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Hi, I am Ginny. I love to write, I love to shop, and i love to tell others about the great things and opportunities in the world. Keep it happy! :)

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Flight 666 - Iron Maiden 02/12/2017


Flight 666 - Iron Maiden Following the bands "Somewhere back in Time" tour in the 80's, this documentary gives you a genuine insight into the inner circle of the band itself and the people that help to bring them to life as Iron Maiden. They customized their own Bowing 757 to do this, certainly takes the bus conversion to absolutely stellar new heights. I never knew until i watched this that Bruce Dickinson, the bands lead singer was a pilot! He apparently worked for an airline at the time, and that's how he came up with the idea. There is nothing cooler than following your icons years later, and see how those shows we loved were made! I recommend this, not only to those fans of the band but to anyone who has ever wondered, just what does go on behind the scenes! :) ...
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