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since 28/08/2005


Free Running (PSP) 22/06/2007

Free Running for PSP

Schindler's List (DVD) 07/03/2007

Schindlers List

Mind Quiz (PSP) 23/02/2007

How I wasted my money

Adobe Photoshop v7 Windows 22/02/2007

Photoshop...One Word... AMAZING!

Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 21/02/2007

EM-500, slim and stylish...YEAH RIGHT!

Mars Delight 16/02/2007

First Impressions

Mars Delight I decided for once I would break away from the usual Mars Bar on the way home, and try a Mars Delight instead. Its shape made it look like it was designed for dunking. Upon opening the wrapper, the bar is split into two equally sized parts. There are ridges along the top, this actually comes in very handy for us dunker's, because when you dunk a normal chocolate bar or biscuit into hot chocolate, it has a tendency to melt, and it slips out of your fingers and plops into your drink. It then becomes a re-enactment of Peter Kay's "MUM! QUICK! MY BISCUITS FALLEN IN MY BREW!! QUICK GET A SPOON!" Apart from it isn't in tea, it's in Hot Chocolate(If it was with tea EWE!). People who have watched that will know what I'm talking about ;-) But with these ridges it isn't a problem, since you can keep a grip on the bar. Unlike the normal mars bar, it doesn't contain the nougat, it has a nice soft chocolaty center, which melts in your mouth, and the flavor is just awesome. After finishing the Mars Delight, I didn't have the bloated feeling that you usually get from the original Mars Bar which is very heavy (compared to the mars delight). I will agree with the other reviews, this is based on the Kinder Bueno. You get that crunch as you bite into it, and you can taste the usual caramel, but it doesn't quite seem the same without the nougat. The middle has a creamy/fudgey sensation, but mixed with the wafer in the middle, you get a mixed sensation. The best way I can describe the overall ...

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 18/01/2007

My Sony PSP

HP OmniBook Xe4500 30/08/2005

My First Laptop

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