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Sapphire HD 4650 Graphics card 512 MB GDDR3 SDRAM 30/03/2010

A cheap and efficient graphics card.

Sapphire HD 4650 Graphics card 512 MB GDDR3 SDRAM BACKGROUND INFORMATION Sapphire Technology is the main supplier of ATI based Graphics Cards for personal computers all over the world. It also produces different types of TV cards, work stations and digital photo frames for consumers. It is a Hong-Kong based company and has two ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plants in China. ATI launched the Radeon HD 4600 series on September 2008. This series loaded with some great additional features and fully supports HD gaming for PC users. I bought my HD 4650 graphics card (1 GB) from Dell online, and it cost me around £60. This graphics card designed on 55nm process and came with lots of useful software. EXCLUSIVE FEATURES : # It has built in HDMI support and also 7.1 surround sound support. # It has a massive memory clock speed of 800 MHz. # There is some useful software (Avivo HD Technology, ATI Power-Play Technology etc.) comes with Installation CD. # It supports maximum resolution of 2500X1600. # It works with both Windows Vista and Windows XP operating system.(Though it is Vista certified graphics card, still it supports all the released versions of XP operating system such as XP-64 bit, XP Media centre edition and basic windows XP) # It has extensive and latest connectivity options( DVI , VGA and HDMI port) # It is compatible with Microsoft DirectX10.1 version.(It helps the user to get faster response and better gaming experience) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : # It requires a PCI-e slot in motherboard to ...

Identity (DVD) 28/03/2010

What is your REAL identity?

Identity (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION American director and screen-writer James Mangold directed the psychological-crime/thriller film “Identity” , and it was released in 2003. The story of this movie is written by Michael Cooney. John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet portrayed the lead characters in this movie. The story of this movie revolves around a mentally troubled serial killer and his quest to discover the truth behind his brutal murders. LEAD CHARACTERS ## Pruitt Taylor Vince portrays the role of Malcolm Rivers [He is a mentally disturbed serial killer. He is sentenced to death for his brutal murders. ] ## John Cusack portrays the role of Ed Dakota [He is an ex-policeman and currently drives a limousine for a Hollywood actress.] ## Ray Liotta portrays the role of Officer Rhodes [He is a policeman and transporting a dangerous criminal to another prison.] ## Amanda Peet portrays the role of Paris Nevada [She is a prostitute works in Las Vegas, now she is going back home to settle down.] ## John Hawkes portrays the role of Larry Washington [He is the motel owner. He is very greedy and dishonest person.] ## Alfred Molina portrays the role of Doctor Malick [He is the psychiatrist of Malcolm Rivers. He tries to convince the judge that, his patient is mentally disturbed. ] PLOT OUTLINE Serial Killer Malcolm Rivers is imprisoned and sentenced to death for committing brutal murders. He is suffering from a rare mental disease called “Multiple Personality Disorder”. His ...

Paycheck (DVD) 20/03/2010

~Knowledge of the Future holds terrible consequences.~

Paycheck (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Paycheck is a 2003 sci-fi thriller movie directed by the talented Chinese film director and producer John Woo. Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart and Uma Thurman portrayed the lead roles in this movie. The story of this film is strongly based on a short story written by science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick under same title and later Dean Georgaris re-wrote the movie script. The story of this movie revolves around a very talented engineer Michael Jennings and his nature of work puts him in a deep trouble. TITLE CHARACTERS ## Ben Affleck portrays the role of Michael Jennings (He is a very talented and innovative engineer.) ## Aaron Eckhart portrays the role of James Rethrick (He is an old class-mate of Michael Jennings and CEO of the Allcom Facility. He is a very rich and powerful businessman. ) ##Uma Thurman portrays the role of Doctor Rachel Porter (She is a very intelligent biologist works for Allcom facility. She is the love interest of Michael Jennings.) ##Paul Giamatti portrays the role of Shorty (He is a close friend of Michael Jennings and helps him to complete his assignments.) PLOT OUTLINE The story of this movie takes place in a futuristic world full with highly developed and modernized technologies. Michael Jennings is a very skilled and innovative engineer. He buys the latest high-tech products and able to rebuild the same thing with more added features and facilities for the competitor companies. These companies pay him a lot of money ...

Nothing But The Truth (DVD) 01/03/2010

Do you have a clear conscience?

Nothing But The Truth (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Talented American director and script-writer Rod Lurie wrote and directed the film “Nothing But the Truth”. It is a 2008 crime/drama movie and the storyline strongly inspired by the case of the journalist Judith Miller. Famous actress Kate Beckinsale portrayed the lead role of a journalist, Rachel Armstrong in this movie. This movie never saw a theatrical release due to some serious financial problems, but the DVD version released in 2009. LEAD CHARACTERS ## Kate Beckinsale portrayed the role of Journalist Rachel Alice Armstrong (A married young, honest, hard-working and motivated reporter works at Capital Sun-Times.) ## David Schwimmer portrayed the role of Ray Armstrong (A writer and Rachel’s Husband.) ##Matt Dillon portrayed the role of Patton Dubois (A strict and professional special agent and also a federal prosecutor.) ##Vera Farmiga portrayed the role of Erica Van Doren (She is the wife of an ex ambassador, and also an undercover CIA operative works in different countries for USA government. ) PLOT OUTLINE Honest and dynamic reporter Rachel Armstrong works at Capital Sun Times as a National Political Correspondent. She managed to discover the identity of an undercover CIA operative with the help of a reliable source, and published an article. US Government takes this matter seriously and asks Rachel to reveal the identity of the source. Even so, she refuses to reveal her source’s identity. So she is jailed for the contempt of ...

Sherlock Holmes (DVD) 22/02/2010

Welcome back, Sherlock Holmes!!!

Sherlock Holmes (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Famous English script-writer and director Guy Ritchie directed “Sherlock Holmes”, and it was released in 26th December, 2009 in the UK. It is a thriller/comedy/adventure film and Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law portrayed the title characters in this movie. The characters of this movie strongly based on the “Sherlock Holmes” detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story of this movie revolves around Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson and their investigation of a series of murder case. TITLE CHARACTERS ## Robert Downey, Jr. portrays the role of Sherlock Holmes (A famous English detective.) ## Jude Law portrays the role of Dr. John Watson (A doctor and war veteran. He is also a very good friend of Sherlock Holmes.) ## Mark Strong portrays the role of Lord H. Blackwood (A very powerful and villainous person, he practices black magic and murders innocent people.) PLOT OUTLINE The story of this movie takes place in London, UK in 1891. Lord Blackwood is a very dangerous and evil person. He practices black magic and continuously murders young women. Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson catch him just on time and able to prevent another murder. Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death. Three months later, he is executed and Dr. Watson declared him dead. A very clever and professional thief, Irene Adler (Played by Rachael McAdams) visits Sherlock Holmes and asks him to find a person. But after few weeks, Lord ...

Roman Holiday (DVD) 14/02/2010

Aye Princess, I love you unconditionally.

Roman Holiday (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Multi-talented American director William Wyler directed the classic romantic comedy film “Roman Holiday”, and it was released in 1953. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn portrayed the title characters in this movie. Famous actress Audrey Hepburn portrayed a major role for the first time in an American film (in this movie) and it also earned her numerous prestigious awards. The story of this movie revolves around a young princess, who is fed up with her restricted royal life and attempts to escape from this lifestyle. American script-writer and novelist Dalton Trumbo and John Dighton originally wrote the script of this movie. But due to some political problems, Dalton Trumbo was not credited for his work in that time. Legendary director William Tyler directed some excellent movies in his career, and he is the only director, who achieved twelve Academy Awards nominations for his great directorial works. MAIN CHARACTERS ## Audrey Hepburn played the role of Princess Ann/Anya Smith (She is a young princess of an undisclosed European country and currently on an official tour across the Europe.) ## Gregory Peck played Joe Bradley (He is a struggling American reporter works at American News Service in Italy.) ##Eddie Elbert played the role of Irving Radovich (He is a good friend of Joe Bradley and works as a freelance photographer.) PLOT OUTLINE Princess Ann is a member of an old Royal family and currently on a highly publicized goodwill tour all over the ...

Chuck - Series 2 (Box Set) (DVD) 09/02/2010

How does it feel to be a hero, Mr. Bartowski?

Chuck - Series 2 (Box Set) (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The second season of famous American TV show “Chuck” was first aired on NBC, on September, 2008. There are twenty-two episodes in second season, and Zackary Levi played the title role of “Chuck Bartowski”. Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz created this spy/thriller/comedy TV show back in 2007 but first season cut short to only thirteen episodes because of an unexpected writer’s strike. But First season was received mostly positive by both critics and viewers, so NBC decided to broadcast the second season with full 22 episodes. The DVD box set released on October, 2009 in the United Kingdom and there are six discs in this set. The story-line of second season is highly engaging and entertaining. This season mainly focuses on the background on The Intersect (An encoded database contains all US Government’s secret information) and Chuck’s continuous struggle to keep balance between his spy-life and personal life. LEAD CHARACTERS ## Zackary Levy portrays the character Chuck Bartowski (The protagonist of this TV show, an average computer technician works at Buy More, and lives with his sister.) ## Yvonne Strahovski portrays the character of Agent Sarah walker (She is a young and beautiful CIA agent and her job is to protect the Intersect.) ## Adam Baldwin portrays the character of Major John Casey (He is an aging NSA agent and his job is to protect and to recover the Intersect.) ## Sarah Lancaster portrays the character of Dr. Eleanor Bartowski (She is a ...

The Men Who Stare at Goats (DVD) 04/02/2010

Can you kill a goat by staring?

The Men Who Stare at Goats (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION “The Men who stare at goats” is a comedy/war movie directed by the famous American actor, film producer and director Grant Heslov. This movie was released on 15th October, 2009 in the U.K and the story of this movie based on a book under same title written by British Journalist and documentary film-maker Jon Ronson. The story of this movie revolves around a frustrated journalist and his continuous attempt to find a great story, and later he follows an ex-American soldier to the Iraq. LEAD CHARACTERS ## Ewan McGregor plays the role of Bob Wilton (A recently divorced frustrated journalist works at Daily Telegram, who is looking for a big story.) ## George Clooney plays the role of Lyn Cassady (An American ex-member of a secret Special force unit aka New Earth Army, he specializes in psychic powers.) ##Jeff Bridges plays the role of Bill Django (The Chief of New Earth Army, he took a trip across USA for several years to explore different techniques for his team) ##Kevin Spacey plays the role of Larry Hooper (Another member of New Earth Army, but he uses those techniques in a dangerous way to hurt his team members.) PLOT OUTLINE Bob Wilton works as a journalist in a local newspaper, Ann Arbor Daily Telegram. One day, He interviews a local guy, who informs him about the top-secret unit (New Earth Army) specializes in psychic abilities. Later Bob’s wife divorced him for his one-armed editor. Bob is devastated and trying to find a great story to get ...

Chuck - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 27/01/2010

Saving the $11 an hour..!!

Chuck - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION “Chuck” is an American spy-comedy thriller TV series first premiered on NBC television channel on 24th September, 2007. There are thirteen episodes in first season and this TV show created by famous American screen writer Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. This show gained tremendous popularity among the viewers and received mainly positive reviews from the critics. The storyline of this show revolves around Chuck Bartowski, a normal computer technician works at local electrical store, and he receives a highly important encoded email from his college roommate. Now this creates some serious problems in Chuck’s life. This American TV show was aired on Virgin1 TV-channel in the UK. The third season of this show recently aired on NBC, on 10th January, 2010. The DVD box-set of the first season released on September, 2008 and there are four DVD’s in this set. LEAD CHARACTERS ## Zachary Levi plays the role of Chuck Bartowski (The protagonist of this show, an average computer technician, works at Buy More as Nerd Hard member and lives with his sister.) ~Family Members~ 1. Sarah Lancaster plays the role of Dr. Eleanor Bartowski aka Ellie (She is elder sister of Chuck and works in a local hospital. She lives with her boyfriend, who is also works in same hospital.) 2. Ryan McPartlin plays the role of Dr. Devon Woodcomb aka Captain awesome (He is boyfriend of Ellie, works in same hospital. He is physically fit, active, and funny and frequently uses the word ...

Twilight Saga - New Moon , The (DVD) 24/12/2009

These violet delights have violet ends..!!!

Twilight Saga - New Moon , The (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is an American romantic fantasy/horror film directed by Chris Weits. This movie was released on 20th November, 2009 and the story of this movie based on the bestseller book under same title written by Stephenie Meyer. It’s the sequel of 2008 film “Twilight” and the same actors played the title characters in both movies. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner played the central characters in this movie. The story of this movie revolves around a teenage human girl, Bella and her unconditional love for a hundred years (109 years to be precise) old vampire Edward. ~Story Based On~ “The Twilight” is a vampire romance/thriller book series consists of four books written by famous American writer Stephenie Meyer. Her first book “Twilight” was published on 2005 and became an instant hit and won lots of prestigious awards. Then, this series followed by New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007) and Breaking Dawn (2008). All these four books gained tremendous popularity amongst the readers and ranked on the top ten list of New York Times Best Sellers List. American Studio Company Summit Entertainment obtained the rights and Katherine Hardwicke directed the first movie “Twilight”. Later director Chris Weitz directed the sequel “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and he kept the same film stars in the title roles in this movie. American script writer Melissa A. Rosenberg wrote the script of this movie. TITLE CHARACTERS ## Kristen ...

Law Abiding Citizen (DVD) 18/12/2009

Your Honour, I am a law abiding citizen..!!

Law Abiding Citizen (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION American born famous movie director Felix Gary Gary (aka F. Gary Gary) directed his latest film “Law Abiding Citizen” , and it was released on 15th November,2009 (UK). It is a crime/thriller film and Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx portrayed the leading characters in this movie. F. Gary Gary is also well known for directing music videos, and he received some prestigious awards for his work. His first feature film “Friday” was well received both by critics and viewers. The story of his latest movie “Law Abiding Citizen” revolves around a man, who is seeking justice against his family’s murderers. LEAD CHARACTERS # #Gerard Butler plays the role of Clyde Alexander Shelton [He is a talented engineer and recently some criminals murdered his family. Now he is looking for justice.] # # Jamie Foxx plays the role of Nickolas Rice [He is a famous and successful prosecutor and mostly interested in maintaining good reputation in his profession.] # #Leslie Bibb plays the role of Sarah Lowell [A talented and very hard-working lawyer and assistant of Nick Rice] # #Bruce McGill plays the role of Jonas Cantrell [He is the District Attorney and Boss of Nick Rice. He always supports Nick Rice. ] PLOT SYNOPSIS After a home invasion, two criminals brutally murdered Clyde Shelton’s wife and daughter. Now Clyde is looking for justice and prominent young prosecutor Nick Rice is handling his case. However, Nick Rice is more concerned about maintaining his good reputation ...

Dial M for Murder (DVD) 11/12/2009

Do you really believe in the perfect murder?

Dial M for Murder (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION “Dial M for Murder” is a 1954 crime-thriller movie directed by the talented and legendary director Alfred Hitchcock and based on a stage play with the same name. British playwright Fredrick Knott wrote both the stage play and the script of this movie. The story of this movie revolves around married couple, where the jealous and villainous husband tries to kill his wife. LEAD CHARACTERS ##Grace Kelly plays the role of Margot Wendice(a rich and aristocrat woman married to Tony Wendice, was romantically involved with Mark. ) ##Ray Milland plays the role of Tony Wendice (An ex professional tennis player, husband of Margot and has a business of selling sports equipments) ##Robert Cummings plays the role of Mark Halliday (An American mystery writer and used have an extra-marital affair with Margot Wendice.) ##John Williams plays the role of Chief Inspector Hubbard(An intelligent, witty and honest police officer who investigates the murder of C.A. Swann) ##Anthony Dawson plays the role of Captain Lesgate / Charles Alexander Swann (He and Tony Wendice went to same college and now he is a criminal.) PLOT SYNOPSIS Professional Tennis player Tony Wendice(Ray Milland) married Margot(Grace Kelly) for social security and wealth. Margot is unhappy with the marriage as she feels ignored. She had an extramarital affair with one of her old school friend named Mark Halliday. Mark Halliday is a famous American mystery writer and really cares for Margot. Tony ...

The Burrowers (DVD) 02/12/2009

It's all about Maryanne..!!!

The Burrowers (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Talented American director and script writer J.T. Petty directed the horror movie “The Burrowers” and it was released in 2008. This movie is a classic example of horror theme with grand western background . The story of this movie is set in 1879; revolves around a group of men and their search for the brutal killers. CLOSER LOOK AT THE DIRECTOR J.T. Petty is a dynamic and resourceful film director, author, script writer and also video games writer. He worked for the famous video game publisher Ubisoft as a game writer. He rose to fame and widely recognized for writing the first two segments of famous game series Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. JT Petty also wrote the script of this movie. TITLE CHARACTERS • Jocelin Donahue plays the role of Maryanne Stewart (Young daughter of Mr. Stewart , who is in love with Irish-boy Coffey ) • Karl Geary plays the role of Fergus Coffey(An Irish immigrant and in love with Maryanne) • William Mapother plays the role of William Parcher (An experienced Gun-fighter , who works for Spacks family ) • Galen Hutchinson plays the role of Dobie Spacks (Only son of Mrs. Spacks, a curious and helpful boy who recently lost his father.) PLOT SYNOPSIS The story was set in 1879, when settlers came in Dakota to find a new place for living. Suddenly Stewart’s family was brutally kidnapped one night. Irish man Coffey, who is in deep love with Marryanne, seeks help from Mr. Parcher.So they gather a posse to track down the ...

Fall , The(DVD) 02/12/2009

A story THAT can take your breath away and leave you speechless.

Fall , The(DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Prominent Indian director Tarsem Singh (also known as Tarsem) directed his second feature film “The Fall” and it was first premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2006. Later this movie released world-wide for general audiences in 2008.This movie revolves around a strange but meaningful relationship between a five year old injured girl and a frustrated young movie-stuntman in a hospital. The story of this movie loosely based on a Bulgarian movie made in 1981 named “Yo Ho Ho”. Though, Tarsem Singh, Dan Gilroy and Nico Soultanakis re-wrote and modified the script in order to have a modern and glossy on-screen presentation.Tarsem is a very talented and innovative director. He has directed some brilliant music videos and commercials for big companies before directing feature films. He directed the famous “Losing my Religion—R.E.M” music video, which gained world-wide popularity and won numerous awards. He also directed the famous and classy Pepsi commercial “We will rock you”. Tarsem’s first feature film “the Cell” did not receive well by audience and movie critics. Though, this movie was praised for its unique story-line and outstanding visual effects. He directed his second feature film named “The Fall” and it took him almost four years to complete this movie. MAIN CHARACTERS # Catinca Untaru plays the role of Alexandria (A five year old curious girl broke her hand and admitted in hospital) # Lee Pace plays the role of Roy Walker/Black Bandit (A ...

The Trouble With Harry (DVD) 02/12/2009

What seems to be the trouble, Captain?

The Trouble With Harry (DVD) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Trouble with Harry was directed by the supremely talented British film-maker and producer Alfred Hitchcock. This movie was first released in U.S.A at the end of 1955 and later re-released again in 1984 after sorting out some technical problems.Sir Alfred Hitchcock does not require a formal introduction, he is widely popular and renowned for his excellence in movie making ability and also directing them. He has introduced the movie viewers with psychological and crime thrillers properly. His charismatic style, unique and innovative on-screen presentation just made his movies extra-ordinary and hugely appreciated by the general audience and movie-critics till present days. This movie is considered as one of the most underrated movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is a black comedy genre movie, which revolves around the comical response and activities of six grown-up people about a dead human body. A black comedy film is a sub genre of comedy films, where real life occurrence and stories has been presented in a satirical and comical way but still preserving the theme and originality of the main story. Usually, the incidents and stories are often considered as unmentionable and taboo in our society, and are presented in a very funny and humorous way in black comedy movies with a hidden message to the society. STORY BASED ON The original story of this movie was written by the British novel-writer Jack Trevor Story. Later Alfred Hitchcock ...
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