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Free Running (PSP) 22/06/2007

Free Running for PSP

Free Running (PSP) For those of you who don't know what free running/parkour is, it is doing tricks with nothing but your body, so in this game you have to do tricks like flips and handstands along balancing beams, and running along walls. When you first start the game a video plays of people doing different parkour (free running) moves, so you get to see what the game will involve. After accepting a disclaimer, you are finally at the title screen, where you create your own profile, you just simply enter a name, choose a character and you can start! There are a series of levels, but when you first start you have to go to the gym, there are 3 levels, amateur training, Pro Training, and Advanced pro training. These familiarize you with the controls and some different moves. Once you have passed the training can start unlocking levels by completing different challenges on each level. Some of the challanges include you doing combos, hurting yourself as much as you can, and there are also races. This is basically what the game revolves around. There is also a multiplayer mode, but I havent had a chance to try it out yet, so I will update this review once I have tryed it. The only problem I have had is that some of the moves are a bit fiddly with the PSP's controls at first, but after a day playing the game it was quite easy to pull of some moves. Overall Free running is quite a good game once you get used to the controls, and there are alot of areas and tricks to explore and ...

Schindler's List (DVD) 07/03/2007

Schindlers List

Schindler's List (DVD) Schindlers List was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993, the main characters are Oscar Schindler(Liam Neeson), Itzhak Stern(Ben Kingsley) and Amon Goeth(Ralph Fiemes). The film is a 15, mainly because of the violence and blood in the film. Oscar Schindler is a Nazi Party member who travelled to Krakow and set up a factory, and employed Jews to work for him for free. His main goal was to make money. Itzhak Stern is a Jew who is employed by Schindler, and he manages his business. Amon Goeth is an SS leader, he went to Krakow to destroy The Ghetto. The movie opens up with Schindler standing next to a train full of Jews about to be transported out to Auschwitz to be murdered. Schindler is looking for Stern on the train, it starts to pull out of the station, and he shouts at the driver and tells him to stop the train, he gets Stern off the train, because he needs him to run his business. Another key scene is in the Ghetto, where hundreds of Jews are being put into lines, and later that night the Jews which had hidden are slaughtered by the Nazis. A key moment in the film is where Schindler changes his views on the war, after he see's a girl in a red coat wandering around where Jews are being shot, and some are being put into lines. Another main scene is set in the morning, where Goeth is shooting Jews which arent working in a labour camp, so that the other Jews work harder. The next scene with Goeth is where he has a bunch of Jews lined up, and is shouting at them to ...

Mind Quiz (PSP) 23/02/2007

How I wasted my money

Mind Quiz (PSP) I bought this game for my PSP thinking "cool, Now I can train my brain on the PSP, as well as on the DS" Well... it is nothing like training on the DS, all you use is the X,O,square and triangle buttons to answer questions as quickly as you can. This does have an advantage, because you can just tap a button instead of writing like on the Nintendo DS, but it starts to get boring after about 15 minutes of gameplay. At the main menu (for the first time) you enter your name and age etc, and then you are brought to the main screen. You can access practice tests, where you are not graded, you just practice answering questions as quickly as possible, you can access real tests, where you are graded, and can also do a brain age check. You can also view graphs of how well you have done. And thats about it, but if you like repetitive calculations, matching patterns and counting blocks then you will enjoy this game, but if you are like most people, you will probably not enjoy this very much. There are four main types of tests: Memory, Math, Word and Puzzles. For memory you are asked to memorise a sequence of numbers, in Math you do maths questions as quickly as you can, and for the puzzles there is a similar one to mario, where you have something like a grid, and an object moves down it and turns on each corner and you have to guess where it will end up. For word, you get told a word, and have to choose a word closesly relating to it. And that is it, theres nothing more to ...

Adobe Photoshop v7 Windows 22/02/2007

Photoshop...One Word... AMAZING!

Adobe Photoshop v7 Windows I'm not going to start with how I managed to get this amazing software, because it is a long boring story which you wont be interested in. Once started photoshop looks like similar to paint or macromedia fireworks. Apart from it has afew more menu items, a couple of extra windows and more tools. Here is a list of the tools and their uses, they are on the left bar: Rectangular Marquee Tool: For selecting rectangular areas of the screen. Elliptical Marquee Tool: For selecting circular/oval sections of the screen. Vertical/HorizontalMarquee Tool: For selecting an entire row/column of pixels, often used to make grid effects. Move Tool: For moving objects around the screen Lasso Tool: For selecting areas of the screen by following the mouse. Polygonal Lasso Tool: For selecting areas of the screen by following straight lines from the mouse. Magnetic Marquee Tool: Not exactly sure what this is used for, but it follows the mouse and has different anchor points to adjust the selection area. Magic Wand Tool: Selects areas of a similar colour, usefull for selecting backgrounds. Crop Tool: For cutting parts of a picture out. Slice Tool: To cut something out of the picture so you can move it around with the Move Tool. Heeling Brush Tool: Basically you give it a source area, and then paint in a different area, it is then adjusted to match with the colours around it, usefull for repairing scratched photographs. Patch Tool: ...

Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 21/02/2007

EM-500, slim and stylish...YEAH RIGHT!

Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 Specifications: CPU: MIPS processor running at 150MHz RAM: 16MB internal Display: 240 x 320 TFT color LCD (65,536 color capability) I/O Connections: Multimedia Card (MMC), Microphone, Speaker, Infrared, DC Jack, Stereo Headphone jack, USB Client Port. Power: 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (removable), 1 x CR2032 backup battery Colors: Available in 5 colors (Blue, Red, Sky Blue, Green, & yellow) Packaging: It came in a box with its picture on it, in the box were the following: Cassiopeia CD (PDA programs) ActiveSYNC CD (Drivers and Software to syncronise) Power Cable USB Cable USB Cradle (Big chunky grey monster) Some special offer leaflets Instruction Manual and of course, the PDA itself. Style: I bought to dark blue one, it is quite big compared to other PDA's, and isn't stylish compared to the newer brands now. The stylus is MASSIVE, if you took 5 normal styluses and held them in a cylinder shape, it is roughly that size. To summarise, it is very ugly. Programs Available: All the ones on the CD (not many, picture and video viewers etc.) A few on the internet, I managed to get dopewars and a DTMF dialar on mine, 85% of the other programs don't support it. It also comes with Microsoft Money, a tool which lets you use AOL, Excel & Word, Notepad and Solitaire. Usage: When I first used it, I had to let it charge for about 5 minutes before it would turn on, it then puts you through the startup procedures, you enter your Country, Time & Date ...

Mars Delight 16/02/2007

First Impressions

Mars Delight I decided for once I would break away from the usual Mars Bar on the way home, and try a Mars Delight instead. Its shape made it look like it was designed for dunking. Upon opening the wrapper, the bar is split into two equally sized parts. There are ridges along the top, this actually comes in very handy for us dunker's, because when you dunk a normal chocolate bar or biscuit into hot chocolate, it has a tendency to melt, and it slips out of your fingers and plops into your drink. It then becomes a re-enactment of Peter Kay's "MUM! QUICK! MY BISCUITS FALLEN IN MY BREW!! QUICK GET A SPOON!" Apart from it isn't in tea, it's in Hot Chocolate(If it was with tea EWE!). People who have watched that will know what I'm talking about ;-) But with these ridges it isn't a problem, since you can keep a grip on the bar. Unlike the normal mars bar, it doesn't contain the nougat, it has a nice soft chocolaty center, which melts in your mouth, and the flavor is just awesome. After finishing the Mars Delight, I didn't have the bloated feeling that you usually get from the original Mars Bar which is very heavy (compared to the mars delight). I will agree with the other reviews, this is based on the Kinder Bueno. You get that crunch as you bite into it, and you can taste the usual caramel, but it doesn't quite seem the same without the nougat. The middle has a creamy/fudgey sensation, but mixed with the wafer in the middle, you get a mixed sensation. The best way I can describe the overall ...

Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card F5D7010 15/02/2007

2nd Wifi Card

Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card F5D7010 I bought this wireless card because my wireless USB stick got snapped out of the back and stopped working. The installation was pretty straight forward, I took out the CD, installed the drivers, and plugged the card in, and it worked straight away! I didn't have to switch places to get a better signal strength, and there was no problem picking up my wireless router. After using this product for a couple of weeks, there has been no problems. I don't have to worry about it being snapped, unlike my wireless USB stick, and it is out of the way. Also it doesn't block any of the other ports on my computer. With my USB stick, is was so chunky that I could only fit it in the bottom port, because it was obstructing the power cable from connecting to my laptop. Also I couldn't fit any other USB devices in the remaining slot. I have not had any problems like that with this PCMCIA card. Also it only heats up a very small amount. My USB stick used to be hot enough to burn you if you touched the metal part, the PCMCIA card stays at a very low temperature. This card blends in nicely with my laptop, since it is a dark colour, and it only protrudes 1.5 inches from the laptop. If you have a lighter coloured laptop it may stick out. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to set up a wireless network either in their home or in their office. ...

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 18/01/2007

My Sony PSP

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Introduction: For those of you who don't know what a PSP is, it is a portable console which allows you to play games, it is a lot like the PS2. First Impressions: When I took it out of the box, I could tell straight away that I was going to enjoy playing the PSP. Withing Minutes of opening it, I was browsing the internet. The Ergonomics: The PSP is comfortable to hold, and you don't have to move your fingers very far to adjust the screen brightness, or volume etc. Features: You can browse the internet with a PSP, providing you have a wireless router connected to the internet. You can play MP4 movies on the PSP, with perfect playback,the movies don't become jumpy or pixelated. You can play most music formats on the PSP, if your format isn't supported, you can simply convert it. You can also download PSP game demos onto your memory stick, and play them. You can enable Flash Movie Support, so you can play flash game with the PSP's inbuilt browser, you can also enable WMA playback, so that you can play songs from Windows Media Player. The Gameplay: I received two games with my PSP: Scarface, and Need For Speed Most wanted 5-1-0. The games graphics are the same and sometimes better than the PS2's graphics, depending on which game you have. If you are used to the PS2 controllers, you will have no problem playing on the PSP, it may take frequent Xbox users some time to become accustomed to the controls. PSP or Nintendo DS, that is the question... If you cant ...

Scarface - Money Power Respect (PSP) 17/01/2007

Scarface, Money Power Respect

Scarface - Money Power Respect (PSP) The Beginning: I received this game as a gift for Christmas. The intro video had me hooked straight away. (May be too gory for some people). I flew through the tutorial, and withing 15 minutes was on my way to building my drug based empire! The interface: The interface was clean and easy to navigate, I never got lost in a maze of sub-menus. There is not loads of flashy graphics which adds to load time. The Game Play: This is not like Godfather where you are a person who has to accomplish tasks, this is more like the Gangs of New York interface. Basically it is a map of Miami, Divided into territories, the territories are colored so that you can see who owns what, it is very similar to the board game Risk. This is a 96% strategy, 4% luck game. If you are a fan of FPS games (First Person Shooter), this is probably not the game for you. This is definitely a game for Turn Based strategy fans. The Problem: There is a lot of swearing in the game, so if you are around young children, you have to play with the volume off. I would recommend this game to anyone who like turn based strategy games. ...

WarioWare Touched! (Nintendo DS) 13/07/2006

Short, Fun, Addictive

WarioWare Touched! (Nintendo DS) I have been playing Warioware Touched! For around two months, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is an excellent game for when you are on the road, or when you dont have much time. The mini games are great, they only take around seven seconds to complete, and they are one after the other, so it keeps you on your toes. After completing one set of mini games, you go onto a slightly longer, (around fifteen seconds), and harder Boss Stage. After Completing the boss stage you unlock 1-3 more levels, and you can choose which levels to take. Each level has you doing something different, one might make you drag objects around the screen, another could have you scribbling, or spinning objects. So if you dont like a certain level, you can just skip it, and come bag to it again later if you wish. Overall, this is a fast, fun, and addictive game, which is suitable for all ages.

Asphalt: Urban GT (Nintendo DS) 14/04/2006

Asphalt urban GT: NDS

Asphalt: Urban GT (Nintendo DS) I received this game as a gift, at first the game was hard to play, but after an hour of playing, I got the hang of it. I enjoyed the arcade style racing and the ability to buy and sell cars and purchase upgrades in evolution mode. There are a variety of game styles: Cop Chase, Time Attack, Free race, Road Challenge and Instant Play, so once you get bored of one style, there are plenty more! The gameplay is fun, its also good for people who like a challenge. The bad thing about the game is the collision events. When you crash into another vehicle, instead of spinning out like in most games, the car spins in an unrealistic, perfect 360 degree circle. Also some objects such as bridge roofs and lamp posts you can drive straight through. Overall the game is fun to play, and would recommend it to anyone who likes cars.

HP OmniBook Xe4500 30/08/2005

My First Laptop

HP OmniBook Xe4500 This is the first laptop I bought, actually, I am using it to write this review ;-). +{Style}+ The style of the laptop isnt great, but it isnt bad, atleast no one can call it a brick ;-). The keyboard keys are not too small, so its extremely easy to type, no matter how big or small your hands are. The touchpad doesnt take long to get used to (only about a day). Its a nice silver, not a horrible black like I have seen on some models. The touchpad is usefull for brwosing webpages, as it has a scroller. The left and right mouse buttons are reachable from the touchpad, and they are a plain shape and colour, so they don't stand out. But one bad point about the mouse buttons is that they have a tendancy to stick, so I would recommend just using a normal mouse. The colour theme is plain, just green and silver, I might be wrong as I am colour blind with browns and greens. The five shortcut buttons above they keyboard (email, TV, Internet, Lock and Help) have helped me alot, and saved me some time. +{Ports}+ The ports that this laptop comes with are: PCMCIA, Speaker, Microphone, Phone Line, Monitor, COM 1, LTP 1, TV out, Ethernet,USB(x2), Power and Keyboard/mouse. You dont have to worry about not being able to use accessories, as about 99.4% of accessories will be able to plug into the laptop. +{Drives}+ My laptop came with a 20GB hard disk, 3 1/2 inch floppy and a CD drive, some models come with a DVD/CD-RW drive, one handy feature of the CD drive is that you can detach ...

Handspring Visor Edge 28/08/2005

Must buy

Handspring Visor Edge When I first bought this PDA I thought i could only put afew games on, and use afew tools, but I was *amazed* at how much this could actually do. Here are some features that you wouldnt expect it to be able to do: Crack Password Hashes (Unix/NT/Cisco) Play 3d Car games Upgrade the monophonic speaker to polyphonic via software Save webpages Emulate a working flight computer Emulate the matrix code from the movie 'The Matrix' Help with credit card transactions And *much* more. Syncing software is a doddle, and you only need to attach one extra cable to charge. I was supprised to find that this PDA has 8mb of RAM, since most other PDA's like it only had around 2MB. Extremely strong, has fallen out of my top pocket onto solid conrete a couple of times, and still works like new! Extremely occaisionaly, my PDA crashes, and its a simple matter of using a pin the push the reset button. The most exciting time I had with this product is when I found out I could play music on it, for about five months I thought the speaker was monophonic, then I downloaded the speaker driver out of curiosity, and was amazed when It started playing music. After Afew months useage, the battery life decays, but the battery time is still reasonable, even after nearly a year of useage. Definately A must buy for anyone who wants an extremely handy PDA.

Sony Ericsson T68i 28/08/2005

Alright For Normal Use

Sony Ericsson T68i This mobile is good for anyone who just wants to send SMS/MMS messages to someone, and go on the internet. Alot of the games are boring, and this mobile doesnt support java, so its not very good for entertainment, Unless you are into Hacking. Using bluetooth, you can 'Bluejack' someones phone, and make a message pop up on their screen. I would recommend buying it as your first mobile, as it is not as good as the other phones on the market today. Usefull features: Bluetooth Infra Red GPRS WAP GMS WAP SMS MMS Joystick Also, the buttons are small, so no good for adults, this phone is more for teenagers. If I was going to buy this phone again, i wouldnt pay more that £50.Also, I bought this for Only £10, second hand.
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