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Travel Republic 01/10/2013

Travel Republic - Dreadful Over Priced Service

Travel Republic We booked a holiday through Travel Republic, flights and airport transfer, about £1,600 for a week in Corfu, in a cheap apartment for two adults and two children. First the site kept hiking the price of the flight. They took payment form our credit card twice and then took their sweet time to refund us (the money came back after a couple of weeks). The flight wasn’t cheap at all even though it was Ryan Air. The worst was the airport transfer. They charged us £190 pounds for the return airport transfer. We found when we arrived that it would have been cheaper to take a taxi from the taxi stand. Later we found out that if we had booked the airport transfer form Ryan Air the return price would have been £60. When we complained they said sorry but didn’t address the fact that we had been over charged and refused to refund even one penny. Their “Cheapest Price Guarantee” is worthless. Their service is dreadful and if you make a complaint they patronise you. We got off light, lots of people seem to have had much worse negative experiences of Travel Republic.
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