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Ripleys Believe It or Not 25/10/2001


Ripleys Believe It or Not Human beings have an insatiable appetite for the unusual and exotic and boy does this programme have all of that!! My first introduction to Ripleys was when I was very young and visited the Ripley’s museum in Blackpool and was fascinated by the strange displays. I remember looking at a 2 headed kitten (obviously not alive) and wondering if it was fake. apparently not! “Ripley” is Robert Ripley who started as a cartoonist for the New York Globe in 1913. He then travelled the world for over 40 years collecting the unbelievable and exotic. There are now 27 museums from Australia to Niagara Falls. The only one in the UK is the one in Blackpool. One of the most photographed is in Branson USA, the building looks like an earthquake has hit it and appears to be cracked. In Ocean City it looks like a shark hit the building at high speed, the tail sticks out of one end and the head at the other, the buildingas are all unusual and worth a visit for that alone. ++~~THE PROGRAMME~~++ The programme currently airs on Bravo and lasts as hour. I usually watch at 9pm on Saturday nights. The presenter is Craig Charles (Red Dwarf fame). There is always a fascinating mixture of the weird and unusual, people often performing the most obscure feats and because of this there is always a warning that the people usually spend a lifetime perfecting whatever they do and people shouldn’t try to do the same feat, although why they’d want to heaven only knows!! ... 23/10/2001

The most fun you can have with condoms I found this site after a small mention at the bottom of a magazine article and being nosy I had to check it out. Condomi is a German company who are Europes largest manufacturer of condoms, producing over 300 million a year!! It is actually a brand that is stocked in all major chemists such as Boots. I found the site fascinating and spent ages browsing around, it’s chock a block full of interesting information, and all done, as Kenny Everett would have said, in the best possible taste. Ok so grab your tissue and let’s go.........steady tiger no naughty thoughts - the tissue is to wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes…..this site had me laughing out loud, especially the novelty condom section. HOMEPAGE -------- Firstly select the language you want to view the site in. Currently there’s a “Wild Sex Survey” where you can try to win a 5” willy ice tray and a pack of condoms!! **** Woo hoo....I did the survey and guess who won - and yes I got an ice tray to make "ice willies" and a pack of condoms. So make sure you give the competition a whirl!!****** *~~*~~MAGAZINE~~*~~* This is where you can read about absolutely allsorts of subjects, usually linked in some form or another to s.....e.....x which become apparent after a few minutes: ~~Mind~~ Sex with your ex Cheating (bed hopping) Erotic Planet (Stories from around the world, did you know in Brazil hotels have names such as the Love Hotel where you can ... 15/10/2001

HOT MEN FOR MOOSE What’s a singly to do? It used to be so easy when I was younger, out to the disco (Ooooo that word shows my age) and I’d meet someone. Now its so much harder to find someone of a similar age, and I don’t care what anyone says joining classes and trawling your local supermarket does not work!! (yeah, yeah - tried ‘em both,I'm now well educated with a freezer full of food!!). With the age of the internet comes the possibility of "virtually" meeting your knight in shining armour or princess. Sites of various caliber’s have sprung up everywhere, naturally with the bulk being USA based. Apparently in the region of 100,000 per week sign up to dating sites – that is a LOT of single people (well mostly single eh hem!!) but its definitely more than you’d have access to at your local wine bar. One of the most advertised sites is, originally a USA site but now you can literally meet someone from any area of the world – yes even Alaska (see previous op on Alaskamen!). The site boasts an average of 6,000 new members a day, log on at 9am today to join and you’d be member number 1,951. ~~GETTING STARTED~~ The first screen is the logon screen or join if you’re not a member. If you’re not too sure if you want to part with your hard-earned cash you can take a look around as a visitor. This is called trial membership, unfortunately apart from looking there’s not much else you can do, still it ... 13/10/2001

FROZEN MEN IN NEED OF RED HOT WOMEN Ok, a question for all single ladies……..Just how far would you be willing to travel for the man of your dreams??? How about Alaska?? Yes I said Alaska as in cold, snow, whale blubber etc! There is a dire shortage of ladies there so the men advertise themselves on Alaska is a lot of land, infact 586,412 square miles with 3 million lakes!! If you placed Alaska over a map of the USA it would stretch from coast to coast. Its the size of California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona combined. When you think if the size of Texas alone that is one HUGE area!! Winter lasts from September to March. Its a misconception that they have penguins, or 6 months of darkness then bam 6 months of light. However above the arctic circle there are days without sunset or sunrise. There are a lot of myths surrounding Alaska - the story about a huge shortage of ladies is NO myth though. is a website for those who subscribe to the Alaskamen magazine or for those of us that can’t get hold of it (actually I have the latest copy and the above info, courtesy of an e-mail pal in Alaska – thanks Shari!!). Its like shopping for men in a catalogue - what an hilarious idea eh?? If you fancied your own copy its not cheap at $49.95 for 6 issues, outside USA call 1-907-522-1401. The magazine “Alaskamen” was started in 1987 by Susie Carter Smutz (quite a name huh!?). She wrote the first issue on her kitchen ...

Bethnal Green Museum Of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London 02/10/2001


Bethnal Green Museum Of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London Are you looking for somewhere different to go, easy to get to, a place where there’s plenty to keep children (and adults) entertained, where you can play, learn, remember, spend a day – all for free? This is how the Bethnal Green Museum of childhood describes themselves and I couldn’t have said it better. This place is BRILLIANT!!! It’s a wonderful place for adults who can look at the toys and reminisce and also for children to have fun and learn (even though it doesn’t seem like learning to them!). If this museum was in central London (although it’s easy to get to) it would be packed to the seams. Ok, so lets take a little tour……………. ~~THE BUILDING~~ The building is an imposing red brick structure on Cambridge Heath Road easily visible from the road, and is grade 2 listed. It has a quirky sign above the door which reminds you of children’s toys but doesn’t quite fit in with the building. Infront of the museum is a sort of picnic area with tables and benches where on dry days you can sit outside, the area is very clean. Inside the building is huge, light and airy and very well looked after. ~~THE HISTORY~~ The Bethnal Green museum was opened by HRH the Prince of Wales on 24th June 1872 although the intention was to depict local life that never happened. There were a number of exhibits including one on food and another on animal products; showing what useful things could be ... 26/09/2001

GUARANTEED to make you droooooool Who needs Jamie Oliver, with ROCKET you can fool everyone into thinking you're a master chef. So if you're yearning for gorgeous fresh food with little more effort than a ready made meal, or you want to impress a date ;o) this will do it!! Ok, let me explain as this is a very new outlet. The idea is that you buy (ready packaged) all the fresh ingredients you need to make a delicious meal in about 10 minutes. In their own words "Hectic worklife, mad social life, no fun at the supermarkets and your bored of past 'n' pesto, but you love fantastic tasting fresh food? Then you belong, and rocket is here". So the idea is that you pick the meal you fancy and they provide literally ALL the fresh ingredients. ~~~THE MENU'S~~~ The menu's change weekly on a Monday. They seem to always include at least one vegetarian choice. Last Weeks menu: Caribbean style chicken and mango fajitas Catalan style paella with chorizo and lemon Pork medallions with a zest citrus sauce Funky salsa glazed chicken with seasonal vegatables Warm sunblushed tomato & bulgar wheat salad This weeks menu: 3 mushroom open ravioli Caribbean style chicken and mango fajitas Sweet sezchuan pork with sesame pak choi Poahced salmon with avocado & creme fraiche sauce Andalusian style risotto with chorizo & parsley Yummy, yummy....drooling yet??? :o) Ok so you've picked out the meal....... ~~~WHAT DO YOU GET??~~~ As I said earlier you literally get every fresh ingredient ...

Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara 25/09/2001

Jeepers, creepers where'd ya get those peepers

Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara It’s said that eyes are the windows of the soul, I’d have to go along with that and many men when asked what attracted them to a lady will say eyes. So anything that enhances your eyes has got to be a good thing. ~~COUP DE THEATRE!~~ Every time I watch the adverts on TV there seems to be yet another mascara being launched!! I have to say that if I was only allowed one item of make up it would be mascara as I look half asleep without it. Bourjois have just launched their latest offering “Coup de theatre!” – even the names are getting more exotic. This is a two part mascara, probably the start of everyone else copying the idea. There is a mascara at each end of the wand, one end is white (yes white!!) called “Act one – I lengthen my lashes to infinity” and at the other end is the mascara in the colour of your choice (mine being black) this is “Act 2 – I dress my lashes divinely”. Ok so the idea is that firstly you apply the white mascara which gives you a base for the actual mascara, beauticians often recommended that you should powder your lashes before applying mascara to give a base, so I figured this is what Act 1 does. Then you apply the coloured mascara. ~~APPLICATION~~ Before applying any mascara I always use an eyelash curler, mine is plastic from Tweezerman (not the cheapest brand but well worth the money). I give my curlers a blast of hot air from the hairdryer to give extra curl. ...

RoC Protient Eye Lifting Gel 22/09/2001

Facelift in a box

RoC Protient Eye Lifting Gel AGGGHHHHH PESKY WRINKLES --------------- --------- Don't be put off by the weird name on the box - protient lift! As you get beyond your twenties (infact earlier still in most cases) the first signs of aging seems to usually start in the eye area, especially if you've been naughty and sunbathing or smoking!! So now you spend all your time trying to find a miracle product. Being in the 40+ age bracket my hunt for a good eye product became very focused!! (sorry about the pun!). It seems that if you don't address the first signs of wrinkles by getting moisture back into your skin the little blighters become crevices!! THE PRODUCT ----------- I've found ROC (based in France)to be generally good products and my eye was caught by a display of new products in Boots. The box said that it would visibly lift the skin and reduce dark circles, wow wouldn't that be great!! I decided that despite it being expensive I'd try it as it claimed to do exactly what I wanted. After literally a week of applying this cream I saw the skin change visibly (the instructions say the results should be visible in 8 weeks), it did indeed seem to "lift" the area. You need very little of the cream, personally I use it twice a day although the recommendation is once in the morning. You only need a little and as with all eyecreams I recommend you apply it with your "ring finger" so you don't put too much pressure on the area, don't "drag" the skin as you apply it, better still is to use gentle ...

Roman Road Market, London 21/09/2001

Best in the East

Roman Road Market, London THE ROMAN --------- I was very suprised to see that Roman Road market wasn't listed amongst the London markets. Roman Road market or "The Roman" as it is affectionately know by the "Eastenders" is one of Londons best known markets. Its situated at the end of Roman Road, Bethnal Green, E2. Every Saturday people make a pilgrimage to the market, ladies used to literally dress for the occasion, infact some still do. Its actually worth walking down Roman Road to the market as there's lots of interesting shops along the way, its about a 15 minute walk from the beginning of Roman Road. ROMAN NAILS ----------- One of my absolute favourite places on the way to the market is Roman Nails, if you want a gorgeous set of nails manicured within an inch of their lives this is the place!! They can make your own nails longer, manicure your nails, paint them in delicate shades or you can go the whole way and have them airbrushed with wild designs! I always used to wonder where all the East End ladies got their gorgeous nails done and now I know. The only warning I'd give is that on Saturdays they are horrendously busy, an appointment is a must, during the week they'll squeeze you in (they hate to turn anyone away!!). The staff are great! Costs: full set of nail tips from £25 (which is very cheap if you know about these things!), manicure £10, airbrush £5-£18, pedicure £20-£30. Phone: 0208 983 1495. THE MARKET ---------- The Roman itself is a bustling market where you can ... 16/09/2001

Nice condom shame about the panama I think everyone must have by now figured out that I'm; 1) A shopoholic and, 2) I love sites selling unusual things. So that in mind I was over the moon when I found 'as seen on screen'. The joy was short lived though. The site is THE most wonderful idea, the idea being that you can buy the exact or "in the style of" item that you've seen your favourite celeb wearing/using on screen. That means they have sourced the exact item or they've found something pretty close. Like I said a great idea. Personally I was disappointed, the idea was great but there were insufficient products, for example if you search the hot new film "Moulin Rouge", there was one lace top available at £19.99 and it was only a "in the style of" item. This is the same with many sections, there are a lot of items that are now a bit dated, I think for example as funny as "wassup" is not many people are now buying the t-shirts. Some items offered really made you wonder if anyone bought them, for example if you search "Hannibal" the film you get offered a Panama hat for £19.99! On the Jamie Oliver page you can buy a pair of stainless steel tongues "in the style" of the ones he uses for £3, now sorry but that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel!! What next a white plate "in the style of" the ones he uses!! There are various ways of finding what you want: SEARCH BY DEPARTMENT --------------- ----- These are: Accessories, ie watches, cowboy hats (very trendy!), bandannas ... 10/09/2001

WILD AND WEIRD I love shopping on the net especially where you can find really unusual presents for people, or maybe just something wild and weird for yourself. One of my favourite sites is, it stands for "I Want One Of Those", and its the perfect name for a site which is stocked with everything weird and wonderful. Some items are advertised in a very tongue in cheek manner, heaven knows what they would do if you order one of them!! Anyway I'll come back to those later. HOMEPAGE -------- The site itself is in a very funky navy background with orange and white lettering. On the homepage there's lots of information such as post and packing which is £3.95 for delivery in the UK within 2 working days (expensive if you want to buy a small item!!). There's a list of P&P for all other areas of the world. There's an e-mail address to contact the site if you have questions and also a phone number for those prefering to order that way. If you spend more than £100 you become a CLUB100 member which means you get issued with a code to use to get 10% discount on every visit. There's also an opportunity to grab a catalogue or sign up for the newsletter. To encourage you to do this when you sign up you get entered for a prize draw to win £250 of goodies, as part of the contest they ask you to tell them 'something they don't know'. The things people write are extremely inventive and amusing or interesting. For example: "My cat uses our neighbours ponds as self-service sushi ... 03/09/2001

For the person who has everything Need a gift? Stuck for ideas? This site might be just the thing. is the place to look for the difficult to buy for person. WHATS AVAILABLE Its very easy to search around as the gifts are divided into categories: men,women, home, designer gallery, Health & beauty, wedding, seasonal, special offers. The gifts start from under £2, there are allsorts of unusual items such as the heart shaped hot water bottle at £4.25 and at the top end of the scale a remote controlled helicopter at £250!! My personal favourite item (which I have bought and are great fun) is the "shot rocks", basically its a mould to make frozen ice glasses. You can make them with plain water to serve say baileys or you can make the glasses with food colouring or even flavoured, try making them with vodka, grapefruit and cranberry to make sea breeze shot rocks. They obviously melt so you can't stand around with the drink in your hand all night but they are great fun - especially when its hot!!! The kit costs £13.95. If you are buying for the person that really does have it all you can buy the ultimate present - "an acre of mars" (yes really!!). It costs £19.95 and you get a deed, constitution, property map, mineral rights and a declaration of ownership, and its guaranteed that no area will be sold twice, how you could check that heaven only knows you couldn't nip and have a look! - hilarious or what!!! Anyway that should solve getting a present for even the most difficult ...

Member Advice on Lupus 03/09/2001

Am I ill or insane

Member Advice on Lupus In a previous opinion I mentioned that I had an illness called Lupus. The comments I received have prompted me to write this follow up opinion. WHAT IS LUPUS: Lupus is an auto-immune disease, the body for some reason goes into overdrive - it basically becomes allergic to itself, the autoantibodies attack the body's own cells and tissues. It can be triggered by a virus (thats what we think caused mine), long term medication, hormonal changes, there are a number of other factors that are suspected to cause Lupus. There are 2 different types of Lupus; discoid and systemic. The discoid is visible usually as a rash that often scars, the systemic often affects the internal organs. You CANNOT catch Lupus it is not passed from person to person, although it is now believed that it may be genetic. SYMPTOMS: Numerous, no two sufferers are ever the same. Some syptoms include a rash, mouth ulcers, night sweats, severe joint pains, general aches, sun sensitivity, depression, exhaustion, hair loss, weight loss, dry eyes or mouth there are many more symptoms that may occur. One thing that may be due to lupus is constant miscarriage, the body doesn't recognise the fetus and attacks it causing miscarriage. THE START OF MY LUPUS: About 9 years ago I woke one morning feeling as if I had the worlds worst case of flu. I was very fit, rarely ill, certainly never been in hospital and never complained when I had minor ailments so there was a clue in the fact I absolutely insisted ...

Crusting Pipe, London 03/09/2001

Atmosphere plus

Crusting Pipe, London I thought I'd share a venue that has been a favourite of mine for many years. The Crusting Pipe is probably best described as a wine bar rather than a pub as it doesn't serve beer or spirits. Its located in the bottom section of Covent Garden Market and as such is usually quite busy, however the advantage is that its passing trade and people tend to move on so tables are available fairly quickly. The crusting pipe itself is small but there is a large area outside where you can sit at one of the many tables. The inside is dimly lit and very atmospheric, tables have candles, so if you want to hold hands with your loved one and whisper sweet nothings its ideal!! I usually choose to sit outside, I say outside but its under cover so you never get rained on, so you have the advantage of not feeling claustrophobic or choking on smoke but also not being subject to the weather. The other reason to sit outside is the free entertainment. There are usually classical musicians or singers entertaining the drinkers, the standard of these entertainers is superb and they always close to rapturous applause! They do rely on the customers throwing money onto a hat and its certainly worth some change for the great performances I have witnessed. As I said before the Crusting pipe doesn't serve beer or spirits just a very extensive wine list, soft drinks and coffee. If you are a fan of port you will love this place, they have very large casks of port behind the bar and also serve white port ... 02/09/2001

Hooray some choice at last As a size 36E it seemed I was not allowed to have anything resembling sexy underwear! This seemed very strange as many a lady seems to have increased size by one means or another, so there must be demand for larger sizes. The blood rushed to my head on the numerous occasions I bent down in shops sifting through racks and racks of bra's looking for a size above 36B. Then the bravissimo catalogue made its way to my door, I logged onto the website to find a fabulous range of gorgeous bra's and even matching briefs and thongs (also another item you're not allowed if over a size 14!) of all styles and sizes. I have now become a "bra-oholic". I have bought a number of products from the site and some have been at great prices, you just need to keep your eyes peeled for sales and offers. The products come well packaged with easy returns facility - not that I have used it yet. Its wonderful to be able to finally get a choice, and so far I haven't found any sizes out of stock. Thank-you Bravissimo. This is a little p.s. added later. I have just found a small irritation. I have ordered a bra which has to be despatched direct from the supplier -that takes 10-14 days!! Bravissimo need to speed that up! ...
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