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Early Learning Centre Food Mixer & Accessories 12/02/2017

Electric Food mixer with accessories

Early Learning Centre Food Mixer & Accessories Availability This particular set is not easy to get anymore but you can still find this exact toy set on places such as Amazon and Ebay who will charge you more than it is worth due to it being hard to get now. I came across mine in a charity shop so I was able to get it very cheap for £4 which is a very good bargain thinking about it now. I have noticed that the Early Learning Centre have made a newer updated version on this toy set which seems to be very similar but have made some changes so that could be an alternative to someone who it wanting to purchase this set. About ELC Food Mixer and Accessories Set This toy set is recommended for children aged 3 years and over and is a great toy for both boys and girls. The toys included in this set are made from durable, high quality plastic and is very safe for children to use. Batteries are required for this toy and it takes 2x AA. There seems to be slight colour variations of this set about where some of the set pieces a a bit different in colour. First of all in this set you have the food mixer which is the only part in this set which requires the batteries. The food mixer has a white base with a clear plastic container which sits at the front which is where the food goes into that you are wanting to whisk and then there is the actual mixer which has a leg to it which then holds the main head part of the mixer which also has a handle to hold on to and these parts are a light green colour. The mixer height can be changed ...

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 Shaped Puzzles 10/02/2017

Paw Patrol Shaped Puzzles

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 Shaped Puzzles Availability This box of Paw Patrol puzzles is easy to get hold of and are for sale in a range of places such as Amazon, Argos, Toys R us and many more. The prices vary slightly but are all quite similar with a price of £8-10. About Ravensburger Paw Patrol Shaped Puzzles This Ravensburger Paw Patrol Puzzle is recommended for children aged 3 years and over. Included in the puzzle box are 4 separate puzzles which all have a different number of puzzle pieces. Firstly you have a 10 piece puzzle which is of the character Marshall and he is a white dog which black spots and also wears red. The next puzzle in the box is a 12 piece puzzle and is of the character Rubble who wears yellow. You then have a puzzle which consists of 14 pieces of the character Chase who wears blue, and then finally the last puzzle has 16 pieces and is of the character Skye who wears pink. These puzzles are large pieces and are also not your usual rectangle shape puzzle as these are shaped around the Paw Patrol characters. These puzzles pieces are made out of high quality cardboard. Personal Experience My son is not a child that is a major fan of puzzles, he does like doing them but is not the sort of child who will go and pick out a puzzle to play with. This is why I try and get puzzles which will get him more interested in doing them as puzzles are important for children to be able to do as it helps develop a variety of skills. Since my son in now a Paw Patrol fan I thought this was a great set ...

Fisher-Price Imaginext Helicopter Combo Pack 07/02/2017

Imaginext Helicopter

Fisher-Price Imaginext Helicopter Combo Pack Availability This is something hat used to be easy to get hold of due to being made by the well known brand Fisher Price, but it seems that this toy isn't as available as it used to be. You will be able to get this from the sites Amazon, Smyths and Ebay. The prices do vary from sites but you can pick this up brand new for about £25. About the Imaginext Helicopter This Imaginext helicopter is recommend for children aged 3-8 years and the toy is made out of plastic. Included when you purchase this is a helicopter and 2 figures. The figures included are of 2 people which have arms and legs that you can move about to get them into a different position such as sitting. The helicopter is white with bits of yellow and blue on it too. At the front of the helicopter you have the front window which you can lift up and open which then reveals the seats inside for driving the helicopter and this is where you can sit the figures down and close the window so it looks as though they are flying it. There are then the propellers at the top of this helicopter which you can spin around by either your hand or you can use the trigger button on this helicopter which is located underneath towards the back a bit and this will make the propellers spin. You also have at the bottom of this helicopter some wheels which help is stand up when on a flat surface. There are 2 doors, one on each side, but only one can be opened, and to open it you hold on to the small blue handle on this door and ...

Spin Master Paw Patrol Lights & Sounds Vehicles Rocky 06/02/2017

Rocky's Recycling Truck

Spin Master Paw Patrol Lights & Sounds Vehicles Rocky Introduction Paw Patrol is very popular at the moment with young children and my son has taking a liking to it. In case you haven't heard of Paw Patrol is a TV series about a boy with a pack of rescue dogs which are called the Paw Patrol. This review is on the toy Rocky lights and sounds truck which is easy to get hold of and is available in many places such as Amazon, The Entertainer, Tesco, and they all have the same price of £25. About the Rocky Lights and Sounds Recycling Truck This toy is recommended for children aged 3 years and over and also requires 2x AAA batteries but these are included with the toy. When you buy this toy you will get a total of 2 items included which are a Rocky figure and a recycling truck and both are made out of plastic. The Rocky figure looks just like the character from Paw Patrol on TV, and he is a grey colour dog who wears green. His head can move by simply turning it to the side and also his legs and able to be moved too. You then have the recycling truck that he comes with and this is a green truck with 4 chunky black wheels on the bottom which move round so you can push the ruck along and it will move. There is a large recycling symbol on the side of this truck too and then at the front there is a drivers seat for Rocky where you can sit him in and have him driving the truck. There is a flap at the back of the truck which you can lift up and shows an empty space inside the recycling truck so you can put things inside. There is ...

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Hide & Seek Board 03/02/2017

Fun learning with Melissa & Doug Hide and Seek Board

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Hide & Seek Board Introduction This Melissa & Doug magnetic hide and seek board belongs to my 3 year old son and I chose this toy for him quite a while ago now and the reason I decided to get this in the first place was because it seemed like a fun toy for him that would also be great for his learning. Melissa & Doug toys always seem to be great for this. This is something that is easy to get hold of as you can purchase this on Amazon for £14.99. About Melissa & Doug Magnetic Hide and Seek Board This magnetic hide and seek board is made by the well known brand Melissa & Doug which is known for high quality toys. The toy is a rectangle shape and made out of a strong thick durable wood and is also recommended for children aged 3 years and over. The board is divided into nine squares which are separated from each other by all the squares being different colours, and in each square on this board there is a small wooden door the can open and close. The doors are securely attached on to the board by a small metal hinge which enables it to open and close with ease. The doors also have a little finger gap at the side so children can easily get hold on the side of the wooden doors and open them by themselves. When you open each door there will be a piece inside with a picture on and there are magnetic so stick to the board on the inside. Starting from the first door on the board you have a a farm house picture on the door and then inside you have a magnetic cow piece, then next to that the ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Van 31/01/2017

Ninja Turtles Party Van

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Van Introduction This Ninja Turtles party van is a toy that my son has as he is a Ninja Turtles fan at the moment. This toy is easy to get hold of and is sold by varies stores online such as Toys R Us and Amazon. The price seems to all roughly be the same at about £35. About Ninja Turtles Party Van This toy which is all made out of plastic is recommended for children aged 4 years and over. The dimensions for this party van are 17 x 32 x 20 cm. When you open up the box for this party van you will find that it is a toy that you will have to assemble yourself as it comes in pieces but obviously there are instructions included which tell you step by step how to do it. This is a very brightly coloured van with the main colours being yellow and green but with some parts red, black and white. It's also very light in weight so is easy for young children to pick up, move about and play with which is great as also means that if they ever accidentally drop it on themselves such as their hand like kids sometimes do, it will not hurt as much. There are 4 black wheels for this party van with 2 larger ones at the back and then 2 slightly smaller wheels at the front. These wheels move smoothly along and you can push the van along and see it roll along by itself. At the side of the van there is a red door which actually clicks open and shut, then you also have 2 doors at the back of the van which also open and shut. When you open any of these doors it will reveal an empty space inside the ...

Lego Duplo 10538 Fire & Rescue Team 24/01/2017

Planes Fire & Rescue Duplo

Lego Duplo 10538 Fire & Rescue Team Introduction This is another Duplo set that my son has and this is based on the children's film called Planes fire and rescue as it features some of the characters in this set. You can get holf of this Duplo set quite easily and is available from websites such as Amazon, Toys R Us and Ebay who seem to have this at a price of around £30-40. About the Duplo Planes Fire and Rescue This Duplo Planes fire and rescue set consists of a total of 30 pieces and is recommended for children aged 2-5 years. This set can be used with all other Duplo sets and this particular set is based on the children's film called Planes Fire & Rescue which came out in 2014 and is the sequel to the first film called Planes. First of all in this set you have a red helicopter who is called Blade Ranger and he is quite a shiny red with a face on the front and has black wings at the top which you can move so you can spin the them around with your hands. You also get and orange plane called Dusty who has eyes on the front where the window is and he has a black propellor on the front. The last character which is included is the yellow bulldozer called Drip, and like the other he has eyes and a mouth on the front. Other accessories in this set are a water station, trees that you can build with the range of green and brown Duplo blocks and you also get some fire flames. Personal Experience This has been a fun Duplo set for my son who is 3 years old, as he loves the characters that are included. He ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Heroes Raphael 20/01/2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a Ninja Turtle!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Heroes Raphael Introduction This Ninja Turtles flying Raphael is a toy that my son enjoys playing with a lot and he only recently got it for Christmas. He loves Ninja Turtles at the moment so any toy to do with Nija Turtles he takes a liking to but I thought this toy looked particularly interesting as it was a flying figure and I thought he was enjoy it. This toy is easy to get hold of and you can buy it from places such are Toys R Us and Amazon. The prices can vary but you can generally get hold of this toy for around £10. As well as Raphael you can also get Leonardo if the child prefers that character instead. About Ninja Turtle Flying Raphael This Ninja Turle flying Raphael is recommended for children aged 4 years and over. When you purchase this toy you will get two items, a hand launcher and Raphael figure. First of all you have the hand launcher will is made out of plastic and at the bottom is has a handle with grooves in it for the fingers to wrap round and get nice nice firm grip of the hand launcher without fingers slipping about. Towards to top of the hand launcher it is more rounded where at the very top there is a hole where you can fit the Raphael figure on to when using this toy. At the side near the top there is a red piece of plastic with string attached on to it from the inside which is what you pull when you are ready to launch your ninja turtle figure. This hand launcher is green with a grey circle and the writing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it. The Raphael ...

Lego Duplo Super Heroes 10599 Batman Adventure 19/01/2017

Excellent Duplo Superheroes

Lego Duplo Super Heroes 10599 Batman Adventure Introduction My son enjoys building different things with Duplo and has many different types of sets. I came across this Duplo Batman adventure set and knew it was something I had to get for my son since he loves Batman at the moment. This Duplo set is available to buy from quite a few different websites such as Argos, Toys R Us and many others, and the price you are looking at it you wanted to buy this set is about £30. About Duplo Batman Adventure Set The recommended age for this Duplo Batman set is 2-5 years which is states on the box that it comes in. This set can be used with other Duplo sets which means you can mix and match them up to create other things. The pieces included in this set are strong thick plastic which is safe for palying with and also can be cleaned easily by simply wiping it down. In this set you will find three superhero figures which are Batman, Superman and Wonder woman. You are able to moved their arms, legs and body so you can move them into all sorts of different positions and act out different things with them. They all also have feet which allows them to be fixed on to a Duplo block so you can stand them on top of a block without them falling off of it. They are all brighly coloured and are wearing their well known costumes so you can tell who they are straighy away when you look at them. Also included in this set is a white cat which can also be fixed onto a Duplo block. There is a black boat, a black Duplo block with the Batman logo, ...

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 3-Wheel Scooter 17/01/2017

Spiderman 3 Wheel Scooter

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 3-Wheel Scooter Introduction This review will be on the Ultimate Spiderman 3 wheel scooter which is a present my son got for Christmas. He loves spiderman and needed a new scooter so this was a present I definitely had to get when I came across it online. This scooter is very easy to get hold of and is available in a range of different online stores and the average sort of price is about £20. About the Ultimate Spiderman 3 wheel Scooter This is a scooter that is recommended for children aged 3 years and over. This product comes in pieces in the box with instructions for you to follow to put it all together. Everything needed to put it all together is included in the box. This is a 3 wheel scooter with one wheel at the front and then two wheels at the back which helps the child using the scooter feel secure and balanced when using it as the scooter can stand up on its own even when you let go of it as unlike the usual scooters which only have 2 wheels, they wont stand up on their own. So this is great for very young children. The main colours of this scooter are red and blue with designs of Spiderman over it.This scooter is made out of both metal and plastic with the poles being metal and bits such as the footplate being plastic. Personal Experience This was a present I got for my 3 year old son for Christmas since he loves spiderman and needed a new scooter. I bought this from the website called The Entertainer which is quite a well known website when it comes to purchasing toys. ...

Bandai Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Megazord 16/01/2017

The Megazord to have for Power Ranger Fans

Bandai Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Megazord Introduction At Christmas my 3 year old son was spoilt with many presents and since he has become a major power rangers fan, one of the toys he received at Christmas was the Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord. When I was looking at buying this I noticed it really varied in price at the time, and saw prices such as £40-£50 for the toy and personally I thought that was a bit too much to pay for it, but then Argos had this toy on sale for about £23 so I bought it straight away and was very happy with the price I got it at. Looking at the prices now, Argos do not have it on sale anymore and are currently selling it at the price of £35.99. However I do think Argos seem to have the best price of this megazord as other prices do generally seem to be at £40 or more for this toy on other sites. About the Deluxe Megazord This particular megazord is from the Dino Charge series which is a recent power rangers series on TV. This toy is put together by all it's different pieces that come in the box, there are 9 pieces of the megazord which you can fit together. Now with this you have a choice of either using all the bits and creating the megzord, or you can create 3 of the separate animals which are also known as Dino Zords. The Dino zords are the Tyrannosaurus Rex which is red, Triceratops which is pink and Stegosaurus which is blue. The pieces are very easy to fit together and you simply push fit them together and they will click together, and you can also simply pull that parts off ...

Melissa&Doug Safari Chunky Puzzle 16/01/2017

Great Quality Safari Chunky Puzzle

Melissa&Doug Safari Chunky Puzzle Introduction This Melissa & Doug puzzle was an easy choice for my son when it came to buying it as I have many other Melissa & Doug toys which are always made to a very high standard. I came across this puzzle in TK Maxx in their toy section when I was in my local town. This puzzle is available to buy from Amazon for £6.99 plus free delivery. This puzzle is also available from Argos and they also charge £6.99. About the Melissa & Doug Safari Puzzle This Melissa & Doug safari puzzle is recommended for children aged 2 years and over and the dimensions of this puzzle are 30.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 cm. All of the pieces included in this puzzle are made out of wood which is smooth all over and quite chunky too. When you buy this you get a rectangle puzzle board which is very brightly coloured and has a picture of a lake with trees and other bits around. There are then 8 cut out pieces which are for the puzzle pieces to fit in to, and in these cut out shapes there is the picture of the animal that is meant to fit into the cut out shape so that children find it a bit easier to fit the puzzle pieces in the right place. You have 8 very chunky animal pieces included which all fit into a certain part of the puzzle board. Personal Experience This puzzle has been great for my 3 year old as the pieces are nice and chunky so he can get a good hold on them and fit them in to the place they need to be without finding it too difficult fitting it in. My son has really enjoyed this puzzle as ...

Lego Duplo 10581 Forest Ducks 11/08/2016

Duplo Forest Ducks

Lego Duplo 10581 Forest Ducks Introduction This Duplo forest ducks set is a small additional set you can have to other Duplo sets. This set is very easy to get hold of since Duplo is very popular with children. Amazon have this set for £10.99 and ebay also have brand new ones at various prices that are quiate similar ot Amazon.Another website that sells this set is Coolshop which have this for £11.50 and free delivery About the Duplo Forest Ducks In his Duplo firest ducks set there are a totsl of 13 different pieces included in the box which and this set is also recommended for children aged 2-5 years. They are all made out of strong chunky high quality plastic which is very safe for children. In this set are 2 light green sqaure bricks, 2 darker green square bricks and a thin long brown brick. There is also a blue square brick in this set and on the side it has a picture of ducks. You will also get a white bit of fence, a nest, a green flower and a red flower. Then finally in the set you will have 2 ducks and a figure. This set is very good for encouraging children to be imaginative as they can create alls orts of different scenes and act different scenarios out with the pieces that are in this set. Personal Experience This is a great additional set to my son's Duplo and what he particularly likes about the forest ducks set are the 2 ducks that come with it. It's really nice when the Duplo sets come with all sorts of extra bits to use after building something with the bricks. When my son ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Mask Raphael 09/08/2016

High Quality Ninja Turtles Mask

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Mask Raphael Introduction My 3 year old is a Ninja Turtle fan and at the moment he seems to be into the colour red so he has the Raphael Ninja Turtle mask as his colour is red on the bandana. This mask is easy to get hold of and is available to buy in a range of places. This mask is also available in different colour bandanas for the other Ninja Turtle characters. You can find this mask on Amazon for £12.99 with free delivery or Argos who charge £11.99 and offer free delivery for this item. John Lewis also have this for £11.99 but charge a £3.50 delivery charge on top. About the Mask This mask is designed for children aged 4 years and over and is a good accessory for children's role play. This mask is a lot different to other masks out there as when you wearing the nask it does not sit fit on your face. This one is a thick plastic for the front of the mask but in the inside for around the eye area it has a very soft flexible rubber so it fits comortably on the nose and there is room for a child who also wears glasses so they can wear this mask with ease too. The mask is all green with red going across the eyes which is for the bandana the Ninja Turtles wear. This mask has a red bandana as the character for this mask is called Raphael. At the sides of the mask there is red fabric which you can tie up which is meany to be part of the bandana. You also have black elasticated band on each side that goes around to the back of your head and fastens up with velcro to keep the mask on. ...

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Hulk 08/08/2016

Mashers Hulk Figure

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Hulk Introduction This Hasbro Mashers Hulk figure is a recent toy that my son has. At the moment he loves anything to do with Super Heroes and is into characters such as Spiderman, Batman and the Hulk. Where can you buy this product and how much? This Hulk figure is available to buy from a range of places such as Amazon for £13.99 plus free delivery. The Entertainer have this for £8.50 plus a delivery charge of £3.99. This is also avaulable on Ebay for prices that vary from £13-£15 with free delivery. About the Hulk Figure This toy is recommended for children aged 4 year and over and is made by Hasbro. In the box for this toy you will get a Hulk figure who is made out of plastic and is about 17 cm tall. He is all green with purple shorts. This Hulk figure can actually come apart in pieces and the reason for this is because if you have other characters you can mix and match their body parts to customise a Super Hero you want. However you can only do this if you have the other characters which my son does not have as he only has Hulk so I have not been able to try this out. You will also get a missile launcher with this Hulk and to use the missile launcher you simply push it into the black launcher and press a button on the top and then the missile which is purple will shoot out. Personal Experience The quality of this toy is quite good as the plastic seems fairly strong. I think it's interesting that you can take the body apart and swap with other figures parts ...
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