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51 09/06/2008

Take Your Pick from "The Daily Click" Update for 2010 ,The site that this review was about is no longer updated or viable so therefore the contents of this review have been removed. Update for 2010 ,The site that this review was about is no longer updated or viable so therefore the contents of this review have been removed. Update for 2010 ,The site that this review was about is no longer updated or viable so therefore the contents of this review have been removed. Update for 2010 ,The site that this review was about is no longer updated or viable so therefore the contents of this review have been removed Update for 2010 ,The site that this review was about is no longer updated or viable so therefore the contents of this review have been removed PLEASE DO NOT RATE.

The Real Petfood Company Bones for Teeth & Gums 17/03/2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones....

The Real Petfood Company Bones for Teeth & Gums On a recent visit to Pets at Home, I was on the look out for something to help our dog with her sometimes 'doggy breath' that she has. She doesn't suffer all the time but as all dog owners know, looking after your canines teeth and gums is just as important as looking after your own. My one gripe is that any dog treat is fattening and you're always recommended to adjust the amount of food at mealtimes and I wanted something that she could enjoy without me having to worry about her daily intake. I came across a box of bones made by "The Real Petfood Co Ltd" which had all natural ingredients, was specifically for teeth and gums and was a 'certified holistic product'. Even better was that they were on special offer at 99p instead of £1.99! These bones come in a rather plain see through plastic box and contain 400g and to be honest don't look that appetising but then it's not me that's going to be eating them! The one thing that made me decide to buy these was the statement on the underside of the box….."The long traditional bake we use produces a hard biscuit which will exercise both teeth and guns. With no added sugar or salt and containing no additives, colouring or preservatives." Oh good, no hyper dog moments that some treats can cause. These little bones are akin in colour to Bonio's with little white flecks in them. They are just short of 2" in length (5 cms). Despite the long bake that claims to make them hard these are surprisingly easy to break and have a ...

Heelys Inline Skates 15/03/2008

Wanna have fun? Get 'Shoes that Cruise'!

Heelys Inline Skates Heelys are 'Shoes that Cruise'. They are uniquely designed to let you walk, run, roll and skate due to the removable wheel(s) in the heel. They are akin to roller/inline skates but with a difference. Put the wheel in to skate, remove to walk. Since writing this review originally in 2005, Heelys are more popular now (in 2008) amd are a lot easier and cheaper to come by. Even Amazon sell them now with prices starting at about £35, which is no more expensive than a pair of trainers. What are Heelys? Heelys look like an ordinary pair of trainers but with either one or two removable wheels in the heel which you can see in the photos below. They also come with a wheel mounted either side of the heel. My review is based on the single removable wheel. My teenage son has had 2 pairs of these over the past 3 years (he grew out of the first ones) They are not just a kids thing, grown ups can 'cruise' well! So no excuse not to have a go all you mums and dads! The Shoe Basically a sturdy and solid trainer with a thick rubber sole, the wheel space cut into the heel approx. 1.5" x 1.5". I have found them in various colours being black, navy and white, black and white and they range in shoe size from a child's 10 to an adult size 11. The outside of the shoe has been double or triple stitched so will withstand daily use. The wheels are included in a plastic pack and are just like roller skate wheels and contain bearings. Fitting & Removal of Wheels Each wheel has a ...

Everything that starts with D ... 07/03/2008

Dear Dad,

Everything that starts with D ... Dear Dad, When I was small you were always there for me. We lived in London in an old house, and you went off to work each morning to that big huge building and I waited eagerly for the time for you to come home again. I would watch the clock, even though I couldn't tell the time very well, I knew that the big hand would be at the top and the little hand should be on the 5. I didn't care about other time, that was the only time that mattered to me. What made you a special dad to me? There wasn't anything in particular that you did. If mum had said no to something, you didnt then say yes. If I asked for a toy and we didn't have the money I knew you would say no. But you were special to me, you always gave me a big hug and lifted me up and off we went to find a game or some toys to play with, and if it was nice we would play out in the garden. I never realised how unselfish you were till I got older. After working from 7.30 each morning in the hot kitchens where you were a Chef, and cooked lunches for over 2,000 peple, you returned each evening to play games with me when all you must have wanted was to sit and read the paper. When I first started school, you changed your hours for the first week so you could take me, I felt so proud that my daddy was taking me, even though I was scared, while I had hold of your hand I felt brave and strong and I could deal with anything, cause you were there for me. Saturday nights were special to us, you used to take me to Uncle ...

Mrs Bridges Golden Humbugs 11/01/2008

Golden Balls!!

Mrs Bridges Golden Humbugs INTRO We received a jar of Mrs Bridge's Golden Humbugs as part of a gift. Having not heard or seen much about Mrs Bridges as a Company and given that these look very traditional and 'upmarket' I was intrigued to find out a bit more and if they actually tasted any better than your average humbug especially as Mrs Bridges state "Traditional Home Made Recipes - The Difference is in the Taste" PACKAGING & INFO As there is a picture above there's no need for a description but being a glass jar it's worth remembering that even if you don't find another use for it, it's recyclable. As these are Golden Humbugs they contain (amongst the usual sugar, flavouring etc) Glucose Syrup and Condensed Full Cream - luxury for me but not suitable for anyone with a lactose intolerance. They are also manufactured in a nut handling environment though the Humbugs do not actually contain nuts. The new weight of the jar and Humbugs is 190g which means nothing to me, I equate things in terms of how much or how many I get for my money so at a rough guess there are approx 30 Humbugs. FIRST IMPRESSIONS The twist off lid was surprisingly easy to open but, rather disappointingly, I was not hit with a waft of syrup and all things sweet. It was only when I had a closer whiff that I could smell the syrup and sweetness albeit faintly. Humbugs have never been small sweets and these are quite large ones. In fact they are not balls but tetrahedrons - 3 dimensional 4 sided triangular ...

1001 Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover 21/11/2007

Spot Shot certainly hit my Spot!

1001 Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover When I get tired, I get clumsy, very clumsy. I drop things, knock things and walk into things as I misjudge how close they are. Sorting out some things that required floor space, I used our study/office for ease of use. Having made my cup of tea I had placed it on the desk but being lazy picked it up and placed it on the floor next to me. 2 minutes later and not realising it was as close as it was, the tea was all over the floor! Now we don't cups….we have MUGS…BIG MUGS. Needless to say there was lots of running to and fro with paper towel and damp cloths, trying to clean up as much as possible…you get the picture. The result was that I was left with a nice brown tea stain on a beige/mushroom coloured carpet. Having tried 1001's Carpet Cleaner over the next couple of days it didn't shift it at all, just sort of moved the stain round a bit and the mix of damp carpet and the small amount of milk in the tea also started to make it rather whiffy. So 4 days later, the earliest chance I had, I headed to our local ironmongers to see what was on offer (they tend to have a bigger selection that the supermarket). 15 minutes later, with some help from the staff and £5.25 lighter I walked out with 1001 Spot Shot for Carpets. Now initially, I was reluctant to buy another 1001 product when the one I had hadn't worked so I looked at all the different variants of Vanish along with other makes. However, Spot Shot claims "..with it's fresh scent formula it provides immediate help in ...

Tesco Finest Half Coated Triple Chocolate Cookies 15/10/2007

Anyone for a Threesome?

Tesco Finest Half Coated Triple Chocolate Cookies Intro On occasions, whilst wandering the biscuit aisle of Tesco's, I'm on the lookout for something different to the normal run-of-the-mill custard creams, digestives etc. So when I saw these Tesco Finest Half Coated Triple Chocolate Cookies (and that's a mouthful in itself) with the description of "half-coated in Belgian milk chocolate, made with plain, white and milk chocolate", I thought a threesome would make a nice change! (I'm talking about the 3 different types of chocolate!!). As they sounded rather scrummy it didn't take long before they ended up in my trolley. Packaging & Info As there's a picture of this cookie box there's no need for me to describe it should you wish to purchase some for yourself. These cookies do contain milk, wheat, gluten, eggs and milk so please avoid if you have an allergy to any of those. They are suitable for vegetarians and there's the usual 'cannot guarantee nut free' disclaimer on the box even though the recipe is nut free. For those that are interested or on a diet, each cookie contains 10.2g of sugar (just a 'tad' then!) and is 135 calories. Look and Texture At first glance these look the same as any other cookie (think Maryland) only darker due to the milk chocolate, but they are probably twice as thick, but have huge chunks of different chocolate chips. They still have the uneven texture and look to them though I wouldn't say they were 'half-coated' more like the base has been dipped in the chocolate however, they ...

Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries 06/09/2007

Time to get Fruity!

Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries INTRO If you're like me, when you hear the name Ocean Spray, I immediately think of Cranberry Juice. There's now an addition to this in the form of Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries, so I thought these would make a nice change from the norm. PACKAGING & NUTRIONAL INFO These foil packets come in 2 sizes - 170g and the 40g snack-sized packet that is the subject of this review . The packets have a small heart shaped window on the front allowing you to see the dried fruit inside. According to the packet these are 100% natural, low in fat, a source of fibre and contain no artificial ingredients. In fact the only 3 ingredients are cranberries, sunflower oil and sugar. I was rather surprised to see though that only 61% is actual cranberries and the remaining 30% is split between the oil and sugar! With only 319 calories for a 100g serving these have for to be better for you than that bar of chocolate you were thinking of having! APPEARANCE First off I have to say that these are not completely dried as some fruits are (apricots for example) they are soft , squidgy and chewy therefore making them a ready to eat snack. To be honest I have never tried fresh cranberries (having only drank the cartons of juice) and was somewhat put off by the unappealing appearance of these, but then the goodness is in actually eating them, not what they look like! TASTE On opening the packet (just an easy tear across the top job) there is no discerning smell. In fact the only ...

Nestlé Nestle Yorkie Top Dad 15/06/2007

Eleven Inches? Now That IS Big!!

Nestlé Nestle Yorkie Top Dad We spotted the ‘You’re the Daddy’ Man-Size Yorkie in Tesco’s recently as they stood out from the rest of the chocolate offerings due to their huge size. My son thought he was ‘man’ enough to handle one of these so after some sarcastic comment along the lines of “Yeah..right” from me, it ended up in the trolley. Most people know what a Yorkie and it’s wrapping looks like, and there’s always the photo's to help you just in case you don’t to save me describing the complete packaging. This one comes in a cardboard box purely as they are being marketed for Fathers Day at the moment. These Man-size versions are exactly the same……just so much bigger, man-size in fact! It weighs in at 300g of pure solid milk chocolate and certainly is a handful to hold. Yorkies have always been advertised with the slogan ‘Not for Girls’ and the ‘O’ of the Yorkie shows a no entry sign with a silhouette of a woman (just like the ones for the ladies loo) complete with little handbag! Everything about this Man-size version is huge in comparison to the standard Yorkie. This whole bar contains 94g of fat and a colossal 1,608 calories - definitely one for dedicated chocolate fiends and not for anyone watching their waistline. So, on opening the foil wrapper you are greeted a hefty slab of milk choccie containing 12 segments. It’s 11 inches long (or about 28 cms in new money) and inch and a quarter wide and a whole inch thick! Now who remembers how hard it is to try and break a standard ...

Pork Farms Peppered Steak Slice 08/06/2007

Meaty, Tasty & Hot!

Pork Farms Peppered Steak Slice Walking past the chilled counter in a Londis shop, I spotted this Peppered Steak Slice and as it sounded rather tasty so I picked one up for closer inspection. In smaller letters underneath it said “Tender pieces of steak with potato and onion in a rich pepper gravy, baked in light puff pastry”. Liking the sound of it even more, I decided I’d try one out. This pie or slice as they call it is made by Pork Farms. Having already tried their lovely pork pies I was hoping this was going to be just as tasty. The cellophane wrapper shows a picture of a rather succulent looking centre and as it’s ready-to-eat it really is a meal of convenience. Being a fussy so-and-so at times I cannot abide cold pies so intended to heat this as per the cooking instructions on the back. It has a use by date that is 5 days ahead so I had a few days to eat it though it wasn’t likely to last that long! Another thing that helped my decision to but this slice was that it’s free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is also free from hydrogenated vegetable oils which is a big plus. Nutrition wise we all know pies are not the healthiest of things nor are they low in calories and this didn’t fare too badly in my opinion (bear in mind this comes from someone who doesn’t care how many calories she eats if it tastes yum!) Each slice weighs approx 185g and contains 488 calories which equates to just under a quarter of the daily GDA ( Guideline Daily Amount). Fat wise it ...

Lush Skin Sin 17/05/2007

For Lushcious Naked Bodies!!

Lush Skin Sin Despite being a fan of Lush Bath Slices it is nice, occasionally, to try something different. On a recent trip to my Lush store and after chatting to the always helpful assistant I came away with this - Skin Sin Hand and Body Lotion. As much as it’s nice to pamper ourselves with product X for our feet, Y for our hands and Z for our bodies, there are times when I am feeling downright lazy and can’t be bothered to kerfaff around with loads of different products but don’t want to go without using something so this Hand & Body Lotion appealed to the lazy side of me, plus I liked the smell. It’s nothing special to look at in the standard plastic Lush bottle, a plain white lotion with a fairly runny consistency. However, flip the lid and you are met with a gorgeous, very light scent of cherries. This must be the first ever Lush product I’ve used that’s so lightly fragranced! Although the Skin Sin lotion is fluid enough to run off your hand, you need to give the bottle a good shake to get the lotion out. I often forget and end up really squeezing the bottle only for it to blow raspberries at me cause I can’t get it out! Once out though, this lotion glides easily over the skin, isn’t greasy and is absorbed in a instant. You don’t need much either, just a couple of blobs a bit bigger than a 5p will do my lower legs, the same for my arms. Obviously it all depends if you have a dry skin or not but a little goes a long way in the case of this lotion. Sometimes the skin on my ...

Campino 30/01/2007

Do you like to bite or suck?!

Campino There always seem to be a bag of these in our house just lately that gets dipped into quite often. Campino's are a hard boiled sweet that come in three different flavours, Oranges and Cream, Summerfruits and, for the purpose of this review, Strawberries and Cream. Even if you've never had the pleasure of one you will recognise the red sweets with cream swirls that give these sweets their unique look. (see photos below). We tend to have the 140g bags though they do come in smaller tubes of about 10 sweets ( I think). You really can't miss the red/pink packaging. Our current bag has a best before date of Oct 07 so even if you only had one occasionally you'd still eat them all in time! The ingredients contain, amongst others, Real Cream (6.2%), Butterfat and Lactic Acid so allergy sufferers please check the list first. There is no mention of whether these are suitable for vegetarians either although pursuing the ingredients list might give you some idea if you are vegetarian yourself. Neither does it state how much sugar or how many calories these little sweets contain but it's probably best that I don't know that info! Each Campino is individually wrapped in it's own mini wrapper. Not good in terms of excess packaging but better than having them all stick together as hard boiled sweets have a tendency to do (usually at the bottom of my coat pocket when I was a kid!) The easy to tear wrapper gives way to a red and cream swirled sweet a bit smaller than a 10p ...

Chanel Inimitable Mascara 13/12/2006

Lovely Lashes....The French Way!

Chanel Inimitable Mascara Chanel launched a new mascara recently called Inimitable and having been offered the chance to try it for free, who was I to say no! Chanel state that they use "an original and innovative technology : an innovative technical process that makes it possible to produce a brush with soft elastomer bristles". This innovation is supposed to help you get your required look as the brushes, according to Chanel are ' aligned in perfect symmetry', that they are 'lined up with perfect accuracy' and the 'bristle delicacy and suppleness offer complete precision'. Hmmm, never being one that takes much notice of any hype or marketing I thought it would just be 'another' mascara. Packaging & Colours Not a lot to say, just your normal size mascara tube containing 0.21 fl oz., this is slightly less than the Rimmel. The gold band around the middle gives it a classy look with the Chanel logo on the end of the lid. It's squarer than most tubes which I think gives it a sleek look. It currently comes in two colours - Black Black and Black Brown. I chose the Black Black and my review is based on that. The Brush After the statements Chanel made I wanted to see if I could actually notice any difference between theirs and my normal Rimmel one. I have to admit that the Chanel bristles are shorter in length, there are more of them and they start to taper in about 2 thirds of the way down the wand. In comparison, the Rimmel brush didn't taper until nearly the end and was a lot ...

Tesco Value Paper Shredder & Bin 06/11/2006

Let's Get Stripping!

Tesco Value Paper Shredder & Bin ۞ Introduction ۞ Every home and office should have shredder, not just for shredding details about your workplace but with identity theft on the apparent increase, a shredder is almost a necessity these days. Having wanted and needed one for a while, we had browsed around the different shops and prices and various features that they all had to offer. Being on a budget and not wanting to spend £10's of pounds of one (let's face it, there are more exciting things to spend money on!) the Tesco Value Paper Shredder fitted all my needs. ۞ Packaging ۞ As this is a value product, it has the value packaging, red and blue. There's a picture of the shredder on the front and apart from stating the features that's all there is to it. ۞ What's in the Box? ۞ The shredder unit, the shredder bin and the instruction leaflet. Nothing more, nothing less. ۞ Assembly and Size ۞ As with all shredders, simply place the unit on top of the bin, plug in, slide the switch to On/Auto and away you go! Size wise this comes in at about 30cm/12" tall, 27cm/11" in width and approx15cm/6" in depth. This makes it a nice size to sit unobtrusively in a corner or against a wall or under a desk. One thing I do like about the unit is that the power cable does not need to sit in the notch on the bin as most do, this means that after emptying the bin, I do not need to get the lead in place before the unit sits securely back in place. ...

Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Dog/Cat Shampoo 04/10/2006


Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Dog/Cat Shampoo There are times when being a cat or dog owner is not as much fun as it could be…..there are times as a responsible owner when you have to roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, and get ready to bath your animal! Firstly, let me say that whilst this shampoo is suitable for cats as well as dogs, we have a 3 and a half year old Patterdale Terrier so it's only been tested on a dog. Being a Terrier, she loves to go place she shouldn't, roll in the dirt (and other unmentionable things!) and I need a good but gentle shampoo. Having looked along the supermarket aisles I couldn't see anything that I would have been that happy with, so I decided to pop into the Vet's to see what they had. I came away with a bottle of Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo. ۞ What's it Look Like? ۞ A standard plastic bottle with a flip lid, pretty basic really! It contains 473 ml of shampoo. I'm not listing all the ingredients but suffice to say this is a soap-free shampoo, contains Aloe & Oatmeal for gentleness and moisturising properties. It is suitable for cats and dogs with Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin. ۞Usage. ۞ Well, I'm not telling you how to bathe your pet as we all have different methods but after wetting the animals coat "massage small amounts of shampoo into the coat" , obvious really. The shampoo is a clear, quite thick liquid and is not likely to run off your hand too quick if you have a animal that tries to wriggle away! It has no ...
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