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Garnier Bodytonic Firming Lotion 09/07/2008

Energy Cocktail for the skin!

Garnier Bodytonic Firming Lotion GARNIER SKIN NATURALS. <> <> BODY TONIC FIRMING LOTION. <> <> For when you want your skin to feel more comfortable, rehydrated, supple and soft... When you want your skin to be subtly tanned and healthily glowing whatever the time of year. Garnier has specially selected high-performing active natural ingredients for its bodycare range to care for your skin, including Shea Butter, Maple Micro-Sap, Mandarin Zest and Camomile. Garnier have three branches of their naturals range, and they contain natural fruit oils and vitamins, including B3 & B6 Rosehip oil, green tea, rose essence, mandarin, apricot milk, pumice and AHA's. MOISTURISES AND FIRMS WITH FRUIT ESSENCES - INSTANTLY ABSORBED DESIGNED AS AN ENERGY COKTAIL FOR YOUR SKIN KEEPS THE SKIN MOISTURISED ALL DAY FIRMING EVERY TIME YOU USE IT TESTS PROVE:IN JUST SEVEN DAYS ,SKIN APPEARS FIRMER&MORE SUPPLE Body Summer Body Repair Body Cocoon GARNIER SKIN NATURALS BODY TONIC. 100 ml. £3.99 at Boots Chemists. ...

Sony Handycam DCR-TRV145 29/04/2004

Ideal for the first time user!

Sony Handycam DCR-TRV145 I carried out quite a bit of research into what type of camera I was going to buy, and compared many internet reviews and friends before deciding that this was the best to go for based on the facts. This camera basically comes with everything the first time user could ever need. Digital 8. Optical zoom x 20. Digital zoom x 560. 2.5in LCD screen. Manual focus dial. Program AE. Features nightshot, STAMINA, digital program editing, fader, picture effects. I-link - DV out, built-in light. I have recently had a baby and just didnt want to waste a minute of her growing up therefore purchased a camera which I felt I could grab at a moments notice and use as and when I needed it. This camera is exactly that, it boasts steady shot which basically allows you to film with a smoother action. And as well as the normal viewfinder it also includes an LCD screen which allows you to film and watch what is going on around you at the same time, which means as the cameraman you dont have to be confined behind a lens. Also a feature which I personally thought was quite fun, was a night time film option, a bit big brother-ish, you can basically film in the dark, a good laugh if your out with friends and having a giggle. The best thing about the camera is its ease of use, and rapid charge time. One thing I must say is a little dissapointing is the instruction book, its in a huge array of languages which means what would normally be squeezed into a few pages in English is stretched over an ...
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