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You Got Served (DVD) 07/03/2006

Did we get served?

You Got Served (DVD) The film is about an group of friends, primarily two best friends, who are into dancing in a big way. Every week, as a group, they compete against other groups at a local dance club. Winner overall takes home the cash. The story follows them through their highs and lows on route to a major dance final. The story overall is pretty poor. It attempts to cram in as many cliches as possible, such as friends arguing and getting back together just in time.. So there is a sort of preictability to the story and how it unfolds. This somewhat hampers the actors, who put in performances that range from piss poor to good. But you do get the feeling that they recruited by sitting down and watching Trouble one day. Having read the last paragraph you probably think that I thought this was a poor film. Far from it. This is one of only 5 dvd's that I actually own. The story and acting are just filler anyway for the dancing which the whole film hinges on. In this area it exceeds all expectations. You will simply not find better dancing on any film anywhere. And you'd struggle to find it in real life. For a quick comaprison for anyone who has seen Honey (which has a good standard of dancing), this puts it in the shade. The dance battles manage to incoporate a range of styles as well as humour and as the film progresses it simply get better. The stuff that is done in the Finals at the end seem to defy physics at time (for example Mr Floppy). The dancing is brillantly offset by the ...

Lego Star Wars (Xbox) 03/03/2006

May the force be with Lego?

Lego Star Wars (Xbox) Lego Star Wars is a simple platform game that combines the first three Star Wars movies (Episodes 1,2 and 3) with Lego. Graphically the game is excellent, with everything (and I mean everything) being made from Lego. But at the same time the Star Wars worlds are instantly recognisable. I'm sure there are more then a few out there who could name the places each level is set in. Unfortunately there is no sound apart from the background music, which does take something away from the game. Each of the movies are split into 5 or 6 levels. You unlock more levels by completeling the previous level (standard fair). The first time you play a level you are given particular characters to play it with. But as you complete levels you unlock more characters from the Star Wars world. You can also buy extra characters from the shop with Lego coins you collect as you proceed. There are 3 main objectives to a level. The first is to complete it (obviously). The second is to collect hidden parts for a vehicle. Each level has a Star Wars vehicle assigned to it. Once you collect all the parts, the vehicle is put together and you get a Lego coin bonus. You can also view the vehicle (outside the shop). The third objective is to collect a specific amount of Lego coins. Each level has a different target. This is represented by a handy bar on each level that slowly fills. These targets mean that you will probably play each level more then once because you will want to complete the game ...

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox) 23/02/2006

Riddicks best performance

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox) If you don't know who Riddick is then the title of this game might confuse you. Riddick is the character that Vin Diesel plays in the film Pitch Black and its sequel The Chronicles of Riddick. Pitch Black is often seen as one of the breakthrough movies for Vin Diesel. It is a low buget horror/thriler that was well received and sold well on DVD. This prompted the making of The Chronicles of Riddick. A Hollywood blockbuster that was not well recieved when it hit the cinemas. Although the studios plans are unclear at present, it was initially planned that after The Chronicles of Riddick, they would release a prequel to Pitch Black, thus creating a trilogy. This was going to be based around Riddicks escape from a high security prison. With this knowledge in hand it was decided that the game would be based around the prequel so that there was not a rush to get the game finished to conincide with The Chronicles of Riddick film release. So we have Escape From Butcher Bay and the developers were pretty much free to write their own story. They involved Vin Diesel who really helps to bring Riddick to life with his voice acting. On the face of it the game is a FPS (First Person Shooter). But the first thing you notice is that you have to go some way into the game before guns can be used regularly. This makes the game a very different challenge. With the player often having to use their brians to progress. The player will also have to use Riddicks hand to hand skills often, to ...

Samsung E720 23/02/2006

The beginning of Nokias decline?

Samsung E720 I must admit that I was a hard and fast Nokia man. I only got this phone beacuse it was the only MP3 phone that came with my contract. But it has all the advantages of a Nokia plus a fair few more. So what are those advantages. Well first of all it is lightweight, which is a must. Its also sexy which is a plus. But it is easy to navigate, with a directional pad with the ok button in the middle. As well as two additional buttons at each side that are always clearly labelled on screen. In addition the menus are clearly set out. Specifically the main menu includes call records, phonebook, applications, file manager, messages, browser, calendar, camera and settings. The file manager deserves a special mention as it makes it easy to sort and organise the differnet types of file you will have on the phone. Texting wise it has all the standards functions such as predictive text and wierd symbols. In addition it has the ability to create groups so that you can do mass texts in a couple of presses. It also has a folder facility thats allows you to create folders and file texts you want to keep in them. If you want the phone also keeps a record of the tects that you have sent in a folder called sent. The phone will allow approximately 500 messages in all the folders before prompting the user to delete some. Which is very easy due to the delete option which can be used to select individual texts (or folders). You can also choose to protect a text so that when you delete, it ...

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis 23/02/2006

The Movie Did Not Give It Justice

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis After watching the movie I decided that it was about time that I read the book again. I was pleasently surprised to find out that it was only 92 pages long. So in a few short days I had finished it. Upon completion I found myself in awe at how much CS Lewis could cram into 92 pages. Within those pages he manages to convey a richness that other authors would take 200 or 300 pages to convey. He also draws you into the world of Narnia with a surprising ease. Making the land and the characters come alive. As if you always knew what the world was like and was merely being reminded. He does this all with a very short introduction. In fact the movie spends longer on the time outside of Narnia then the book does! Instead the book almost immediately introduces the 4 children and then introduces the world of Narnia through the eyes of Lucy, the youngest. In the main the story is often told through the children. And you come to love them as Lewis expertly expands their characters and allows them to grow in their new environments. The 4 children are beautifully balanced with very distinct and different personalities. This is shown through their reactions to the situations they face. Each has a part to play as their love for each other is tested but never broken. The story is well thought out and develops nicely, it centres around four children; Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. They are sent to a house in the country during World War 2. In that house they accidently stumble into ...

Paradise - Judith McNaught 23/02/2006

Paradise for readers?

Paradise - Judith McNaught The book is primarily about Matthew and Meredith. When we first meet them Matthew is merely an oil rig worker with a fierce determination to be successful. While Meredith is a young socialite. And the collision of these two worlds is part of the genius of the book. What comes next is the best twist in the book when the two get married. But this is a masterstroke. By having that right at the beginning, the reader is drawn into their world straight away, almost feeling the pain at every hurdle the couple face throughout the rest of the book. The couple is then split each spitting mad at the other. (You'll have to read the book for details). Judith Mcnaught then fast forwards us 11 years. In this time Matthew has 'made it', while Meredith has carved a good career for herself as well as still being a socialite of some repute. We are then reintroduced to the characters as we see how the events 11 years ago have effected them. And the couple are dramatically brought back together with all the repressed anger they felt at each other brought back to simmer at the surface. The chemistry between the main characters is almost tangible. With some excellent snappy dialogue in the emotional exchanges between them. And it is this that makes the book so readable. As we see them struggle against all the odds, they seem to be fated to be together. The personality of the characters is developed brillantly throughout the book. With some excellent friends chucked in to help the ...
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