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The Secret of Crickley Hall - James Herbert 10/09/2007

Oh Mr. Herbert, You've Let The Horror Team Down

The Secret of Crickley Hall - James Herbert INTRO I'm a big fan of James Herbert even since I read "Haunted" a few years ago and have been an avid reader of his many horror novels ever since. So I was extremely excited when I heard that he was releasing a brand new book. Finally, a Herbert novel that I could look forward to ("Nobody True" having come out under my nose without me noticing it's initial release). However, would it live up to its usual horror style and keep me turning the page? TECHNICAL INFO Release Date: October 2006 Publisher: Macmillan Pages: 600 approx. THE SECRET OF CRICKLEY HALL = Moving into a new home is never easy. Especially for the Caleigh family who have just purchased Crickley Hall down in Devon. A large manor built in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of city living, it does not appear to be anything other than an old home that needs the zest of life. But when strange noises are heard in the night and doors are left open, the family become uneasy with their new home. But it's only when they discover the history of Crickley Hall that they realise that this quiet, country home harbours a dark and horrifying secret. Get out while you can!! MAIN CHARACTERS The Caleighs --------------- ---- Gabe Caleigh - Father (originally from America) Eve Caleigh - Mother Loren Caleigh - 12 year old daughter Cally Caleigh - 5 year old daughter Chester - Family dog Other characters --------------- -------- Percy Judd - Gardner for Crickley ...

1408 (Director's Cut) (DVD) 05/09/2007

1408: More Shocks = More Profit

1408 (Director's Cut) (DVD) INTRO: Based on the Stephen King short story of the same name, I actually had high hopes for this film adaptation when I saw it advertised in the cinema. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to give in to trailer hypes (and I usually don't) but this one seemed interesting and actually worth 1hour 40 minutes of my life. Had it not had King's named attached to it would I have still been as keen? Probably not, but don't judge me on that... TECHNICAL INFO: Release Date: 31st August 2007 Certificate: 15 Running Time: 94 minutes approx. Directed By: Mikael Håfström Format Viewed On: Cinema screen MAIN CAST: John Cusak - Mike Enslin Samuel L. Jackson: Gerald Olin Mary McCormack - Lily Enlsin Jasmine Jessica Anthony - Katie PLOT: Mike Enslin is a non-fiction writer who specialises in ghosts and haunted places. Unfortunately, for his readers, he does not believe in the supernatural. His professional opinion is about to change when he discovers room no. 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. Despite the urgings of the hotel manager, Mr. Olin, Mike insists on spending a night in there to finish off the remaining chapters of his latest book (thinking that Mr. Olin's strong advice to be just a ruse to add to the mystique of the room). When he enters the room and closes the door, he is convinced that the legend and tales are simply the act of superstitious and paranoid guests and staff alike he suddenly begins to suspect that he will not be in for a comfortable ...

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) 20/06/2007

Hostel: "Oh go on then, just the once..."

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) INTRODUCTION = For a film that bore the tagline "the goriest movie you'll ever see" across the front cover and had Quentin Tarantino's name attached to the credits, Hostel really did have a lot to live up to. In the interest of keeping this review as open and fair as possible, I will try and avoid talking about the hype too much in the hope that you can come to your own conclusions at the end. But first, some brief notes... TECHNICAL INFO Release date: March 2006 Written & Directed by: Eli Roth Certificate: 18 Runtime: 94mins approx. MAIN CAST Jay Hernandez - Paxton Derek Richardson - Josh Eythor Gudjonsson - Oli Barbara NedelJakova - Natalya Jan Vlasak - The Dutch Businessman Rick Hoffman - The American Businessman PLOT = Backpacking across Europe, Paxton, Josh and Oli end up in Amsterdam with sex on their mind. They party all night and make love to many anonymous women. However, with a cocktail of drinks in their system and empty genitals they discover that they have been locked out of their hostel after missing curfew. But apon learning of a new hostel in Slovakia where the women are free and easy they catch the next train to "paradise". On the surface this new hostel appears to be a dream come true but when Josh and Oli go missing Paxton begs the women in the hostel to help find them. When she escorts him to an abandoned warehouse where he believes they are, Paxton finds himself in a slaughterhouse for humans where no one escapes ...

Silent Hill DVD 13/07/2006

There's Nothing Silent About This Hill

Silent Hill DVD TECHNICAL INFO Release date - April 2006 Certificate - 15 Directed By - Christopher Gans Screenplay By - Roger Avary STORYLINE = Based on the popular Playstation game of the same name, the film adaptation follows Rose as she desperately searches for her missing daughter, Sharon, in the foggy, desolate ghost town of Silent Hill. Silent Hill is the name of the town her daughter would shout during her sleep walks. Against her husbands' wishes, Rose takes Sharon to the haunted location in the hope of finding some answers. However, during a brief encounter with a rather hostile police officer named Cybil, Rose crashes the car and is knocked unconscious. Upon waking she finds herself in Silent Hill but her daughter is nowhere to be seen. With the help of Cybil, she must find Sharon and leave town. And she must do so while avoiding the unspeakable horrors that await her in Silent Hill. CAST Radha Mitchell - Rose Da Silva Sean bean - Christopher Da Silva Laurie Holden - Cybil Bennett Jodelle Ferland - Sharon Da Silva / Alessa Debra Kara Unger - Dahlia Gillespie Tanya Allen - Anna MY THOUGHTS = I'm a huge fan of the games so I've been excited about seeing this movie for months. I love the creepiness of it all. The eerie and chilling atmosphere combined the gruesome creatures that hunt you down. It's by far a scarier series than any of the Resident Evil games in my opinion. I was very pleased with the fact that they had chosen to stick with ...

Cannibal Corpse - Cannibal Corpse 07/07/2006

15 Year Killing Spree

Cannibal Corpse - Cannibal Corpse INTRO It's hard to imagine how a band such as Cannibal Corpse became one of the most widely respected and important death metal acts of the nineties and early 21st century. With little to no air time or radio support Cannibal Corpse relied heavily on word of mouth and a strong fan base to get to where they are today. With their tenth studio album having been released recently (entitled "Kill"), they are still pulverising the masses with their blend of sickening guitar riffs and throat aching vocals. Said to have one of the most loyal fan bases of all time it's easy to see why Cannibal Corpse appreciate each and every person that attends a gig or buys their CDs. They refuse to soften their sound or fold to modern standards and this is partly why fans keep coming back for more; bloodthirsty as ever. They shot to semi-fame in 1994 when they appeared alongside Jim Carrey in the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". If you've seen the film you should know exactly which scene I'm talking about. Apparently Jim Carrey is a huge fan of Cannibal Corpse and it was he who recommended them for the film. In it they performed the song "Hammer Smashed Face" which is their most popular song to date (no doubt due to the films success). MEMBERS Current Line-up: --------------- ----- George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Vocals (1996 - present) Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums (1988 - present) Pat O'Brien - Guitar (1997 - present) Alex Webster - Bass (1988 - present) Rob Barrett - ...

Line 6 Spider 112 21/06/2006

A Spider That Doesn't Make Me Scream?!

Line 6 Spider 112 INTRO A couple of years ago I went amp shopping. Or more specifically I went into a guitar shop and just started playing some amps. I spotted a lovely little amp as soon as I walked into the shop and for some reason it caught my attention. I read the label; "Line6 Spider 112 - WAS £280, NOW £230" A bargain, I thought. So I asked to play it. He kindly plugged me in, brought me a guitar and a stool and away I went. I fell in love with it within 10 minutes. I tried all the settings and was amazed at what I could get out of it. Not long after another clerk walked over to me, "Sorry mate, that price tag is wrong." Bugger! I knew it was too good to be true, "It's actually only £200 now." BANG! Down went the deposit, "I'll be back next week to pick it up." And to this day I still get sexually aroused every time I crank that thing up. What the hell is wrong with me? EFFECTS (FX) This is probably the most amazing feature of the Spider112. It actually emulates other amp models. A tweak here and a turn there and before you know it you have a Marshall coming out of a 50 watt 12inch speaker. It does have its own default amp settings. Such as 'clean', 'twang', 'blues', 'retro', 'crunch' and 'insane'. All of which can be tweaked using the controls and the EQ to get the desired sound you want. Once done the custom sound can be saved into the amps memory bank (only a maximum of 4 I'm afraid). Other amp effects include 'chorus', 'delay', 'flange', 'tremolo', 'ping ...

Everything that starts with I ... 04/05/2006

Ickle Questions

Everything that starts with I ... Ha ha! I vanquish you foul writer's block! See what I have here? Huh?! A series of questions that I, Heid, will be answering through the medium of typing. Mu hu haa haa haaaa! Take that evil procrastination! #1. So, why the username? Funny story actually: ever see the film "So I Married An Axe Murderer"? No?.....Really?.....well….shit this is awkward. Okay long story short; there's a kid in the film who is given the apt nickname of Head (due to the enormity of his bonce) by his Granddad. However, due to the fact that his Granddad is Scottish it comes out as "hid". I believe in the closing credits the kid was actually placed under the alias "Heid". Same spelling and everything. My brother just thought it was hilarious and started calling it me one day. Everyone and their dog followed suit soon afterwards. The name Heidious is just an extension of Heid which I used for websites that DEMANDED usernames longer than 4 letters. It does not necessarily convey the opinion that I believe I am a foul creature. True story. --- #2. Give us one word to describe you: What? --- #3. Chose one Desert Island Disc: Ugh! The inevitable "What would you want if were to occur?" I think I would have to be creative in this sense. I would bring my "Escaping From Desert Islands" CD that I keep conveniently stored in my left kidney. Preferably the one that's read aloud by Morgan Freeman. *SIGH* that man can make the legs ...

Tekken 4 (PS2) 16/02/2006

Kicking Butt & Tekken Names

Tekken 4 (PS2) INTRO A classic game in the beat-em-up genre. Tekken 4 is a fast-paced fighting game pitting you against the computer or another "human" player. I was massively into Tekken 3 when it was released and when I saw the fourth installment on sale at the budget price of 12 quid well I knew it had to be mine. The Tekken games are based on a fighting tournament entitled King Of Iron Fist. You must defeat all proceeding characters to make your way to the head honcho; Heihachi Mishima. He may be well into his seventies but don't let his grey, fading hair and bus pass fool you; he's tougher than he looks. STORY This year Heihachi has a surprise in stall for the competitors of the Iron Fist Tournament. He is willing to handover his entire empire to whoever can defeat him. His reason? After the Ogre's Devil Gene escaped him he is determined to lure another Devil Gene carrier into the tournament in order for him to harvest the gene himself; namely his grandson Jim Kazama. GRAPHICS Although graphics are not top priority in fighting games I must admit that Tekken's backgrounds, smooth textures and character designs are pretty much flawless. The arenas you play in are not so realistic and detailed that you become distracted during play but they are amongst the best you will find in most beat-em-ups. MAIN CHARACTERS = At the beginning of play you will start off with ten characters to choose from. As you progress with each character you will unlock hidden ...

Everything that starts with R ... 20/11/2005

Rockers In Clubs (A Handy Cut 'n' Keep Guide)

Everything that starts with R ... From time to time we of the Internet may endure the struggle of offline existence and make haste to what is commonly referred to as the "outside". Often this event can occur during nightfall when ideally we should be wanking our nobs off to porn. However, there are places to visit during these times away from the computer. Nightclubs are a popular choice (So called 'cos it's a club and they tend to open at see what they did there?). But what about the other patrons who frequent such places. Whom should you be on the lookout and under which stereotype do you fall into? So I present to you, for your reading pleasure, Heids guide to: Rockers In Clubs (A Cut 'n' Keep Guide) = 1) The "I Can't Believe I Got In" Kid (male) --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------- Quick Intro: The under aged lad who's tagging along with a group of his mates in pursuit of the ultimate night out. The weekend is here, no school for a whole weekend and the weekly pocket money has been scrimped and cherished in preparation for this night. Looks: The skater gear is usually popular; particularly the baggy trousers that look like someone sewed two small tents onto a belt. Hair is no longer than forehead-length and is usually spiked to give the impression of height; this all adds to the illusion unbeknownst to the bouncers. Facial hair is a drawback for this species, be on the lookout for 14 year olds purchasing BIC pens. Also, tends to carry older brothers ...

Alcudia, Majorca 17/10/2005

Sangria For All!

Alcudia, Majorca INTRO 'Ola. So me and herself-who-shall-be-obeyed took it upon ourselves to holiday out to the Spanish island of Majorca. Alcudia to be precise. Being as it was our first holiday together we figured one week in a fairly neutral, yet nice and sunny, location would suit us down to the ground. So with our luggage packed, our passports and boarding tickets safely within easy reach and me breaking out into cold sweats in preparation for the two hour flight, we were on our way. LOCATION We landed in Majorca's one and only airport in Palma. Lovely place from what I gathered in the late night moonshine. We were told that the coach transfer to our hotel would take approximately one hour. Not a problem really, we were off the plane and that was good enough for me. So one hour on a simple coach should be a breeze. The amazing thing that I discovered was how small the island actually is. Alcudia being at the top end and Palma being at the bottom. That's right, it only took one hour to get from one end of the island to the other. The island also seemed to be surrounded by hilly / mountainous regions. It made for rather pleasant viewing during our transfer as the nearest thing to a hill or mountain in Wolverhampton is shaped like a courthouse or a River Island. HOTEL Well…..apartment really. We stayed in the Mariner's Club. More of a family place but more on that later. We checked into our room at just before midnight. We were beat, but not about to pass up a quick ...

Manhunt (PS2) 23/10/2004

"Oh dear God!" Said Granny

Manhunt (PS2) INTRODUCTION People; lock away your grandmothers, cover your kids ears, it’s time to play Manhunt. From the company that brought you Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games haven’t just crossed the line of controversy, they’ve hacked it to pieces with an axe. Manhunt is possibly the most gruesome, violent and twisted game ever to be released in the history of anything…..anywhere…..EVER! Naturally it comes with an 18 certificate, one which really should be huge in size and glowing in neon colours to let people know what they are getting themselves into. It most definitely isn’t quite suitable for the young and impressionable to witness others being cut, stabbed, shot and slashed to death, but damn it if it isn’t so fun! STORYLINE = You are James Earl Cash; simply put you are scum, sentenced to execution by federal law for crimes not spoken of. You awake in a cold dark room sometime later. You aren’t dead, the execution never went underway. A voice from nowhere begins to talk to you. You don’t know who he is or what he wants. However, you get the impression that he’s the one who’s keeping you alive. He’s given you a second chance, but it’s not as simple as that. You must adhere to his every command, do as he says when he says and without question. Do this and you may just make it through the night. It’s up to you to fight and kill your way through hundreds of thugs set out to hunt you down, following the ‘directors’ orders, executing on ...

Short Stories 13/10/2004

Over My Left Shoulder

Short Stories Little Johnny stood perfectly still in the hallway. He stared down at the floor, no emotion showing in his face. He had been bad; but this was what he wanted. Mother lay still at his feet covered in her own blood. She hadn’t moved for several minutes, and neither had Johnny. Her face had frozen in the last expression he would see her make; her eyes were wide open with fear and her mouth gaping as if silently screaming. Though Johnny remembered that not so long ago that there was indeed screaming. A screeching, heart-shattering scream that repeated itself in his head over and over again. She had let out an almighty shriek as Johnny plunged the object deep into her chest, cracking through her ribs before finding its way into the softness of her organs. The screaming had stopped soon after this. Johnny looked down in his hand, the knife was still there. It was indeed a very impressive looking knife, very long, very sharp, with a cold black grip that Johnny was still clenching tightly. He lifted the blade up to almost admire the object. He stared at his reflection in the shiny blade and smiled triumphantly. The end of the blade was smeared in dark red, with little bits of flesh clinging for dear life to it. It didn’t remind Johnny of the gore in his comics, this was much messier. He lowered the blade and stared out the window across the hallway. It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Johnny liked to play outside but Mother had always forbidden him to. Now that ...

Stories with a twist in the tail 07/10/2004


Stories with a twist in the tail Darkness was closing in fast. The days and nights had somehow slipped by quickly despite the current events that had passed recently. Jim sat quietly in his study, a single table lamp being the only source of light. It was clear he was deep in thought, barely blinking as he lifted a glass of whisky to his dry lips and taking the tiniest of sips imaginable. He was both sad and relieved that the day was nearly over. The funeral had been today. Jim had not been looking forward to it one bit. In fact he had been dreading it. It was a common feeling for most people when they attend these sort of events but for Jim he felt as though he was completely alone. After all nobody could understand how close he was to Adrian. Nobody knew old "Ade" like he did, not even Ade's own wife. Jim and Ade had grown up together; the same schools, the same college, the same church, even at one point the same girlfriend. They shared everything with each other and did everything together. And now Ade was gone Jim felt only half his usual self. Half his personality had been buried with the corpse of his best friend. It's fair to say that he felt totally alone. Jim took a huge sigh and reached his hand into a half open drawer by his side. he pulled out a small photograph and glared at the image forever captured on it. it was an old photo of Jim and Ade, still in good condition as well despite it's age. It portrayed them both at the prime of their youth, with their arms around each other's ...

Half-Life (PS2) 06/09/2004

Unforeseen Consequences

Half-Life (PS2) INTRO I’m sure many budding gamers reading this are familiar with games like Quake, Doom and Unreal etc. These are the classics in the first person shooter (FPS) genre. Games that dropped you into battlefields with an arsenal of weapons and huge scaly monsters trying to devour and eat your flesh. Half-Life delivers such antics in a similar way but introduced new ideas and concepts that set Half-Life aside from standard FPS. Half-Life immersed the player in an interactive story, a computer generated film if you like. The kind of game where you could interact with other characters in the same boat as you, receive assistance from your fellow peers or just watch them suffer to their last breath. I will expand on this further on. And now for something slightly related: STORYLINE You are Gordon Freeman, working in a top secret laboratory underground. You are part of a medical research team working for Black Mesa. During a standard test of a new mineral things become critical. The machine you are working on begins to go hay wire and the place looks like it’s about to blow. Somehow you have opened a passage way into a new world, allowing some of the most hideous and dangerous creatures in the universe to worm their way into Black Mesa. You awake after being plunged into darkness with one task in mind: to get the hell out of there. It is imperative that you reach the surface and escape in one piece. You must use your wits and your man power to fight, climb, run and ...

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) 13/08/2004


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) INTRO If you haven’t heard of, or played, Morrowind then you have sorely missed out on this most epic of computer games. However, it’s not too late and I intend to swing your persuasion, twist your arm and make you go “Ooh, I want that for Xmas” with the aide of my super-duper Review Powers © :) Morrowind is a different style of RPG (Role Playing Game) compared to the many others already available. One that springs to mind is the ever popular Final Fantasy series. Good games non-the-less but I wouldn’t call them RPG’s myself. They are linear, and have storylines which must be followed. It is limited and therefore, in my eyes, should be labeled an Adventure game rather than an RPG. Morrowind is different; it does have a storyline however your character can choose whether or not to partake in it. They can wander off on their own, explore the vast world with endless places to visit from dungeons, mines, towns, cities, temples etc. You can join any number of guilds from fighting, mage, thieves and one of the many temple houses. Gaining skills along the way and making friends or enemies, depending on your actions or lifestyle. There is so much to do within this game that it will quite literally suck the social life out of you. ELDER SCROLLS HISTORY = Incase you are wondering, Morrowind is the third installment of what’s known as the Elder Scrolls series developed by Bethesda Softworks. Ten years prior to this award winning PC and Xbox game Bethesda created Arena, an ...
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