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Running for Charity 14/11/2007

Run 4 a gre@t Cause

Running for Charity Running for charities - I am going to write this review about my experiences running for charities and training for the events. ** Background on me ** The only way I can think of how to start this review is that I was never the one at school who liked running - infact I was the one hiding away from the PE teachers, hoping they would forget about me. Normally they did until one time they made me do the 1500 and I collapsed with an asthma attack. It probably did not help I was slightly over weight and they never made me do it again - yippee. This all changed as I got older and started to lose the weight - I still didn't like running but made up for it by going on bikes and Cross -trainers. Until I took part in the race for life last year - I walked it in memory for my dad who died of lung cancer and did it in 52 minutes, I though how dreadful at my age to be so unfit. ** 1st Charity Race 5K- Cancer research *** I booked my place again in this years Race for Life 2007 that was taking place in July (see Review). I was so determined to be much fitter and at least run a good part of the 5k race. I started to do some training at the end of May at this point I could hardly jog never mind run. Gee how dreadful I thought and I asked for help from the gym staff to give me a slight programme and I started on the treadmill for a 20 minute walk for a couple of weeks then built up my time to 30 min walk with a 2 min jog etc till I could do a full 5k jog. This I have to ...

Macdonald White Hart Hotel, Salisbury 19/10/2007

White Hart Hotel 3 ***

Macdonald White Hart Hotel, Salisbury Whitehart Hotel - Salisbury Rating = 3 Star *** I have chosen to write a review on this Hotel as in the area I live in it has quite a good reputation. I have stayed in the Hotel a few times and have held a Birthday Party here for my mothers 60th. I shall give you my personal experience with some relevant hotel facts and history. ***Hotels Location** Rail - The nearest mainline station to The White Hart Hotel is Salisbury Station, approximately 15 minutes' walk or a short taxi journey away Air - The nearest airport to The White Hart Hotel is Southampton International Airport, approximately 27 miles away The White Hart Hotel is based on St Johns Street in the City of Salisbury. It is an elegant Georgian building in the heart of Salisbury and opposite the beautiful and historic Salisbury Cathedral. It is named the White hart but the building is not actually white. It has a white stag placed outside the building, with a great big old fashioned Street lamp hanging from its front balcony. This hotel is in a great location for visitors who want to explore Salisbury and its surrounding area i.e. Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge etc. The hotel is also inline with Salisbury Court. The road surrounding the Hotel can be very busy and hectic as it is a one way system in Salisbury town centre. *** History of Salisbury *** The area of Salisbury is steeped in history, the area dating back to before the Iron Age - just a few miles away on the A303 stands the iconic figure ...

McCain Smiles 22/09/2007

SMILE's - Chips Glorious like chips?

McCain Smiles SMILE!!!!!!! *** History ***** "Chips glorious Chips!!!!" ( I know your sining the song from the advert now ) The McCain business started way back in 1957 in Canada with a small work force of 30 people. There products didn't hit the British market till 1965. It was throughout the 1970's that the company spread itself out and set up factories in Scarborough (72), Netherland (73), Australia (75) and from then on till the present date they have expanded there factories. The McCain business also has factories for different types of foods they produce, potato factories and Pizza factories. Today the company has more than 55 production facilities on six continents supported by more than 20,000 employees and sell food products in more than 110 countries. At first the McCain Foods ltd produced frozen potato products and still to this day remain the foundation of McCain success. Throughout the years they now produce not only a complete line of French fries and potato specialties, but also green vegetables, desserts, pizzas, juices and beverages, oven meals, entrees, appetizers and other quality food products. Now that is what I call knowing your customers market, and they have accomplished it well. I could not tell you there turn over in a year but I bet it is a lot more than any of us are making.. All originally from a small factory in Canada selling chips! *****The Product - Smiles***** I first came across this product when I started to look at dinners for my ...

Tesco Chocolate Chip Cake Bars 20/09/2007

CHIP Off the old Cake bars

Tesco Chocolate Chip Cake Bars Tesco Chocolate Chip Cake Bars (30g) I thought I would write a review on this product as I thought they were very appetising and good for value cake. Ok this product has around 125 calories per cake but compared to a double chocolate muffin which is around 300 calories - shocking eh, and slightly better than a chocolate HobNob Flapjack at 159 Calories. With all this in mind I don't feel guilty munching away on one of these bars - on Weight Watchers these cakes are around 2 points. ***** The Product ***** This product is made in France for TESCO Stores Ltd and are sold globally in all there stores. They are packaged in a dark red box which measures 9 inches long x 5 inches wide, with the TESCO logo in bold White writing on the top right hand corner. There is also a picture of the cake bars on the front and the daily guidelines. Upon opening the box there are 5 whole cakes waiting inside. All the cakes are individually wrapped up in red plastic pockets to keep each cake bar fresh. Each cake measures in at 5 inches long x 1 inch wide. The packets are completely bare and have no nutrition information on them but it does have the best before date stamped on the front of each packet. Each cake bar (30g) contains:- Calories 125 6% Sugar 8.1g 9%, Fat 5.9g 8%, Saturates 1.5g 7%, Salt 0.3g 4%. As you can see these also don't contain a high amount of saturated fat content, this is good for your body. These cake bars are also very good to have as part of your lunchbox ...

Harvest Cheweee Bars white chocolate chips 12/09/2007

Go on av a CHEWEEEE

Harvest Cheweee Bars white chocolate chips Harvest Cheweee bar - white chocolate chip (22g) I decided to write a review on this product as I am a great fan of Cereal bars and have tried a few in recent years. I first tried this product when I started Weight watchers as I found this a better option than eating the mid morning biscuits. As in WW terms each bar is 1.5 points compared to a digestive which is 2 points per biscuit & a hob Nob flap jack is 3 points. This has saved me a few points everyday which is great stuff. *****The product****** This product is made by Quaker Oats Company, which is American and based in Chicago. It s promise is to offer you and your family a variety of wholesome, great tasting snack options - convenient for on the go, anytime, anywhere! There are 3 main types of the bars you can have: • Toffee • Milk Choc Chip • White Choc Chip Each bar (22g) contains. Calories 91 5%, Sugar 5.9g 7%, Fat 3.2g 5%, Saturates 1.9g 10%, Salt 0.1g 3%. Since I have been doing Weight watchers I found these are great to take along to work as part of my lunch, they are not very big in packaging - it measures in at 5 inches. (They are wrapped individually in foil for extra freshness). So would fit nicely into an average size lunchbox. They are all wrapped in a Red foil packet with a white circle on one side with there trademark symbol. On the back of the bars are all the Ingredients and best before date. Each bar is a great source of fibre - which everybody knows is good to ...

BodyShop Parties 20/08/2007

PARTY @ Home & smell gre@t

BodyShop Parties I am writing solely on the basis of a Body Shop Home Party and not the Body Shops products. ****Body Shop***** - A brief Low down The Body Shop was Founded by Dame Anita Roddick, and the first shop opened in Brighton in 1976. Now 28 years on The Body Shop is a multi-local business with over 1,980 stores serving over 77 million customers in 50 different markets in 25 different languages and across 12 time zones. Now isn’t that amazing for a lady who had no experience in running a business and only started the business because her husband went to America and she needed the money to support her 2 daughters. She has achieved a great deal in 28 years. When her husband came back to England they decided to open a second shop and this was the start of a franchise. Dame Anita is very dedicated to her business and often takes trips to many of the countries (26) to talk to the local farmers and see how the projects are going. The deal with The Body Shop isn't going to make the farmers financially rich, but it does enable them to maintain their chosen way of life. I’ve always been a great fan of the Body shop for many years all through my teenage years till the present day. I went to a friends house in May for a Body Shop Party as I never been to one before, I was very curious on how do they do a party? I ended up having such a ball that I decided to book a party too. My Body Shop Rep was very nice and polite and sent out my invitations a couple of weeks before my party - ...

Cactus Jacks Restaurant, Salisbury 13/08/2007

Spices of Life

Cactus Jacks Restaurant, Salisbury Cactus Jacks Bar & Restaurant in Salisbury Cactus Jacks 26 – 27 Water Lane Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 7TE Tel: - 01722 329 140 ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ I was left totally shocked to see that this restaurant has not been reviewed, so I knew I had to do an OP on it. Hopefully I do the place justice as it is one of my favourite places to go. Whether it is with the girls, mixture or a couple this place is a fantastic venue and atmosphere. This restaurant offers a wide range of food and a vast choice of tequila. I have to say though at this point this is a very popular restaurant and you do normally have to book in advance. ***** Parking ***** This is my only downfall on this restaurant, is that in fact it does not have any parking what so ever. This is due to the restaurant being on the main road with a housing estate directly behind it. It is a shame as this place would be even more accessible with parking facilities. Especially when ...

Black Book (DVD) 02/08/2007

Brave people in Holland 1944

Black Book (DVD) Film - Black Book Release date of DVD UK - 19th January 2007 Running time - 135 Minutes Directed by - Paul Verhoeven - 2006 won best director My personal rating for this film would be a fantastic 5/5 **Film cast ** Carice van Houten ~ Rachel Stein/Ellis de Vries, Halina Reijn ~ Ronnie, Thom Hoffman ~ Hans Akkermans, Peter Blok ~ Van Gein, Derek DeLint ~ Gerben Kuipers, Sebastian Koch ~ Ludwig Muentze, Christian Berkel ~ General Kaeutner Waldemar Kobus ~ Guenther Franken ****** Introduction ***** Rachael/ Ellis is the main character throughout the film, based on her story. Before the war she was a singer with an incredible voice, and didn’t have a worry in the world. All Rachael dreamed of was to be a famous singer and sell records. This all changes when the Germans invade Holland. Her character becomes wrapped up in love, revenge and survival. At the beginning of the film she is quite naive and innocent, when she is living with the Germans. As the film goes on and her family are killed she wants to revenge her family’s killers. She joins the resistance group and this is when a different side comes out in her character - sneaky, tough & sexy. By the time the film ends she has grown up very quickly, after all the things she has been through (families death, first love & prison) this makes her character more appealing throughout the film ******** Plot ***** As a complete fan of all war time films I always try to watch the latest ...

Travelodge Camberley, Camberley 19/07/2007

Travelodge 1 night only

Travelodge Camberley, Camberley Travelodge Camberley - 7th July 2007 As we were going to one of my best friends wedding in July we decided we needed to book somewhere close to the event. As the wedding was being held at Sandhurst Chapel in Camberley the nearest place was a Travelodge Hotel on London Road. It was only about a 5 minute drive up the main road. I went on line to book all the rooms we needed for my family and my other friends family. The web page is very easy to follow and it was all complete in a short matter of time. I decided to write a review on this Travelodge as it was very clean but lacked in other areas which could easily be rectified. ************Travelodge History ************** I'll give you a quick low down on the company’s Profile: In the 1980s, Lord Forte bought the US Travelodge brand and established it in Britain. He attached them to many of his Little Chefs as Little Chef Lodge hotels before later re-branding them as Travelodge’s. Travelodge is now the second largest budget hotel and third biggest hotel chain in the United Kingdom with around 20,000 rooms. There are around 300 Travelodge hotels, In loads of different locations around the UK mainly located beside motorways and major roads with many located next door to Little Chef restaurants or Moto service areas. The first hotel was opened in 1985 near Lichfield. To date the company has around 4,896 employees. They have 6 new Travelodge’s to open this coming year and more to be built, now that’s a business that ...

Lea & Perrins Tomato and Worcester Table Sauce 14/07/2007

Ohhhh you saucy thing !!! with a kick

Lea  &  Perrins Tomato and Worcester Table Sauce Lea & Perrins - Tomato & Worcester sauce. Well as the weather has finally turned nice we decided to hold a BBQ, as usual I went to pick up a few essentials at a local store. When I noticed the Lea & Perrins Table Sauce. As I am quite a fan of there Worcester Sauce I thought oh I’ll give this a try for everyone to get their chops around. ******Lea & Perrins History****** Lea & Perrins is best known as the maker of Lea & Perrins brand of Worcestershire sauce, which was first sold in 1838 by two men John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins, dispensing chemists from Broad Street, Worcester. Soon Mr Lea & Mr Perrins were bottling the sauce. Lea & Perrins opened their first shop on January 1st 1823. They opened further businesses in Kidderminster in 1825 and Cheltenham in 1834. Without any kind of advertising, in just a few short years it was known and was in kitchens throughout Europe. It wasn't long before it reached kitchens around the globe, Lea & Perrins sauce quickly became the indispensable ingredient that cooks relied on to create mouth-watering meals. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce British and American recipes differ slightly in that the British recipe uses malt vinegar while the American version uses distilled white vinegar, giving the British version a slightly deeper flavour. In the UK, the iconic bottle is well known to consumers for both its shape, and also the orange and black label. In 2005 a new advertising campaign was launched for Lea & ... (Imperial Cancer Research) 03/07/2007

Racing for Dad - Tam - Lung cancer (Imperial Cancer Research) ******Race for life is a very important event and should be marked in every woman’s diary******** ****** My Personal Cause********** In September 2004 my father was diagnosed with Lung cancer, it was a huge shock for the family. He was Diagnosed with cancer the day after I had my little boy so as you can imagine what week of rollercoaster of emotions. He gave a bloody good fight and tried to keep everything normal in his everyday life but sadly died exactly 1 year later. So as a tribute I decided I would mark this as an occasion dedicated to him every year in the hope that one day we will beat this horrible disease once and for all!!!!! I competed last year in 2006. *********Background********* Race for life brings thousands of women together every year with one thing in common and that is beating the horrible disease CANCER. 1 in 3 people are effected by this disease so it is important we beat it! Would you be shocked to know that Cancer research UK receives virtually NO Government funding for research and totally relies on donations and sponsorships from the general public. **Race for life began in 1994 and is still going strong in fact the event has grown**. In most towns/cities you now have 2 races in one day which is fantastic as it means MORE money! Race for life is 5 Km race, but don’t worry you don’t have to run you can walk, jog or run. It's totally up to you and your capability. Most venues do have wheelchair access - brilliant news! Last year over ...

El-Jem (Tunisia) 24/06/2007

Gladiators are you ready to die??????

El-Jem (Tunisia) El Jem amphitheatre Tunisia 2007 In February 2007 my boyfriend and I decide on a short break away to somewhere both of us have never been before. Tunisia was one our choices as there was places to visit, and good weather. We booked a good deal with Thomson the cost £560 that is approximately £280 each this was based on half board in a 4 star hotel for 7 nights. I decided to write a review on El Jem as we both had a lovely time there and recommend anyone in that area to visit. *****Background****** We where staying at a hotel in Port el Kantaoui, and our reps introduced us to various excursions throughout our weeks stay. We were restricted on money front but wanted to see outside the walls of our hotel, we thought the trip to El Jem would be a fantastic opportunity to see some of the sights of Tunisia. The price of our tickets where around £20 this included coach, guide and lunch. Our day arrived and as we had made a few friends in our hotel we all went along for the trip, we had a fantastic time on the coach, and saw a lot of true life style of the Tunisians. Homes, Business and Schools. Did you know Tunisians are taught to speak 4 languages? There main language is Arabic, then French, English and they have a choice of to either learn Spanish, German or Italian on top. Our guide was very helpful and pointed out places to us on route. Our coach was quite new and had Air con and this is definitely needed in this country when travelling through the day time. The ...

British Forces Post Office 12/06/2007

Forces Global Destination

British Forces Post Office British Forces Post Office (BFPO) I decided to write a review on the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) as I think they do a fantastic job, I have been using this service for many years and have never come across a problem with the service they provide. My boyfriend is currently in the British Army and is serving away on Operations, contact with him is quite hard and this agency is a great help to me and many other families and friends of loved ones who are serving away. *********BFPO Mission statement ********* BFPO is to provide an efficient and effective Postal and Courier Service in order to sustain the fighting power of UK Armed Forces Worldwide ******A brief History of the BFPO******** In 1799 a need for a Postal Service for troops in the field was considered to be essential, but unfortunately it was not established until 1808 during the Peninsular War that the First Army Post Office was put into operation. In the Jul of 1882 Queen Victoria formatted the Post Office Corps which was for service in the Egyptian and Sudanese campaigns. The Post Office Corps was then called The Royal Engineers Telegraph Reserve. In 1889 both Reserve Corps were reorganised into companies to give an efficient Postal and Telegraph Service during the South African War. In 1908 saw a further reorganisation took place when they amalgamated into the Royal Engineers (Postal Section) The Home Postal Depot was formed in London in 1914 to fulfil 2 functions. Firstly it served as a ...

Western Water Park, Majorca 31/05/2007

Whooshhh lets get soaked!!!!

Western Water Park, Majorca The Western Water Park - Magaluf I decided to write a review on this Water Park as we had such a good day out there. We went for a day trip to The Western Water Park while we were in Majorca on holiday last summer (2006) The attraction opens up at 10.00 ******** Background******* As we were staying at the Barcelo hotel (see Op) in Cala d’Or we were offered by our First choice reps if we wanted to attended any of the local trips. We unfortunately couldn’t go to see the pirate show as we had a young child so we opted to go the Western Water Park instead. As we had made quite a good friendship with another family we asked if they wanted to come along with us so the children could play along together. So we all went along to the next Rep meeting and booked our day out. ********Costs & Travelling ******** Western Water Park is a family-oriented destination just outside the Majorcan resort of Magaluf. The trip to Western Water Park we found the pricing wasn’t to bad, compared to some English places. Prices below are for a full day visit which is 7 Hours of fun: Adult £13.70 or 21€ Child 0-2 free Child 3 - 12 £9.45 or 13€ Child over 12 Adult price applies On the day of the trip we all had to walk up to the main pick up point which was about a 10 minute walk. As the Reps are selling the day out to all there local hotels we all waited together at the fun fair town centre. This was a bit confusing as all the coaches where there picking up other holiday ...

Barcelo Ponent Playa, Cala d'Or 16/05/2007

Spain but mind the Jelly Fish

Barcelo Ponent Playa, Cala d'Or Majorca - Summer 2006 Cala d'Or Hotel - Barcelo Ponent Playa 3 * rating We decided to go to Majorca, and have a family holiday. Then decided to go with another couple (my childs God Parents) as they were due to move to Canada in the October. We thought this would be nice to have a holiday together before they moved. We went along to our local First Choice Branch and asked for a hotel which would fulfill our demands; *We wanted a hotel close to a beach, *Walking distance to local town life for nice evening meals out *Child friendly. * Short flight time. This was our first family holiday. Barceló Ponent Playa is situated on Cala Ferrera beach, in the beautiful city of Cala D'Or in south-western Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands. We felt this hotel fulfilled what we wanted and thought we should book this ASAP, as we were booking late May we knew there would be a slim chance this hotel would be full but luckily we could book. We booked 14 nights Half Board package. This cost us £1504.00 that works out at approx £742 per adult and child Under 2 was £0.00 but £20 Flight. This was booked in the May, Unfortunately 4 weeks after booking our friends posting (Army) was moved to August and could no longer go with us, They received a full refund by First Choice, good Customer Service. ************** Flight time and check-in ************** I was not looking forward to this flight due to the fact this was the first time my little boy had been on a plane and i ...
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