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Circus - The Hostel 18/07/2001

THE place for travellers...

Circus - The Hostel Circus - The Hostel I decided to go to Berlin for the Love Parade around Easter time and knowing this would be a very busy time in the city, decided to try and book accommodation as early as possible. I emailed several youth hostelly type places but the only place willing to accept a booking so far in advance was ‘The Circus Hostel’ so we ended up reserving beds here. **Location** The attractions of Berlin are highly centralised between Unter den Linden and Charlottenberg. All hotels in this region are way out of any backpackers budget. However, the Circus Hostel is still within easy walking distance of Alexander Platz (and the ‘Fernsehturm’) and directly opposite the Volksbühne (The People’s Theater - site of this ) on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. I believe most flights from the UK land at the ‘Tegel’ airport. From here, it is possible to get a taxi direct to the Circus Hostel for about 40DM (£13). This is probably a good idea if you havn’t been to Berlin before. Although there is no U-Bahn (underground) station at the airport, it is possible to get a bus to the U-Bahn Station then change trains further down the line. It is incredibly accessible using the U-bahn. The hostel itself is located 10m from the southern exit of the U-Bahn (Underground) station ‘Rosa Luxemburg Platz’ on the U2 line which passes right through the city and stopping in many useful places, including the Zoo Station (Zoologischer Garten) ...

Malia, Crete 11/07/2001


Malia, Crete Malia I just came back from my weeks holiday in Malia last night so I thought I’d do an opinion before I jet off to Berlin tomorrow afternoon. :0P Malia is an all round party resort that has been compared to Ibiza and Ayia Napa. Not having been to either of these places, I can’t comment on this save for to say that the nightlife certainly was manic. I went for a ‘girly’ holiday with 3 of my best mates to treat ourselves after we finished out A-levels. This opinion is really based on a lads/girls holiday as we didn’t do much apart from sun bathe, eat, party and last (an possible least) sleep. ***Getting there*** We flew with Airtours from Manchester to Heraklion, the main airport in Crete. Our flight from Manchester was delayed by an hour, our headset things didn’t work and when we got to Heraklion we has to wait another hour for out baggage to reappear. A Coach (thankfully air-conditioned) eventually took us to our hotel. Package holidays seem to be offered from a variety of tour operators (e.g. Escapades/18-30/2wentys) flying out from all major airports. ***Accommodation*** We stayed at the ‘Odyssey Apartments’ just outside the centre of Malia. It took about 10mins to walk into town and 15mins to get to the Beach – although a bit longer on the way back after a night out. The location is perfect – near enough to walk/stagger/crawl yet far enough way to avoid all the noise/commotion of the main ...

Indie album - Kinesis 04/07/2001

Worship yourself (and this band)

Indie album - Kinesis Kinesis are a Bolton based, 4 piece indie group, who despite having an average age of 17 have already had a considerable degree of success, playing in Bolton and Manchester, being played by Radio 1 and having reviews both in local ‘zines and also Kerrang. I have seen them a number of times, each time playing a fantastic set initially taken from their EP ‘the flowers are dead’ available in MP3 format from their website and more recently from the mini-album ‘Worship yourself’ which was out on the 25th June. Singing comes courtesy of Mike Bromely whose fantastic range (from ominous growls to falsetto warbling!) really brings the songs to life. Mike also plays the guitar, although lead guitar is provided by Conor McGloin, the youngest member of the band. The rhythm section is emphatically provided by Neil Chow on Drums and Tom Marshall on Bass. Mike, Neil and Tom were at school together and knew Conor through his previous band ‘Riot star’ who also had some success on a local level. They initially played as a group to honour gig commitments made before the demise of ‘Riot Star’ and stayed together under the name ‘Dischord’. However, it was late 2000 that the band found success, playing a few small gigs and charity events around their hometown of Bolton. They are about to embark upon a countrywide tour, so if they are playing anywhere near you, my advice is to get down ...

Resolve 30/06/2001

the morning after the night before

Resolve I'm sure most of you have been there...think back to your last killer hangover. Now consider the lengths you would have gone to to cease the bubbling nausea rising from the pit of your stomach towards the dangerous point-of-no-return at the back of the throat, ease the sledgehammer pounding inside your head and gotten rid of the icepick like stabbing behind your eyes. Now, this can be for the most part prevented by a)not drinking so much b)sticking to one type of drink all night c)avoiding red wine and champagne all night d)drinking plenty of water to re-hydrate yourself. Alcohol dehydrates you quickly as it is a diuretic (?) which is part of the reason why people need to go wee-wee so much whilst getting slayed. e)having a quick bite to eat before you go to bed. i do NOT mean a BSE/Ecoli/Foot-and-mouth/Ibola virus infected kebab (can ya tell i'm veggie??)but instead something SENSIBLE like toast or even chips if you insist on going to the kebab place. but that is BORING and if any of you are anything like me, which i expect you are, you will be too drunk to remember any of this by the time you come out of the pub/club and return home. But alas, do not fear. You do not have to suffer with the symptoms described above for the caring souls at 'Seton Healthcare Group PLC' have created RESOLVE 'for the morning after'. This is like a medical cabinet in a single sachet. The paracetamol soothes the various aches associated with a heavy nights drinking whilst ...

Nicky Clarke Color Therapy Shampoo 29/06/2001

Take it as Red- hot stuff...irresistable

Nicky Clarke Color Therapy Shampoo Hmm...i thought the tag line to 'take it as red' shampoo (the title of my opinion) was rather funny, and although nothing to do with the product is proof that sex sells and a vain attempt to attract people to my opinion. Bwahahahahahah (evil laugh) 'Take it as red' is the line of Nicky Clarke's new 'Color Therapy' range that i, as a 'red head' 'gingernut' 'ginja-ninja' 'carrot top' etc etc use. It also comes in 'goodenss gracious', 'sweet as chocolate' and one for blonde haired people (sorry, can't remember the name). As well as the shampoo, there is also conditioner, controlling balm (for blow drying) as well as wax. A few of my friends have used these products and have unanimously voted in favour. Obviously, it is for use on red hair, but i can't see it doing any harm to brown/dark haired people should they desire reddish undertones or a bit of a firey spark. Don't expect miracles - this stuff can't turn your hair pillar box red or even alter the shade, but it will provide a warm 'glow'. This is acheived through herbal extracts such as henna, carrot and ginger (!!) as well as silk to condition the hair. 'Take it as red' Shampoo seems to contain a lot of impressive sounding herbal gubbins. However these do seem to work and make my hair smell divine. The scent is flowery yet spicy. Nicky's copy writers describe it as 'clarysage, geranium and cyclamen on a vanilla and coconut base' adn i think this a good description, although i haev no idea what clarysage or ...

Clinique Clinique 29/06/2001

Take the day off makeup remover

Clinique Clinique This is one of the best makeup removers i have ever used. I tend to wear a lot of eye makeup and this stuff, although not a specific eye make-up remover does a fantastic job of getting rid of the 'mess' left round my eyes, even after a night out. It is marketed as a make up remover for 'lids, lashes and lips' and can shift water resistant/proof products. This is due to its 2-layered contents. One layer is oily and the other is water based giving a funky looking 2-tone effect in the bottle and also the benefit of the 'dual action formula' to remove the different types of make-up used (i.e. powder based eye shadow/water resistant mascara, smudge proof lipstick etc). However, after a few weeks, the layers become permanently mixed - and although the frothy white liquid dosn't look quite as appealing as the original product, it works just as well. As i have said, it is very effective at taking makeup off, but it does leave your skin a bit oily after use. This means you can only use it to take make up off, not touch up a botched job (e.g. liquid eyeliner as i have found many times!)as the oilyness stays on the skin, meaning any further attempts will just smudge and not adhere to the skin. As i have quite sensitive skin, some of the more stringent makeup removers really sting me, but this allergy tested, 100% fragrance free product has caused absolutley no irritation. It come in a 125ml container, for around £10. Although it seems expensive, you only need a tiny bit ...

Fujifilm Nexia 320IX ZOOM 25/06/2001


Fujifilm Nexia 320IX ZOOM i purchased this camera a few weeks ago and have just received the prints back from the first time i used it (it was our leavers ball! hahaha - finished school forever- woo hoo!) and i'm very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the simplicity of use. So here's the opinion... ~~~Appearance~~~ This is a fairly small camera - not quite 'pocket sized', but fitted neatly into my little hand bag...according to the instruction manual its 113.5 x 62.0 x 42.5mm and 175g. That means nothing to me as im terrible with spatial awareness - i'd say its wallet sized if you are carrying ALOT of cash around -not that i ever get the chance to do that :0(. Its a rather stylish silvery grey colour, but then again every cameral i looked at seemed to be that colour - i'd rather have a nice pink one ;o) ~~~Features~~~ Initial set up is simple - the battery and film are both 'drop-in' - you can't go wrong. With the film, this means that you don't get finger prints on it and it also enables you to exchange films mid-roll, for instance of you shared the camera eith somebody else they could take your film out, out theirs in and then when you wanted to use it again you can just put the original film in) Programming the date/time (which you can choose to have printed on your photos) is also easy enough although the buttons are really small and you have to use a pen nib or something to press them i suppose this prevents you doing it accidently. This helps greatly with the ...

American History X (DVD) 17/06/2001

We are not enemies, but friends.

American History X (DVD) Im baaaaaaack! Sorry about the lengthy delay between opinions - I’ve had a million and one a-levels to do. Well, 11 – only one left now so that means I have some time to do some opinions. One of the few interesting things I have done over the past 5 weeks is watch ‘American History X’ on DVD. Its an amazing film - insanely hard-hitting and shocking but at the same time watchable. It'll leave you questioning the mentality of racists worldwide, yet at the same time quite scarily have you understanding and at times even empathizing with both the 'black' and the 'white' gangs. ~~~~~~~~ SYNOPSIS The film chronicles Derek Vinyard’s (Ed Norton) decent from a white trash 14 year old into repentant intellectual committed to turning his life around via membership of a white supremacist organisation and a harrowing stint in jail. The film is set in the 24 hours following Derek’s release from jail, and the events leading up to this fateful time are explained through a series of intertwined, excellently directed, flashbacks into Derek’s past. The film opens with a flashback to Derek’s shooting of 2 black guys trying to steal his car and subsequent arrest. Through the flashbacks (shot in black and white and expertly directed to enable empathy with Derek) we learn how Derek became ‘the skinhead’ under Cameron (Stacey Keach) following the death of his father, recruiting new members to the D.O.C. - a white supremacist ...

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer 28/05/2001

Weezer are Back

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer Weezer- The Green Album I havn’t attempted an album review yet – and I’ve realised that it is very difficult. *Who are Weezer?* Rivers Cuomo (vocals and guitar) and Brian Bell (drums) along with errr, a bassist (Mikey Welsh since 1997) and a guitarist (Brian Bell since they got signed by Geffen in late 1992) formed Weezer in 1992. In 1994 the released an eponymous album, often referred to as the ‘Blue Album’ including the number 12 UK Chart hit ‘Buddy Holly’. 1996 saw the release of Pinkerton. For 5 years, all was quiet on the Weezer front but now the coolest nerds in the world are back with the somewhat confusingly also eponymous 3rd LP, referred to as ‘The Green Album’ Weezer are one of those bands who have been putting out great music for years (1992 to be exact) yet their distinctive brand of punk rock – I’d call it ‘emo nerdcore’ or ‘geek rock’- has been largely ignored in England. Not for much longer – this album will be a hit who has even the vaguest inkling towards punk, rock or pop tendencies, however die hard Weezer fans will be disappointed by the ‘Green Album’- its good, but after 5 years of waiting, not good enough. *The Green Album* Weezer may not have spent their entire 5 year hiatus creating this album, but apparently Rivers did write over 300 songs ...

Easy Everything, Manchester 16/05/2001

Internet cafe review

Easy Everything, Manchester I just read ballbags review and although what he has said is true (ive heard stories, but never been in the mens loos myself, being a girl ;) ) i thought id do an opinion of the place as an internet cafe, rather than gay cruising ground. No disrespect to you mate- it needed to be said - hopefully they'll do something about it and make EE the best cafe in Manchester. At the beginning of this year when all the rumours about napster shutting down were plentiful i sacrificed my saturdays for sitting infront of a computer screen downloading songs and generally cruising the internet at warp speed. Thats right, warp speed. The connection is excellant at EE - ive had files downloading at about 150kbps! Also,there is an icon at the bottom of the screen where you can select what coffee you would like the staff to bring you! It is expensive coffee (starbucks prices for nescafe coffee) but they do food as well- i'ne not sampled this yet, but they have chocolate, cakes and sandwiches. Last time i was there you could get 100 minutes for a pound and as you accumulate credit on the personal access password they give you, it gets cheaper per hour. You can keep this password as long as you visit at least once every 30days, otherwise you just have to purchase another one and pay whatever price is advertised. However, severaly of my friends have had problems when burning the downloads onto cd, both with the cd being blank when they get home and also having had their downloads ...

Jilly's, Manchester 16/05/2001

Jilly's Rockworld

Jilly's, Manchester Jilly;'s rockworld is not exactly what the name of the place suggests- ive no idea who jilly is and they dont always play rock. More alternative, metal, punk, rock and pop. Friday night is an allnighter - £5 for 9pm to 7am. Only problem is, no where is open at 7am so everybody ends up on picadilly gardens- why dont they just keep RW open? Ive been going to Jillys since i was about 15. Yes, its an over 18's fully flegdged nightclub and no, i'm not some freakily old loking person-im 17 now and could pass for 15. Ive not been in a while now, i was put off by the fights that kept breaking out in the 'mosh pits' when people seemed to just beat eachother up, not even in time to the music and one time i got hit by them :o( Apparently things have improved since then, so don't let this put you off. Saturday night is the night everybody should go. Its student night and the rock/alternative population of the Manchester Unis, Salford and everywhere else turns up to sample the delightful watered down beer- but what do you expect for £1 pints and free entry for girls? On thursdays they have £1 shots as well. There are 3 rooms each with their own communities and music. The main room (IMHO) is the best, with a fair sized dance floor and stage, as well as an abundance of seating and 3 pool tables. There are 4 bars, split between the 3 rooms. Jilly's is located on Oxford Road, practically in the centre of Manchester. Oxford Road Station is just 200m or so down the road and ...

Gossard (Shop) 15/05/2001

biggest cleavage ever

Gossard (Shop) Calling all Jordan wannabes! I am officially impressed – very impressed. The ‘ultrabra superboost’ from Gossard promises the ‘biggest cleavage ever’ and, aside from getting implants, i don’t see any other way to achieve this so successfully or cheaply. Seriously, I’m talking Pammy Anderson from regular 32B/C breasts. I have 3 of them – all with regular ‘over the shoulder’ straps, but you can get strapless and halter-neck as well. I have tried the strapless one on but was not impressed – it wasn’t very comfy and didn’t provide half the boost of its strappy sister. It fastens at the back with a cross style fastening – I think its called a ‘gate back’ but I’m not to sure. There is also a good selection of colours- last time I was in Debenhams, they had black, white, pearly white, navy blue, pale blue, red and green – all with colour co-ordinated removable ‘extra thick’ pads for when you really want to take somebodys eyes out (I don’t think that’s quite the right analogy, but if you think about it, it works on more than one level!). As far as I can tell, and after consultation with some mates, the different colours offer slightly different fits. I doubt this is intentional, but true all the same. We reckon that the pale blue on is the most comfortable but offers least cleavage and the black one gives the best boost – a case of wear if you ...

Karen Millen (Shop) 08/05/2001

Manchester Karen Millen

Karen Millen (Shop) I am officially impressed. In Manchester (my almost local retail paradise) there are now 3 stores, one in the-triangle centre, on in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre and the main outlet on King Street. I only started visiting the Karen Millen stores this Christmas after a friend of mine purchased a stunning dress for half price in their January sale - lucky one off you may think, but this is not the case. KM holds regular sales (not sure when exactly but there is one on now!!!)and each time there is stock reduced by up to 50%. The clothing sold ranges from basic jumpers and vest tops (similar items can be found in the gap, 1/3 of the price but you can tell these are of better quality and material) to full on party regalia so there is bound to be something suitable and stunning, and more often than not, many more items you will fall in love with soon as look at them if it were not for the extravagent price. Whole ranges of one particular design are often present, including 'outfit components' (eg skirts, tops, cardigans etc) and in different colours. The shops are carefully arranged by colour of the clothes but if you can't find something to go with what you already have/ suitable for the occasion, the assistants (in my experiance) are only to happy to help. *Especially those in the Triangle store* They also sell shoes (also costly at £100+ a pair and i havn't yet seen any that tickle my fancy)and accessories such as bags, belts and i think also jewellry. My only ...

Sony DHC MD 373 07/05/2001

the best minihifi component around

Sony DHC MD 373 This is a great cd/minidisc combo with (AM/FM radio) as a base unit for a component system. I paid £400 for it this Christmas but got a cassette deck in that package as well (also sony, not sure of product#) Soundwise, it offers mega volume with minimal loss of sound quality, DBFB (dynamic bass feedback) to reinforce already powerful bass and 5 preset sound characteristics for that (almost) individualist feel. The appearance of this machine is almost practically faultless- sleek siver unit with logical operating button arrangement (a rare thing nowadays!) and pine speakers with detachable front covers, for that retro look. When turned off, the lcd display shows the time (as most systems do) but with the sony dhc-md373 you can also choose to have 'sleep' mode and turn this off, for all the light sleepers out there. Speaking of sleep, the alarm clock function can be programmed to play cd, md, cassette or radio at any volume! Now onto features- where to begin? This system is jam packed with funtions and general gadgetry. I'll start with the basics. You get a remote control included in the package that can do basically everything allowed by the actual base unit buttons, except for recording etc. Recording digitally cd to md couldn't be easier, especiallt the programming that allows you to record your favourite tracks off a cd, in any sequence without having to mess around trying to flick backwards and forwards to find the required songs. similarly, the playing of cds ...

Toyota Yaris 1.3 06/05/2001

Car of the year

Toyota Yaris 1.3 This is my first car, so granted i don't have much to compare it to but i still find it a good car. The interior is functional yet stylish, especially with the hologrammatic dash display - that means nobody apart from the driver knows how fast you are going - not that this car goes very fast. It is however, or so i'm told, rather nippy for a little car. It is very easy to drive and manoevre apart from when reversing because the back and rear windows are very small. It has central locking and a clicky key thing that you can press to make the headlight flash (okok, lock/unlock the car). In short, its a little car that looks good, feels good and is generally, top!
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