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I am an army wife and mum of two little terrors! I do freelance work as a bookkeeper when I can, and enjoy swimming, reading and getting 5 minutes of peace!

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VTech Baby Toot-Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery House 16/11/2017

A great alternative to a Doll's House for younger children

VTech Baby Toot-Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery House About the product According the VTech website, the Baby Toot-Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery House is an “Amazing interactive house!” The house itself is fairly large, standing at about 53cm tall, and also comes with: *Four pieces of track to join the house to the bit that opens up *A character (Miss Nora) *A dog *A BBQ *And some stickers. If you are fussy, like me, you might want to open the box and stick the stickers on properly before giving it to young children! Most of the house is fixed and cannot be removed, which is good for toddlers and young children who are not coordinated enough to play with the smaller toys that you get with traditional doll’s houses. My children often pull the door and the slide off, but both are easy to push it back into place. The track disappeared fairly quickly in our house, but I suspect it is under the sofa (my son likes to ‘post’ things there). The house has 7 ‘MagicPoints’, where placing Miss Nora (or other VTech characters) leads to something happening. The toilet flushes, the lift moves between the floors, the piano plays a tune, when placed in the armchair the fireplace glows etc. According to the website, this teaches cause and effect. It requires two AAA batteries. The Price It is currently £46.85 from Amazon and £47.99 directly from the VTech site. We were given this as a gift from my Mother in Law, and I am surprised at how expensive it is. Personally, I would not have spent more than £30 on this, but that might just be ...

Nailene SensatioNail Starter Kit 12/10/2017

SensatioNail is almost as good as a salon manicure!

Nailene SensatioNail Starter Kit I am writing this review in real time over a few months in order to thoroughly test the product, so it is very long and slightly rambling! Before buying I have had the SensatioNail starter kit in my amazon wish list for months and months. It claims to have everything you need to give yourself a salon quality gel manicure at home. It contains: A coloured gel nail varnish (I ordered Pink Chiffon) Gel primer Base/Top Coat Gel Cleanser 12x lint free wipes 22 peel off nail shields Manicure stick Led Nail Lamb How to Booklet The lamp is a new LED rather than UV, which apparently is better for your hands as UV can age them (I read this online but have not confirmed it). Curing takes half the time of the old SensatioNail lamp, which is also a big plus for me. I haven’t used the nail shields, I believe they are one-use stickers that you put on your nails under the varnish to make removal easier, however they also mean you get less wear out of them. Some boring maths I did consider the express version, which is cheaper and has less steps, but the reviews aren’t as good, so I decided to splash out when it went on offer. I bought this from Amazon, reduced from £50 to £35, and it claims to give 10 manicures. The salon closest to me charges £20 to apply gel varnish, so even at full price this seems to be a bargain. You can buy bottles of other colours for £10-15, which are bigger and will do up to 20 applications. The rest of it (aside from the lamp) can be bought for £25, and ...

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Mop Set 24/08/2017

A fantastic Mop, worthy of a squeal of joy!

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Mop Set I love this mop. I knew that I would, I was so excited to receive it that I actually squealed when I opened the door to the delivery man. Unfortunately Amazon (where I bought the mop for £24.85) hadn't wrapped or re-boxed the mop, so the delivery man knew I was squealing at a cleaning product. He said "Women are strange" and left before I could think of a good feminist comeback. I did have a beloved steam mop however the wiring in our new house is somewhat dodgy. No matter which socket I use, plugging it in blows the fuse for all the plugs. After almost a year of scrubbing the floors by hand, and fooling myself that the wiring would soon be replaced, I decided to purchase a mop. I am fairly frugal, but also lazy, so I decided to look on Amazon for a cheap mop. I didn't plan on spending more than £10, but I am so glad I did. The mop has a telescopic handle, which can be extended in two places. At first I didn't realise this, and attempted to mop the kitchen whilst doing an impression of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was definitely easier once I extended the handle properly! This makes it much easier to store the mop and bucket in a cupboard, rather than in the corner of the kitchen where the kids will knock it over and my husband will then step on it and snap it (He has just broken his 3rd broom). The micro fibre mop head is triangular, which is supposed to help get into corners. I thought this was a bit of a gimmick, and the first few times it just helped me to get the ...

Jane Strata Car Seat 22/11/2015

A really good Car Seat that has lasted my daughter very well

Jane Strata Car Seat I love this Car Seat. Officially the age range is 0-18 months, but our daughter is still using it at 22 months (although she is quite small). I bought along with a travel system from a local store, I think the pram on it's own was around £150. It is very easy to put on and take off the Pram and isn't too heavy. You can buy a rain cover for it if you plan on using it regularly on the pram. It can be wiped clean, but I found it slightly harder to properly clean it after my daughter had spilled something on it. I find it very easy to install in the car, and it even fits in my sister's small Yaris and a Saxo. You can buy an isofix base for it, but we just use the three point seat belt, which feels very secure. My daughter will happily climb into it and seems very comfortable, even on long journeys. It has a five point harness, which is easily tightened by pulling the strip at the front, and the headrest and lower back support can be adjusted from the back. I find it all very easy to adjust. The lower back support is supposed to help pulmonary development and reduce the risks associated with newborns sitting in a car seat for too long, although we still only used it when necessary (i.e. in the car, not on the pram) until she could sit unaided. When the car seat is in the car, you move the handle down to under the child's feat. This helps to stop the car seat from rotating and keeps it in place. You do have to remove the hood to do this, but it isn't needed in the car anyway ...

Motorola MBP36 22/11/2015

Brilliant monitor for worried parents

Motorola MBP36 We bought the Motorola Video Monitor as I wanted to be able to check on my daughter without disturbing her- she is a very bad sleeper and I am a worrier! It is excellent, the screen quality is really good even in the dark, I can even see her chest rising and falling. The lullaby feature is really helpful as it seems to help her to shut out other noises, and I love that it is turned on and off by the parent unit as it means I can turn it off once she's in a deep sleep without going into her room. There are a number of lullabies and three volume levels. You can talk to the child through the camera, which is great for reassuring my daughter when I can't get to her straight away. The temperature of the room is displayed on the screen, and you can tilt and pan the camera from the parent unit, so I can turn it round to see the whole room. It is very easy to use and easy to set up, after charging the parent unit you just plug the camera in and press a 'pairing' button. You can buy additional cameras if you have more than one child and the parent unit can automatically move between them or manually be switched. The camera plugs into the mains, but has a very long cord so it can be placed anywhere. The parent unit seems to charge very quickly and holds it's charge for a good amount of time. The low battery noise is slightly annoying, but it definitely wont run out of battery without you noticing! We bought ours from Amazon for around £70 on a flash deal, it is usually around ...

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System 22/11/2015

Really good for smelly nappies

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System We use the Angelcare Nappy System in our living room. It looks sleek and clean, and doesn't make you think of nappies. It took my dad a whole 3 day visit to figure out that it is a nappy bin, although he also once ate a firelighter thinking it was a cake, so his observations may not be worth mentioning. It definitely contains the smell of even the worst nappies my 2 year old can produce. It is much better than a normal bin, the swing lid bin in our kitchen makes the whole house smell terrible. The clever design grabs the nappies as you put them in the top and pulls them away from you, without letting out the smell of everything you've already put in the bin. You need to press down fairly hard before it grabs the nappies, which is good as my daughter has started trying to put things in there. There is a slight odour when you open the middle to empty the bin, but we found a cheap gel air freshener counteracts it. Mostly. We bought the system for £10 on Amazon, but the replacement cassettes are fairly expensive. They are very easy to change though, and it is also easy to empty to nappies once it is full. As well as containing the smell, it means I don't have to leave the room to throw my daughter's nappies away, which is great as she's recently learnt to climb up things and then throw herself off. I can imagine I will find it even more helpful when the next baby arrives!

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer 22/11/2015

Brilliant primer for my dry skin

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer I have very dry skin, and without using the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer my foundation often looks flaky, even when using expensive make up. The primer seems to give a really good base for foundation without being shiny. This Primer feels great on my finger tips but is very lightweight, and not noticeable on my face. It is very easy to apply, spreads and blends well, and keeps my foundation looking natural and flawless for longer. It has survived water fights and swimming, but is easy to remove. I use a cleanser and toner to remove my make up, and it seems to come off very quickly. It is good value for money, usually around £7, and often on offer in places such as Asda and Tesco. A tube lasts me a few months, although I dont wear make up everyday. I have tried loads of more expensive primers but always return to this.
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