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Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss 20/02/2003

Juicy Kisses

Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss When I ran frantically up to the lancome stand in the duty paid shop and shed out £9.35 on a lipgloss, my boyfriend stood there gobsmacked wanted to know whether it 'did anything' he was amazed when I told him It was normally about £11. Lancome Juicy Tubes are sheer lipglosses in tube form that come in a range of fruit flavours and colours. I bought 'lychee' which is a glittery light pink colour, juicy tubes have almost a kind of glass like shine but are quite sticky. These do need reapplying quite often but they do give a natural go with anything look. Its like your lips with a hint of colour and after you have just licked them. The tube is reasonably small but sturdy and as with most lancome products it comes with a very sophisticated little box. This is the essential lipgloss and comes in so many different colours so if you have the money splash out and get yourself something that will look great on your lips and sophisticated in your make-up bag. Other advantages are such as juicy tubes don't dry out your lips as much as some lip products do and i havn't yet had my hair stick to it. My boyfriend did compliment me on it when he saw the juicy tube on so I may be on to a winner there, plus the smell is not toxic and unpleasant like some lipglosses. The taste and range of flavours mean anyone can wear them and flavours range from mint to strawberry. Texture wise this is not watery like some glosses but thick and feels more natural on your lips rather than some ...

Smirnoff Ice 18/02/2003

Refresh With Smirnoff Ice

Smirnoff Ice This is a real summer drink, lemon flavour and vodka make it a refreshing tangy taste which is gorgeous cold. Available in most bars sometimes at a reasonable price (generally anything from a quid to £5 for a bottle) and with a brand you can trust and a taste good anytime what other qualities could you want from an alcoholic drink? well I don't know about anyone else but I find the best stage of drunkeness you can have is when you do not expect it, and alco-pops like this are great for that giving you a reasonably high alcohol percentage without the aftertaste of vodka in your mouth. Which can often put you off buying another drink. Somepeople can find this drink too sickly but I think the taste makes it more drinkable. Also add half a smirnoff ice to half a pint and two shots of vodka (called b*stad shandy) a barman guranteed it would leave in a little drunken mess on the floor but it hasn't yet and certainly gives a good taste. Anyway its always worth a try. ...

Immac Hair Removal Spray On Mousse 16/10/2002

Immac mousse - don't bother

Immac Hair Removal Spray On Mousse I bought Immac hair removal spray on mousse on a whim about a month ago. Being influenced by the adverts on tv and knowing the brand name, I looked past the price, most hair removal creams I buy in sachets are a lot cheaper. Anyway, I like the idea of it being no fuss, no mess and obviously getting rid of unwanted hair. The packaging is good, they even provide a little sponge to wipe off the mousse with (something they should have thought of earlier in my opinion.) The instructions say you just spay on and leave it for 8 mins and wash off, so I sprayed it on but it was hard to get even however far you held the spray away. After 8 minutes the end result was slightly softer reasonably hairless legs. When i say reasonably hairless I mean that it didn't get all the leg evenly there were still hairs around my calf and stuff. The smell was not at all unpleasent, they say citrus fresh, I didn't really notice I was just glad it wasnt normal hair removal, paint stripper smell. This mousse didn't give great results but if you wanted something for everyday it probably would be alright, plus it does make your legs really smooth. ...

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood 22/08/2002

Freedom To and Freedom From

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood views the world in the future, Atwood creates the world of 'Gilead'. Gilead's (underpopulated due to Nuclear-shutdowns and accidents which left many women unable to reproduce) goal is to repopulate the world. The creators of Gilead banned articfial insemination and fertility clinics and enforced a surrogate mother system which involved 'handmaid's' (fertile woman) being sent to houses rich enough to have children. We follow a handmaid called 'Offred' throughout the book, from her old life, memories, the changing of her role in society and her lonliness and views on people. Other rules in Gilead include the penalty for rape being death, bringing back public executions, the lack of freedom suddenly brought upon them, having former children taken away and given to more 'able' familys, unability to have relationships outside marriage and enforced arranged marriage. Offred tells the story in a way in which we sense her loneliness, her need to be held and through her memories and views we piece the story together ourselfs. Atwood writes in an intelligent and interesting way, keeping the reader hooked from the moment they pick up the book. A must-read book, strong views of which you can look at in different ways, and an ending that keeps you wondering.

Simple Simple 07/08/2002

Simply does it.

Simple Simple The 'Simple' Skincare range offers a variety of different skincare products devoted to sensitive skin. As you may guess by the name simplicity seems the brands real aim, all thier products are uncoloured and unperfumed. The simple range appealled to me during a feminine stage of wanting to use a simple skincare routine. Simple Fresh Start Facial Wash Gel claims to cleanse, refresh and cool. Its soap free and contains added moisturisers including pro-vitamin B5 so it doesn't dry your skin out. The facial wash gel rinses away make up and everyday dirt and grime. You work the gel into a lather, apply to face and rinse, and your left with a clean refreshed complexion. The packaging (a tube) reflecting the brand name is simple and green which in my opinion gives it a very fresh look im not keen on some expensive badly put together packaging also unlike some it is recycable and contains no animal derived ingredients. This is a good everyday cleanser and I understand it will probably work even better with the rest of the range, which I feel I will most probably be picking up very soon. The range is all pretty good value with the 150ml facial gel costing about 4 pounds and most of the other skincare products being about that price. So for good value basic skincare which deals with sensitive skin, Simply does it. ...

Queen Of The Damned (DVD) 17/07/2002

Nothing compared to the books

Queen Of The Damned (DVD) The Film 'The Queen of The Damned' is based on Anne Rice's 2nd and 3rd Vampire chronicles 'The Vampire Lestat' and 'The Queen of The Damned'. As with most films based on books, If you have read the book first you will probably find the film a poor representative. Overall without reading the book I probably would have found the film satisfactory, however being the pedantic women I am, I spent the majority of the film comparing it to the book. If I could have made this film there are a few things that they left out/changed that in my honest opinion they shouldn't have. For Instance; They mixed two of the characters, Marius and Magnus together which although saved time understandably, is almost an insult through the characters differences and roles. They missed out the 'story of the twins' missed out the history of the story, (needed to completely understand the film) and removed the character that kills akasha at the end. Although Stuart Townsend gives a great performance as Lestat, I feel it strange they didn't due to Lestat's distinctive look in all the books and the first film (blonde hair, purple/blue indecissant eyes) that they didn't make an effort to change the actors dark brown hair/brown eyes. As we've all come to know and love Lestat in the books this was quite weird. Aaliyah's acting was suprisingly good. Making a wonderful queen Akasha and although I feel most of the film was badly cast she would be an exception. The main good point of this film ...

The Vampire Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles (Vol 2) - Anne Rice 10/07/2002

Lestat reveals all

The Vampire Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles (Vol 2) - Anne Rice "The Vampire Lestat" was written after "The Interview with the Vampire" (IV) A book wrote from the perspective of Louis. In IV We follow as Louis goes through his mortal life, his transformation into a vampire, his dealing with immortality and his thirst for blood. "The Vampire Lestat" is almost wrote as a reply to IV, Lestat the vampire that makes (transforms) Louis into a vampire trys to justify his actions (and Louis' words about him in IV) by telling the world everything he knows about the history of vampires, how he dealed with becoming a vampire, the other immortals hes encountered and funnily enough his flirtation with the world of rock and roll. Lestat is a most likeable character, he's portrayed as beautiful and timeless but also comes across as modern and wonderfully rebellious. In the book he is refered to often as the "brat prince" and this description justifys him completely, He is a killer but we are attracted to him through his beauty, charm and his likeness to ourselves. Although never been in the same situation, every person can relate to Lestat. You find yourself, like him compelled by the nature of the kill, in love with his fledglings (vampires he makes) and drawn into his world. In comparison to IV Lestats narration is different, and although unlike Louis he shows a little less of a humane view towards killing, this makes the book interesting and suprisingly readable. The description in the book is decadent, allowing for the characters love of ...

Genie Mobile 07/07/2002

Unprofessional Service

Genie Mobile Boasting 300 free wap minutes and 300 free sms, Genie (now 02) seemed the obvious choice for me. They offered these deals on a pre-pay tariff and offered me a good price on an up to date phone and delivered within a I suppose your wondering is this a good review about Genie? Let me assure you Genie are not my favourite people. With my phone I ordered insurance, on a £200 phone its pretty much a must. I was told to activate the insurance as soon as I was told the phone was being passed on to the delivery men, with the code supplied in an e-mail. An e-mail I never recieved. So after recieving the phone (and being very happy it wasn't lost in the post) I tried to get in contact with the people at genie to see where my insurance is. E-mailing recieved no reply and phoning up their team cost me about 50p a minute and that is when you did recieve an answer. I was really unimpressed with Genie's handling of this issue, I was told I would recieve this e-mail giving me the details for activating my insurance everytime I phoned up and it seemed no one could activate the insurance without it. After being passed round from person to person trying to talk to someone from Genie that would do something about this we tried a different approach. 2 or 3 months on without any word from Genie, admittedly no money was taken out the bank but disapointly I gave up after spending countless minutes at an expensive rate on the phone to them. Placing it on the house ...

Nokia 5510 04/07/2002

The Nokia 5510 Music To My Ears

Nokia 5510 The Nokia 5510 is a rather large phone, that unlike others is more horizontal. This is possibly to make use of the QWERTY keypad, for those that don't understand, this phone is designed to be easy to use for people that are used to keyboards therefore the buttons are placed in the same way. It may take a while to get used to not pressing each button 2 or 3 times unlike other phones. Nokia have got rid of the predictive text on this phone, which is in my opinion a good thing. It gives you more freedom (yes I do know you can turn it off) to write what you want in your texts. The features which I mainly bought this phone for were the Mp3 player that lets you download up to 2 hours worth of music and play it through the headphones/handsfree set that came with it. Downloading the music is made more difficult by the slow and awkward Audio Manager (provided by Nokia with the phone) that tends to crash constantly on some peoples computer. However music quality on this phone is amazing even giving you options by selecting the genre of the music your listening to to get the best possible sound. Also you can listen to the radio. I also bought this for the WAP access, mobile internet if anyones wondering. WAP isn't anything compared to real internet access but to get latest information Its alright. The battery power like most nokia phones is not comparable to that of the motorolas, I find that my old motorola phone lasted 3 days or so without needing charging wheras the ...

House On Haunted Hill (DVD) 20/05/2002

Refreshingly dark

House On Haunted Hill (DVD) House on the Haunted Hill is certified 18 and stars Geoffrey Rush (Shakespeare In Love), Famke Janssen (The Faculty), Taye Diggs, Ali Larter, Bridgette Wilson, Peter Gallager and Chris Kattan. The plot is that five strangers recieve invitations to spend a night at the old Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane, thier reward for staying the night is a million dollars each, but they have to survive the night. The Psychiatric Institute was the place where human torture used to take place on its captives. Now theres no living witnesses left and only the institute remains. This is a very clever and refreshingly dark film in which the strangers combat the house and each other in order to survive the night and leave with the money and thier lifes. Everyone is a suspect. If you are screamish and do not like films with a lot of blood this is really not the film for you, although anyone would have to appreciate the web of suspicion and the special effects in this film. I would strongly suggest this film to horror fanatics and people that don't scare easily, definitly a film to absorb yourself in. Also good call on the certification as Im not sure how this film would effect younger teenagers. An impressively scary film. ...

Urban Decay Eyeshadow 19/05/2002

Intense Colour For Your Eyes

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Urban Decay was started in 1996 by a duo of women who noticed the gap in the cosmetic market for alternative colours. Urban Decay is used by many celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Drew Barrymore. The company prides itself on providing individual colours and incorperates bold colours with unusual names. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and incredibly blendable. They come packaged in silver modern containers that would look good in anyones make-up bag and although they're pricy at about 10 pounds a shadow as they are highly pigmented a little goes a long way. The colours range from Hotpants (an intense hot pink) to Mildew (a shimmery metallic green) The large range of shadow uses microglitter, shimmery two-tones and bold colours to create very individual looks. Unlike most glittery shadows Urban Decay's eyeshadows glitter stays where its meant to be, on your eyes. For more dramatic colour these shadows can be used wet or dry and are easily layered to create perfect eyes. Urban Decay eyeshadows have great staying power and stay well on even oily eyelids. I would suggest buying these to anyone as Im sure with there large range of colours everyone is going to be able to find some they like. Unfortuatly Urban Decay is quite a hard brand to locate with in the Uk only ussually found in large boots stores and in places like sephora, worth going the distance for though. ...

Urban Decay Lip Gunk 10/04/2002

Urban Decay Lip Gunk

Urban Decay Lip Gunk The appropriately named 'Lip Gunk' by Urban Decay is available in a range of colours. This tasty range of lipglosses come in a widely varied range of colours from shocking to nude, glitter, shimmer and sparkle. Each colour is matched with a complementing smell and taste and a unique name. I have become an addict to these lipglosses despite thier price tag, at about £8 for 20 oz. The colours I have tried are; Gash - deep dark mettalic red with a watermelon scent and taste (great over a deep red lipstick) Burn Out - iridescent golden rose with vanilla apricot (gorgeous colour great slicked on) and YDK - mocha with a bronze-gold sheen and caramel apple (nice neutral) It is tempting to attempt to get them all except it would obviously be very expensive. I would advise anyone to try these even if they buy only one. The quality is good and the packaging is cute with clear tubes complemented with mettalic tops and lettering. If you've got the money give them a try. ...

The Body Shop Range 11/02/2002

Hemp Body Butter

The Body Shop Range After trying The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector (see rave), I really wanted to try some other products from this range. So my next choice was the Hemp Body Butter. The packaging boasts 'Spread serious moisture. This ultra-rich, all-over body butter with moisturising hemp seed oil deals direct with dry skin' This rich cream is to be massaged over the skin after bathing or showering. Its made for dry to very dry skin but works great on my normal skin. The cream applies well and absorbs into the skin leaving a slightly moist but non-greasy feeling. This makes your skin feel subtle and soft to touch. So how does this compare to other body lotions, well in my honest opinion I am not ussually one to spend money on body lotion (ussually just use ones I get for Christmas) and at 7.50 (i think) for 125ml this is a bit expensive but although the tub is small the actual amount of product you need to apply is very small and the tub will last you a long time. This is an essential winter product, the ultimate pamper product for under those layers. Its got a great smell which isn't sweet and girly (I get tired of the lavender and rose type body lotions that hang on your skin making you smell like your grandma's room) Its also envioromentally friendly, body shop is against animal testing and they community trade the babassu oil from brazil. Overall I would suggest trying this product if your keen on body lotions and investing in a tub for winter. ...

The Body Shop Lip care 12/12/2001

Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector

The Body Shop Lip care The Body Shop has always for me been fantastic for lip-balms (since I was quite young and lapping up thier banana flavour one) Unfortuatly the flavours have been changed and changed, and now there are not that many that appeal to me. Then my friend suggested the Hemp lip protector, this comes in two forms a stick or a little metal slidy tin, not flashy but simple looking. I bought the little tin. The Packaging said this is for dry/very dry skin...Neither of which I have but I was intriqued. This is of a good consistancy, rather like vaseline but with a slightly better scent. There is not an obvious taste and the balm is a handy size to carry around. The balm is not overly greasy like some and neither is it sticky. Its also colourless and goes great over or under lipstick. This is quite expensive for a lipbalm, about 5 pounds but the packaging is an reasonable size and you do not need a lot of the balm to keep your lips from drying out so I think this may last a while. I will be buying this again, and I will probably be trying other products in the Body Shop Hemp range. I think this a good all round lipbalm, simple effective and rich enough to keep winter lips subtle. I would recommend to anyone. ...

Hard Candy Pixie Quad 09/12/2001

Impish Eyes

Hard Candy Pixie Quad The Pixie Eye Quad by Hard Candy is a set of 4 complementing colours that come in a gorgeous brushed metal compact. The quads colours are as follows; Brat - A sparkly indecisent white that works great when used as a base for the other colours. Great as a highlighter for under the brow. Sissy - An almost holographic effect shimmery light peachy pinky white (this is a colour you really have to see for yourself) I adore this colour its great on its own or as a complement for the darker colours, goes great with a nice black eyeliner for a glam effect. Swell - Is a bright pink (like Urban Decay Hotpants Shadow)small microglitter. A bit of a scary colour in the pallete but on the eyes it tends to look subtler and girly/funky pretty. Slick - This is the darkest colour in the pallete, A very dark plum with on me reddish pink microglitter. This is meant to be 3 times more dense than the rest of the colours and is a good bold colour. Best not used to thickly unless going for a very dark/smokey/gothy look. These colours overall are fantastic layered over each other. The quad is lovely but maybe not worth the money its sold for (about 28 pounds if I rememeber rightly) A very pretty luxury item tho. ...
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