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Poetry 30/01/2009


Poetry I would like to enter Thingywhatsits Orgy Challenge, to write a poem . Using these following words as requested . SOUL HEART FEELINGS TEMPTATION IDIOCY REAL ENTICING SEXY SENSUAL MOTHER NATURE TREES BIRDS FLOWERS COBWEBS NIGHTFALL GOD BRAIN MANKIND . So here is my attempt , hope you enjoy ! *************** *************** *************** ******** Mother Nature against Mankind, our planet with trees and flowers. This is the place where we live polluted with concrete towers. She gave us the birds and the bees, leaving us complete and whole. Though his temptation , enticing and sexy, it is lacking in heart and soul. While our brain is deluged with materialistic things. selfishness and greed take over, misery is all that it brings. She is soft and sensual, blowing cobwebs out with the tide. and as day follows nightfall, her feelings of love will never subside. To think like this , it's idiocy, or is God really to blame? What has happened to our Earth, is a real crying shame. So who has won this battle? Can I let you decide. As long as they co-exist, They will surely collide! *************** *************** *************** ******** I hope that made some kind of sense . Thankyou Thingywatsit for this challenge . Thanks for the read . ...

Poems of anger and rage 08/06/2008

Pour me away

Poems of anger and rage This is a poem that sums up my feeling about seeing someone I love binge drink. Why is it okay for you to drink? Why is it okay for you not to think? I guess you don't have to smell the stink of your breath as you snore. Well I tell you dear I wish I could ignore. Go on pour it down your neck, "I want to forget, what the heck! I have stress, I have strain, stop punishing me, you are to blame!" Well carry on, you can't be assed? Find that answer at the bottom of the glass. Go and binge, forget my fears I stay silent with my tears. Hold that drink tight, Don't let it out of sight. She may pour it away, What a waste you say. What is the waste is seeing you drunk. No self respect, no wish to de-junk. "There is nothing left I can do, What you do is entirely up to you." Say bye bye to the man I knew, Say hello to the person who can't renew. He is stuck in a rut, he is stuck in the past. Please let him sober up fast. I want to help, I want to support, I want you to kick the habit and abbort. Pour it away, stop the use Turn your back and give up abuse. Thanks for reading this.

Indian Head Massage 12/07/2006

Giving head

Indian Head Massage This review is about something I learnt at college very recently and now have just received a Diploma in. INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE --------------- --------------- ---- ? What is it? Indian Head massage has been practised traditionally in India for thousands of years and is part of Ayurvedic medicine system. This medicine is one of India's oldest systems. It promotes longevity of life though balancing of Mind, body and spirit. It was used on women traditionally to aid and promote beautiful hair. Oils were used too. They passed their knowledge and massages onto their families. New mothers massage their babies every day until they are the age of three and then they receive one every week. The children then learn and return the massage to their mothers. It becomes a circle and Indian Head massage is practised on all the family members in turn. A gentle man visiting the barbers as part of the treatment will finish off his haircut and shave with a head massage. Indian Head Massages are given on the beaches as part of relaxation by vendors. The whole Indian culture benefits and is seen to be a reason they tend to be more laid back and less stressed. The massage itself differs in different parts of the country and when it was introduced here in the UK by Dr. Narendra Metha in the 1970's, it also incorporated, not just the head but also the back, upper arms and shoulders, neck and face areas too. This treatment had become westernised. Indian Head massage is a powerful ...

Recipes for Main Courses 08/07/2006

Two easy, tasty little dishes for you.

Recipes for Main Courses Ole Chef Harryslarry has been in the kichenette, so she has. "What on earth can she be doing in there?" You ask. "The kitchen is well off limits to that girl", you think. Actually you are quite right. You see the kitchen is a very alien place to me to be honest. And as for the washing up bowl and marigolds - I run for the hills. But and a big but at that. I was seduced into my apron and the Nigella Lawson mode by a few recipes I had encountered. And what was it that seduced me? The shear easiness and time element of the cookery involved. That simple it is to seduce me. Ha! So I thought I better share with you lot on here, before I get all sensible and start buying packets and cans again. Tuna,Tomato and Pasta Supper. --------------- --------------- -------------- Serves up to 4 people. 25 minutes preperation (H.) You need in your cupboard to start with; Packet of Pasta Tin of Tomatoes Tin of Tuna Pinch of Sugar Chilli Powder - half a teaspoon Olive Oil - Popeye not needed this time An Onion - chopped Garlic which is of course optional And if you really want to be all frilly - A handful of Basil. Oo er! The things you have to do to create this; Cook the pasta in boiling water until it reaches "Al Dente" - That's soft enough but not mushy to you lot. Heat oil in a another pan and add onion and cook for a few minutes until it looks nice and soft. Stir in the garlic, tomatoes, chilli powder and the sugar. Add a bit of salt and ...

Tractor Tom - Haywire Hens And Other Stories (DVD) 07/07/2006

What Would We Do Without You?

Tractor Tom - Haywire Hens And Other Stories (DVD) There's a big red tractor on Springhill the musical introduction of this DVD starts. We are on Springhill farm with Tractor Tom. A big red tractor funnily enough that has eyes and is animated in both senses. He is useful and everyone wonders what they would do without him. He is the main character in this CITV broadcast programme and now on one of many DVD's available. He lives on Springhill farm along with many other characters. Fi is the lady who runs the farm. She wears her favourite red top and dungarees complete with a cap and is voiced by Liz Tarbuck. Matt is the farm help and lives in his caravan up the road and he is voiced by James Nesbitt. Rev is the truck that Matt drives and he makes a revving sound. He is purple. Rory is the motorbike and of course makes a roaring sound. Wheezy is the yellow combine harvester and yes you guessed it he wheezes. Buzz is the miscevious quad bike. Snicker is the blue horse that is often seen with Buzz Purdey is the ginger farm cat Riff is Fi's Collie dog Wac and Bac.... hmmmmm dodgy sounding names given to the ducks. The Hens live on the farm and they decide what is what arond the place. The sheep are absolutely fantastic and are the real characters of this DVD and inject the most humour into it. Why I bought it --------------- ----- When I bought this DVD I had in my mind something to occupy my two and a half year old when I was busy in the kitchen etc. Six months on it still does the trick ...

Five Superpowers I wish I had 03/07/2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Five Superpowers I wish I had Doing some reminiscing, I saw this review and thought it was time I dusted it off and used my power of punctuation on it more efficiently. Blushes..... So to continue......... No. it's only me. Little "ole" me, sat at my computer daydreaming, About the things I could be. Superpowered and in control and the world at my feet! Sounds good? I'll go and change into my lycra pants and my matching hood! Honestly though, Lycra pants aside, what would be the superpowers I would choose? Who would it benefit the most? Would I be a selfish villain or would I be the hero with the peoples hearts in my hand? Probably a combination of both, so with the world at my imaginary mercy, here goes .... *************** ************** 1. Invisibility Is anybody there?! Firstly I wouldnt have to worry what I look like or clothes that I wear. I could tap people on the shoulder or whisper in their ear. Pretend I am a ghost in fact, move things and write Boo! in the steamed up bathroom mirror. Invisibility also allows me the luxury of checking in at the airport / hotel /club of my choice for a freebie holiday. I could go behind the scenes of Eastenders and see for myself if the actors actually get on like they say they do! I would check my partner /friends were behaving themselves and being faithful. I would know if my food was cooked hygienically, if out for a meal. In fact it could be used to my advantage when compiling my Ciao reviews, get a fly on the ...

Poems of Sadness 28/06/2006

I Don't, I Want, I Can, I will.

Poems of Sadness Dear Ciaoees, I wrote this half an hour ago after feeling negative. I felt creative and needed to pour these thoughts out of me. I want to share this poem with you now. Please leave a comment if you think it will help me stop feeling these thoughts and become happy in my own skin. ************** Feeling down. I want to frown. I don't want to talk, I want to hide. I want to scream, I want to yelp, I want to stop asking for help. I feel all knotted inside, I have lost my pride. I'm useless and inadequate, I'm falling down the slippery slide. I want to fly above the trees and see things as they should be. I cannot as my wings are clipped and am blinkered, I'm losing grip. I'm in turmoil, my life in stress, I want to rip it up and protest. I cannot avoid the daily grind, It is totally destroying my mind. "Come back Shirley, let's see your smile," I know it's there all the while. Wipe those tears and pull my socks up! Get up and go and for gawds sake SHUT UP. I'm stronger than this I will bloody win! Let me see some positive light flowing within. I'm determined enough and It's in my sight, I want to enjoy myself and I won't give up the fight. Thanks. Shirley .

Sandy Balls Holiday Centre 19/06/2006

I really can't get enough of Sandy Balls!

Sandy Balls Holiday Centre Now that I have your attention. I don't mean the kind that you lot are thinking of but come to mention it though? Hmmmmmmmmm........ No. Stop it at once Shirley! I mean Sandy Balls Holiday Centre on the edge of the picturesque New Forest in Hampshire. It's like a small one off Center parcs. You can choose to stay in a ready tent, mobile home type place or lord it up in a lodge or superior lodge. The things is once you are there you get peace and quiet and relaxation. And yes it is geared up for families! The most impressive thing for me about the place was the staff. They actually care! Quite a mean feat these days, me thinks. They are friendly, efficient and get on with their task as soon as asked. The second thing were the facilities. Two swimming pools, one in and one outdoors. Two toddler pools, a jacuzzi and a sauna too. There is a soft play area for the wee ones - Very clean and my little one loved it. A gym, toning tables and a beauty and treatment room too. And not forgetting the arcade, restaurants, pool tables, gift shop and Spa shop. Plus outside dotted about the park are play areas for the children. The whole place is geared up for entertaining the children and gives parents some peace! The place is quiet though and lovely surroundings. In amongst trees and the accomodation nicely planned out. It was a real treat. Details please? Sandy Balls is situated in the village of Godshill near Fordingbridge. Twenty minutes south of Salisbury. On arrival you ...

Del Monte Orange Ice Lolly 27/05/2006

The Man from Del Monte sucked this!

Del Monte Orange Ice Lolly Back in the summer months, when it was hot to say the least, anything bought from the supermarket had to be of a refreshing quality. While cooling down in the freezer section of the local Sainsburys, a familiar looking sight met my beady eyes. No, not in the freezer section surely? Someone must have put a carton of juice in the freezer!? Curiosity playing her part, this girl took a closer look! Ooh! Mister "Del Monte" you have been very busy. You have been creating an ice lolly. Like I mentioned, was the famous green and red logo with the Del Monte quality sign and the words Orange fruit ice with orange juice. Yes. In a cardboard carton sat four of these lollies at the price of 1.99 or buy one, get one free. BOGOF to you and me, that is. Straight in the trolley two of these cartons went and found sanctuary in my freezer. Not for too long though! I opened the carton and four of them sat. I took one out and tried it with anticipation, as a juice drinker I wanted to see how good this ice drink actually was. The first thing I was met with was a plastic wrapper which is in the same colours as the outer carton. I tore open the wrapper and was greeted with a lovely looking orange colour lolly. So far so good. The smell is also that familiar orange juice smell. I take my first suck, yum yum, refreshing and not sickly, orangy and thirst quenching. I quickly take a bite, it's not too hard, it will not break your teeth or make your teeth stand on edge through being ...

Stratford Victoria, Stratford-upon-Avon 23/05/2006

All's well that ends well

Stratford Victoria, Stratford-upon-Avon As a treat for my 35th birthday, my partner treated me to an overnight stay in a hotel of my choosing in the Cotswold district. After much searching on I found the Stratford Victoria Hotel. The hotel is a four star and is a Marston hotel. There are several dotted around the country. In Stratford there are two - the other being the Stratford manor and is located outside of the town on it's own. We paid £115 for a double room for one night and full english breakfast. We found the hotel and used the free car parking facilities outside. There is a barrier and CCTV in place. We checked in at 2.40pm and our room was not ready and there is a policy of guaranteed room 3pm onwards. The receptionist was pleasant and offered to take our cases and look after them or we could wait for the room to become available. We opted to wait as the weather was unpleasant and we had only a few minutes to wait anyhow. We walked into the terrace lounge bar and bought a round of drinks. There was a menu with light meals available, if you wanted. The decoration is mainly dark wood with pictures of Stratford hanging up. There was a flatscreen telly on the wall with the sound down on the rugby match. Behind us was a cigarette machine with various boardgames to play. Unfortunately on closer inspection some pieces had walked. So just after 3, we returned to reception only to find our room still not ready. A further wait of 25 minutes and we managed to get a card and our ...

Mothercare Fleece Blanket 01/10/2005

It's a Blankety Fleece - I tell you!

Mothercare Fleece Blanket Okay this review is about a blanket - Wohooo! How exciting for you. Well to be honest, it's a bit more exciting than a wet blanket - just. This is no ordinary blanket you see, its a Mothercare blanket. A Mothercare blanket that happens to be brightly coloured - in my case lime green. A funky coloured blanket. I bought this blanket way back when my 22month old son was being kept warm in my tummy still. I noted lots of funky colours on the shelf to appeal to all tastes and the two genders. And so I made my choice and the cylindar package was my purchase. £13 quid at the time! Have I been fleeced? Two years on and this blanket had been a good choice it seems. Lovely and soft, warm and light and big. It fits my sons cot a treat and I use it out and about on cold crisp days too. I wrap it around my sons legs whilst in hs stroller. It keeps him warm and snug - just as it is supposed too. What about keeping it clean? Well I bung it in the washing machine for a spruce up now and again and because of the polyester light fleecy feel - it dries in no time at all. Really handy for when you need it pronto. It comes up clean and fresh and it doesnt get that bobbly thing happen to it. So it always looks new and not like an old blanket. Conclusion? Money well spent and Felt fleeced at the time but It was just the wool being pulled over my eyes. As they say " it's a wrap!" Thanks for the read. Shirley.

Boots Teething granules 13/09/2005

Granules with a bit of Bite.

Boots Teething granules Boots teething granules are fantastic! I can not emphasize enough how fantastic they are. Really! In the bad old days before discovering these marvellous powders, we were dosing up our now 22 month old Toddler with pink, gloopy, sticky suspension pain relief. Okay this did work, but it also made him hyper and I found that I needed to keep topping him up on this with no satisfaction that it was actually doing any good and possible more harm. So bearing that in mind I started scouring the shelves of Boots for alternatives. And am I glad I did?! Boots Alternatives Teething Pain relief --------------- --------------- --------------- ------- With Chamomile and a Homeopathic remedy. On the shelf for all manner of teething troubles is Boots own brand of teething powder. In a powder blue cardboard box with coloured text and green leaf logo are these little blue foil sachets of white granules. 24 to be precise. And only costing a few quid, it's not that expensive. Especially when you get peace and quiet overnight! Although I would actually go the store itself to buy, then order online. I couldn't see them listed. Could do better there Claim --------- For the sympathetic relief of pain associated with teething. Well it certainly calms my boy down and without making him drowsy. Plus being natural ingredients is the real bonus. Chamomile is a homeopathic remedy and is particularly useful for teething troubles. Worth reading the enclosed leaflet ...

Poetry for fun 29/08/2005

Poet and Don't Realise?

Poetry for fun Ohhh I'm a poet and don't realise, I look to the ceiling and roll my eyes. I wish I could stop playing with words, It drives everyone around me completely absurd. It keep me awake from morning to night, The thoughts and rhymes come to light. I write them down and mix them around, Til I'm happy with the way they sound. I sit and read my piece of writing, I try to make it funny and a bit exciting. I could do better if I learnt to write proper, But on I plod and "nothing can stop her! " So here I am boring you again, I'm sure I can drive you all insane. I can assure you it boggles my brain, And I'm sure it has made me exaclty the same. It's an addiction I can't stop, Somebody help me before I pop. I'm typing away and the words are easy prey, I'm rhyming more, I can't take any more. I have strain in my fingers, my memory of poems still lingers. I am tortured by this passtime, I wish I could give up and call "time." How do I stop? Do you have an answer, This is eating away at me like a Cancer. Is there a cure? Does anyone know? I would love to cease this rhyming flow. Oh well! Well here I'm stuck, In my hell of this poetic ruck. Clever Trevor? I think not? This poetic lark can go and rot. I hate it now and forever will, It leaves me feeling rather ill. I loathe it's power and now despise, this poet who sadly does NOW realise! Shirley . (The Desperate poet who didn't want to know it ) Thanks for the read. ...

The Life and Loves of a She-Devil - Fay Weldon 09/04/2005

A Horny Little Tale!

The Life and Loves of a She-Devil - Fay Weldon I first encountered this title as the Beeb mini series drama, first broadcast way back in the Eighties with Julie T. Wallace, Dennis Waterman and Patricia Hodge. Also thanks to Hollywood, the film "She Devil" starring Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep. So finally after all this time was very pleased to come across a book of the same title. 20 pence from the charity shop. Bargain! So what made me pick this book up? Well I like a bit of the unusual,surreal and with a bit of revenge in for good measure too - I knew It was right up my street. And with the memories of the Beebs adaptatrion of it, I knew I would settle down and really get into this page turner. Penned by Fay Weldon - An author who has a yen for the dark side of life. She has been responsible for titles such as "Growing Rich", "The cloning of Joanna May" and of course "Life and Loves of a She Devil." Ruth is the rather overweight and ugly downtrodden wife of her unfaithful accountant husband, Bobbo. She is a house wife who looks after the husband, the two children and the family pets. She provides for them as best as her rather clumsy nature allows her. She towers above them and has a strong frame and yet she is powerless and weak. She loves her husband despite his unfaithfulness, he on the other hand doesn't love her. He felt sorry for her and married her out of pity. She knows this and about all the other women and yet she goes on relentlessy providing for him and their children. Until one day..... Mary ...

Mothercare citilite pushchair 05/04/2005

Push this, Baby!

Mothercare citilite pushchair I have bought and owned a Citilite pushchair now for just over a year, and might I say, what a little gem it really is. I have had much use of it for my 17month old boy and he just seems to like it as much as I do. And I would happily part with more money to buy another, that is if this one ever does wear out. We have been everywhere in it and not just the city might I add. We have been on long walks in rough ground and it handles just as well there too. So tell me more about this pushchair then Harryslarry please... WHERE DO I BUY IT? I bought mine from Mothercare as it is their own brand of pushchair - and I parted with £90 pound for it. WHAT DID I GET FOR MY MONEY? Well obviously the pushchair,head hugger itself and I also got a free raincover and instructions written in English and Portugese. I also got a one year guarantee too. SO WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Ummm, like a pushchair. Only joking. My particular Citilite is navy in colour, has one push handle, seating with matching hood, foot rest, hand bar, head hugger, 5 point smap harnessing and a reasonably sized shopping basket underneath. I will add a photo, if you are still not sure. Other colours are available of this pushchair - A black one and a red one too, with matching cosy toes, if you like. WHAT MADE ME CHOOSE THIS PUSHCHAIR? It was suitable for my Four month old to use and It can be used up until the age of Three approximately. The fact that it is ultra light, it really is. Particulary ...
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