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since 23/01/2004


The Secret of Crickley Hall - James Herbert 10/09/2007

Oh Mr. Herbert, You've Let The Horror Team Down

1408 (Director's Cut) (DVD) 05/09/2007

1408: More Shocks = More Profit

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) 20/06/2007

Hostel: "Oh go on then, just the once..."

Silent Hill DVD 13/07/2006

There's Nothing Silent About This Hill

Cannibal Corpse - Cannibal Corpse 07/07/2006

15 Year Killing Spree

Line 6 Spider 112 21/06/2006

A Spider That Doesn't Make Me Scream?!

Everything that starts with I ... 04/05/2006

Ickle Questions

Tekken 4 (PS2) 16/02/2006

Kicking Butt & Tekken Names

Everything that starts with R ... 20/11/2005

Rockers In Clubs (A Handy Cut 'n' Keep Guide)

Alcudia, Majorca 17/10/2005

Sangria For All!

Manhunt (PS2) 23/10/2004

"Oh dear God!" Said Granny

Manhunt (PS2) INTRODUCTION People; lock away your grandmothers, cover your kids ears, it’s time to play Manhunt. From the company that brought you Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games haven’t just crossed the line of controversy, they’ve hacked it to pieces with an axe. Manhunt is possibly the most gruesome, violent and twisted game ever to be released in the history of anything…..anywhere…..EVER! Naturally it comes with an 18 certificate, one which really should be huge in size and glowing in neon colours to let people know what they are getting themselves into. It most definitely isn’t quite suitable for the young and impressionable to witness others being cut, stabbed, shot and slashed to death, but damn it if it isn’t so fun! STORYLINE = You are James Earl Cash; simply put you are scum, sentenced to execution by federal law for crimes not spoken of. You awake in a cold dark room sometime later. You aren’t dead, the execution never went underway. A voice from nowhere begins to talk to you. You don’t know who he is or what he wants. However, you get the impression that he’s the one who’s keeping you alive. He’s given you a second chance, but it’s not as simple as that. You must adhere to his every command, do as he says when he says and without question. Do this and you may just make it through the night. It’s up to you to fight and kill your way through hundreds of thugs set out to hunt you down, following the ‘directors’ orders, executing on ...

Short Stories 13/10/2004

Over My Left Shoulder

Short Stories Little Johnny stood perfectly still in the hallway. He stared down at the floor, no emotion showing in his face. He had been bad; but this was what he wanted. Mother lay still at his feet covered in her own blood. She hadn’t moved for several minutes, and neither had Johnny. Her face had frozen in the last expression he would see her make; her eyes were wide open with fear and her mouth gaping as if silently screaming. Though Johnny remembered that not so long ago that there was indeed screaming. A screeching, heart-shattering scream that repeated itself in his head over and over again. She had let out an almighty shriek as Johnny plunged the object deep into her chest, cracking through her ribs before finding its way into the softness of her organs. The screaming had stopped soon after this. Johnny looked down in his hand, the knife was still there. It was indeed a very impressive looking knife, very long, very sharp, with a cold black grip that Johnny was still clenching tightly. He lifted the blade up to almost admire the object. He stared at his reflection in the shiny blade and smiled triumphantly. The end of the blade was smeared in dark red, with little bits of flesh clinging for dear life to it. It didn’t remind Johnny of the gore in his comics, this was much messier. He lowered the blade and stared out the window across the hallway. It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Johnny liked to play outside but Mother had always forbidden him to. Now that ...

Stories with a twist in the tail 07/10/2004


Half-Life (PS2) 06/09/2004

Unforeseen Consequences

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) 13/08/2004


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) INTRO If you haven’t heard of, or played, Morrowind then you have sorely missed out on this most epic of computer games. However, it’s not too late and I intend to swing your persuasion, twist your arm and make you go “Ooh, I want that for Xmas” with the aide of my super-duper Review Powers © :) Morrowind is a different style of RPG (Role Playing Game) compared to the many others already available. One that springs to mind is the ever popular Final Fantasy series. Good games non-the-less but I wouldn’t call them RPG’s myself. They are linear, and have storylines which must be followed. It is limited and therefore, in my eyes, should be labeled an Adventure game rather than an RPG. Morrowind is different; it does have a storyline however your character can choose whether or not to partake in it. They can wander off on their own, explore the vast world with endless places to visit from dungeons, mines, towns, cities, temples etc. You can join any number of guilds from fighting, mage, thieves and one of the many temple houses. Gaining skills along the way and making friends or enemies, depending on your actions or lifestyle. There is so much to do within this game that it will quite literally suck the social life out of you. ELDER SCROLLS HISTORY = Incase you are wondering, Morrowind is the third installment of what’s known as the Elder Scrolls series developed by Bethesda Softworks. Ten years prior to this award winning PC and Xbox game Bethesda created Arena, an ...
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