Ripslinger Anthony Edwards - Echo Val Kilmer - Bravo Sinbad - Roper Gabriel Iglesias - Ned / Zed Brent Musburger - Brent Mustangburger Overall Overall I feel that this movie was good, worth watching and that it was enjoyable. The plot was good and the characters were enjoyable to. I feel that this film had a lot to live up to for example Cars which was very enjoyable and successful but they did not achieve this with this film and I felt that they could have made the plot and storyline a bit more exciting but they didn't. But overall I still feel that this was a good film and that I would recommend this film for ages of between 5-15. ...

The Croods (DVD) 10/02/2014

Funny Family Film

The Croods (DVD) When I bought The Croods I was unsure on what to expect, It seemed like a funny film in the trailers but sometimes the trailers make your expectations to high. This was not the case, The Croods is a funny family friendly film which can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. The Story The plot of The Croods is about a family of cavemen/women who live thousands of years ago in a cave, which the dad is very strict and doesn't allow anything different to happen because he says its dangerous and he has to look after his family and protect them from any danger. When one day their cave is destroyed in an unforgettable way which leads them on a journey of a lifetime filled with danger, chaos and laughs and jokes. Cast Nicolas Cage - Grug Emma Stone - Eep Ryan Reynolds - Guy Catherine Keener - Ugga Cloris Leachman - Gran Clark Duke - Thunk Chris Sanders - Belt Randy Thom - Sandy This is a great funny family film which will have you laughing but at the same time on edge to what will happen next in their unforgettable journey through the mountains of crazy creatures and new friends they meet along the way. I also felt there was a connection between the characters and you felt like you was there with them in this prehistoric time with their family fighting their way through life. I would recommend this film to anyone with young kids who love animation films but I would also advise anyone of any age group to watch this movie because it will have you in fits of laughter and glued to ...

Avatar(DVD) 10/02/2014


Avatar(DVD) What a movie Avatar is! It is one of a kind! There is not another like it. The story is gripping and adventurous, the characters play their role in making the film enjoyable and interesting. I have seen this movie at least 10 times and I still love it every time. Avatar is about a man who is a paraplegic marine who ends up on a mission based in Pandora. There he learns about how greedy his fellow people are being and that they want to kill and get rid of the species living on Pandora. This wasn't what Jake (Sam Worthington) wanted and he used the plan Avatar to be like the species on Pandora to become friends with them and live in their land. This is where Jake went against his own people and marines to save the land of Pandora and their species and to find peace between them both. The blu-ray edition of this film is out of this world, I mean the colours and picture quality just stand out above any other blu-ray film that I own, its jaw dropping! I would definitely advise anyone who hasn't already seen Avatar to go out right away to purchase this movie, its without a doubt in my top 10 best movies of all time and if you don't already own a blu-ray player Avatar would be the reason to convert over to blu-ray as soon as possible. Avatar costs the same on blu-ray and also dvd give or take a few pounds but if you was to go with the blu-ray version it also comes with a DVD copy as well, which costs around £10, which is very cheap and affordable for how good the film is and ...

Samsung UE32F5000 10/02/2014

Amazing Picture Quality

Samsung UE32F5000 This is the best TV I have ever owned! I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out and when I did so I was not disappointed. The installation was easy and straight forward, no need for the instruction manual, also easy to fit to a wall bracket. The picture quality of this TV is out of this world like nothing I had seen before, 32" screen definitely shows of the true power and detail of what this screen can show. When connected to a blu-ray player and home cinema you have the full package to fill up the room with the sound and most of all the picture quality that this TV has, I had people (owners of other make TV's) coming into my room complimenting how great the picture of my TV is and them contemplating on whether to buy a new TV or not. The features this TV has to offer are also great being able to connect to the internet via your TV and go on YouTube is always handy. I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone looking for a good sized TV with great features and most of all an amazing sharp stunning picture quality that this TV has to offer. ...

Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB 10/02/2014

New Technology With A Hiccup

Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB My View Firstly I would like to say that this phone is amazing, it has everything you could possibly want and need on it. All the new features on it such as Air Gesture, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll and so on are extremely useful and very clever in how they work. The phone screen is clear and big which is good for watching HD videos on and playing games. Features Air gesture - This is where you can use your hand without touching the S4 to pass over the sensor which is located at the top of the phone, for example to look through photos by moving your hand right or left. Smart Pause - This is used for when you are watching a video on your S4 and you look away from your phone maybe to talk to a friend the video will automatically stop playing and pause in till you look back at your device. Smart scroll - This is used for if you are reading some sort of text or an email that you can scroll up and down without touching the screen by passing your hand over the sensor. Sound & Shot - This is a camera mode which allows you to take a photo with a sound recording of up to 9 seconds. Swype Furthermore I love the feature of Swype which is used for when you are typing out a message or any other text. This feature allows you to type out words without removing your finger from the screen saving you time and energy on pressing each letter. Battery Issue The only downfall to this phone would be the battery, within 2 months of having the phone I had to send the battery and phone ...
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