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Over the Hedge (DVD) 25/09/2007


Over the Hedge (DVD) Cartoons came with a new kind of animation with 'Toy Story', 'Shrek' and many more. When they were first coming out some original storylines was appearing and you could see things up and close. But as soon as one does it soon many follow suit and this is when just a lot of rubbish comes out and lots are repeated and there are that many new cartoons to choose from you give up looking for a good one. Well here it is one cartoon which did blow me away. 'Over The Hedge' reminded me why I liked these kinds of cartoons in the first place. ****The Story**** It is about a racoon called RJ who after one night of not being able to scavenging any food he notices a bear cave the bear who is hibernating has plenty of food so RJ decided to take one or two thing and then instead just takes lot, but unfortunately RJ looses the food and the bear wakes up to find his food missing and RJ the culprit. so now RJ has to collect all the food for the bear in just 3 weeks (this is when it time for the bear to come out of hibernation). Alone he cannot do this so when he stumbles over a small family of different woodland creatures who have just come out of hibernation and found there forest is now full of houses he fools them into doing his scavenging for him in the human world (Houses and Trash Can) as these creatures have no idea how to do this RJ must show them the way. It is a heart warming story with much loved characters in it. Bruce Willis ... RJ - Racoon RJ the cunning Racoon ...

Greatest Hits - Blink 182 19/09/2007

Stop, Look and BLINK 182

Greatest Hits - Blink 182 When Blink 182 went on there Hiatus there last album came out featuring all the singles that had come out. So these songs are taken off all the previous albums: 1. Buddha 2. Cheshire Cat 3. Dude Ranch 4. Enema Of The State 5. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show 6. Take Off your Pants and Jacket 7. Self Titled This album highlights the best of Blink 182, With the group which is guitarist/vocalist 'Tom Delonge', bassist/vocalist 'Mark Hoppus' and the start of the album features the original drummer 'Scott Raynor' until 'Travis Barker' took over Drumming on 'Enema of the State' ***Back Information on the Group*** This San Diego, California group started out in 1993 with an EP called Flyswatter, As Blink 182 was originally just Blink until Irish band forced the group to rename after having similar names. The group then Brought out 'Buddha' and 'Cheshire Cat' which was featured in a lot of skate/snowboarding videos this getting them popular to the skate audience. Then in 1997 they releasing there next album 'Dude Ranch' which went platinum this also containing there first official single release 'Dammit'. This is where Drummer 'Scott Raynor' left the group and 'Travis Barker' stepped in. In 1999 teen film 'American Pie' had just been released Punk-pop was the new thing with group such as 'The Offspring', 'Green Day' and 'Blink 182' became big. This is when 'Enema of the State' was released this was a main stream success. With the toilet humour which featured in ...

Bush KJ044 S/S JUG 16/09/2007

Kettle From Hell (or so i say)

Bush KJ044 S/S JUG This kettle isn't my own it is my girlfriend's parents. When first seeing this kettle I like the small circles as I found it an easy way of measuring the water. The shape of this kettle also is good as it isn't dumpy so it doesn't take up much room. A big disadvantage of any kettle I get is that it is metal (though this might give it a crisper taste) because this can burn me when I'm trying to get a brew in the morning which really doesn't help my mood. The worst thing about this kettle is the water filter that is built into the spout of the kettle as it is held on with two clips. The problem is that when you are trying to fill the kettle up from the tap, you sometime slightly hit the filter and the filter will fall into the bottom of the kettle and since it's hard to put the filter back into the clips this is just a frustrating for something where you just want a cup of tea. All in all I found this kettle to be unsatisfactory but my girlfriend says she has nothing against the kettle. You can buy this product off Amazon marketplace for just under £40.00

Herbie: Fully Loaded 14/09/2007

Herbie - The Car Without a Flaw

Herbie: Fully Loaded I am a Massive Fan of the old Herbie's so when a new release came out. Staring the teen star Lindsey Lohan I didn't want to see this first. This was then bought for me. And I have to say I was very impressed. With this also staring the Justin Long (from Die Hard 4.0) which makes a nice screen couple. Love and hate each other. Not to cheesy yet not to boring. Herbie himself for the first 10 mins herbie is very CGI (Computer-generated imagery) but after that he's just like he used to be. As in previous films such as 'The Love Bug' and 'Herbie Rides Again' he was his own character and usually the star of the film. Matt Dillon makes an excellent bad guy making a guy you love to hate (similar to his part in other films), the other member's of the cast give average performances for this Disney movie. This being the director's first film it is a brilliant effort, as this is shown as she has now many interesting up and coming projects. With some difficult situations entertainment is made. This film brings the love of herbie from an old generation to a new. A Film for the family.

Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! - Hellogoodbye 14/09/2007

Prog Rock Goes Punk-Pop

Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! - Hellogoodbye This band I happened to catch there first video 'Here (In your Arms)' on Kerrang and I thought it was weird reminded me of goofy video's from Blink 182 and Foo Fighters (in there comedy days). From this I bought the album where it seemed that the released single was far from there best song. HelloGoodbye brings many alternate tracks that is far different than most of the new groups coming out. The album has a mixture of old Progressive Rock mixed with Punk-Pop making a very electronic punky mix. The keyboard in the songs gives it a much different impression. This is band give you a new beat, It is an album which flows through nicely and you won't even need to skip a song. I have recommended some songs which are worth the listen if you want to choose one or two, Album Listing 1. All Of Your Love - Slow 2. Here (In Your Arms) - First Single 3. All Time Lows 4. Stuck To You 5. Homewrecker 6. Oh It Is Love - Slow Sweet Song 7. Baby It's Fact - Second Single 8. Figures A And B (Means You And Me) 9. I Saw It On Your Keyboard - Recommended 10. Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up On Me) - Recommended by my girlfriend 11. Two Weeks In Hawaii 12. Baby It's Fact (live at the Mean Fiddler/bonus track) 13. All Of Your Love (live at the Mean Fiddler/bonus track) 14. Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (bonus track)

Underclass Hero - Sum 41 12/09/2007

Sum 41 - Back With Passion

Underclass Hero - Sum 41 With Sum 41 there last 2 album's have seemed to have lost what they first have. This Album bring back the fast Punk-Pop that Sum 41 and a lot of the other Punk-Pop have been missing. On the Album they have the Slow harmonic song like 'Dear Father' and 'Best of Me' which has the same feeling as Pieces does from there last album. The songs on the album that echo of the album 'all killer no filler' are 'Underclass hero' and 'Speak of the devil' but this album isn't just a remake it is a fresh new Sum 41 with more meaning and feeling in there songs to give it more bounce. It is one of the main punk albums to get in 2007. Track List 1. Underclass Hero (Released Single) 2. Walking Disaster (Recommended) 3. Speak Of The Devil 4. Dear Father (Slow Song) 5. Count Your Last Blessings 6. Ma Poubelle 7. March Of The Dogs (Recommended) 8. The Jester (Recommended) 9. With Me 10. Pull The Curtain 11. King Of Contradiction 12. Best Of Me (Slow Song) 13. Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times 14. So Long Goodbye (Slow Song) ...
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