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The Real Petfood Company Bones for Teeth & Gums 17/03/2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones....

Heelys Inline Skates 15/03/2008

Wanna have fun? Get 'Shoes that Cruise'!

Everything that starts with D ... 07/03/2008

Dear Dad,

Mrs Bridges Golden Humbugs 11/01/2008

Golden Balls!!

1001 Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover 21/11/2007

Spot Shot certainly hit my Spot!

1001 Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover When I get tired, I get clumsy, very clumsy. I drop things, knock things and walk into things as I misjudge how close they are. Sorting out some things that required floor space, I used our study/office for ease of use. Having made my cup of tea I had placed it on the desk but being lazy picked it up and placed it on the floor next to me. 2 minutes later and not realising it was as close as it was, the tea was all over the floor! Now we don't cups….we have MUGS…BIG MUGS. Needless to say there was lots of running to and fro with paper towel and damp cloths, trying to clean up as much as possible…you get the picture. The result was that I was left with a nice brown tea stain on a beige/mushroom coloured carpet. Having tried 1001's Carpet Cleaner over the next couple of days it didn't shift it at all, just sort of moved the stain round a bit and the mix of damp carpet and the small amount of milk in the tea also started to make it rather whiffy. So 4 days later, the earliest chance I had, I headed to our local ironmongers to see what was on offer (they tend to have a bigger selection that the supermarket). 15 minutes later, with some help from the staff and £5.25 lighter I walked out with 1001 Spot Shot for Carpets. Now initially, I was reluctant to buy another 1001 product when the one I had hadn't worked so I looked at all the different variants of Vanish along with other makes. However, Spot Shot claims "..with it's fresh scent formula it provides immediate help in ...

Tesco Finest Half Coated Triple Chocolate Cookies 15/10/2007

Anyone for a Threesome?

Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries 06/09/2007

Time to get Fruity!

Nestlé Nestle Yorkie Top Dad 15/06/2007

Eleven Inches? Now That IS Big!!

Nestlé Nestle Yorkie Top Dad We spotted the ‘You’re the Daddy’ Man-Size Yorkie in Tesco’s recently as they stood out from the rest of the chocolate offerings due to their huge size. My son thought he was ‘man’ enough to handle one of these so after some sarcastic comment along the lines of “Yeah..right” from me, it ended up in the trolley. Most people know what a Yorkie and it’s wrapping looks like, and there’s always the photo's to help you just in case you don’t to save me describing the complete packaging. This one comes in a cardboard box purely as they are being marketed for Fathers Day at the moment. These Man-size versions are exactly the same……just so much bigger, man-size in fact! It weighs in at 300g of pure solid milk chocolate and certainly is a handful to hold. Yorkies have always been advertised with the slogan ‘Not for Girls’ and the ‘O’ of the Yorkie shows a no entry sign with a silhouette of a woman (just like the ones for the ladies loo) complete with little handbag! Everything about this Man-size version is huge in comparison to the standard Yorkie. This whole bar contains 94g of fat and a colossal 1,608 calories - definitely one for dedicated chocolate fiends and not for anyone watching their waistline. So, on opening the foil wrapper you are greeted a hefty slab of milk choccie containing 12 segments. It’s 11 inches long (or about 28 cms in new money) and inch and a quarter wide and a whole inch thick! Now who remembers how hard it is to try and break a standard ...

Pork Farms Peppered Steak Slice 08/06/2007

Meaty, Tasty & Hot!

Lush Skin Sin 17/05/2007

For Lushcious Naked Bodies!!

Lush Skin Sin Despite being a fan of Lush Bath Slices it is nice, occasionally, to try something different. On a recent trip to my Lush store and after chatting to the always helpful assistant I came away with this - Skin Sin Hand and Body Lotion. As much as it’s nice to pamper ourselves with product X for our feet, Y for our hands and Z for our bodies, there are times when I am feeling downright lazy and can’t be bothered to kerfaff around with loads of different products but don’t want to go without using something so this Hand & Body Lotion appealed to the lazy side of me, plus I liked the smell. It’s nothing special to look at in the standard plastic Lush bottle, a plain white lotion with a fairly runny consistency. However, flip the lid and you are met with a gorgeous, very light scent of cherries. This must be the first ever Lush product I’ve used that’s so lightly fragranced! Although the Skin Sin lotion is fluid enough to run off your hand, you need to give the bottle a good shake to get the lotion out. I often forget and end up really squeezing the bottle only for it to blow raspberries at me cause I can’t get it out! Once out though, this lotion glides easily over the skin, isn’t greasy and is absorbed in a instant. You don’t need much either, just a couple of blobs a bit bigger than a 5p will do my lower legs, the same for my arms. Obviously it all depends if you have a dry skin or not but a little goes a long way in the case of this lotion. Sometimes the skin on my ...

Campino 30/01/2007

Do you like to bite or suck?!

Chanel Inimitable Mascara 13/12/2006

Lovely Lashes....The French Way!

Tesco Value Paper Shredder & Bin 06/11/2006

Let's Get Stripping!

Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Dog/Cat Shampoo 04/10/2006


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