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Thank you for the rates & nice comments! Haven't been online in a while - 2 (nearly 3) year old daughter and 10 month old son keeping me busy!

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Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen 06/04/2017

Perfect Kitchen For My Little Girl

Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen My daughter who is 2 1/2 years old (Currently going through the terrible twos!) has always been into role playing toys since she was about 1 and has had various shopping trolleys, microwaves, shopping baskets with plastic foods but one thing she didn't have was a complete kitchen with everything complete with it so my Father decided too buy my daughter this Little Tikes Wooden Kitchen for Christmas in 2016 and we all fell in love with it! Product Description As Said from the Tesco website this Little tikes Kitchen has the fun and realistic features. It includes a double burner stove top, oven, dishwasher with clicking knobs, refrigerator with ice dispenser and microwave. Basics There's also a laundry center with a mini washer and tumble dryer, a granite-effect counter top, double sink with storage shelves. Crockery and accessories are also included in this set. The age range it says it's suitable for is from 2-6 year olds. The kitchen is available from most toy shops, online shops, Tesco and Amazon with prices ranging from £129.99 too £169.99 (My Father paid £165.99 from Dimensions: 98 x 34.3 x 103 cm The kitchen is mainly a wooden construction with a granite-look counter top. The kitchen comes flat packed in a very large box! Assembly Well, to assembly this - you need lots of spare time and with a over excited toddler eagly waiting for her kitchen it can be difficult but my partner managed too put the whole kitchen up in 3 hours which took longer than I ...

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation 05/04/2017

Affordable Foundation

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation I have annoying skin - combination type! Which either means it'll be oily or dry with mild acne so I do rely on foundations too cover up my imperfections such as dry bits, redness or the spots. I have tried many foundations from the expensive range down too the cheap range. This one I'm reviewing is the one I use when my other runs out or when money is tight. ~Product Description~ On the Boots website the foundation claims too be - *6-in-1 foundation primes, conceals, covers, smooths, protects and mattifies. *Provides flawless coverage with innovative skin-lock technology for up to 16 hour wear * SPF20 protection. The foundation is available in 6 shades: *Porcelain *Ivory *Cool Beige *Warm Beige *Honey *Golden I use the lightest shade Porcelain as I have quite light skin. Availability The Collection 2000 range is available in most cosmetic stores such as Boots, Superdrug or in the supermarket make up aisles. I purchased mine from Tesco for £3.99. Packaging The foundation comes packaged in a 30ml bottle with a black plastic pump which dispenses a small amount when pressed. The packaging isn't the most exciting as it is only cheap but I do like the simplicity of it. ~My Experience~ As said above - I only really use this foundation when my other one runs out or I'm short on money and as this is only £3.99 for 30ml I find that too be quite good for what it is. On first application it goes on fairly well and I don't need too apply too much for it too cover my ...

Flash Liquid Gel Crisp Lemon 07/07/2015

Super Lemon Cleaning

Flash Liquid Gel Crisp Lemon I recently signed up to Supersavvyme - a site where they offer coupons and product testing and luckily I was selected to take part in the Flash Liquid gel Crisp lemon and received two full size products! Product Description Flash are a brand many people will know for their cleaning products which they have a wide range of products available in stores. The liquid gel is a new product from Flash which is a Concentrated All-purpose cleaner that can be used either neat or diluted on most surfaces and floors. The gel claims to have a breakthrough cleaning technology and a unique dosing cap, providing 2.5x more cleaning power than dilute products. The product can be used in most rooms around the house. other scents include: Blossom and Breeze Cotton Fresh Bathroom Availability This product is available in most supermarkets and stores such as Wilkinsons normally on special offer too. RRP is £2.50 for a 400ml bottle, although regularly on offer for half price at £1.25 Packaging In my opinion, the packaging is attractive and modern! The 400ml comes in a clear plastic curvy bottle where you can see the bright yellow cleaning gel. On top is a flip top cap which is where when you squeeze the bottle a shot of gel comes out and stops unless you wanted more you simply squeeze again. My Experience I'm very pleased I gt to test this product as I am very happy with the results. I've mainly used it on the floors throught my flat - by using one dose into a bucket diluted with water and ...

Cow & Gate Baby Balance Crumble 4mth+ Banana & Cookie 11/04/2015

Sweet Pudding For Baby

Cow & Gate Baby Balance Crumble 4mth+ Banana & Cookie My Daughter Bella who is 9 months absolutely loves her puddings as she does have a very sweet tooth although she finishes all her dinner she eagerly waits for her pudding to be served! This Banana & Cookie crumble by Cow & Gate is one of Bellas favorites and has been eating it since she was 6 months. Product Description Cow & gate have been around many, many years and are known widely for their baby products which range from baby milks, baby drinks and food. It might also be worth noting that this jar has a different label than the one showed on Ciao but the same name of 'Banana & Cookie crumble'. This dessert is suitable for babies aged 6 months and upwards as it contains no lumps and is just pureed. Availability The dessert is available from most supermarkets either online of in store or Boots and online. The baby food jars are normally on offer too. I purchased mine from my local Asda as it was on special offer of '12 for £6' - although some other supermarkets do the offer of '10 for £5'. If you just wanted the one jar then the RRP is 65p for 125g. Packaging The dessert comes in a 125g small glass jar with a metal cap which pops when the safety seal is broken. On the back is the ingredients and nutritional information. The jar is normally on the same shelf next to the other baby pudding jars. There is also a bigger jar which is 200g but that one says it's for 7 months and upwards although they taste the same and both don't have lumps in! Ingredients Baby-Grade Banana ...

Tesco Cucumber Toner 06/04/2015

Does A Good Job!

Tesco Cucumber Toner Looking at my beauty shelf - I have a lot of face cleansers, moisturizers and toners, I tend to buy new ones just too try them out and to see what works for me from expensive ones to cheaper ones with this Tesco Cucumber Toner being one of the cheaper options - I really don't notice that much of a difference between this and expensive toners. Product Description This toner is developed for Tescos along with a few more items in their Cucumber range they do - facial wipes, facial wash, face scrub, daily moisturizer, and night cream. Tescos also do other decent beauty products under the name of Pro Formula which are also at a low cost price. Tesco Cucumber has added Vitamin E and cucumber extracts for natural moisturizing properties and is suitable for all skin types. Availability Hence the name Tesco Cucumber Toner this toner is only available from Tesco either online or instore. It retails for £1.50 for a 150 ml bottle. Packaging The packaging in one word is - basic. It doesn't catch the eye immediately and in my opinion it does look cheap on the outside. The bottle is medium sized with a flip top where the liquid comes out and is white colored which leaves it looking simple, along with some writing on the front. I can't really complain too much about the packaging as for the price it's decent enough! My Experience I normally use my Simple toner but since I've purchased this toner I've used this a lot more which I didn't expect too at first! When using this I normally ...

Heinz Mums Own Casserole 7mth+ Fruity Chicken 04/04/2015

Baby Loves Fruity Chicken!

Heinz Mums Own Casserole 7mth+ Fruity Chicken As some of my other reviews have said - My daughter, Bella, eats these baby food jars since I myself find it easier and as I'm not a confident cook when it comes to fruity chicken or casseroles I prefer to buy the jars but she does have home cooked stuff to! Product Description Heinz is a well known brand mainly for it's sauces, baked beans etc but they also do baby food products which I myself didn't know until I had my daughter. The 'Mum's Own Recipe' branding is a dinner which is inspired by real mum's recipes for their babies. This dinner is suitable for babies aged 7 + months due to the mashed texture of it. Availability This fruity chicken baby dinner is available from most supermarkets or larger Boots. I came across this jar in my local Tesco while doing my food shopping and as the jars were currently on offer as '10 for £6' this was one of my selections. If you didn't want too buy 10 then for just the jar alone the RRP 85p. I have checked online at Tesco but it currently says it's unavailable although I've seen it in my local store. Packaging The fruity chicken dinner comes in a glass 200g jar with a metal cap that pops when the safety seal is broken. On the back is the list of nutrition and ingredients. Ingredients All the ingredients are baby grade safe. Apple Juice from Concentrate (23%), Carrot, Potato, Water, Chicken (8%), Onion, Cornflour, Peach (3%), Unsalted Butter, Natural Flavouring, Herb, Iron Sulphate The dinner is also Gluten free and Egg free. My ...

Freederm Gel 04/04/2015

Spot Clearing Gel

Freederm Gel I suffer from very problem skin and indeed it is very annoying so I do get sucked into these products claiming to reduce spots or the claim to have perfect skin! My skin can be awkward at times with spots around my T-zone area but I do usually get more spots around the time on my monthly - like many women do at this time too super annoying. So I bought this Freederm gel after seeing the advertisement on TV one night and thought it looked good. Product Description Freederm have been around for a few years now and is a brand specially for skin and acne care products. They do have quite a range of products available too. This freederm gel is basicly a clear gel, fragrance free with the main ingredient of Nicotinamide which is apparently proven too reduce spots etc. Availability The gel is available at most beauty stores as Boots or superdrug, In supermarkets or chemists. I bought mine a couple of months ago at my local Boots due to it being on offer at the time I think I paid around £4 for my 10ml tube. After checking online it is now £5.49 RRP at Boots for the 10 ml tube. There are two sizes of tubes one being 10 ml and the other is a 25g tube which is more expensive at £9.80 RRP Packaging In my opinion the packaging looks quite cool and not cheapy looking. The tube comes packaged in a cardboard box with some information at top. The 10 ml tube itself is a small white tube with a plastic cap on top. Directions The product says; Use twice daily as follows: cleanse the ...

Beko DSC85W 01/04/2015

Budget Friendly Tumble Dryer

Beko DSC85W When we moved into our 1 bedroom flat we literally had nothing as we had moved from my partner's granddads house, we didn't even own a washing machine at the time! Luckily we were given a housewarming gift of money to help us buy things we needed - being on the first floor with no garden area I knew I wanted a tumble dryer as at the time our daughter was about to be born and thought it would save time and make it easier - plus I love the softness a tumble dryer gives. Product Description *Freestanding white condenser dryer *holds up to 8kg *Energy rating B *Consumption per cycle - 4.17 kWh / Annual consumption - 561 kWh *Noise level - 66dB *LED indicator lights *11 programs for different types of fabrics *4 timer settings - max 60 minutes *Front loading *Fluff filter *Removeable water tank for easy emptying *Option to connect to drain pipe for direct water exposal *Dimensions - 850 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D) *Weight 38kg Availability We bought our dryer from our local Currys which at the time this dryer was out on display on the shop floor, I haven't seen this in other shops but it's mainly available from Currys or online. At the time we paid £210.99 due to it being on special offer but after having a quick look online at the Currys store it is avail for £219.99 on special offer. The full RRP is £299.99. Setting Up We had this delivered to our flat due to us having no transport, so in store they arranged for the delivery the next day at small cost of around £8 or so. ...

17 Seventeen Stay Time Foundation 30/03/2015

Lasting Foundation

17 Seventeen Stay Time Foundation I usually buy my trusty Revlon foundation but unfortunately I ran out of that and couldn't find it in my local boots so I opted for something else and saw this which looked like a good product at a cheap price. Product Description Seventeen is a cosmetic brand only available in Boots - they have quite a big range of products of makeup and nail products at affordable prices. This foundation is available in 6 shades which are mainly for fairer skins; *Porcelain *Soft Ivory *Natural *Biscuit *Fair *Honey I own the Natural shade as I do have very fair skin but the lighter shades were far too light for my skin. Availability As said above - This foundation is available in Boots stores or online and are normally on some kind of offer along with the other Seventeen range of products. I paid the RRP £6.49 for 30ml. Packaging In my opinion the packaging isn't anything special but for a cheap price I couldn't fault it. The 30ml bottle isn't heavy to hold as it's plastic, there is a plastic black pump which I do like as it dispenses a fair amount of foundation. The downside for me is the bottle isn't see through or anything so I can't see how much I have left. My Experience I do like using this foundation and it has surprised me a lot. As I have problem skin I do tend to have a few breakouts of spots and my skin isn't the best of skins with a few blemishes so I do look for foundations that claim to have full coverage, like this one did. The foundation comes out very easy by using ...

Rimmel London Soft Khol Eye Pencil 29/03/2015

Great Soft Eye Pencil

Rimmel London Soft Khol Eye Pencil As said in my other makeup reviews - I wear a lot of makeup (probably due to confidence issues) and one place I do put a lot of makeup on is my eyes so I'm forever buying eyeshadows, eye liners etc. This Rimmel eye pencil is one I use a lot these days and do really like it. Product Description Rimmel are known for their inexpensive make up products and nail products which are available in beauty stores or supermarkets or even online all at a affordable price. I've been using Rimmel products since I started trying out makeup! So I have always bought their products - you may have also seen the TV advertising with their brand phrase Get the London look!. This eye pencil is available in 6 shades; *Jet Black *Stormy Grey *White *Jungle green *Denim Blue *Sable Brown I purchased the jet black one as that's my main color of choice when using eyeliners. Availability The eye pencil is available at most beauty stores such as Boots, Superdrug or supermarkets and online. It's RRP is £2.99 although I bought it with Boots current offer of '3 for 2 on makeup' making this free as it was my cheapest product in the basket. Packaging There really isn't much packaging to this product like most eye pencils in the store - it's just the pencil with a plastic lid on top with some clear plastic covering. The pencil itself doesn't grab your attention on the shelf really. My Experience I wear eyeliner everyday as that's just part of my routine and think I look better when wearing it. This pencil ...

Make Up Academy MUA 3 in 1 Contour Pen 29/03/2015

Cheap Eyeliner

Make Up Academy MUA 3 in 1 Contour Pen I normally use a kohl pencil for my eyeliner and was looking for a change as I like to try out different makeup brands and types, I've used a lot of MUA make up range for a while and I am mostly happy with their products - so I looked on their online store ( during my make up splurge I probably spend way too much on makeup and came across their 3 in 1 eyeliner pen and liked the thought of it. Product Description MUA which stands for Make up Academy make cheap and affordable beauty products mainly makeup or nail products as well as makeup tools. The eyeliner is available in 8 shades; *Black *Dark Brown *Auburn *Gunmetal (greyish shade) *Mint Fresh *Sage *Sea Blue *Smoked Plum The idea of this 3 in 1 Contour Pen is to create different eye looks by using the different angles of the nibs. You can create a dramatic big and bold effect, a glamorous sultry effect or a simple chic look. Availability These eyeliner pens can be found in either Superdrug or their store Although not all their products are in Superdrug stores they are all online on the MUA website. They retail for £1.50 but after having a glance at their website it's currently on offer for 50p. Packaging I loved the packaging this came in as it did look quite professional in a black and silver rectangle box with a picture of the pen on the back and a few guides on how too apply it on the back of the box. ~~My Experience~~ After initially being impressed by the packaging I ...

Remington S 3500 Ceramic Straight 230 22/03/2015

Super Straight Hair

Remington S 3500 Ceramic Straight 230 I've used hair straighteners for as long as I an remember - they are just a daily part of my life for me as my hair can be frizzy and wavy which I don't think is a good look for myself but also I have very long hair which needs taming most mornings along with my side fridge that tends to stick up all over the place in the morning! ~~Product Description~~ Remington are a well known brand that most people would of heard of somewhere and have been around for many years. They make a range of products such as straighteners, curling tongs, epilators and electric shavers which I believe are at a affordable cost and not overpriced. Avaiilability The Remington S3500 is available at Argos, Boots, Tesco or online stores such as Amazon or eBay. I purchased mine from Argos as my other straighteners were on the way out and needed a new pair quickly, I paid £18.49 for mine due to them being on special offer but the RRP is £19.99. Packaging The straightners came in a rectangle box as they mostly do anyway - the box doesn't look overly cheap but sort of professional looking in my opinion. Inside the box is the hair straighteners which are very light to hold also in the box is a stylish heatproof pouch and an instruction manual. Product Features The Remington S3500 Ceramic straighteners product features are; *Variable temperature settings upto a maximum of 230°C *15 second heat-up time. *Heat ready indicator. *Ceramic plates - Width of plates 25mm, length of plates 110mm. *1.8m swivel ...

Organix Strawberry Rice Cakes 22/03/2015

Sweet rice cakes

Organix Strawberry Rice Cakes Recently my 8 month old (nearly 9) daughter has started the finger food phase which absolutely scares me! I did have a bad experience of choking when I was younger so I do tend to panic when Bella has her finger foods incase she chokes but I choose to give her soft and small pieces to start with which I normally give her peas or some kind of fruit or veg. As we were out travelling not long ago I forgot to pick up her fresh fruit from the kitchen so I decided too have a look in Tesco for something she could have and came across these rice cakes in a strawberry flavour. ~~Product Description~~ Organix have been around since 1992 and develop natural organic products ranging from fruit pots, baby cereals such as porridge or muesli, range of flavoured rice cakes and baby biscuits. Availability These Organix Strawberry rice cakes are available at most supermarkets in the baby food aisle, as well as boots stores too. I purchased my bag from Tescos for 97p which I think is the same price as the other supermarkets. Packaging In my opinion the packaging does stand out on the shelf as the big wording of Organix drew me in as well as the modern colors and lettering. The bag is 50g in size and does resemble a crisp packet. Ingredients Wholegrain Rice 85%, Apple Juice Concentrate 8%, Strawberry Juice Concentrate 6%,Thiamin (Vitamin B1) ~~My Experience~~ We first tried these while we was out travelling and Bella needed her snack time at a reletives house and I'm glad I bought these as ...

Cow & Gate Baby Balance 7mth+ Grandma's Sunday Lunch 19/03/2015

Nice Dinner For Baby

Cow & Gate Baby Balance 7mth+ Grandma's Sunday Lunch As I like my 8 (nearly 9) month old daughter to have a different variation of dinners apart from her favorite of cheese or pasta I decided to try this Cow & Gate Grandma's Sunday lunch while selecting my jars in Tesco while the offer of '10 for £6'. ~~Product Description~~ Cow & Gate have been around for many years and is widely known and recognized for their baby products such as; their range of baby milks including regular first baby milk, growing up milk and specialist milks for premature babies.Also in their wide range is a big variety of baby weaning jars and pouches from 4 + months and upwards. Availability The Grandma's Sunday Lunch dinner is available and most supermarkets or Boots, they are normally on special offer for '10 for £6' which is good value in my opinion or if you just want a couple they are 80p each for a 200g jar which is a fair amount of food for a baby! Packaging The sunday lunch comes in a 200g glass jar with a metal cap that pops when opened. As there is a wide selection of jars on the shelf, I didn't immediately notice this jar as the labels look the pretty much the same on the rest of the Cow & Gate jars - but a quick scan at the labels and it's easy to spot. Ingredients All the vegetables are baby grade so they are safe and also it says there is a natural source of Omega-3. The ingredients are; Baby-Grade Vegetables (34%) (Carrot, Parsnip, Tomato, Onion, Garlic), Cooking Water, Potato, Turkey (9%), Wheat Starch (Gluten Free), Rapeseed Oil, ...

Hipp Organic Red Fruit & Apple Compote 125g 19/03/2015

Fruity & Tasty

Hipp Organic Red Fruit & Apple Compote 125g My 8 month daughter, Bella, absolutely loves fruit! I think she has a rather sweet tooth and very much enjoys fruit pots for her lunch and will pretty much eat the whole pot. Since she was first weaned onto solid foods I've always prefered to buy the baby jars or pouches but I do occasionally mash up something at home now she's more used to her solids I start to gain confidence in preparing food for her It's scary being a new mummy!. But one food she has loved since around 6 months is this fruit jar so she does have this regularly for lunch. ~~Product Description~~ As I've wrote on my other HiPP jar food review - HiPP Organic make a rage of products such as formula powder, baby food in both jars and pouches. There is a lot of selection in there baby food jars for breakfast, dinners or puddings. All of the ingredients are organic without any added sugars or nasty stuff. Availability These jars are available at most supermarkets or stores such as Boots and are normally on offer such a 'Buy 10 jars for £5' otherwise the jar is RRP 85p each for 125g. I purchased mine mainly from Tesco but I have seen them in Asda or Morrisons for the same price. Packaging The fruit comes in a standard glass baby jar which is 125g and is a fairly small sized pot but plenty of fruit inside for Bella. These jars are easy to spot on the shelve with the bright labeling with colors and pictures of fruit. The jar has a cap lid which pops when opened. Ingredients The fruit inside is a puree of ...
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