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TIGI Bed Head Recharge Shampoo 06/12/2015

Didn't Really Do Much

TIGI Bed Head Recharge Shampoo I've always been a fan of the TIGI products so when my friend recommended this shampoo to me, I jumped at the chance to try it out. I bought a 250ml bottle from for £8.30 which is a little too expensive in my opinion but I really wanted to try it so I let it slide. I read the description of the shampoo and I liked what I saw. The description reads: This anti-oxidant rich shampoo removes pollutants, sweat and build up to reveal super reflective shine! Refreshes and cleanses hair to remove build up. Smooths and adds shine. High in anti-oxidants to help maintain healthy hair. I have to say that I was really disappointed with this shampoo. I tried the conditioner at the same time as that made sense, and neither of them really did much for me. My hair didn't feel any different nor did it really feel any healthier than before. I don't think it fulfilled it's promise and as a fan of the TIGI and Bed Head products, I was really upset about that. On thing I do like about the shampoo and conditioner is the smell. It smells really good and if it wasn't for that, I would have rated this just 1 star. I'm really sad that it didn't work well and even more upset that I wasted £8.00 on it. I would not recommend either the shampoo or conditioner. ...

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 Make-up Remover 06/12/2015

My Favourite Makeup Remover

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 Make-up Remover I am someone who likes to try out different makeup removers but I have never found one as good as this. I keep coming back to this one and I don't think I'll ever stop using it. The only thing that I think is essential in an eye makeup remover is that it doesn't sting my eyes - so this product is perfect. I honestly can't find one bad thing to say about this makeup remover. I use it on a cotton pad and then let the pad soak on my eye for about 15 seconds and then wipe the makeup away. It is super easy to do and I don't have to scrub at my eyes at all. Also, this does not sting my eyes at all, even if it goes into my eye. This makeup remover removes all kinds of makeup. Even on days where I have deep, black, smokey eyeshadow on and waterproof mascara, a simple soak and wipe with this and the makeup is off altogether. I also use this for face makeup too. It removes foundation, concealer and every other makeup you have on - it's honestly my holy grail remover. The thing I love most is the fact that it's so cheap. I buy mine from BOYES for about £1.50 but you can also get it from Superdrug for £2.10 - wherever you buy it from it is under £3.00 which is amazing for the quality if it. The one thing I'm not that keen on is the fact that after using it on my face, it does leave an oily residue. However, I usually go over my face with a wipe afterwards so it doesn't bother me that much. Plus it's a small price to pay for the benefits. Bottom line is, if you are looking ...

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 19/11/2015


Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub We all get those awful dry patches of skin don't we? Usually on our knees and elbows - sometimes on our legs too (especially in the Winter). We all wish we could have super smooth skin like the celebrities on TV. Well with this body scrub you can have that perfectly soft skin that you dream of! I bought this after hearing a load of YouTubers and celebs raving about it. It's a really well-known product but I had never really been a common user of body scrubs and I didn't think it would be anything special - but oh lord! I was wrong. I totally regret not buying this sooner than I did. In all honesty - this stuff is amazing. It makes your skin so soft without drying it out, it's moisturising and it smells so good! As I mentioned, I didn't really use body scrubs before. This was because I found that they wouldn't really soak into my skin, the product would just slip and slide off my skin in the shower and I'd have to end up using a lot of product just to get a half decent scrub - pointless! That's what I really love about the Sugar Crush scrub. You only need a small scoop of it and it does the perfect job. It sticks to your skin - doesn't fall off and it's easy to work into your skin (wet and dry). It absorbs so well and leaves you with baby soft skin! Another thing I love is the fact that it is super moisturising. My skin never feels dry after using this scrub - no matter how often I use it. It makes your skin feel so soft and so healthy that there's almost no reason to ...

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 15/11/2015

Favourite Concealer I've Ever Used

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Do you not get enough sleep? Do you have those pesky bags and dark circles under your eyes that you just can't get rid of? If the answer is yes, then this is the concealer for you. I've used the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer for years and it's definitely my favourite concealer ever. It covers dark circles and under-eye bags so well and it doesn't feel heavy or cakey at all. It comes in a range of shades from pale to dark which is great for all skin types. It doesn't run out in a short amount of time and it's really cheap too. It's professional quality and does the same job as more high end concealers and for a quarter of the price. The most expensive I've ever seen this concealer be is £4.19 from Boots which for the quality of it is an amazing price! This concealer not only has amazing coverage but it also stays put all day long. It doesn't budge or smudge and it doesn't crease so it looks as if you don't have concealer on at all - which is perfect! I would seriously recommend this concealer to anyone who wants perfect coverage but doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Even though I tend to test out other concealers, I always end up coming back to this one and once you've tried it out - you won't ever want to use another concealer again. ...

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle 08/11/2015

Must Have For Nail Biters!

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle I have been a chronic nail biter for years and I've tried all sorts of different products to try and stop. I've tried bad tasting nail polish and growth treatments but nothing seemed to work. My friend recommended that I try this product as it was the one thing that helped her grow strong, healthy nails (which I am very jealous of so... why not take the advice?) I must say, I wish I had tried this sooner. This nailgrowth miracle is amazing! I haven't had long nails since I was about 8 years old - that's 11 years! This product changed that for me in such a short period of time. Due to lots of nail biting, my nails are not only short but also very brittle and weak - they break very easily. I was not only hoping for nail growth but also something to make them stronger and this did just the trick. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical after all the failings of other products I have tried, (I was thinking of doing a before and after picture of the results but I didn't because I didn't think it would work. Wish I had now!) The difference between my nails is insane! My nails look so much healthier and stronger and they grew so much in about two weeks. It's the first time in a long time that my nails have actually gone over the tip of my fingers. Also, they are so strong now that even if I wanted to bite them, I couldn't - it's actually impossible for me to bite them down and I love it! Another plus to this amazing product is the smell. I'm not very good at describing ...

Ciate Paint Pots Of Colour 07/11/2015

Best Nail Polish Ever

Ciate Paint Pots Of Colour I have never really been one to paint my nails - mainly because I have been a chronic nail biter for years. However, after recently growing my nails I decided that I would try to paint them. My friend recommended this nail polish to me saying that it was her favourite brand and I just had to try it out - and honestly, I am in love with it. I have found that with many nail polishes, they are very thin and don't really cover the nail well - they look too light and transparent which is not what I want from a nail polish. I tried a ciate paint pot I already had after receiving it in a GLOSSYBOX months ago and it was perfect. It's quick-drying, easy to apply and has the perfect opaque colour. I only really paint my nails blue so the ciate nail polish I have (which is called 'skinny jeans' is perfect. It a medium/dark blue and is such a beautiful colour. In just one coat the colour is already opaque but I like to apply a second coat just to finish it off. The polish has a lovely glossy finish and every time I use the polish, it looks like I've just had my nails done at a salon. Another thing I love about this nail polish is the packaging and the names. The bottle comes with a cute little bow around the base of the lid which I find super adorable and the names are just as cute. Names like 'Beach Hut', '3am Girl' 'Skinny Jeans' - I love it when products are called original names rather than just the colour. Packaging is really important to me as I am a very visual person so ...

1989 - Taylor Swift 28/09/2015

Best Taylor Swift Album

1989 - Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is an international superstar, singer, songwriter and actress. She has been in the music industry for 9 years - she released her debut album at 16. She used to be a country star but over the recent years she has turned her attention to the pop genre. Now I'm not really a big fan of Taylor Swift as a person but I must admit that her songs are always so good. Each time she releases an album, it shows why she is voted one of the best songwriters in the world. 1989 is no different, in fact - in my opinion - it's even better. I haven't really been a fan of Taylor for years now. I thought all of her songs sounded the same, they were all about failed relationships and, personally, I found her to be cocky and I didn't like that. This album showed that she can write about things other than her own relationships, which is why I love it so much. The first track I heard from this album was 'Shake It Off' and when my friends started playing other tracks around me, I knew I has to get the entire album. I instantly fell in love with the album. Whilst the overall genre of 1989 is pop, there's still such a diverse sound to the songs. Songs like 'Shake It Off' and 'Welcome To New York' are upbeat and great dance/party songs whereas songs like 'You Are In Love' and 'How To Get The Girl' are slower and much more personal and relatable (the signature Taylor Swift sound). My personal favourite song is 'How You Get The Girl'. I love her voice in that song and the range she ...

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton 25/09/2015

Beautiful, Soft Smell

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Let me start this review off by saying that I am absolutely in love with candles. I have one burning every second of every day (except when I'm asleep or out of course, knowing my luck, I'd come back to a pile of ashes instead of a house.) That being said, I usually only go for fruity or sweet smelling candles, I tend not to stray away from those. I was given this candle as a present on my birthday and because it wasn't the usual scent of candle I typically go for, I was a bit reluctant to use it. I didn't want to dislike the scent and then have it around my room for ages - when I smell a bad scent, it never seems to go away. Turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. This candle smells amazing and it's perfect for those nights where you just want to have a nice, hot bubble bath and relax. Let me tell you a little bit about this candle. Now, we all love that feeling of clean towels and the smell they have when they're fresh out the tumble dryer - now imagine smelling that whenever you would like. Light this candle whilst in the bath, relax and then get out into a warm, clean towel - pure bliss! This candle smells just like fresh towels straight out the dryer - everyone loves that smell. It's definitely one of my new favourite candle scents. The price is a bit dear though. Yankee candles are quite expensive - usually between £20 - £30. However, with their great scents, long-lasting effect and amazing value for money, I can't really complain about the price ...

Alberto VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray 10/09/2015

Poor Hold, Leaves Hair Sticky

Alberto VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray I am a huge fan of VO5 products so I was very excited to try this hairspray out - but I was extremely disappointed with it. I have tried a lot of hair sprays and the majority of them have a good hold and good staying power - but this one just let me down so much. When I first spray it on my hair, it seems fine. It doesn't feel crispy or sticky at all. But after about 10-15 minutes, my hair becomes frizzy, my curls drop out and my hair feels very crispy, sticky and oily. Whenever I use this hairspray, I had to wash my hair straight away as I hated the feeling - huge disappointment for me personally. The one thing I do like about it is the smell. I personally love the smell of hairspray and this one is no different. It smells quite sweet although it can sometimes become overwhelming. Luckily the hairspray only cost me just under £2.00 so I wasn't put out too much - but in my opinion it was still a waste. The smell and the price are really the only good points for me. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone. ...

Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson 09/09/2015

Favourite Book I've Ever Read!

Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson I saw all about this book on Tumblr and from what I heard it was a really good book - so I had to check it out for myself. Let's just say, it is the most amazing book! It revolves around a girl called Lia and how she deals with her eating disorder along with how the suicide of her best friend Cassandra affects her. It follows her story through the effect on her school, her social life, her family and all the way to the beginning of her recovery. Once I picked up this book, I could not put it down. It is so amazing. It made me feel so many different emotions. It made me cry, smile, laugh and feel so connected and related to the characters. I honestly have never read a book that made me feel so many things before - and I have read a lot of books. I love the fact that this books shows an eating disorder like anorexia in different people's point of views. You see it from the main character Lia's point of view, along with her friend Cassie, her little sister, her mum, her dad, her step-mum and her school peers. It really brings a more in depth look to the book and also helps the readers relate to a certain character rather than just seeing it from Lia's point of view. Another thing I really love is that it doesn't have a cliche ending to the book. When I was reading it, I did feel like the ending might be too happy and cliche and I would have been really disappointed if it was. However, it was an ending that let the reader draw their own conclusions. It indicated that Lia ...

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 08/09/2015

Great Coverage But Too Thick

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder I usually love to have a matte look so a pressed powder is essential in my everyday makeup kit. My sister had used this powder for years and I had heard a lot of good things about it so I decided to try it out for myself. It's cheap and affordable. I buy it from SuperDrug where it is £3.99. That is a great price considering that the powder lasts a very long time. I use it everyday and it's lasted me about 5 months so far. I use the colour transparent as my skin is extremely fair so it's hard to find a powder that doesn't add any colour to my skin. This powder is great for my skin tone and really helps mattify my makeup. This powder help keep my skin matte (especially my T-Zone) and also helps my foundation stay in place all day which I love. The reason I am only giving it 4 stars is because it makes my face and my concealer look very cakey. I have to be very careful and very sparse with the amount of powder I apply as if I apply too much my skin looks cakey and thick. I have also found that when I apply this powder to underneath my eyes, the concealer becomes very creased and faded - which is a huge bummer. Overall, I would recommend this powder if you want to mattify your makeup and want your makeup to last all day, but not as a powder to set your under-eye concealer. ...

N-SPA Mango Body Mist 07/09/2015

Great Smell And Lasts A Long Time

N-SPA Mango Body Mist I am a huge fan of the N-SPA brand and I've been using these body mists for a long time and I really like them. I first bought the Mango one and I am now using the Cherry scented one. I personally think that they all smell amazing. They smell so fruity and sweet - the scents aren't too overwhelming either. Each one I've personally tried smells incredible and they are the only body mists I really use now. The price of these bottles are amazing too. I personally buy mine from ASDA where they are only £3.00 for 200ml. At the moment ASDA are actually having a sale where they are each only £2.00 - which is an amazing price! These body mists last a long time as well - which I think is an extremely important attribute in body sprays. I spray it on myself and my clothes in the morning and I only really need to top up in the afternoon or the evening. It's a great way to quickly refresh yourself after exercise or on a particularly hot, sweaty day. The fact that these body mists are water based is a huge advantage. I often find that aerosol based sprays are often short lasting as they don't really stick to the body or the clothes you wear. I've found that water based sprays soak into the clothes you're wearing and so the scent lasts longer than other sprays. The final thing I have to mention is the packaging. I personally love packaging like this - I find it so cute. It has a little picture of the fruit that the scent is and all the main information on the label e.g. ...

The Sanctuary Body Butter 07/09/2015

Amazing! Best Body Butter Ever!

The Sanctuary Body Butter The Sanctuary Spa has always been a favourite brand of mine - particularly their body scrub. So, I thought that I should start trying out some of their other products and the logical one to try next was the Body Butter - help moisturise my skin after scrubbing away the dead skin. And let me tell you - I'm so glad I did - it's the best Body Butter I've ever used (and I've used a lot of them). Let's start off with the smell. Now, I'm not really very good at describing smells so I'll just say that this one smells A-MA-ZING! Personally it reminds me of an exotic holiday - that kind of scent. What I really like about the fragrance is that it stays behind even after the product has soaked into your skin - however, it's not too overwhelming like some other scents. The next thing I will mention is the consistency of the butter itself. I personally don't like body butters that are too thin and watery but I also don't like body butters that are too thick and luxurious. The Sanctuary Spa Body Butter is right in between - it's thick but not to thick. It is the perfect consistency. The butter soaks in to the skin so well and leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth, An added benefit is that it is a great after-sun care too. This Body Butter is perfect for dry skin and for that awful cracked skin on the bottom of your feet. The final thing is the price, I personally buy mine from Boots as it is the cheapest I can find - the price there is £6.67 for 300ml. You can also buy the same ...

1975 - 1975 (The) 03/09/2015

Best Album Of 2013 - All Time Favourite Sound

1975 - 1975 (The) The 1975 were fresh on the music scene in 2013 and the first album they ever released was a self-titled one 'The 1975'. I vaguely knew of The 1975 after being introduced to the track 'Girls' by a friend and I loved the sound of that. The lead singer definitely brings a different sound to music. With his long hair, floral shirts and skinny jeans, he may look like a thinner version of Harry Styles but his voice is definitely unique - in my opinion. He has a higher voice than most male singers today but it's husky. His accent comes through in each of his songs which makes the voice more special and unique. Although sometimes, due to his accent, you can't really understand some of the words he is saying - but I don't think that takes away from the enjoyment of the music. I personally think that each of the songs are amazing. Although they are all the same genre of music, they each have a different sound - no two songs sound the same which I really like. I feel like most songs today have the same sound and the same beat to them so The 1975 have definitely made me happy with this album. Some of the songs are slow and calming whilst others are upbeat and fast. The contrast between the tunes are what make this album perfection for me. The lyrics are all amazing too. Some of the songs are more personal than others - e.g. Is There Someone Who Can Watch You which was written by the lead singer for his younger brother. Other songs are more fun and upbeat - e.g. Girls or Settle Down. ...

NSPA Shower & Bath Gel 29/08/2015

Amazing. Favourite shower product!

NSPA Shower & Bath Gel I've been using the nspa shower and bath gels for a long time, I always change up the fragrances but I sincerely love each and every one of them. Right now I'm using the shea butter one and I love it. I love the smell of these products - I think it's important for a bath/shower gel to smell good and these all definitely do. I also love the way they make my skin feel. My skin always feels so soft after using the nspa gels and again, I think that is an important aspect for a shower/bath gel to have. The main thing that attracted me to this brand though, was the packaging. I like how it has a lot of information on the front. I think it's very cute. Finally, the price of these products are not high at all. I buy them from ASDA and they are £3.00 each and at the moment there is a promotional offer where you can get 2 for £4.00 - incredible! Overall, I have nothing bad to say about the nspa bath and shower gel - they are perfect!
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