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11 21/07/2009

Let your fingers do the walking!! Before Google Streetview came along, was one of my favourite most used/visited websites!! Remember the days when you couldn't remember the name of the shop or restaurant you wanted? You knew exactly where it was located, could remember the shops either side of it, but just couldn't remember what it was called? Then could help!! Streetsensation is "Entire streetscapes showing over 3500 shops, bars and restaurants in the liveliest areas of London - Oxford Street and Regent Street; Portobello Road and Notting Hill; the King's Road in Chelsea; Carnaby Street; Covent Garden, Bond Street; Knightsbridge; Soho and Chinatown; Islington and Camden" It's an easy to navigate website, broken up in to suburbs/areas in London, and then further broken down by streets on east/west or north/south sides. It's easy to "walk" along the street looking at the shops. The shop or restaurant name, address and often website site is easily visible so you can find anything you are looking for. The streets are colour coded on an easy to use map, and you can select streets you want to view from the street listing or the map. They also have a section for newly opened shops and the area/streets they are located in. I've found this website super helpful when you are trying to remember the name of a shop, trying to work out where they are located/what's near by, or even if they are still open! As the pictures are current it also shows what the shops look ... 21/07/2009

Make your Opinion Count!! The secret is out! Indiefield - the name of this company tells you absolutely nothing about what they do or who they are! But their opening slogan "Opinions That Count" start to make you realise they are some type of consumer directory/survey/marketing company. So what exactly is Indiefield? Indiefield who do market research of behalf of a range of clients. On behalf of their clients they pay consumers for participating in market research/surveys. How do I join? To join Indiefield it's as simple as joining their Consumer Directory at What do I need to tell them? As little or as much as you wish to. Generally it's the basics - age, marital status, employment status, sex, location, contact details etc There are 3 levels or account types with Indiefield, and each account type has a minimum level of information required. The higher the account level, the more chance you have of being selected to participate in surveys and market research. Standard account Entry level account. Name and contact details only Verified account Mid level account. Name and contact details, plus a verified postal address. This type of account will mean you may be asked to participate in "face to face" surveys Premier account Highest account. Same information for the above accounts, but you are also required to post a photograph of yourself. Indiefield claim this gives their clients more security. How easy is it to navigate the website? The website is set out in a very user friendly manner. All the ...

Soap & Glory Big Butter Blueberry 21/07/2009

You too can make your legs smell like blueberries all day!!

Soap & Glory Big Butter Blueberry I read about Soap & Glory Big Butter Blueberry in a magazine where they rated it 5 out of 5 when compared to other body butters on the market. So I thought I might spoil myself and give this product a go. Purpose This is not your standard body butter. This body butter claims to also claims to clear "dead cells off your skin faster than you can say 'is that velcro on your elbows'?" Presentation It comes in a a big blue 300ml tub, with attractive writing in the Soap & Glory style we are all used to. Product This is a pale lavendar coloured thick but not solid, shea butter with sweet almond and blueberry oils along with fruit acid smoothers. It has a lovely non geasy texture and smells simply divine!! Application Just scoop out a dollop or two of Soap & Glory Big Butter Blueberryand rub in to your skin. Simple as that!! Cost and where to buy This is currently retailing for £6.75 at Boots, but I actually paid £9.00 for it!! I found it actually quite hard to find. It wasn't in any of the smaller type Boots, and I eventually found it in their larger store on Oxford St. At £9.00 it's a bit on the expensive side, but so far it's lasting a long time so I think in the end it wil be good value for money. My views I love this product!! The blueberry scent, although initially a bit hard to get used to, lasts all day. The product rubs in well but doesn't dry out or disappear during the day. There is no need to have to reapply in the afternoon or when you get home. And I feel like ...

Ebookers 20/07/2009

ebomb not ebook! The worst online travel agency ever!!

Ebookers I'm surprised there aren't more bad reviews about But then again, there aren't any recent good reviews about them either. Disappointing as I'd hoped their service had improved since I used them for the first and last time in 2006. ebookers have over 20 years industry experience under various different names. Over the last 20 years they have been known as or merged with or been bought with companies such as Cendant, Flightbookers and Orbitz. All travel companies. It is defined as an online travel company, headquarted in the UK and wholly owned subsidiary of Travelport. Therefore they should be a lot lot better than the reviews here indicate. I first came across whilst trying to find 2 return flights from London to Melbourne, Australia. were offering a very competitive Qantas fare, and at the time you could also collect Nectar points. I booked my flights online and went to pay and that's when it all started to got horribly horribly wrong. The payment didn't go through the first time so we tried again. It was saying the credit card was declined which was unusual as there was more than adequate funds on the card. We rang the bank to check what was happening as this did not seem right, and they advised they had frozen the card due to suspected fraud as had requested funds 3 times!!! The monies had been released to, but my tickets were not confirmed. So I had now paid for 6 return tickets but had nothing to show ...

Discount Railcards 20/07/2009

This card is worth its weight in gold!!

Discount Railcards Please note, this review is only in relation to the Network Railcard We decided to go and visit our friends in Farnborough in Hampshire. We don't own a car so being organised I jumped on to the Network Rail website to book our fares in advance - 4 weeks in advance to be exact. So imagine my surprise when there was no advance purchase option on fares to Farnborough! But it was the shock of paying £24.90 per return - that's a total of £49.80 - that I am still trying to recover from! I was convinced I was doing something wrong, but no matter which way I entered it, £49.80 was the cheapest for 2 return tickets on a weekend for London to Farnborough. Still in shock - I can get to Paris for cheaper than that sometimes - I looked at other options of getting to Farnborough including car hire and buses, but all came out at a similar price. Still determined not to pay Southwest Trains £24.90 each for 75mins travel (30 min out, 45 mins back) I hit the internet to try and find some type of discount code or voucher. Many forums later - thanks Money Saving Expert - I finally came across the Network Railcard. What is it? A railcard that gives you a third of adult standard rail fares in a designated area. How much does it cost £25 for 12 months (prior to May 2009, the annual cost was £20 - D'oh!) Who can use it? Now here is the good thing. This card is not income tested or similar. Anyone can buy this card. The great thing is one card covers the holder and up to 3 other adults ...

The 39 Steps PLay, London 20/07/2009

39 Steps to a great comedy!!

The 39 Steps PLay, London A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend decided to surprise me with tickets to the theatre. He didn't say which show or play it was going to be so I reeled off every show I wanted to see that was playing in London to see if I could work out what we were going to see. But my boyfriend maintained it was to be a surprise so no matter how hard I guessed he was not telling me. However he did admit it was not Dirty Dancing as he thought I'd already seen it! Wrong! But that's now on the list for next time! So Friday night came and we had a pre theatre dinner in Soho before heading to the theatre for the 8pm show. On route to the Criterion Theatre I was told we were going to see "The 39 Steps", which I must admit drew a complete blank from me. My boyfriend went on to explain it was a comedy based on Alfred Hitchcock's classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps. Sounded interesting I thought. Not quite the big name musical I was expecting, but I'm open to new experiences so was quite happy to go and see it. Where is it showing? The 39 Steps is showing at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus in London. The Criterion Theatre has been open to audiences since 1874, with its first show being An American Lady. It's had a chequered history. It's been deemed unsafe and closed (1882 and again in 1989), renovated and refurbished and reopened (1884 and in 1992). Used a BBC studio during World War II, and been part of London's theatre history since it opened. The Criterion Theatre seats circa ...

My China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland - Kylie Kwong 14/07/2009

This really is a book about "My China"

My China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland - Kylie Kwong I first came across Kylie Kwong's "China China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland" in my local Waterstones around a year ago. This is a beautiful hardback recipe book. It's over 496 pages long. A big solid book that weighs easily 1 kg, and it about the size of an A4 piece of paper, but 5cm thick. I was instantly drawn to this recipe book because of the beautiful colour pictures of China - of both food, countryside and people - and thought this book would be a great addition to my growing collection of cookbooks, but also as a "coffee table" book because of the colour photos of China and Chinese food - another way of remembering the wonderful times and food I experienced whilst travelling round China. However my purchase of this book was to be delayed, as it was retailing in Waterstones at the time for £19.99. And although I wanted this book, £19.99 for a book that I wanted mainly for the pictures, was a bit too much. So I added Kylie Kwong's "My China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland" to my Amazon "wishlist" (such a handy function of Amazon - one day I'll write a review about it) and watched and waited till the price dropped. Finally, after almost a year (didn't really need the book that desperately), the price fell to a reasonable £9.00 (much better than the initial £19.99 or the current £25.50) and I was able to purchase it from Amazon. Having travelled round China quite extensively what you come to realise is that the food differs region to region and this is ...

Soap & Glory Some Like It Hot Thermal Scrub 14/07/2009

There's nothing HOT about it!

Soap & Glory Some Like It Hot Thermal Scrub I decided to spoil myself and use my Boots points on a treat for me, so I thought I'd try Soap and Glory Some Like it Hot Thermal Scrub, but oh I wish I'd read the reviews here before I wasted my points on this product!!! Purpose An exfoliating hot thermal scrub, designed to remove dead and dry skin, leaving you with smooth clean healthy skin. Presentation An attractive white and pink tube, with catchy slogans and writing. It looks good. It makes you want to try and buy! Product Soap and Glory Some Like it Hot Thermal Scrub smells lovely and has a really nice pink colour. It's a reasonably thick cream, but not so thick that it can't be squeezed from the tube. It's made with two-sugars, macadamia oil, vanilla seeds, calendula oil, white sand grains and self-activating Therminerals. The grains are really small and not coarse or rough on your skin at all. Application The instructions are basic - massge a dollop of "Some Like It Hot Thermal Scrub" in to damp skin! Rinse, dry and then followup by moisturising on damp skin. Cost This product is currently retailing in Boots for £7.50, which I think is a bit expensive for an exfoliator. My views I'm really dissapointed with the product. Although I purchased this before reading reviews on here, I actually used it after reading the reviews. And I wasn't sure what to expect given the mixed reviews. Was I going to burn? Or was I going to find it a brilliant product? I'm sorry to say it was neither. I did not burn! I did not not ...

Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial 11/07/2009

Pretty good turnaround for only 15 mins!!

Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial It was Clinique Bonus time at Boots, and although I only went in to buy a moisturiser I came out with a couple of other extras including a tub of Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial. I've been using Clinique products for a while now and it's a brand I trust. The staff at the Clinique counters at Boots are always really helpful, full of great suggestions and tips. So when I asked about face masks they recommended this one and I thought I'd give it a try. Purpose This 15 min face mask have been developed to make your skin brighter, smoother and more even toned, it does this with microdermabrasion. Presentation Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial comes in a blue 50ml tub with a silver lid. It also has a cover under the lid to stop the product from drying out. As with most luxury comestics it also comes in a box, which in my opinion is completely unnecessary as it goes straight in to the recylcing bin. It has no instructions printed on the tub. Rather they are in a paper sticker underneath (or on the paper in the box which you threw out), which is not that helpful. Especially if you want to check the instructions after you have started using it!! Product It's a tub of light green pearly cream. It's hard to describe the consistency, probably about the same as yoghurt. The smell is a little chemical, and not really that pleasant. But it's not overpowering which is a good thing. Application The instructions are simple (even if they are in an annoying place). Smooth a thin ...

George Foreman BABY GR20 11/07/2009

This Baby George Works For Me!!

George Foreman BABY GR20 As not all George Foreman Grills are the same, my review is about the "Baby George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine" I decided we needed a George Foreman Grill, as since moving to London from Australia we started having BBQ withdrawals and this seemed like a suitable alternative until we get a place that will let us have a BBQ. I was also looking for alternative ways to cooking fish, and some healthier cooking options, so the George Foreman grill was also looking good for that! I looked at the various models available and decided a Baby George was the best for us. The reason I purchased the "Baby George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine" as opposed to the other models and sizes available is: Firstly we have a really really small kithen and limited storage space - this model is smallish (about the size of a 2 sandwich toasted sandwich maker) and doesn't take up much bench or storage space And secondly there are only 2 of us in my household and this model grills up to 2 portions, so the perfect size. The Machine The machine is actually quite heavy and solid, but it is compact. As mentioned this one is the "Baby" so it's designed for 1-2 people. We can fit 2 burgers on here easily, 4 at a push. 2 chicken breasts sit well side by side. So as you can see it is really a 1-2 person grill only, which suits us fine. There is no temperature control on this model - it's theromstatically controlled and it does not have removable plates. This is a slight ...

Jurlique Calendula Cream 11/07/2009

Luxury marigold in a tube!

Jurlique Calendula Cream I first tried Jurlique products after my boyfriend bought me a facial in their day spa in Australia. Jurlique is a luxury brand there is no doubt about that, but the Calendula Cream is worth splurging on! Jurlique are know for their home grown natural products. Their Calendula Cream is a beautiful combination of Calendula and Witch Hazel. It somes in an easy to dispense tube, has a beautiful, yet not over powering perfume, and a lovely consistency. A small dob, about the size of a penny, goes a long long way. Calendula which is actually the marigold plant, has many many uses ranging from sunburn to dermatitis to nappy nash. It can be used as an antispeptic and anti-inflammatory and has great healing properties. Jurlique's Calendula Cream retails from £20. You can buy directly from the Jurlique website And read all about Jurlique - great ome grown Aussie product! The cream is a little bit on the expensive side, but it can be used for many more things than just a moisturiser. The tube is the right size to be able to be kept in your handbag and use for emergencies throughout the day. Whilst there are cheaper versions out there, you know you are getting something a bit special with Jurlique.
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