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I am new to Ciao and I will learn much more with a little help from its current users. Thanks to all fellas!.

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since 19/04/2017


Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) 27/04/2017

Speaking of the dead......

Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) My experience for this game was just like I was playing the super Mario or something (apart from something that is the horrible faces in the game). It was me who bought it and introduced it to my friends without playing at first but that recommendation turned out in scolds for me. For killing lust Well… want to see your killing ability and your killing rate? Then you are right at it. After the scolds I experienced, I got in to see what made them scolding me? When I finished it, turned off my Xbox One S and then only me, standing in my room, was scolding myself that I shouldn’t have bought it. But wait, there is something that Dead Rising is having its market enjoy. How? I will tell you now. According to my survey and with a little help from my mum (as she is a psychologist) this game or the other series of it affect the brain deeply as there some bad scenes as well (look I don’t want to name) and she proved out to be true as one of my friends is playing this type of killing stuff games for ages and his behavior is somewhat like Vendetta or Dexter… (you name it). Not that like but he likes to hurt to animals and does experiments on his pets. I’ve talked to his parents and they said We should have taken care of it and I said Its no use crying over spilt milk. So if you are a parent and choosing it for your kid be warned. Its not only for kids but even adults get affected. I am not saying that you can’t just play that game, play it but don’t get too involved in it and beware ...

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) 24/04/2017

Other than racing, environment is good.

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) Forza Horizon 3 developed by Microsoft and released on Sept. 27, 2016. Its currently one of my best racing games I got in my games rack of Xbox One S. I was recommended to play this game by my friends and none of them were speaking out any mistakes in Forza Horizon 3. As I am a critical gamer, I’ve made several replays to get anything bad but my friends were true as they said that this game is best for Xbox one. Car Physics I don’t see any twitching or graphics error in the car’s body if it is off the track, skidding off or hitting the rails or other stuff (as most people do in a racing game). The acceleration is quite amazing and smooth. Whenever car takes a sharp turn or goes into a drift lets the player know the weight of the car and the difficulty to handle it. It is much more like in real when you stumble and struggle to keep the car on the track. Many Cars Forza Horizon 3 came up with 350 cars and there are more in other versions launched late and before. This is the standard version I am writing the review on. Other than genuine cars, there are many other autos like 4x4 and other rough vehicles (they come according to the missions). Each of the car has its own specifications and each one of them is made by keeping in view the perimeters and model of the car in real life. Every car is detailed and there are also the details of the name and its launching of what is in real time. As for the deck and interior, it’s made amazing and when switched to the steering mode ...

Microsoft Xbox One S 2TB 20/04/2017

Xbox One S completes the need of a gamer.

Microsoft Xbox One S 2TB Xbox One S surely delivers its utmost rendering in every field of virtual world in which many games of the present age are played very smoothly. Well I have to admit that it surely competes down its rival, the ps4. That’s how it does: Ps4 versus Xbox One S: Ps4 only supports 4k rendering. Xbox one S renders the visual content in 4K HDR resolution having Blu-Ray support. It does not have any IR emitter. Xbox one S has a newly introduced feature of IR blaster. Limited to 1TB while Xbox is up to 2TB in storage space. It has new released titles of which gamers aren’t aware yet while in Xbox keeps the titles of the famous games including FIFA, Halo, NHL,NBA to name a few. Many users have complaints about the controller. A new textured-grip controller is introduced in Xbox One S. Its size is big.The “S” version is up to 40% smaller than Xbox One. You have to go back to the home screen for any change in the preferences while in Xbox, contains a short menu that pops out from the deck (bottom) to make quick changes. Boring boot-up while in Xbox,Nice boot-up. Another thing that is to be reviewed is that its price is comparatively low as compared to other gadgets in the market. Its price is cheap despite that it is good or equivalent to ps4. It is also capable for the connection with a Microsoft windows PC. It has a nice multi playing system as it keeps the game run smoothly. The players are able to create a party with their friends and do a live conversation with their friends while ...

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) 19/04/2017

Resident Evil 6..... Action..... not Horror.

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) Personally I don’t think that resident evil 6 is a horror game and I am sorry to say that it lost its horror as the older ones did (I mean from resident evil 1 to 5). But Capcom created another installment to the series and is resident evil 7 which has stabilized the value of resident evil in the virtual world. I like Ada’s timeline the most as it contains (up to some limit I guess) horror perspective as well as action thriller. This part has featured all of the main characters of the RE series except Jill Valentine whose status is still considered to be unknown. Its components that appeal to me are its sound tracks (usually I check that first before playing every game). They are quite motivating and keep the mental surrounds of the player focused. But yeah after all this, no one can deny playing it, as resident evil is a title that almost everybody likes it nowadays.
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